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Were Akbar and Tipu Sultan secular or Islamist?

The apologists and propagandists who seek to justify Islamic rule in India invariably point to mostly two specific  figures -Akbar and Tipu Sultan for their vaunted secularism ,glory and nationalism. Let us leave us aside the curious aspect that in nearly 700 years or intermittent Muslim rule which saw hundreds of rulers in various parts of India, secularists and Muslim apologists are only able to provide two which are supposed to be palatable to Hindus! And even these two are certainly are not lacking in bigotry and monstrosity. That more than anything highlighted the extreme cruelty and exploitation of most of the other Muslim rulers rather than suggest a tolerance and humane governance was typical of Islamic empire by using these two individuals as example! But that is the sad state of debate and scholarship today!

Lets start in chronological order. I find it rather strange that even some Hindu revivalists such as Sitaram Goel are willing to pardon Akbar's excesses if only he was less brutal than other rulers. While Koenraad Elst is not so forgiving and sees him plainly as a jihadi based on his callous of Rajput troops as cannon fodder since they are "kaafirs" anyway. Akbar was the offspring of the hapless drug addict and bookworm Humayun who found himself besiged by Sher Shah Suri on one hand and the Persians on another. As such it was upto him to put affairs in order and he did so in a very effective manner.
He ritually decapitated Hemachandra Vikramaditya, the last great hope of Hindus of north India after Harshavardhana after the disastrous 2nd Battle of Panipat where the Hindu army was routing due to a freak accident wounding Hemu in the eye and rendering him unconscious compelling the Hindu army to panic and flee.
Akbar also indulged in Khilji esque tactics of dragging as sister and another relative of Rani Durgavati to his harem in Agra.
Maharana Pratap led a sustained rebellion against the Moghul which while not religious in nature had religious overtones.  In the end, Pratap failed as too many Rajputs had their peace with Mughal power to the extant of supplying their daughters to Mughal harems, not even for marriage! Something to akin the Nambuthiri sambandham in Kerala. All the while Mughal princesses for Rajput nobles were not forthcoming. The secularists who crow about stories such as Jodha Akbar seem to leave out this detail that matrimony was a one way street as far as Hindus were concerned. And this reflected the power equations of the era where Hindus played second fiddle. Is it unfair to expect the Moghuls to offer their daughters in marriage to Rajputs who were in a subordinate position.?Heck no. Indian history is replete with examples where the son of a lesser king would would end up marrying the daughter of a more powerful king or emperor. The Pandya princesses and Sri Lankan monarchs as well as Vakataka kings and Gupta queens come to mind.

However when his power stabilized , he indulged in his "navaratna" of which Birbal was not so much his witty court jester popularized by mass (secular) entertainment but a strategic advisor and even military figure who died crushing a rebellion of Yusufzai Pathans. Akbar even flirted openly with blasphemy (from the Islamic POV) when he declared himself Gods representative on earth as per his own established faith Din i illahi. An incoherent hodge podge of Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism with him as the central figure.

While Tipu Sultan was never as ambitious in his theological excursions as Akbar, he nonetheless was just as opportunistic as Akbar when it came to matter of religious faith. He was probably the first Deccani Muslim since Hasan Gangu to lead a major kingdom as all  Muslim kingdoms were controlled by those of Turkic and Persian extraction. While his father Hyder Ali's exact origins are unknown , some speculate that his grandfather hailed from Punjab or Afghanistan, he certainly did not suffer from the myriad of identity crises that his son. He was quite comfortable in his background from the Kolar region close to Mysore. He was quite happy to converse and administer in Kannada, the court language of his bosses, the Wodeyars. Neither did his excursions against Kerala result in the wanton destruction and bigotry that his sons invasions entailed. All in all, Hyder Ali may have been the defacto ruler of Mysore kingdom he never really saw himself as a king and therefore didnt feel in contention with all the "noble" born Turks and Persians who dominated the elite ranks of the Nizams, Nawab of Carnatic and of course the Mughal Empire.

Tipu Sultan however took more extreme measures in isolating the Wodeyar royal family and wished to imitate the Mughals in their style of governance to the extant of introducing Persian in administration while the Marathas who had reduced the Mughal empire to a narrow strip along the Yamuna river, were slowly making the transition from Persian to Hindi and Marathi. He went as far to concoct fanciful lineages all the way to the tribe of Quraysh of Prophet Mohammad by way of Persia.

It may seems like a trivial matter but intra Muslim prejudice was a real issue in that era (as it is today). The Bahmani kingdom racked by internal dissension between Deccani and Persian born Muslims which Vijayanagar was more than happy to take advantage of. To this day, Deccani Muslims eschew any connection with a Kannadiga heritage and still cling to the fantasy of origins from Uzbekistan, Persia, Afghanistan, Iraq and what have you. The number of Mysore Muslims who speak Kannada as a first language are few and far between. Even with the Hyderabadi tehzeeb of Urdu, there are still a substantial number of Telugu speaking Muslims of which Zareena Wahab , Waheeda Rahman apart from the singer Mano are the most famous members. Again compare these communities to the Muslims of Kerala and Tamil Nadu who barely speak any Urdu but at the most interperse Malayalam and Tamil with Arabic words.
Apart from stray incidents such as the Khilafat which was instigated by an outside actor(Mohandas Gandhi of all people!) , the Muslims of Tamil Nadu and Kerala are by and large well assimilated and peaceable. What is more ironic is that unlike Deccani Muslims, Muslims of Kerala actually do have foreign blood(from Egypt, Iraq and Yemen)!

Why did Tipu lead a jihad against Kerala ,Mangalore and Coorgi Hindus and Christians while at the same time going out of his way to donate for repair of Sringeir Math when it was plundered by a Maratha raider?
Simple, Tipu cared simply for the religious sentiments of his own his subjects and wished not to aggravate them. Sringeri Math and Sri Ranga was important to Mysoreans, not so much Tala Kaveri of Coorg or Padmanabhaswamy of Kerala. Like Akbar, he had also recruited Brahmins as his trusted advisors in various capacities such as Shyamaiya Iyengar and Poorniah who had positions such minister of police and post and even served honorably on the battlefield against the East India company. As for his so called patriotism, he was happy to inducted as an honorary French citizen and had no problem being a vassal of the French Republic to conserve his kingdom. The defeat of Napolean at the hands of the British ensured that such a dream did not come to fruition.

All in all, we make mistakes when we ascribe our narrow categories of jihadi,secularist, multiculturalist, freedom fighter etc etc to these two figures. These individuals it should be emphasised were products of their time and place and our modern definitions of nationalism, religous bigotry, open hearted tolerance arent applicable.
To this one can add a bizarre dash of regional politics where Tipu is viewed as mighty Kannadiga figure versus the unwelcome and ravaging Marathas! This is where the silly ,cheap and short sighted people such as Siddaramiah and the more cultured Girish Karnad come in. Once again Hindu nationalism due to its north centric focus failed in dealing with the myriad contradictions and complications of south Indian identity.

To my mind , first and foremost they were opportunists who were out for personal gain and glory. To this end, Akbar was more successful as he had momentum of Islamic expansionism on his side while Tipu seemed to have been born about a 150 years too late and hence despite impressive military victories ultimately was a doomed figure due to being a hunted man by not just the resolute Nairs in Kerala(where he met his first spectacular defeat) but even the Nizam, Marathas and British looked forward to tightening the noose.

This is not to excuse their excesses against the Hindus. But a word of criticism should be reserved for the Hindus who served both these personalities even when they outraged Hindu sensitivities. Here the secularists are on firmer ground when they point a lack of Hindu solidarity for their own. Muslims by contrast were far more hesitant when serving a Hindu king to engage in anti Muslim activities.
Only the Marathas and to a lesser extant Vijayanagar showed any sense of intra Hindu solidarity but eventually the latter succumbed which led to its defeat.

My personal position is simple: Neither was Akbar a tolerant multiculturalist , neither was Tipu Sultan a Shankaracharya hugging nationalist hero. But neither are they monsters. In an ideal scenario, I don't want either. I prefer to have been ruled by Hemachandra, Maharana Pratap and the Wodeyars. I am unable to view any Muslim ruler in a positive light. I prefer Hindus be ruled by badly by Hindus rather than be ruled well by the British,French, Mughals or what have you. It is a simple matter of honor and pride. Good governance and prosperity by foreign rule is still akin to a form of spiritual slavery and cultural degradation which leads to all sorts of social dysfunction in the long term. If you dont believe me , take a look at the prosperous but broken society of Japan and their twisted sexual subcultures. Same goes for the technological and financial powerhouse of Germany who until 2010 was the world largest exporter of goods and not China as most assume.. Both of whom are not really independent countries in their own right but client states of America. Japan actually needs permission from America for even a show of muscle against China! The pathetic German military machine, once a shadow of its glorious self who despite its obvious moral shortcomings almost single handedly took on the British Empire ,Soviet Union and the U.S.A all at once and nearly won. It now finds it hands tied firmly behind its back by the U.S.A  Is it any coincidence, these countries with their abnormally low birth rates are breeding themselves out of existence?

So even if all the wild claims by the secularists about Tipu and Akbar are true,even if the claims of Hindutvadis of their cruelty and bigotry are exagerrated, on this matter I will have to reluctantly side with the Hindutvadis for their disdain of a Muslim ruler.

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A crie de couer from a Kshatriya V

Kammas vs Puranas

The essence of the Indian Puranas is that they tell us of the great incidents of the ancient times in a sort of coded form,disguised in various exaggerations and supernatural occurences.

Yes , I wish more people woud realize this.

 Though there may be multiple versions, and a few distortions might have taken place over generations where they were passed down orally, the basic theme generally remains the same.
Once there was a lunar dynasty king Kamra. He was son of king Raji and great-grandson of Emperor Pururava. Kamra was very powerful and arrogant and along with his 500 brothers used to challenge and subdue any powerful king, who came under their way.Once they challenged the king of gods,Indra for a fight.Ultimately, Indra struck them with his Vajra ( lightning ),and reduced them to ashes.

The meaning for this is that they couldn't withstand the penance involved in attaining to Indra and perished.

After a long time, a solar dynasty king, Khamitra did penace seeking children. He was blessed with Kamra and his 500 brothers by Lord Brahma after resurrecting them. Their descendants were known as 'Khammas' or "Kammas".

Resurrection in this context probably means restoration or bestowing of Kshatriya status for sons of various mistresses etc who otherwise would be considered simply bastards.

According to another version, the sages unable to bear the attrocities of the rakshasas, prayed to Lord Vishnu to save them. His consort, Goddess Lakshmi, granted them her ear-ring (Kamma). The sages performed a Yagna and put the Kamma into the homam(fire).From the fire emerged 501 warriors who were none other than Kamra and his brothers.They destroyed the Rakshasas and made the sages happy.On the plea of the sages,they became rulers and came to be called 'Kammas'.

This is a version of the Agni Kula legend where mlecchas such as Hunas, Sakas etc are accepted in the Vedic fold . Usually as Rajputs. In this case the legends points to Kambojas which some claim are the ancestors of Kamma. I personally don't think that is the case.

It may be noted that all versions agree that the Kammas are basically a martial race and an amalgam of solar and lunar clans.(Khamitra adopts Kamra).
let us compare the above with the actual oral version that is prevalent among the people ( Jana-Sruti)of Narasaraopet area(near Konda veedu) till some time ago, that has come down from generations.
A thousand years ago a very serious conflict broke out between the brahmins and the Kshatriyas. The brahmins hatched a plan. They built a Kattula Bavi(well of swords) in the Kondaveedu hills which is in the heart of Kammanadu. The Kattula bavi is a treacherous arrangement, wherin a person comes under the illusion of entering a big hall, but as soon as he steps into the entrance, he falls into a deep well which is studded with swords and spears pointing upwards. The brahmins then invited the kings for a meeting and killed many of them with this trap. The kings on coming to know of this ghastly incident, out of hatred towards the brahmins, removed their sacred threads and rishi-gothras which were a sign of submission to the brahmins. They took the names of the places they were ruling as their gothras (almost all in Kamma nadu) and came to be known as Kammas.

These days Brahmins in AP are good friends of Kammas.

Now let us try to draw some parallel between the two versions.
Indra, king of gods represents brahmins, who call themselves 'Bhu Suras', gods on Earth.
Kamra and his 500 brothers represent the kings killed on that day. It might probably be around 50, as exaggeration is normal.
The kings killed belong to both the solar and lunar clans.

Some adversaries try to play down the status of Kammas by bringing forth the version that the Kammas were couriers(Vaartaharas) in the courts of kings, since 'Kamma' in telugu means not only ear-ring, beauty and tasty, but also letter. They claim that the deliverers of letters(kammas), came to be known as kammas. They were carried away by the humble picture of today's postman. They forgot to realise that in the olden days, couriers had to be brave and adventurous,exellent swordsmen and adept in horse-riding. They had to single handedly tackle enemy soldiers and also dacoits and thugs. They had to be highly educated,able to transact with the courtiers and kings and also quiet intelligent and adoptive. Most important, they had to be the most trusted people to the king and even this version points to the martial background of the Kammas.

(During the American war of Independence(at a time of no telegraphy and telephony),the couriers who passed on important documents evading the Red Indians had enoromous following and were considered as national heroes)

For comparision sake and to understand how the puranas contain information in coded form the the story of Renuka Devi, (also worshipped as 'Ellamma'), serves as a classical example
The Renuka Devi episode has some 'Kamma' connection as they contain some 'Haihaya' element which might be a reason for the brahmins turning against them in the 'Kattula Bavi' episode.

Renuka Devi was an extremely beautiful Brahmin lady. She was wife of sage Jamadagni and mother of Parasu Rama,one of the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

One day she went to the Narmada river and by chance saw the mighty and handsome king Kartaveeryarjuna,of the Haihaya clan of Kshatriyas, playing with his wives in the river waters.

Karta Veerya Arjuna was a king who defeated Ravana before Rama.

Her heart throbbed, but she quickly controlled herself, fetched water and returned to her Ashram. But sage Jamadagni, through his divine powers,knew what happened and ordered his sons to kill her. No one came forward,but Parasurama,who knew his father's divine powers, without hesitation beheaded his Mother with his Parasu (war-axe).Pleased with his son's benevolence, Jamadagni on his request, pardoned his wife and brought her back to life. But in some versions,the request was turned down on the pretext that her head rolled off into a Chandala Vatika (Untouchables ward).

Parasurama though a casteist was not averse to raising lower castes and foreigners to Brahminhood if the situation demanded it.

One day the king on a hunting trip,visited Jamadagni with his army. The sage gave a grand treat to the guests with the help of a divine cow,KamaDhenu. Karthava Raya asked the sage to give the Kamadhenu,in exchange for one lakh cows. When the sage refused, he killed him and took Kamadhenu forcibly. Renuka fell upon her husband's body and yelled 'O Rama!', 'O Rama!', 21 times, to call her son who was in deep forest. On returning to the Ashram and seeing what has happened,the enraged parasu Rama raided Mahishmati, capital city of Kartava,who was also known as Sahasra Bahu (or thousand armed; probably to stress how strong he was). Despite their personal valor and huge army, the Haihayas were no match to the one-man army and were mercilessly slaughtered. Still not content, Parasu Rama toured the entire country and slaughtered all the Kshatriyas. This he had repeated 21 times, wiping out almost the entire Kshatriya race from the face of the Earth.
While the above is the puranic or Brahminic version which is widely in vogue, there is a different version,which one can know only if one visits the innumerable Renuka temples in Maharashtra and North Karnataka.Here, Renuka is being worshipped as a goddess and one can find small idols of Kartaveeryarjuna mentioned as 'Kartava Raya- Renuka Mata's lover'. The priests tell the actual story,from which one can gauge how unwarrantedly, Kshatriyas were killed by Parasu Rama.Here is the story.

Obviously the above story doesn't make sense from a historical POV and is simply Brahmin propaganda. All it may mean is that Kshatriyas were reduced in status by perhaps 21 different Brahmins who refused to do their coronations and reduced them to Shudra status. And that Haihayas were defeated by many of unknown lineages fighting on behalf of Parasurama, hence their names and ethnicities are not recorded and hence forgotten. This morphed to a one man army of Parasurama!
Parasurama later made his way to the Konkan coast to Kerala by reclaiming land from the Varuna by throwing his axe in the sea. This most likely alludes to some sort of civil engineering project resembling a dam in reverse! Only a couple of generations prior Sagara and Bhagiratha managed to get inter link various small rivers and divert a major Himalayan torrent into Western UP/Uttarakhan to form the Ganga(I think the captain just had a heart attack, who knew Zionist interlinkers existed in the pre Ramayanic era!)
It was believed that Kerala stretched all the way to Gujarat at one point. He then established Brahmin and Kshatriya communities , the latter were rather orthodox in that they were especially beholden to Brahmins to do their bidding. Nairs and  Nambuthiris come to mind. Another innovation was the creation of Brahmo Kshatriyas ie Brahmins who adopt Kshatriya vocations such as Chitpavan Brahmins of the Konkan Coast and Aaruvela Niyogi(the caste of yours truly) in AP. Tuluva and Saraswat Brahmins also belong to this category.

Renuka deeply loved Kartava Raya and she eloped with him. Parasu Rama killed Kartava in the battle ( Whether Kartava was trecherously killed,we will never know).On hearing the news,Renuka fled for her life,crossed the Narmada and travelled South and entered into deep forests of present Maharashtra.There she was given shelter by some low-caste people (indicative of the Chandala-vatika),where she spent the rest of her life. She to some extent educated these people and instructed them to construct temples in her remembrance and her lover and gave them a boon that their kin will become priests in her temples.
Till recently, nude prayers used to be performed in Renuka temples of North Karnataka. On a full moon night, devotees go to a river or pond nearby, remove all their clothes, and from there walk to the temple singing songs in praise of her love and dance all night. Could this ritual be a symbol of her failed and unsatiated love ?

Who knows? If Renuka is associated with Yellama, then these rituals are more due to the latter than the former. As Yellama is the patron diety of Devadasis. Interestingly both Renuka and Pararsurama elevated low caste fisherman into Brahmins and Kshatriyas.  Not to mention (especially West Asian)foreigners who arrived by coast. This is the basis of the legend of the fair skinned,green eyed  Chitpavans being descended from Jews though in reality they are most likely Hindu Afghans fleeing Muslim aggression via the sea.

There are too many cognates between Tulu and Telugu castes for it to be a coincidence. Apparently Tulu and Telugu languages were part of the same Dravidian family which later split up. Even as people of Andhra trace descent from the fallen sons of Vishwamitra, there is a strong Parasuramic element perhaps best exemplified by Brahmin dynasty Satavahanas who were singlehandedly stopped a confederacy of Scythians,Persians and Greeks from overrunning the Deccan and the most illustrious monarch Gautamiputra Satakarni threw them back beyond Gujarat and conquered Malwa.
The most great Teluguphile dynasty of the Vijayanagar empire were of the  Tuluva dynasty of which KrishnaDevaRaya was the pre eminent. KDR referred to himself as Andhra Bhoja. As King Bhoja Paramara of Malwa had defeated the Turushkas such as Salar Masud and Mahmud Ghazni and rebuilt the Somnath temple.
According to wikipedia:

The Paramara kingdom was established by the Rashtrakuta dynasty of southern India as governors of Malwa when the south Indian Emperor Govinda III of the Rashtrakuta Dynasty conquered Malwa.According to the Bhavisya Purana, the Kamadhenu (a cow which grants all wishes of one) of the sage Vasishtha was stolen by another sage Vishvamitra. Vasishtha therefore made an offering to the sacrificial fire at Mount Abu. A hero sprang out from the sacrificial fire and brought back the cow to the sage Vasishtha, who bestowed the name Parmar (slayer of the enemy) on him.
Bhoja ...He took Konkan in 1020 from the Silhara dynasty.

So we are back to Kamadhenu and Konkan!


Scott Walker is out:Damn

Continuing in my glorious tradition of my preferred Presidential hopeful since 2008 (Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, John McCain/Sarah Palin) and 2012(Herman Cain, Michelle Bachman,Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Gary Johnson, Mitt Romney) , Walker's candidacy has come to a crashing halt

It is an odd shift for the most likely Presidential hopefuls from competent governors to glib charismatic senators. From Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and GW Bush to Barack Obama. The latter being the only Senator since JFK to attain the White House. Last month saw the fledgling campaigns of not one two highly effective and resilient governer's come to a screeching halt. Rick Perry of Texas as well my preferred union buster Scott Walker. Scott Walker , perhaps a tad too Midwestern nice for the rest of the country also made various errors in judgement when it came to campaign finances.

While Rick Perry never really recovered from his bizarre run in 2012 where he couldn't name more than 2 federal agencies which he wished to eliminate despite prodding from his rival Dr. Ron Paul( a crank anti semite , therefore a favorite of our captain). Not to mention another odd performance when he was high on pain killers after back surgery. No matter he might as well be have ingested an 8 ball for all the good it did him.

If we have to go with yet another Harvard Law minority born of foreign fathers, I would go with Sen. Ted Cruz. The polar opposite of Obama in his adherence to the Constitution.

Viva La Cruz ..or knowing my endorsement history, maybe I should just shut up.

Representative of large powerful democracy engages in primitive pagan ritual to acquire blessings of visiting holy man

I of course speak of this

A congressman stole the water glass Pope Francis was drinking out of during his address at the White House on Thursday.
Representative Bob Brady, a devout Catholic and Democrat from Pennsylvania immediately made his way to the podium after Pope Francis finished speaking and grabbed the glass that was still filled with water.
He then drank the water, gave some of the water to his wife Debra, and saved the rest for his grandchildren. 

Of course I am not a fan of swamis and babas of any sort. The era of Vishwamitra, Gautama, Durvasa, Agastya  et al is long gone. And unlikely to return in this yuga, with that in mind I try to avoid these "brokers" who tend to be frauds, charlatans and thieves than anything else. That said I would prefer that Westerners take a look at this behavior that is more common than they care to admit before they mock the unintelligently devout in the third world.

Somewhat related:

Pagan Libertarian candidate from Florida ,Sol Augustus Invictus sacrifices goat and drinks its blood

Denouncing his US citizenship, qualifications, licence to practice law and “all material possessions”, he reportedly wrote: “I have prophesied for years that I was born for a Great War; that if I did not witness the coming of the Second American Civil War I would begin it myself. 
“Mark well: That day is fast coming upon you. On the New Moon of May, I shall disappear into the Wilderness. I will return bearing Revolution, or I will not return at all.”

Sol Augustus Invictus(Latin for "unconquered majestic sun". I suspect that is not his birth name) is also suspected of having neo Nazi sympathies. Though I personally think its guilt by association as many supremacists also practice the particular religion he subscribes to. It is by no means certain all practitioners are neo Nazis.

That aside, I really don't see the problem with animal sacrifice especially in a proud meat eating country. What difference does it make whether an animal is slaughtered in a horror show that is the butchery industrial complex which caters to the insatiable carnivorous appetite of the average American or whether a single goat is killed in a forest.
This is occurring so close on the heals of the Pope visit is also instructive. The Pope is the head of the ROMAN Catholic church while this gentleman subscribes to the same Roman religion and customs and glory that the church simply co opted in its rise to power.
Furthermore the very notion of Catholicism is based not just on animal sacrifice but a simulated cannibal ritual and drinking of blood that takes place every Sunday. In context what he has done is downright normal

Now onto Florida, boy this state is host to some strange characters. Firstly Florida demographics are upside down in that for a southern state, it southern parts are more Northern and cosmopolitan due to Yankee and Jewish retirees from NYC and Connecticut to which you add the Cuban population descended from those who fled the communist revolution. And in this strange brew the introduction of moneyed celebrities who buy second and third homes for the views and Caribbean sensuality and the sureality is complete.
Now northern Florida is where you have the yahoos and rednecks typified the negative stereotype of the intolerant and illiterate South. An anecdote is instructive. My sister who used to live and work there was due to move to Key West in the south but the moving company had screwed up her schedule and brought the van a day late. When my irate sister complained to the GM, he responded "What are you going to do? Throw curry on my face?" . My sister ,no shrinking violet responded "That's a good idea , and just for you mother fucker, Ill make it extra spicy". The gentleman was a lot more compliant after that.
 Every month , if there is craziness such as the guy who ate the homeless man's face or a married teacher who sends nude photos to 12 year old students is shocked that it is a no go legally, chances are it occurs in northern Florida.

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Hugo Chavez's daughter is richest woman in Venezuala

Apparently she is worth more than $ 4 billion. Wait a minute, I thought being rich was a bad thing as per Marxist doctrine. Certainly Mr Chavez heated rhetoric over the past decade had hammered that home.

I guess in such regimes, it is only entrepreneurs, big or small who actually create products and services that people who are the "bad" rich. The good rich people are government officials who seize their assets for the common good. Though they often fail to redistribute in a fair manner. it always ends up sticking to their fingers somehow!

Even in the Soviet era, the  party officials while lambasting the West for its materialism and corruption would live it up in the dachas with champagne, caviar, Swiss chocolates, Italian furniture and other luxuries while the masses wait in line for hours in the freezing cold for a sack of potatoes and a bar of soap.

Meanwhile stores in Venezuela are running out bread, milk amongst other essentials.

But ...but the apologists tell us ..."communism isn't implement properly.Lets give it another chance! Lenin was just starting out. Stalin was a monster and Russia had bad weather. Chairman Mao was in a tight spot with such a large population" etc etc.We have been giving it numerous chances for the past hundred years. How about we stop.
How odd that free market and capitalistic societies don't seem to need any excuses!

Ajit Vadakayil and Ayyar, Vivek: Two peas in a (crack) pod

I realize Vivek Iyer(windwheel) is the name but I just wanted to get two AV initials in!

Those who have seen the bizarre excretions of our resident mouth foamer windwheel (Vivek Iyer) may be inclined to forgive him on degree of his mental illness. But I say -NO! It is obvious that his character was formed considerably before he suffered from whatever unfortunate malady afflicts him.

Vivek Iyer is the same type of government parasite and credential touter like our dear captain.

Ajit Vadakayil is a loyal bootlicker of the Nehru Gandhi family despite his Hindutva sympathies. Same goes for Vivek.

Vadakayil pitifully goes about talking about the medals and certificates he received in GRADE SCHOOL! And this anti Rothschild crusader goes out of his way to brag about his sons admission in (Rothschild funded) Cornell University. Apparently IIT Masters program is not good enough as it is wrecked by the admission of low IQ lower castes and Dalits(his words not mine).
Meanwhile Vivek Iyer keeps hyping his St Stephens school/ London School of Economics/ UN Diplomat background of his and his sisters in order to keep me in line when I get too uppity and forget my lowly station when addressing His Deranged Majesty.

Both their blogs are not so much about presenting an idea in a coherent, factual, logical and linear manner but an almost surreal stream of consciousness which can confound the most lateral thinker. And of course should you take up issue with this ,you  will be accused of either lacking "perception" or a being called (insert your ethnicity here) illiterate not worth his time.

Both have a bizarre obsession with money even as they support economic policies (socialism) that make it harder for others to acquire the same. Thus the captain brags about his cottages in Kerala and his expensive mundu and kurta which apparently cost more than a high end three piece Armani. Meanwhile our Warren Buffet on training wheels (windwheel) seems to take the concept of  shorting stocks to an entirely new level when he keeps claiming to make money off my alleged misfortunes.

Both are richly hypocritical in that lambast the "neo liberal" economy and cosmopolitanism that India enjoys even as they have made their fortunes abroad. Our heroic captain sailed the seven seas most of his life (and that alone makes his crank ramblings the last word on pretty much any topic as per his dimwitted acolytes). Meanwhile hyper patriot Vivek Iyer is safely ensconced in the bosom of our former colonizer and shows no signs of leaving.

Neither are diffident about (mis)using their power or connections to destroy my life but ultimately they are impotent. Its been three years since Vivek Iyer threatended to bankrupt me, have me killed and throw me in jail for offending the honor of a diplomat. Unless I am like  one of those ghosts in The Sixth Sense who doesn't realize they are dead, I am very much alive and have enough money in the bank for a rainy day(though perhaps not to attend LSE for 6 years and buy a cottage in a hill station).
Similarly the brave captain claimed that I am on a security watch list and I cant enter India. Unfortunately for him I have done so twice since that bizarre pronouncement without any incident apart from a minor altercation with a rude immigration official in RGIA Hyderabad.

Both are certifiably insane. The difference is that windwheel knows it but the captain doesn't.

The cherry on the cake is another young lunatic in training- SMME. One feels sorry for the lad who had ditched Vadakayil to find succor in Vivek Iyer! An anti Semitic, anti American, Marxist Tamil supremacist, conspiracy prone anti social ,obese racist borderline autistic who sees conspiracies under every nook and cranny is now a protégé to an unbalanced ,over credentialed loon who spews death threats and allegations of pedophilia as easily and often as politicians make promises.

What could possibly go wrong?

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More Oakish fantasies courtesy of our Hindutvadi friends

I came across this crank on Sabhlok's blog who left a comment around last year. Apparently a lot of this rubbish is courtesy of a Stephen Knapp who seems to have taken up the mantle on PN Oak of finding Hinduism in every nook and corner of the ancient world. Its best to dispel these before they gain further currency ala Sanskrit is the perfect language for developing software , Vikramaditya ruled Kaaba or Taj Mahal was a Hindu palace.

(My comments in Italics)

see, we have to look at it this way. People from Hindu vedic culture migrated to other parts of the world and founded all the advanced civilizations of the world.
We have 3 proofs.
1. Archaeological evidence – eg from south American Temples (Mayan) to Stonehenge in Britain

No evidence for either being derived from Hinduism.

The Hindu temples abounded in ancient Britain when Vedic culture pervaded the West. It has been already explained above that place-names ending in ‘shire’ testify to the existence of Shiva temples.w

No. Shire simply means village. From which we get shire rief(head of village) , later shortened to "sheriff" which was used for mayors of frontier towns and currently in law enforcement.

 Ancient Hindu temples lie in unrecognizable ruins throughout Great Britain and Ireland.

If they are unrecognizable then how do you know they are Hindu temples Mr. Smartypants?

 Christian fanaticism prevents modern European scholars from publicizing them.

Please provide proof of this bias. Modern European scholars aren't known to be Christian fanatics but secularists who are often hostile to Christianity. Therefore they would be more receptive to such pro Hindu views.

One such famous temple existed on the Hill of Tara, alias Taragarh, (in today’s Indian parlance), in Ireland. The Hill of Tara consequently a sacred site on which Sanskrit-speaking Hindu Kshatriya kings used to be crowned for centuries. A 5000 years-old Vedic temple was discovered late in 1997 A. D. in Stanton Drew village in Somerset.

To be sure , it was used to consecrate Irish kings but no evidence to show they were Kshatriya. The name Tara is intriguing as such a word doesn't commonly exist in the Celtic or Anglo Saxon languages.
I wasn't unable to find out when the town was named Tara as that may yield more clues. But as of now we cant assume it was a Vedic temple.

Another famous temple is the wel-known stonehenge. It has been carbon-dated to be of 2000 B. C. The temple has astronomical marking to chart the raising and setting of the sun and moon. Its presiding deity used to be taken in a procession to the Avon river three miles away. The deity was so consecrated as to be illumined by the rising sun’s rays on the longest day. These are all hindu Vedic traditions.

No the association of the sun with the divine and resurrection was a universal phenomenon. One does need to be a Hindu to see that the sun was a good thing for sustenance and therefore worthy of worship.
These customs described above were present in all Neolithic cultures to one degree or another.

 Ancient churches throughout Great Britain and Europe are astronomically oriented which proves that they are captured Hindu temples since Hindus were the only people known to be shaping their lives day after day on astronomical considerations at that remote age.

What nonsense. Egyptians and Babylonians to name a couple also constructed their structures keeping the movement of suns, planets and stars in mind.

 The information about the Stonehenge and its above-mentioned implications is recorded in the Encyclopedia Britannica.
Godfrey Higgin’s book titled “The Celtic Druids” leads valuable evidence indicating that Hindu had colonized the British isles long before the Roman conquest. That book, published in 1829 A. D. is available in the British Museum library in London. Under Roman rule London was known as Londonium. This is a corruption of the much ancient Sanskrit terms Nondanium signifying a pleasing place.

Hahaha no!

2. Etymological evidence

Oh god here we go with the donkey etymologies...

1. Bhumi (Indian sanskrit word for earth) -> Humi and Humus -> Humans
we are humus beings or bhumi beings.

Why not hummus as in the Lebanese /Palestinian dish made of chickpeas? Since these were an early component of diets of Neolithic man. Ashes to ashes, humans to hummus I suppose LOL

2. Sanskrit: Amaraka (land of immortals) -> America (both North and South)

Absolute garbage. Show ONE reference that America was called Amarka before Amerigo Vespucci , the Italian navigator who discovered the mainland ten years after Columbus voyage to the new World.

3. Sanskrit: Brihat-sthan (Great land or Island) -> Britain. In course of time Brihatsthan was corrupted to Britain in popular speech. That Britain itself signified ‘the Great’ isles was forgotten but the memory of ‘greatness’ persisted while the Sanskrit connotation was forgotten. That led to the addition of the objective ‘Great’ which explains the current name Great Britain.

Complete rubbish. The British were named actually for tribe in France called the Brittani(today known as Bretons) by Julius Caesar as he was informed that the group of people who resided in the islands of Britain  was the same as in northern France. At the time, both Britain and France were Celtic populated, so that was a fair assumption to make.
Out of curiosity, as per the ancients what was so great about the islands?

The term Anglo-Saxon is Sanskrit ‘Angla Saka Sunuh’ implying the descendants of the Sakas in England. Surnames like Peterson, Anderson, Jacobson are of the Sanskrit, Hindu tradition of describing a person as son of such and such.

No,no and no. However there was a trend for a while of people naming themselves after Scythians and some Englishmen while not claiming to be descended from the lost tribes of Israel decided that they were related to Sakas and assumed the same donkey etymology as "proof"

 In some cases the English ending ‘Son’ is the earlier Hindu ending ‘Sen’.

Sen doesn't mean son stupid. Any Bengali can inform you of this.

Thus Anderson is the English corruption of the Hindu name indrasen.

Hahaha, no!

 Ireland is Arya Sthan

On firmer ground. Indeed Ireland as called by the native population is Erie which is a corruption of Arya. It finds its way into girls names such a Erin.

and Scotland is Kshatra-sthan.

Nope, the original Scots were not Celtic but probably a Germanic people who got Celticized. They have their own colorful mythology of being descended from an Egyptian princess named Scotta but no mention of "Kshatra"

 Wales in Sanskrit signifies a seaside region.


4.Sanskrit: Devaneshwar (Land of gods) -> Devonshire


5.Sanskrit: Ramstan, (“Place of Lord Rama) -> Ramstein


6. Sanskrit: Daityasthan, “Land of the Daityas” -> Deutchland

Evidence? Deutch simply means people in German language.Similar to volk or folk in English.

7. Sanskrit: Sharman (Common hindu surname) -> German

LOL, Sharman isn't really a common name. But Sharma and Sarma is. This is a Brahmin surname. Why would Brahmins spawn the German race? I hope it is not a reverse AIT where instead of German invaders spawning Aryan Brahmins, Brahmins armed with kudumi and Vedas produce Germanic warriors!
Jokes aside. The first mention of Germans was from Julius Caesar. In Latin it means a people with both sets of parents. Which perhaps distinguished from the Gaul who had a very hyper sexual society where parentage of the offspring was in question!

8. Sanskrit: Palustin (Vedic sage) -> Palestine

This is new from the Palisthan claim (land of Pali speakers) courtesy of a certain someone. Palestine actually owes its origin to a people called Filistim- a mixed Northern European and Minoan people subscribing to Hellenic culture who settled Gaza around the same time as the Israelites. They are better known as Philistines and their giant leader Goliath. The Romans intending to punish and humiliate the Jews after the Bar Kochba revolt and the destruction of the Temple decided to rename the land after one of their worst enemies. And Filistim was Romanized to Palestine. And it stuck.

9. Sanskrit: Skanda + Naviya ->Skanda is the son of Lord Siva. Naviya is Sanskrit for naval settlement. Scandinavians were the mariner descendants of the Vedic ksatriyas who worshipped Skanda.

No evidence to show they worshipped Skanda

10. Sanskrit: Moksha (Salvation) -> Moscow

Hahaha. No reason for it to change. Russians have no problem pronouncing Moksha. Only someone thoroughly ignorant of the Russian language would make such a claim.

11. Sanskrit: Astral-alaya, “(Land of the missiles)”.- Australia

Where are the missiles you speak of? And where is it mentioned? Anyway Australia is named for the Latin word Austral which means simply Southern due to its location. Austral is also used to describe the southern counterpart to the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) which is Aurora Australis.

12. Jerusalem
Sanskrit: Yadu-isha-layam — The township of Lord Krsna. Yadu – dynasty of Lord Krsna, Isha – God, alayam – abode or place.

How did Krishna end up in Jerusalem? He never strayed beyond the borders of Bharatavarsha except to possibly counter Yavana(unknown West Asians) attacks off the coast of Dwaraka.

13. Judaism
Sanskrit: Yaduism — The Yadu dynasty which Lord Krsna appeared in. It is common for the y and j to become interchangeable hence, Yaduism, Yeduism and finally Judaism.

No , it is named for Judah, one of the twelve tribes of Israel.He had nothing to do with Yadu or Krishna

14. Israel
Sanskrit: Ishwaralaya, “The abode of Isha – God”.

No, Israel is  IS RA EL or one who struggles with god (small g ) . Jacob was so renamed after he wrestled with an angel through out the night and prevailed.

15. Soviet
Sanskrit: Svet, “White as in white snow covered region”.

This will be news to the now aged commissars of the Party!

16. Russia
Sanskrit: Rishiya, “Land of the Rishis”.

If this is the land of Rishis, why didn't it get more attention in our culture?
Anyway it is named for Rus or a Viking longboat which was used to colonize the Western regions of the great Eurasian plain(now known as Russia)

17. Shalome
Sanskrit: Ishalayam, “The abode of God”. Ishalayam – shalayam – shalome.

Seriously donkey etymology.

18. Adam
Sanskrit: aadim, “The first or most ancient man”.


19. Abraham
Sanskrit: Brahma, “Vedic God”.


20. Korea
Sanskrit: Gauriya, “Gouri, Vedic Goddess”.

The problem with this nonsense claim is that Korean descriptive is a modern one. Hang Guk is how it was known in the past. From which you the pejorative "gook" for East and South East Asians that caught on with a few Americans after the Korean war. For eg. 2008 presidential candidate John McCain speaking of his experiences as  a POW in Vietnam "I hate those fucking gooks"

21. Danube river
Sanskrit: Danuv — the Daityas were also known as the Danuv community due to Kashyapa munis marriage to Danu, who is also known as one of the primary Goddesses of the celts.


22. England
Sanskrit: Angulistan — Angulistan-Anguliand-England.

The land of fingers. Well at least the middle finger which the English seem to find indispensable while driving or at football games. So you maybe onto something there Sherlock.
Anyway England is named after Angles , people hailing from Denmark who merged with Saxons from Germany(there is still an area called Saxony) to form Anglo Saxons which was the base population of English speakers in England until the Norman Conquest radically Latinized the culture and language and Francized the gentry.

23. Egypt
Sanskrit: Ajapati — Lord Rama, the illustrious scion of Aja. Their kings were named Ramses meaning Rama the God.

Nooo. Egypt is a Greek corruption of Alhapta or the house of the Divine. Neighboring  Semitic peoples referred to it as Misr

24. Stein
Sanskrit: Stan, “Place”.

No . Stein is German for stone.

25. Siberia
Sanskrit: Shibeerya, “The locals still call their land Shibir”.

This proves absolutely nothing

26. Caspean sea
Sanskrit: Kashyapa muni, “Named after the Vedic sage”.

Possibly. I have heard a strong argument that Iranians thought highly of Kashyapa and after separating from the Vedic fold named the lake after him.

Indian/Vedic/Dharmic civilization is the mother of all civilizations.

Mere assertion is not enough.

Indian sanskrit – the mother of all languages.

No. Its hardly established it has anything to do with even Tamil which is under its cultural umbrella!

Hindu/vedic people migrated to Europe, central asia, Asia, Africa, Russia and other places Vedic civilization was the pre-eminent culture and faith of the entire world in ancient times.

No. These cultures had little to do with Hinduism.

 It was also prevalent throughout the Pacific region from India to Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo, Korea, Indochina, the Philippines, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and farther east and up to Mexico.

See above.

Eventually, descendants of Hindu/vedic culture were forcibly converted by desert religions (Christianity and Islam),

Wait a minute. If Islam and Christianity were derived from Hinduism, then by your logic no one has left Hinduism at all. Indeed it could be argued that these religions maintained older Hindu customs whiles Hindus in India got corrupted. So Christian and Muslim converts are true Hindu and Hindus in India are corrupt and degenerate!

Churches and Mosques were built on the same location of Hindu temples after its destruction. Current, stupid historians funded by vatican called it Pagan religion.

Which current historians are funded by the Vatican? Pagan is simply Latin for countryside or villages as during Christianity, the worship of various Roman and Germanic gods had receded to the villages. Similar to how during the Islamic conquest in India, Hindus would hold out in villages and jungles as Muslims captured the power centres ie. the cities.
Nowadays in the West there is a reverse dynamic where the rural areas are very Christian while the urban cosmopolitans are open to different religions including pagan ones such as Hinduism, Shintoism or Western variants such as Astartu(popular with white supremacists) and Druidism.

Nice try. Try to de-link from sanskrit, which NASA acknowledged the best programming language.

They never claimed any such thing. Anyhow what do you care about the opinions of the redneck Christian riff raff which comprise NASA?

It is a different story how Backus and Naur stole from Sanskrit grammar and put their names under the world’s first computer programming language.

I said it before and I say it again. If all these Western so called thieves created such amazing inventions and discovered from lifting ideas from the Vedas then more shame to Hindus for whom Vedas were idle chants or gathering dust.

The credit should go to Indian Hindu and Sanskrit grammarian Panini (3100 BC) . The father of first programming language.

He was a great linguist. He showed no aptitude or interest in programming. India had great proto programmers ie logicians but Panini wasn't one of them. And Panini existed around the time of Chandragupta Maurya(supposedly a fellow instructor of Chanakya at Taxila). So that puts him closer to 310 BC rather than 3100 BC(death of Lord Krishna).

Origin of Music
Hindu Vedic Music is the basis of world music. German Author, Weber writes in his book on ” Indian Literature”
” The Hindu Scale – Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Nee, has been borrowed by Persians, where we find it in the form of do, re, ma, fa, so, le, ci. It came to the west and was introduced by Guido d’ Arezzo in Europe in the form of do, re, mi, fa, sol, lo, ti …. even the gamma of Guido (French Gramma, English Gammut) goes back to the Hindu Sanskrit gramma and Prakrit gamma and is thus a direct testimony of the Indian/Hindu origin of our European scale of seven notes”.

Ok I am sympathetic to this view. The similarity is too strong to be a coincidence.

Above origin of music is just a random example of how, no matter which aspect of life so called modern scholars pick up for investigation, they are willy nilly led to the Indian, Hindu, Vedic, Sanskrit origin of Human culture

Origin of scales is not the same as origin of music. Im sure non Hindus had music before they became aware of the seven notes. Why do you deny others their humanity? For gods sake aren't others able to figure out music without our help?

India was the motherland of our race, and Sanskrit the mother of European languages. She was the mother of our philosophy … of our mathematics … of the ideals embodied in Christianity … of self government and democracy…mother India is in many ways the mother of us all.
— William Durant. Author of the ten volume, story of civilization.

Will Durant was a great scholar but also given to great hyperbole and wild (though pleasant sounding)rhetoric. Please keep that in mind. And FYI he was often spectacularly wrong on Indian history.

Only a few open-minded people who look at the whole picture will understand the inherent unity the world and what its history contains. Such unity is disturbed only by mankind’s immature, dogmatic, and self-centered feelings for regional and cultural superiority. We have seen this in the propaganda that was effectively used by the Nazis and is presently used by neo-Nazis and white supremacist groups who now employ the modern myth that the original location of the Aryan race was in northern Europe.

All I can say in conclusion is that Hindutvadis of this sort seem to believe that the ancient world was comprised of primitive apes and Hinduism was the black monolith as in 2001 Space Odyssey and hence civilization was spread throughout disparate people who god forbid weren't even able to worship the sun, cook food, sing ,dance or worship gods without our help! I would say that this version of history is even more bizarre as in 2001 while the aliens inspired apes to evolve (using bones as tools) but also recognized the great capacity for brutality and connection between violence and  technological progress( one ape kills another with a bone and the triumphalist throws it in the air and scene cuts to a space ship).
Orson Welles put it best-
“You know what the fellow said – in Italy, for thirty years under the Borgias, they had warfare, terror, murder and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance. In Switzerland, they had brotherly love, they had five hundred years of democracy and peace – and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock"

But no not our hyper patriots. Not only are they determined to strip non Hindus of any ability , hog all their glories but ascribe warts squarely on them. If they create great monuments, works of art or religious and philosophical works, why it is the Vedic influence of course. But if they indulge in rapine, genocide, slavery and other less than wholesome ventures well that must be their "chinkie" ,"Jap" , white racist, " crooked Jew", "primitive Negro" genes acting up!
And then they complain when we see them as supremacists on par with Nazis! To my mind this type of spiritual imperialism and misappropriation is in effect every bit as loathsome and criminal as Nazi racism and sense of superiority . Both of which stem from ignorance and intense inferiority complexes.

Friday, July 17, 2015

How the U.S economy functions

An old one but amusing and insightful nonetheless......

It is raining, and the little town looks totally deserted. It is tough times, everybody is in debt, and everybody lives on credit. Suddenly, a rich tourist comes to town. He enters the only hotel, lays a 100 Euro note on the reception counter, and goes to inspect the rooms upstairs in order to choose one.
The hotel proprietor takes the 100 Euro note and runs to pay his debt to the butcher. The butcher takes the 100 Euro note, and runs to pay his debt to the pig grower. The pig grower takes the 100 Euro note, and runs to pay his debt to the supplier of his feed and fuel.

The supplier of feed and fuel takes the 100 Euro note and runs to pay his debt to the town's prostitute that in these hard times, gave her "services" on credit.

The hooker runs to the hotel, and pays off her debt with the 100 Euro note to the hotel proprietor to pay for the rooms that she rented when she brought her clients there. The hotel proprietor then lays the 100 Euro note back on the counter so that the rich tourist will not suspect anything.

At that moment, the tourist comes down after inspecting the rooms, and takes his 100 Euro note, after saying that he did not like any of the rooms, and leaves town.

No one earned anything. However, the whole town is now without debt, and looks to the future with a lot of optimism. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the United States is doing business today.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Gov. Scott Walker is in

He is officially running for President

woo hoo is all I can add.

Unfortunately his happy news is tempered by the fact an unhinged rodeo clown is also seeking the ticket.

You play the cards you are dealt I suppose

Two contemporary views on the role of technology

From TechCrunch

Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner, creates no content. Alibaba, the most valuable retailer, has no inventory. And Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate. Something interesting is happening.

And from a hitherto unknown tribe deep in the Amazon rainforest.

Technological advances must not “determine our destiny.”

Oh Im sorry, that is not a primitive tribesman but Hillary Clinton, a candidate for the leadership position of the most powerful and technologically advanced country in the world! I get those two confused all the time! My mistake.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sad Week for the civilized world

In a matter of days, the U.S Supreme Court handed out not one but two rulings which firmly go against the will of the American people. Both are based on specious reasoning and stink of political maneuvering and back room deals.

Ann Coulter had warned us about John Roberts in 2005 that a tabula rasa such as himself was far worse than a liberal justice. Whether Roberts chose to commit these travesties against the Republic because he was a closet liberal or Obama in his characteristic Chicago manner of dirty tricks not limited to blackmail or other threats worked his "magic" on him, only history will tell.

To be fair, even as he disgraced himself on Obamacare , he did make up for it by writing a superb dissent on Obergeffel(gay marriage case). I guess the tyrant Obama knows his own limits, which is heartening in its own twisted way.

Anyhow her words have proven to be prescient. He has folded not once but twice on the Leviathan in waiting- Obama care and has given his blessing on the perversion of a millennia old sacrament- gay marriage.

Both of these found scant support amongst the level headed populace of Americans despite overwhelming media, academia, Hollywood and other top down propaganda tactics- both crude and sophisticated.

While Obama care would entail catastrophes not just in the medical field but in the economy as a whole, it can still be managed and in time deregulated or just plain ignored.

However the moral and societal rot that homosexuals bring to the table with their inherent fascism hidden behind a deceptively gregarious persona is a lot harder to ignore.

A decade ago it seemed that the notion of homosexuals suing bakers or photographers who wished to abide by their beliefs and not serve offer their services for a gay wedding seemed surreal.

Today it is a reality and it is going to get worse. Heck there are already liberal film critics fuming that about jokes in movies which feature straight men's distaste for giving oral sex to another man. Apparently such preferences are "homophobic". Perhaps it is only a matter of time before straight men are mandated to have a homosexual experience to overcome their "homophobia".

Lets not get started on the trans gendered lunacy which is another matter altogether. Again as of last year, "transphobic" was considered a comical word , not anymore. You MUST love Caitlyn Jenner or else.

Sounds incredible? Well so did the notion of a baker being sued for not baking a cake at one time.

Pretty much all civilizations fell due to hedonism of which homosexuality is a part and parcel. Of course no healthy civilization without sin. Indeed I support homosexuals right to their odd lifestyle/life choices as long as they conduct themselves with proper decorum and do it in private. But apparently their call for tolerance was just a ruse , it was a taqqiya until they gathered enough support to impose their will.

This guy had the number of the homosexual lobby and their MO

Razor @hale_razor
1 "All we want is to be out of the shadows."
2 "All we want is acceptance"
3 "All we want is equality"
4 "Your view belongs in the shadows."
It is impossible to fire homosexual employees without suffering grievous economic social and financial repercussions. Even if they have been caught molesting teenagers.

Dishonest and disgusting people dismiss the idea of same sex pederasts as homosexual by claiming they identify as "straight" . It is curiously hypocritical that of homosexuals to co opt famous people as gay GAY GAY GAY , DID YOU KNOW HE WAS GAY?! because a personality like say Abraham Lincoln once shared a bed with another man(due to poverty than anything else) but suddenly assure us that NAMBLA is certainly not a gay organization just because it consists of adult males preying on young boys though the reality is less delightful . Apparently lesbians are given more leeway than straight men. A vagina monologues play about an adult lesbian who drugged and raped a thirteen year old girl received rave reviews.

Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. Scott Walker reacted in a righteous and courageous manner against the tyranny of the judicial and executive branch and the fecklessness of the two Houses.

I am afraid their attempts even if they should win can only temporarily stem the tide.

We are done "debating" with the all manner of assorted freaks and pathological liars about government intrusion in the guise of gay/tranny rights, atheism, feminism, global warming, Obama care, hate speech, mandatory "diversity", gun control economic equality and other falsehoods and assaults on liberty. Debating them got us in this situation because they have never debated in good faith.

At this point, it is best to fight fire with fire. If America is indeed the New Rome, let it go for the gold and initiate a military coup and do away with rotten edifice of a "republic"and recreate another from its ashes. Lets hope Col. James Mattis can come out of retirement.

Once again you freaks, weirdos and parasites: We are done debating with you because you don't argue in good faith and you stab us in the back while smiling, smiling , smiling

It is time to settle the debate on our terms for a change: with a firing squad. I am done. Think what you will of  this.

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Kunal Singh:Tantra, Yantra, Mantra in mainstream Hinduism

To clear up some misconceptions I want to make it clear that yogis do use
certain herbs both orally and by inhalation.  But the herbs are not taken to
create "psychedelic" experiences nor is meditation meant to create some
undefined strange mystical experience.  The practice of meditation is very
well defined in Hinduism and the expectations from it are also well defined.
One cannot generalize anything regarding all sadhus as that would span
everything from murderous criminals hiding out from the police to real yogis
devoted to yoga practice.  Yogis are not after "some" psychadelic experience
caused by drugs.  Ideally they want to be able to increase the energy in
their body, and eventually manage to circulate it with mental intent.  From
my personal experience I can say that it is indeed quite possible, but
requires a good deal of awareness to be intact for controlling the
circulation of the energy.

But just to clear up the issue of using herbs, certain herbs are used as
inhalation for general health and is a common feature of both Hindu worship
and Ayurveda.  There are other herbs which are used to make meditation
easier.  They don't CREATE experiences.  They help the meditation by acting
as a mild sedative thereby enhancing the relaxation of the body.  Certain
herbs have been identified by yogis as causing relaxation without losing
awareness and those are the most valuable for yogis.  And those don't have
to be "smoked" literally, they can and are also used as part of herbal
incense.  It is not for nothing that different incense is used by Buddhists
during initiation rites into tantra practice.  In short, the yogi would want
relaxation without losing awareness as the ideal effect of any herb.

Though the poster didn't imply it, I wanted to bring up another point
anyway.  The term "psychedelic" used with yoga disturbs me a little due to
some other opinions I've read associated with yoga.  Just to set some other
mistaken notions straight:
1) Yoga is not intended to create "psychadelic" experiences which implies
randomness, it
     requires the practitioner to be able to recreate the advanced states.
2) Mandalas are not intended to be stared at until the "psychadelic" colors
turn the light fantastic.
    Buddhist mandalas are nothing but Hindu yantras.  And just as a side
note, it is disrespectful to
    use them as ordinary artwork on coffee coasters etc. as I've seen them
on.  Such an action is
   proof that the owner doesn't have a clue as to their real significance
and so has no idea why the
   image deserves respect and reverence.
3) Herbs are not taken to induce random "psychadelic" experiences in yoga.
4) If a yogi who is capable of circulating energy, a minor feat by yoga
    suddenly had a strange psychadelic experience, he would worry that he
may have
    led the energy along some wrong pathway.  It would be cause for some
5) Not all sadhus are real yogis, some are young men attempting to escape
from their
    domestic life, and some others even from the police.
6) Yoga is not a separate discipline from the Hindu religion.
    Shiva, the deity of yoga was always  part of the Hindu religion, though
his status varied
   considerably.  In the end yoga, vastushashtra, ayurveda, astrology and
Hindu worship rituals
   involving tantras, mantras, and yantras are closely related and fully
integrated due to close
   interactions between the various schools.  A devout Hindu cannot
accurately even do the most
   basic "sandhya" without doing yoga first.  And the full Sanskrit of the
sandhya he chants verily
  includes yoga chakras.  The chakras themselves are associated with
planets.  His actions in the
  rituals make use of everything from the understanding of the planets to
the Earth's magnetic flux
  to the effects of a "planet or heavenly body" as the Sun on the pores of
the skin.  None of this is
  my claim, it is so stated if you know where to look.

......if we take your definition of psychedelic(dreaming up wild imagery,
hallucinations etc), the definition is too
general.  What can't be termed "mind expanding!"  Yoga I'm afraid is a bit
more specific than that.  It is most concerned with "shodhana" or
purification which is not be interpreted in the Vaishnava sense of
cleanliness and goodness.
......You will notice that they(taxi drivers) do not install it(yantras,mandalas( on the floor of their cab and do pay reverence to the religious articles.  Hinduism not only allows religion
in material matters but some aspects of it are verily designed to obtain
very material goals.  The reason for the reverence for religious articles
isn't to restrict someone's freedom, it is to make visible that something
has special significance, that it is not ordinary, that it has greater
knowledge associated with it.  Thus religious articles are revered and are
accorded respect.
......Your definitions (of psychedelic) are too loose and leave too much room for interpretation.
Let me be more specific.  Ascetic or yogic practices place stress on the
physical body, the process of purification takes its toll.  Herbs can be
used to aid the health of the physical body to enable it to rejuvenate
itself.  One aspect of that rejuvenation is to induce relaxation, this is
not simply a mental thing, it enables the rejuvenation of the nervous
......"fakirs" typically belong to the sufi tradition which is more common in
the Islamic world.  Yogis are not necessarily beggars, some may beg, others
may not.  The term sanyasin or sadhu is typically applied to someone who has
left his family behind in a religious quest.  That doesn't have to be yoga
practice, it may just be devotional service or even visiting holy sites.
Such people typically rely on the local populace to support them during
their travels.
.....There are two kinds of people in any society, traditional and
non-traditional.  Some deities belong to the traditional folds of Hinduism,
others belong to non-traditional folds of Hinduism.  What unites the two is
their constant interaction and exchange.  For example, certain deities of
shakti are depicted as nude in cemeteries and others are depicted quite
clothed and proper.  The difference arose from the founders of the deities
being either traditional or rebellious.  The rishi Bhairava for example was
extremely non-traditional, the type who wouldn't think twice about even
killing a Brahmin belonging to the Shaivite tradition responsible for
starting the revolution of Kali (later many other shakti deities arise but
even Durga relies on Kali to defend herself giving her a special place in
the Shakti pantheon).  So you may get the impression that the Vaishnava
school is free from his influence, but you would be wrong.  He is mentioned
in most of the religious procedures of Hinduism, some of which you would
deem as quite Vaishnava.
It is not the case that Vaishnavas or Shaivites have come to different
conclusions in Hinduism.  There differences of knowledge have certainly been
hammered out, only their traditions are somewhat different.  For example, in
the last stages of the evolution of Hinduism, you see Durga being given the
Shaktis of all the various deities who willingly confer upon her their
powers creating a host of female deities.  You do not see Vishnu saying I
will not give my power to Durga because she is a form of Parvati or Indra
saying that I do not recognize this Durga character.The fighting with new Asuras is a constant theme in Hinduism, always new
challenges for the existing deities, with all accepted deities forming an
alliance to challenge the new upstarts.  Hinduism has always been divided
along the accepted beliefs and the newer questioned beliefs, that is what
separated the Devas and Asuras with some fights where the Devas want to
adopt the ideas of some Asuras and ask their supporters to bring some Asura
to their side!But in conclusion, every deity that you see today, from the gentle Laxmi to
the ferocious Kali has been ACCEPTED into the Hindu pantheon quite formally
during some very large discussions.  Durga herself projects out of herself
all the Shaktis which comprises the entire Vaishnava and Shaivite spectrum.
She was created when the various Devas knew that they couldn't take on the
new Asuras individually. Traditions may be different, but the deities are the SAME!  Yoga by itself
is actually singular.  Hatha yoga has the same chakras as any other yoga.
The solar and lunar is discussed everywhere, as is fire all the way from the
texts of Hatha to Brhadranyaka Upanisad!  Once you put it all together you
will realize why the chakras are even mentioned in the most basic of Hindu
worship rituals.  The end goal is purification of the body.  If three people
write a book on the same subject, the books will all be different, one
author will offer greater insight into one subject another would on another,
but the subject  remains the same.  How many books on history discussing the
same topics are the same ? Tantric/Kundalini/Shakti/Hatha oriented yoga is basically called Hinduism.
Due to its vastness people presume that Hinduism was never organized
successfully, but it was.  The mantras of yoga are derived from the Hindu
Brahmana expressed as "sabda" and they are consistent with the mantras used
in Hindu rituals.  The principles of the Hindu Brahman applied to the body
results in Ayurveda, applied to sound results in the Sanskrit alphabet, and
applied to astrology results in Jyotisha.  The description of the human body
of the yogis is the same as that used in Ayurveda.  When you study them in
depth, you will be surprised by the consistency.  The rise of the Shakti
cult in the end should not be seen as the fall of the other deities, it
should be seen as the final integration of all the accepted deities.
Because that is what happens at the end of every fight between the Devas and
the Asuras, everyone knows their proper place.

Just to bring up some other commonly mistaken notions in western society
regarding Hinduism:

1) Tantra does not imply sex, it means a particular method and is generally
applicable to
    anything where a systematic procedure needs to be laid down.

2) Tantric rituals are not different from Hindu rituals.  Hinduism has
accepted the notions of Shakti long ago as far back as the times of
Vishwamitra when the Gayatri was composed.  The Gayatri itself is intended
to develop internal energy within the human being and over a long period of
time (about 17 years) is supposed to give success and in about 24 years
various siddhis.  So the current daily rituals of Hinduism FULLY INCORPORATE
the conclusions of the Shakti cults which at one time arose challenging the
then conventional thinking.

3) Shakti vs. Vaishnava is not a matter of racial differences.  Many of the
Shakti proponents including Bhairava of the deity of Kali were Kshatriyas.
It had nothing to do with any Aryan/Dravidian divide imagined by people,
though there was definitely a divide between concepts espoused by Brahmins
and Kshatriyas due to personality differences.  The ferocious natures and
non-traditional appearances and modes of worship of some deities probably
had more to do with the personality of the rishi associated with the deity
and the mere mention of the kshatriya Bhairava still invokes fear amongst
the traditional Hindus.  And though all deities have priests associated with
them most Brahmins still find themselves attracted to Vishnu and the gentler
deities of Laxmi and Saraswati while deeming other Shaivite deities as
"tamasic,"  most of the populous agrarian societies descended from various
kshatriya castes still hold the maternal female Shakti deities in the
highest regard even in their most ferocious animal-sacrificing forms.

4) The concept of Shakti did not originate after Buddhism.  As I've said
before, the legends of Durga seem to predate the birth of Buddha by a very
long timespan.  And yet, within the more recent works of the Shakti cults in
some tantra texts mentions are made to Mahachina.  But by the time most such
texts were formalized Tibet would have already received the tantric forms of
Buddhism from the north-eastern region where a good deal of the Shakti
tradition originated.  Tibetan Buddhism has its roots in the north-east from
where many Buddhist scholars fled during the periodic attacks of the Huns
and the Sakas.  And as Buddhism itself developed in this region, the deities
of Shakti entered the folds of Buddhism as scholars freely intermixed the
two religions.  So there is plenty of scope for regions associated with
China to have received the lore of the Shakti cult before such texts were

Welcome to Karachi is offensive in too many ways

I recently had the misfortune of sitting through the "comedy" film called Welcome 2(?) Karachi whose "plot" can be summarized as follows- two Indian misfits and simpleton end up in Pakistan where they end up with the Taliban and hounded by the CIA because they mistake them for the Taliban. They make their escape only to be detained by Pakistani authorities but a good natured and beautiful ISI agent(?!!) ensures their release all the while foiling a terrorist plot by the Taliban. All the while feted by both India and Pakistan.

Firstly the movie is not very funny even as it is supposed to be a slapstick sort of comedy. The actors are talented but there is only so much they can do with such an ill conceived and semi literate script.
However the movies contains a great deal of post colonial tropes and memes and pretty little lies that modern day Indians are particularly attached to.

Firstly let us examine the treatment of Americans and their mission in Afghanistan and the tribal lands of Pakistan. Ill conceived as it may be , it is highly unlikely the CIA station chief would be cackling like the Joker in Batman as he watches drones pulverize their victims. The CIA like any other intelligence agency recruits only sober ,analytical and somewhat cold blooded individuals for such positions and not those who are near orgasmic as they watch their enemies get obliterated. Furthermore drone operators are stationed in Nevada or Florida and not anywhere near the kill zones.

Soon enough they are apprehended by the CIA. This gives the film makers the opportunity to introduce more ill informed racial politics- It is noble black operative who sees the injustice of it all and commits a court martial worthy offense by freeing them. I don't know in what world these Bollywood dopes are living in. Indeed black servicemen in the U.S armed forces would be the first to find such a scene offensive. And anyone who believes that African Americans are less racist than their white counterparts is living in a parallel universe. Survey after survey shows that blacks in America are the most opposed to immigration-both legal and illegal and are incredibly hostile to Asian and Indian Americans in particular. The dim witted Indian Americans thought they would placate blacks and show off their liberal credentials by voting for Obama in record numbers. Obama may have a soft corner for Indian Americans as he named nominated Indian Americans to the position of CTO, Surgeon General as well as a top prosecuting attorney for the highly prized Manhattan district.
Also not too many Indians or Indian Americans are losing sleep over the drone attacks in Pakistan. Well one guy is, but why care about the opinions of unstable cranks?

OTOH it was the same Obama who during the 2007 primary challenge chided Hilary Clinton as a representative for Punjab due to her support for outsourcing. Also he used Preet Bharara as both - his attack dog and shield as he prosecuted mostly Indians such as Rajat Gupta, Anil Kumar and Raj Rajaratnam (An SL Tamil billionaire but was with the in crowd of Indian Americans) for relatively trivial offenses  as "insider trading" even as the economy was torn apart from far graver acts of malfeasance by those in Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and financial entities close to the administration.

Let us not forget the Devyani Khobragade episode. How often are ambassadors from friendly countries jailed and stripped searched even for serious allegations, forget dubious ones?

All of this doesn't matter to our dim witted film makers who have been trotted out the tired old Magic Negro/ Indian as savior from white bigotry at least since the incredibly ridiculous and offensive feature My Name Is Khan. This odious film even embarrassingly features an actor playing the current U.S President assuring the titular character that "your name is Khan and you are not a terrorist" right after Khan saves some black lives in the aftermath of a hurricane(a reference to hurricane Katrina where many blacks did die not due to the indifference of the Bush administration but the corruption and incompetence of the mostly black New Orleans city officials.) Bizarrely that movie also features a cringe worthy sub plot where a random white guy keeps taunting a Pakistan immigrant as "hey you fucking Paki" every day in New York City. Apparently none of these geniuses who made the film every spent any time in New York City which is famous for its deranged transients and homeless cranks of all races who pester pedestrians with all sorts of nonsense. One such individual tormented my sisters college friend because in the words of this learned man- chicken tikka masala helped start the French Revolution! And since she is Indian, she is surely responsible! Speaking of Pakis and cranks....

W2K also features a lithesome ISI agent played by Lori Gottlieb who is unconvinced that these two neer do wells captured by Pakistanis are Indian agents and convinced the good natured Pakistani government to free them and are eventually embraced by the hearty Pakistani people This again functions to serve two more lame Bollywood messages

a) Foreign women or women in general are naturally inclined towards compassion  and possess the right insticts in dealing with Indians

b) Most Pakistanis are basically good

First lets deal with a). The literary device of foreign females falling in love with native men is really a symbolic victory and conquest over the enemy or occupying force.
In Bollywood , the frankly silly film Lagaan popularized this notion but it has older roots. Shyam Benegal ,if anything was consistent in making awful and politically correct films. In his time honored tradition of glorifying Muslims he portrayed a British woman falling in love with her Pushtun abductor in Junoon. Other movies from Mangal Pandey to Rang Bansanti and Pazhassi Raja all portray British women as enlightened anti imperialists which was either a cause or consequence of them falling in love with an Indian man usually a freedom fighter. This has very little to do with historical reality(apart from the frankly half mad Annie Besant who wasn't even British but Irish) but more to do with the Indian screenwriter's fling with some liberal white girl either in India or in his studies abroad in U.S or UK

The film maker simply transposed post colonial political correct talking points of college age 90s Western women onto the unwieldy mouths of Victorian era characters. British women couldn't give two hoots about the condition of Indian men or women as long as they were benefiting from it materially.

Here they scored a twofer by getting Lauren Gottlieb to portray the ISI agent. A western actress playing a member of the dreaded intelligence bureau of an enemy nation.

                                                          Average ISI agent

And since when are Pakistani women known for compassion towards India? During the atrocities against Bangladeshi women (both Hindus and Muslims) by the mostly Punjabi dominated Pakistani army , Pakistani women were asked as to how they felt that their men were raping who at the time were technically their fellow citizens. To which they replied- at least the issue of the rape would be better looking(due to Punjabi genes)

This is the reality of women (and men). What the limp wristed omega male writers and directors who pedestalize women don't realize is that compassion and sympathy are limited in both women and men and hence they prioritize these attributes for those closest to them. Women in general are keepers of the hearth and in most societies including India were fierce defenders of their homes and would goad their men into offensive wars against the enemy. As an example, Arjuna wasn't able to face Ahhimanyu's mother until he had avenged his death. All the while dealing with Draupadi and her separate vendettas which they had to fulfill. These women are not considered freaks but worthy of our admiration. And why not? Women are instrumental in giving men purpose and resolve be it in day to day humdrum existence or life and death matters on the battlefield. Let us honor them for their support ,motivation and perspective but let us not lose sight of the flip side of this nature and let their pleasing appearance fool us into thinking they are sugar and spice and everything nice.

It was after taking this account, Savarkar bewailed the restraint of Hindu troops when it came to raping Muslim women. He believed that such counter atrocities would quickly demoralized the enemy and compel them to respect their new Hindu overlords. He went as far to claim that the honor of violated Hindu women would be healed if Muslim women suffered the same fate. And who knows he could be right. Revenge is a dish best served cold, schadenfreud and all that.
A Savarkar associate; Nathuram Godse was quite popular with refugee Punjabi and Sindhi Hindu women who suffered various indignities at the hands of Muslims and held Gandhi squarely responsible for their traumas

Now on to b)
Finally the delusion that Pakistanis want peace just as Indians do. I have doubt as the self delusions of Indians especially the dhimmified Punjabi film makers who populate the Mumbai film industry. Of course in their case deeper cultural factors maybe at factor such as Punjabiyat- the pan Punjabi culture,customs,cuisine ,language and clothing which dominate the popular cultures of both countries and the crank notion of martial races which hold the "poorbiyas" and southerners in contempt due to a thoroughly ignorant and skewed reading of Indian history. Before the Sikhs, the last Punjabi to win any battles was probably Harshvardhana who was a Jat from Haryana, Haryanvis(basically an poorbiya people "stuck" in the northwest) would take offense to being lumped in with Punjabis but lets be a  bit generous. Punjabis strike me as the type of people who simply go with the flow. Right now the winds (as of yet) blow towards secularism and Muslim appeasement and if Punjabiyat demands that it be so they placate it . Sikhism is an exception in Punjabi history than the rule (and it was really militarized in Bihar by Guru Gobind Singh). Now they are a defanged and toothless group, first used up and spit out by the British and then Indira Gandhi provided the finishing touches the destruction of their glory.

All in all the Indian populace has to suffer the Punjabi complexes and dysfunctions due to their control over this very powerful medium. Therefore I say to  those who blame the pro Islamic bias of Bollywood on some Muslim mafia(which is more interested in profit than furthering an ideological agenda) that they are missing the forest for the trees

Now you may that this Rao is being a tad cruel- picking on a silly movie like Welcome 2(?) Karachi which is the desi equivalent of other esteemed fare such as Dude Where's My Car? Well I say to you seeing how this highly objectionable feature manages to combine all the misinformed history, illiterate geopolitics, coarse and dangerous sentimentalism and vulgar self flattery into one revolting package, all Bollywood movies dealing with any foreign policy differ from this film only by a matter of degree , not content.

We make silly movies because we are a silly people. Punjabi or otherwise. Unless we wake up we deserve to find out what the world is really like -the hard way.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mr Sabhlok, It is not I who is superficial and engages in shoddy research

Mr. Sanjeev Sabhlok while admirable in his quest for good governance and economic policy for India is rather lacking in knowledge of Indian history and religion. And what is worse he is unwilling to entertain counter arguments.

Recently he caught the Aryan Invasion Theory bug and a derivative of the same is the notion that Indian was routinely defeated due to its lack of a good cavalry.

I retorted here

As you can see, he might as well be completely oblivious of my post. He just goes and repeats the same talking points even if I had refuted his argument.

And when I went and criticized his views on AIT somehow he turned me into Hindutvadi even as I criticized Hindutvadis more than once on his forum, not to mention here as well!

And then he complains about "personal attacks" I made about him!

The "personal attack" he keeps whining about ,which him being so thin skinned he didn't even publish, was something along  the lines of me pointing out his hypocrisy of being for free speech while running a strictly moderated blog. Also I mentioned out the Hindutvadis are more fools than demons and India does not require his exorcism services for the same.

Earlier when I asked him if mining for tonnes of untapped gold in India would be a good idea(as per his recommendation), he promptly exited the discussion saying he was too busy.

In an earlier post I maintained that Vedic religion wasn't necessarily hostile to idol worship(his position) all the while showing that the legends and customs of the Vedic people to prove my point, he simply kept repeating his points like a parrot and asked me how I could dare to contradict Dayananda Saraswati. Amazing that he would quote Hindutvadi extra ordinaire Saraswati who believed that all Muslims and Christians should either undergo shuddhi or be evicted from India!
SO Sabhlok's MO is to quote a Hindutvadi to substantiate his position all the while bashing each and every Hindutva figure and belief because it goes against his vision of India!

Mr Sabhlok keeps being mystified as to why his political party never seems to come to fruition. Regrettably it appears that the captain and Mr. Sabhlok are the different sides of the same coin of Indian nationalism. Each intolerant of countering beliefs ,misrepresenting their opponents positions due to them misunderstanding or otherwise and being thoroughly uninterested in debate or discussion

At this rate, Mr. Sabhlok will be relegated to the status of Ralph Nader of Indian politics-if he is lucky! Atleast unlike Mr. Sabhlok, Ralph Nader lives in the country where he has formed a party!