Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Gov. Scott Walker is in

He is officially running for President

woo hoo is all I can add.

Unfortunately his happy news is tempered by the fact an unhinged rodeo clown is also seeking the ticket.

You play the cards you are dealt I suppose


  1. @YSV

    You forgot to mention the Rothschild activities behind this development :P Or should I seek the consultancy of Capt for that :) ?

    1. To be sure both the bankers are not big a fan of his either as he is that rare animal- an anti union populist!

      I cant imagine who the captain would support except perhaps Sen. Rand Paul only because he is the son of paranoid anti Semite, anti war and Rothschild /Federal Reserve basher Ron Paul.

  2. this is off-topic but i find it strange that sabhlok doesn't support the right of an individual to bear firearms for self-defense, given that he is a classical liberal and he always talks about freedom, freedom and freedom. Question to u, ysv. would u support something like the second amendment to be passed in parliament in india, making it legal for indian citizens to bear arms?

    1. Sabhlok doesn't give any thought to anything besides economics and ignores culture for the most part. All the while it is culture which decides pretty much every aspect of a nation including the economy

      I am torn about the 2nd amendment style arming of the populace in India. On one hand I believe a free citizen isn't really free unless he bears arms but then considering the utterly chaotic situation of India, I wonder if that would put pour gasoline on flames.
      The best time to repeal the Arms Act was upon independence when crime was at an all time low but that wasn't meant to be.
      A disciplined citizenry with a strong civic sense should be armed IMO . Unfortunately Indian citizens don't fit this bill. However a caveat- I would prefer that licenses be extended to disadvanted communities living areas rife with violent crime where police reach is low or non existent. Start from there and see what happens.
      Anyway at the very least we should reduce the obscene import taxes on foreign arms and revive our own weapons industry which is in the doldrums.
      Such a shame since we were pioneers in making swords and armor. Even Indian made cannons and muskets had a market for a while

    2. @Edgardo

      Though your question was for YSV,still I am intercepting :) Guns should not be legalised in India,atleast not at this moment.We need massive police reforms and restructuring of law enforcement agencies for that.Already a section of the population in India has taken up hooliganism as their career(mainly due to lack of other jobs).Now legalising guns will only help this segment of population.Indians in general are averse to the idea of keeping guns at home(Madhya Pradesh is an exception).Again,most law abiding citizens of India will find it hard in many cases to carry a gun even,leave alone brandishing it,for the purpose of their safety.So as of now,I think it is ok that guns are not open in India.With all laws in place,many goons still carry illegal guns,so imagine if everything is legalised now,what the hell of a situation that would be.

    3. Well JAM as a popular American saying goes "If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns" ;) This is the situation today.
      As I mentioned I don't think drastic legalization of possession of fire arms is the answer. First and foremost, it is up to the citizens to demand the right to carry and furthermore that they are disciplined enough to do so. I am not averse to a psychological exam for each applicant!

    4. Why would a well-disciplined citizenry need its individuals to carry guns in the first place? I would understand if we are living in Afghanistan. If guns are allowed for civilians, it would inevitably percolate down to the rotten apples since it would be that much easier for them to get their hands on guns. I agree with JAM that the police force should be reformed, well trained and disciplined instead of outsourcing the job of protection to common citizens which is a sign of decline. As corrupt as the Indian police force is, I hope it never goes the way of US where police depend on deadly force more often than their wits.


      Culture is also largely a product of practical matters like economy. That's why the northern part of the Korean peninsula is impoverished while the southern part is a devoloped economy even though both inherited the same Korean culture. In the ancient world, culture and civilization only developed in places where people could afford a good quality of life thanks to access to rich, fertile land, free trade, etc.

    5. I would argue that having an overbearing police and an emasculated citizenry who standby watching impotently while they or neighborly are being robbed and raped is a symptom of decline. In an ideal world we wouldn't be needing the police at all. As the citizenry would be a self governing unit. This has been the case in a lot of western towns during the pioneer era in America.
      @JAM contrary to Westerns spaghetti or otherwise :) OK Corral type gun fights were rather rare. An armed society is a polite society and all that.
      Of course there are caveats to this, and that is the indisciplined masses of India.
      Thankfully violent crime in India , all things considered is pretty low. But in general I don't really regard the Indian police as it is today as a net positive force. I would need a gun to protect myself against the politician-police-goonda nexus rather than the street thug who can be chased off with a firmly placed hockey stick the front temple.

      re Culture and economy
      The two Korean scenario is not so much due to culture but Cold war era geopolitics.
      Culture matters a great deal to economy which is why Africa being quite fertile was underdeveloped and backward while Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan despite having no resources whatsoever being powerhouses

      Similar situation in Mexico vs Texas and California. It is pretty much the same geography but Anglo and German settlers brought a culture that was much more productive than the Hispanic hacienda customs from the Conquistador era which were just exploitative and parasitical.

    6. "The two Korean scenario is not so much due to culture but Cold war era geopolitics."

      Exactly. Due to the Cold war, N Korea adopted communism while the South adopted free market. Hence economic policies alone explain the difference in prosperity between these countries, not culture.

      Africa (I take it you mean Sub-Saharan) is not well-developed because of lack of river deltas (like Yangtze, Nile, Ganga or Amazon) or regular monsoons (which is available for South India and SE Asia). Humans invest in culture only if it gives returns. Ancient civilizations started in areas where the climate was temperate and ideal- not so hot that vegetation is plentiful and there is no need to use agriculture and not so cold that agriculture is impossible with available technology. A terrestrial Goldilocks zone as it were.

      Singapore and Hongkong exploited their strategic location as much as their free market system again like South Korea. In fact, when these tiger economies are seen from the perspective of culture, it gets baffling because their cultural lode star- China is less developed.

      Texas also had an exploitative and parasitical economy- namely cotton plantations using slave labour. Americans had the good sense to abolish slavery and modernize their economy only after which they became world leaders.

    7. On 2nd thought Texas vs Mexico was a shoddy example (thought California vs Mexico still holds)

      Whats interesting is that Sam Huston(after whom the large Texan metropolis is named) lived in that area when it was under Mexican jurisdiction and praised the Mexican government for its fairness and liberty!!
      All this while Mexico while quite a feudal state with a military dictator had outlawed slavery.
      It was after the U.S Mexican war (in which a young Abraham Lincoln served) that Texas became a part of U.S and a slave state. A development that infuriated Lincoln not a little!

      Cultural lodestars such as India, Russia, Iran and China are rusting lumbering behemoths compared to their once client states who are quite nimble. Hence Sri Lanka, Eastern and Baltic Europe, Central Asian states and South East Asia have higher rates of growth than their mother countries.

      Perhaps these countries have a stronger tendency to live on past glories than look to the future and achieve anything meaningful. There is also the intertia factor. Of course now all of them are overcoming their sloth though in different ways!
      Russia and Iran have taken the sabre rattling and conquest by ideological subversion approach
      While India and China took the economic route. Though neither are averse to projecting strength on the world stage. They are just less showy.

  3. Cars, bikes and trucks kill thousands of people in India every year. Heavy vehicles like lorries too are used in murders so that killing look like an accident.

    Yet, to this day, I have not heard anyone say that automobiles must be banned or that licensing should be introduced for motor vehicle possession.

    1. The comparison doesn't work because vehicles have other purposes than killing people. A gun, however, cannot be used for travel unless you are a hitchhiker pointing the gun at the driver's face! :) Besides, license is needed to drive a vehicle if not to own it, which is pretty much the same thing.

    2. @Sagar

      Welcome back brother :) you have appeared after a long time.While that is true,still the major criterion of a gun is to shoot someone or something.It has the point of murdering someone ingrained in its philosophy :) but not so in case of cars or vehicles,where the major objective is something else.YSV quoted the saying "If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns" .But to be frank,this saying might be suitable for USA where the legal system is better,but in India laws and police are crooked.If you shoot someone even to defend yourself,you will be harassed by the legal system in India,even though you are a law abiding citizen.And apart from this,if gun licenses are opened up in India,the law abiding peaceful citizens will never use it to their advantage,rather the antisocial elements will get unrestrained access to guns.Premodern USA had seen enough of the gun wielding sphagetti western culture,hence guns are probably not something very alien to US citizens :) YSV can correct me as he will know better on this issue.

    3. @PremChand

      "A gun, however, cannot be used for travel unless you are a hitchhiker pointing the gun at the driver's face! :) " - LOLL that is a point worth considering :)

    4. I think Sagar was referring to what he considers the Natural Rights of man as elucidated by the Founding Fathers and of which is liberty and therefore a right to bear arms without government permission(ie license)

      I am sympathetic to this in theory as I elaborated above. However I think Sagars passion for this subject got the better of him ;)

    5. @JAM
      Actually John Lott has proven conclusively that in the areas where citizens excercized their 2nd amendment rights crime rate had correspondingly fallen.

      Anti gun zealots have dropped that line about guns causing crime a long time ago. Now they concentrate on the crazed gunman shooting up schools, movie theaters etc to bolster their argument. In 9 out of 10 cases, the guy is simply a lunatic who should've been institutionalized.
      Now the problem here is that the same people(leftists) who wish to ban guns are against locking up mentally unbalanced people in an asylum in the name of "human rights"
      So that argument is a no go as well.

      Furthermore regarding violent crime- as unPC as it is to state, if you discount the criminal activity from blacks and Hipanics in U.S, it would have lower murder rate than Belgium

      And most of these crimes occur in blue states where gun laws are rather strict. Criminals have no problem doing things which are banned like possessing fire arms ...which is why they are criminals! They will acquire it anyway. Best thing to do is to give the other side a fighting chance.
      And please who hear has confidence in the Indian police stopping a crime before it starts rather than messily cleaning up the crime scene-please raise your hands :)
      If there is to be a dead body, I prefer it to be the other guy.

    6. @YSV

      "And most of these crimes occur in blue states where gun laws are rather strict. Criminals have no problem doing things which are banned like possessing fire arms ...which is why they are criminals! They will acquire it anyway. Best thing to do is to give the other side a fighting chance." - logically sound but not applicable in the Indian scenario.Here we must keep one thing in mind,ie,in India people are generally averse to the brandishing of guns,hence considering the population of India and relative lack of development wrt USA or western Europe,I would say shootout situations in India are rather infrequent.You can legalise guns in India but the problem is that it will only ensure the hooligan part of population now has no bounds in procuring arms while the normal citizen will still shy away from carrying guns.Instead of the balancing out scenario that you are envisioning,it will result in a greater amount of oneway disbalance.And I am not speaking this from the commie line of argument of human rights and their hypocrisy on lunatics :) I am just saying that Indian legal system and Indian police run on far different lines than those of the USA.Indian system of licensed possession of guns,I think,is the best considering our social structure.

    7. @YSV

      I agree fully. Citizens must be encouraged to arm and take part in policing their localities. That will increase our police's efficiency. It will also make citizens feels strong and they will develop a better sense of civic responsibility.

      @Prem Chand

      Guns are used only for killing. But reason for killings always varies. A farmer who shoots pigs to protect his crops cannot be compared to a contract killer who uses firearms.


      Thanks. I was busy with work.
      Regulating sale of weapons (to prevent purchase by criminals and lunatics) is quite easy. Government should pass law by which sale of weapons and ammunition should be done only through police stations.

    8. @Sagar

      Shotguns used for killing animals are different from guns used for killing humans. I think in the US and other countries, licenses for guns used to kill animals are given away with less obstacles, so this is a non-issue.

    9. thank you all for your views on this topic. I must apologize for my late reply, as i have been busy lately. Personally, i feel that guns should be legalized in india. I know there are some potential minefields that may have to be negotiated before full legalization takes place, but a huge number of people in india, especially the ones in lawless areas, would feel much safer possessing a gun. Like ysv pointed out earlier, "If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns".

  4. @YSV

    dont mind but this particular outline of your blog is the worst of all that you have chosen till now :) It looks like those gloomy "Illuminati engulfing the universe" type of conspiracy blogs :P Please change to anything lighter and merrier :) The black and grey combo doesnt look good.

    1. Oh you know cant please anyone ;) I maybe going in a darker direction so it may apropropo . Knowing me I can change it tomorrow so relax :)

    2. @YSV

      no problem I was just suggesting,have it your way :) .Personally I liked the design where you had put the picture of a house in the back(ie the first such design you put up with the back scenario).It was the best of all that you have shuffled till now :)

    3. @YSV: At least change the color of the links. The links which we have already visited have the same color as the background and so are not at all visible.

  5. I thought it interesting to mention that in the Minoan civilization, slavery as practiced was much milder than any other culture in the vicinity. Indeed slaves had pretty much all the rights as free people except for guessed it....the right to bear arms.

    Now I know the fly in this ointment are the Mamluks! But that was an almost clockwork orange style brainwashing from the get go to avoid over ambitious generals. But ultimately even that failed! Whether in Egypt or India(the slave sultans)

  6. @Prem Chand & others: Nityanand and Capt. are cozying up to each other. As per Nityananda, capt has done research in astro biology. Check this comment

    1. @Anu

      The Captain has issue with Abdul Kalam, but he has no problem with a fraudster and pervert like Nityananda. Either he is naive enough to believe in Niti's innocence or he is into the same kind of kinky stuff.

      And Niti wants to give Captain a honorary doctorate! I suppose honorary doctorates are going to become as undervalued as Padma Shris in the future.

    2. But in his earlier posts, he used to praise Dr. Kalam and would say that he's one of the greatest sons of India and a highly patriotic Muslim; I didn't know of this sudden U-turn.

      Curating content from various sources like books, blogs etc. and passing it of as his own is capt's research. How is Nityananda foolish enough to think that capt does actual research in astrobiology??

      capt is not naive but supports anyone who praises him even if they are hardcore criminals.

      BTW, capt has posted his son's wedding photos in his oort cloud hindu yugas post. His daughter-in-law is decked up in heavy gold jewellery, must be wearing around 1 kilo of gold. These Mallus are crazy about gold.

    3. Apparently Captain is fed-up with Kalam because of the latter's support for river-interlinking in India. It is true that North India rivers cannot be linked with South Indian rivers because the Deccan plateau is at a higher elevation than the Northern Gangetic plains, so the surplus water from North cannot find its way to the South. However, N Indian and S Indian rivers can be interlinked into two systems so that arid areas in North and South are irrigated while flood-prone areas get respite.

      In this case, I think Niti depends on Capt rather than the other way around. Capt atleast has a considerable following among his minions, while Niti completely lost his creditbility in the sex scandal.

    4. Hahaha On what basis can Nithyananda confer degrees on some random carnival barker on the net? I shrug at these scandals nowadays. I just assume most of these swamis are corrupt until proven innocent.

      It is very cheap of the captain to make derisive remarks on the recently deceased APJ Kalam. While he has been a tad hyped, he was overall a decent man and great visionary. All in all a positive influence. He will be missed.

      captain and Nithyananda are birds of a feather all I can say

      Captain seems to be a very insecure and unstable person if he is so easily swayed by praise(or criticism). Has he learnt nothing from the Bhagvad Gita?
      Im surprised captain posted the photos of his gold decked daughter in law. Is it just to taunt the sticky fingered Rothschilds who pine for our gold LOL
      Mallu fondness for gold proved to be their undoing from ancient times to the present. They have a hoarding instinct which hinders development, perverted the economy and religion(gold was stored in temples).Compared to rest of India they were historically a very feudal and backward society.Especially considering they were right next door to bustling Pandya and Chola country which were bustling manufacturing hubs for most of antiquity(in many ways even today)
      While in Kerala even their merchants were of foreign origin(Arab, Syrian Christian, Jewish and Greek), with very few locals willing to pick up the slack.

    5. @ All

      It is a futile effort searching logic in capt's way of thinking,I understood this after trying to discuss some things with him on his blog way back when I used to follow him regularly.He has somewhat of a herd mentality,ie,he follows the antizionist blog lobby in the net.You can easily predict Capt's own predictions beforehand by following sites like Rense etc :P Capt's Kalam hatred might have been triggered from the latter's Tamil background.It is a paradox to me that capt shows so much Tamil hatred openly,yet some of his strongest patrons are Tamils ! Infact I feel bad when he pours so much hatred on Tamils in his blog.YSV I agree with your point on TN manufacturing industry.Even at present TN is the 3rd best economy among Indian states and probably just next to Gujarat or Maharashtra in manufacturing industry.I am not sure about it's exact position but it is surely among the top 3 of Indian states .My mother told me that Kalam has surely gone to ShivaLoka,as his death was on a monday evening in the auspicious month of Shravan :)

    6. @JAM, it's still Ashada month for us. And according to our calendar, it was the "Ashada Ekadashi" day; certainly an auspicious day.

    7. YSV, Capt has mentioned that nose piercing has something to do with ida and pingala nadis. Is it true? However, I read somewhere that nose piercing wasn't prevalent in ancient India and it was a custom that was brought by Muslim invaders and ancient sculptures also do not depict this.

      In the North as well as in Karnataka, the left nostril is pierced whereas in other southern states right nostril is pierced. As always, capt says that the custom from his state it is most scientific and cures host of gynecological problems, LOL

    8. @Anu

      yeah different states have different calenders.In WB calender the month of Shravan has started.Throughout this month devotees wearing saffron robe and barefooted go to offer worship to Tarakeshwar Temple from all parts of the state. The sight of these devotees on the streets everywhere gives me the clue that month of Shravan has started :)

    9. All states in India follow the same Hindu luni-solar calendar. However due
      to approximation error, the calendars started drifting away from each other.

      The same thing happened with Julian and Gregorian calendars in Europe. Gregorian calendar which is currently used is more accurate than Julian because it takes into account the leap years as well as skipping leap years once in four centuries. When England changed from Julian to Gregorian, they just skipped 11 days to align themselves with other countries. The people complained that govt was conspiring to shorten their life by 11 days! Russia was one of the last countries to change its calendar. The famous October Revolution actually happened in November.

  7. """Mallu fondness for gold proved to be their undoing from ancient times to the present. They have a hoarding instinct which hinders development, perverted the economy and religion(gold was stored in temples)."""

    People all over world (except some primitive tribes) love gold. And hoarding gold in temples was prevalent all over India. Mahmud Ghaznavid plundered temples of North India for their gold. Malik Kafur returned to Delhi after plundering Deccan south with so much gold that value of currency fell in Delhi. So clearly hoarding gold is not a unique Kerala habit.

    """Compared to rest of India they were historically a very feudal and backward society.Especially considering they were right next door to bustling Pandya and Chola country which were bustling manufacturing hubs for most of antiquity(in many ways even today) While in Kerala even their merchants were of foreign origin(Arab, Syrian Christian, Jewish and Greek), with very few locals willing to pick up the slack."""

    Keralam was no more backward and feudal than its neighboring areas. How could you compare Keralam with Tamil Nadu? It makes no sense. Keralam have much more in common in Coastal Karnataka and Konkan rather than with Tamil Nadu. As for lack of merchant tradition, you can say the same with Karnataka, Maharashtra, Orissa, Bengal and Assam too --- nothing peculiarly Keralan about it.

    Keralam had two merchant castes named CHETTI and RAVARI. They have become extinct or at present is either a part of artisan castes or Nayar castes. Why did they disappear as a trading caste is a mystery. I guess it would be arrival of merchants from Middle East and lack of protection from local rulers.

  8. @Prem Chand: Look what's going on in capt's God's own country. Bank in Kozhikode brings out advertisement informing people "whosoever converts to christianity his loan is waived"

    1. @Anu

      Of all states in India, Christianity is strongest in God's own country.

      On a related note, when I joined LKG in a convent school (Catholic missionary), Rs 25000 donation had to be paid by all non-Christians, while no donation was expected from Christians. Not surprisingly, Christian students were disproportionately represented in the school. Almost all my teachers were Christians. When I was in 2nd standard, one of my friends asked me to rub off the holy ash (vibhuthi) from my forehead before looking at the picture of Jesus hanging on the wall. (My mom was livid when she found this out later LOL).

    2. Some schools don't allow bangles and bindis / forehead dots also.

    3. Sounds like a terrible business practice LOL. Reminds me of when UAE and Qatar were still figuring out how to deal with their sudden wealth in 1980s, they introduced a scheme where each person who converted to Islam would recive about 20000 AED( $5000) . As you may have guessed, tons of Indians(mostly mallu Hindus and Christians) took up the offer and money and just hightailed back to India and converted back
      Eventually it was discontinued

      If this bank wishes to go bust, that's their own business LOL

  9. Some items in this list are disturbingly funny:

    1. Yeah, I read a similar one too. Shashi Tharoor had tweeted a link that only showed the discrepancies in textbooks from BJP ruled states and carefully left Sonia's name out.

    2. Hahaha! It would appear that the anti Western feudal minded crank Dina nath Mishra and our dear captain were separated at birth!

      No wonder Indians have a tendency to believe all sorts of rubbish. The utter lack of critical thinking is what defines the Indian educational system. I would say this is the case even in high end school. But then again lets not be too harsh on India- look at all the rubbish that is being peddled in even Ivy League universities such as Harvard and Princeton