Thursday, January 21, 2016

Indian anti Semites: Useful idiots for White nationalists

The white nationalists or neo Nazis or whatever they wish to be called can be a rather clever and resourceful lot at least in the shadowy side of academia and the internet where they (rightfully) belong.

It is considered rather gauche and vulgar to gloat over white military and political supremacy over non white countries since 1945. To this end, they claim that they were mere puppets in the hands of Rothschilds/Zionists or whatever euphemism de jure for the Jews.

This is a stroke of genius. It fulfills quite a few goals

1. The dimwitted Indians who believe this would agitate for severing of relations with Israel- a reliable ally and further isolate the sole Jewish nation in the international community.

2. Indians would shift blame from the Christian white British and Portuguese to the puppet masters behind the scenes. Ostensibly shifting any heat from the neo Nazi subsection of whites as well.

3. Then as now, it deflects from white supremacist and expansionist agendas of capturing foreign territories.

To elaborate on point 3, there are quite a few neo Nazi groups who prefer to take over and populate (populate with whites, depopulate of blacks that is)large parts of Africa. And speaking with a typical forked tongue decry British (aka Zionist) malfeasance in India to gain over Indian allies.

Dirty tricks worthy of a Pakistani propagandist. This is helped by the all pervasive Indian inferiority complex which still craves Western approval and a pat on the head. All these characters have to do is say a few complimentary words about the Vedas and Upanishads and they have these mentally handicapped Indians eating out of the palm of their hands. Once again typical fraudulent tactics. This fiddle faddle about the glorious Vedas is meant for foreign consumption. Privately they stake claim to the Vedas as they believe it was written by pure whites. See-Savitri Devi.

Reminds me of a certain gentleman named Adolf whose favorite movie was a very pro colonialist Tigers of Hastinapura by Fritz Lang and was the biggest fan of the British Empire till they rebuffed him. Even as some royal family members were ardent Nazis. And why shouldn't they have a soft corner for German nationalism? After all their family name until 1915 was Saxe Coburg Gotha until a proto Kristallnacht by English mobs on German stores in London compelled them to quickly change their name to Windsor and wipe out any lingering German lineage.
The same Hitler later on raged against the British Empire and supported Subhash Chandra Bose in his efforts only because he saw native rule as a necessary evil to be tolerated at least temporarily. He still preferred the superior British rule over inferior Indians. His conquest of Russia was based on the British model of Indian rule where he envisioned Slavic underlings would serve their German masters. This obviously did not work out to his satisfaction.

Speaking of Russians, isn't it interesting that while all the while these supremacists shed copious amount of tears over the Holodomor(which admittedly did have Jewish capos and commandants) but are quite silent over Nazis slaughter of the same Russians.

To be sure, this type of conspiracy mongering is not just shameless and dishonest but also counter productive. The white supremacists whether in Sweden, Britain or Germany sit around twiddling their thumbs when Muslims rape white women in their own backyard. And when I called out a particular vicious anti Semite on a YouTube video comments board about what was being done about the rape of underage English girls in Rothertham, she(yes she) replied that there was no point in bothering with them as its Rothschilds who control them and so it is they who should be fought. And how exactly should they be fought? To which the answer was the destruction of Israel!
So Israel is responsible of Pakistani gangs in England raping native girls while the police and city authorities looked the other way due to political correctness and impotence. Got it.

We can expect the same type of incompetence and foolishness from Indian anti Semites. Take a look for instance at the acolytes of a certain captain of a merchant ship who swarmed the author's blog like a plague of locusts with the aim of defending their messiah from my alleged calumnies.
Did even ONE of them make a cogent defense? At the slightest pressure they retreated with their tails between their legs. And those who remained can only be considered trolls who don't even understand basic English or common sense or are fundamentally dishonest (one particularly odious commeter held that conversion to Judaism isn't same as joining Judaism while another defended his crackpot hero when I ridiculed the captain for the claim that Jews descended from Namboothiris. His response was that Jews became a different people so the captain didn't really didn't say what he did.

A far cry from the Nazis who counted amongst them  various academics, scientists, intellectuals and poets not just in Germany but also in Oxford, Harvard and Columbia.

I'm glad that conspiracy theory ,bigotry and anti Semitism leads to apathy and indolence for this lot. No longer can crackpots have the luxury of capturing dynamic states like Germany to do their bidding. They are now stuck with trying to influence unstable and near bankrupt states like Venezuela and Iran. So I am not worried about the rebirth of the Reich because they are too lazy, cowardly and stupid.
But they seem to do a lot of damage to the Indian historical consciousness in the process. At one time great powers like Turks and Mughals and British and French fought each other over the physical landscape of India. And now again foreigners of varying stripes are fighting over what is rightfully Indian domain but over something more precious - the Indian mind and soul. Land can be won back by Reconquista ala the Marathas and wealth regained(economic reforms post 1990) but once the mind is wiped clean for odious agendas and the soul corrupted , then look no further than Europe 1933-1945 to see what the future holds for India.


  1. Sir,

    I do read Captain Vadakayil's blogs although I don't understand some of the things he says. I would like to point out that he only said judaism was created by racist Namboodiris in the sense that they wrote the racist Talmud(His words, I haven't read it.)

    This lady here also differentiates between jews and judean. She also traces the origin of the word jew.

    I am a Hindu and all I want to know is this : Is there an overwhelming jewish consciousness which transcends national boundaries and always sticks together through thick and thin, even using deception and fraud which is what the captain I think points to?


    1. Talmud is a later development in Judaism . It is a product of post exile Rabbinical Judaism which was finalized around 5-6th century AD. While the captain claims that Nambuthiris were offspring of Jews of 7000 , 5000, 3000 BC or whatever multiple of 1000 pops into his deranged and ignorant mind.
      So that claim about Nambuthiri authorship of the Talmud is impossible
      Anyway the Talmud is a lot less racist than the Manusmriti for instance. It has actually been misquoted and mistranslated by all the usual suspects.

      That website is a crackpot anti semitic conspiracy site(of a traditionalist Catholic sort) ala the idiot captains. What is it with you lot and your utter inability to separate the wheat from the chaff?
      "I am a Hindu and all I want to know is this : Is there an overwhelming jewish consciousness which transcends national boundaries and always sticks together through thick and thin, even using deception and fraud which is what the captain I think points to?"

      No. Even a cursory reading of Jewish history shows that this is the not the case. Captain being a borderline illiterate and a foaming at the mouth mental patient and barking dog wouldn't know any better. He makes a good argument for reintroducing lobotomy. Same goes for his followers.


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