Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hahaha the alt right "discovers" Donald Trump has a Jewish son in law

I should specify the alt right - a motley collection of libertarians, anti PC crusaders, lonely gamers and neo Nazis who banded together in an odd alliance to help elect President Trump. When I speak of the alt right, I have in mind the most vocal of this lot-the Ron Paul isolationists as well as the neo Nazi wing(but I repeat myself) is shocked shocked that Trump bombed the Syrian air bases taking out 20% of the Syrian air force in one go following the ghastly chemical attack on Syrians by Assad.

Every one of these deranged weirdos are howling with righteous indignation from Ann "Adams apple" Coulter, the flamboyant right wing gay Milo Yianopolous("Trump is my daddy") to Paul Joseph Watson of the crackpot Infowars site which promoted theories such as Dark Knight Rises predicted Sandy Hook shootings in 2012and Israel caused 9/11.

They have turned their ire not so much on Trump but Jared Kushner, Trump's Orthodox Jewish son in law and his daughter Ivanka Trump(who converted) and allegedly pushed Trump into bombing Syria. They have gone as far to demand on Twitter than Trump fire him and placate their guy Steve Bannon who was removed recently from a position on the National Security Council where he had no business being anyway.

Apparently it is never the fault of the noble Aryan who does objectionable things but it is due to the perfidious Jew who seductively whispers sweet nothings in his ear.

If they were this worried about Jewish influence on Trump why did they even bother supporting Trump - a guy whose bluster and Queens accent is reminiscent of a working class New York Jew from the 1940s and pretty much all of whose offspring are somehow involved in relations with Jews.

Like our hero captain and Modi, these conspiracy loons who claim to be oh so hyper perceptive and alert about sinister powers underfoot and refer to skeptics as "sheeple" are actually themselves the most gullible people on earth.

Just as Modi who ran on nationalism is rapidly embracing global cosmopolitan (the dangerous and stupid cow politics aside) , and so Donald Trump rode to power on the alt right and tossed them aside like a used condom. And I still cant stop laughing...

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Why India doesnt function optimally?

I have seen various rationales for India sub par performance in pretty much every field (relative to its large size and impressive history) ranging from colonialism, socialism, rapacious capitalism, Hindu religion, Islamic dhimmitude ,plunder and psy ops warfare over population etc etc.

But all of these miss the forest for the trees. The main reason India is so horribly mismanaged is because Indian institutions whether Indian army, navy and air force,railways,  IAS, IPS as well most of the Indian bureaucracy ,media , elite universities is based on British models and these models were predicated on a foreign power exploiting India as a source of manpower, raw material ,money and other capital.

The British have left to be replaced by a "swadeshi" set of theives, crooks and incompetents who view the Indian populace irrespective of class, sect or caste as cattle to squeeze dry or if necessary sacrificed for their meat.

If none of these institutions function as to our satisfaction then we have indeed to ask the awkward question whether they were intended to function to benefit us. Alas the answer is :No!

As they say the test of the pudding is by tasting. So let us compare the performance of  prime ministers who were educated either abroad or in these institutions with that one person who wasnt: PV Narasimha Rao.who is considered the best PM of India.

I am not taking into account BJP PM's such as Bajpayee or Modi as they were technically educated by the RSS which was at worst a collaborator for British rule and at best a mute spectator. All the while espousing a nationalism which masquerades as religion which has its source in Garibaldi than any Indian counterpart.
In short India is a misfit for Indians. So why would Indians thrive in it?

Most post colonial countries suffer from this very problem but due to India's large size, population , complex history and diversity , the problems have been exacerbated.

The solution? Nothing more tearing each and every institution and reforming them from the ground up. And yes in this I include the Indian army which as I mentioned before is not a friend of the Indian populace simply because its current and former employer (the Indian government and the British empire) do not care about Indian interests. It always amazed me that Indians would hurl the choices of (well deserved) abuses at their government ministers but let the Indian army go scot free.  To my mind the Indian army is simply a glorified version of the Indian police whose heavy handedness towards their clients as well their inadequacy in dealing with law and order or terrorism is well known.

Such a bottom up and top thrown overhaul will be unpleasant , messy , there may even be .blood. As there should be . This brings us to another problem with our independence movment. By and large India was bestowed independence not due to the efforts of Gandhi , Nehru(hahaha) but simply because India once a source of revenue was now a bottomless pit of money ,man power and capital which Britain ill afford after WWII despite delusions of grandeur of Winston Churchill. Interestingly the British saw the writing on the wall even before the Indians such as Nehru and promptly gave Churchill the boot in the 1946 election.

The British practically gave India away to their underlings and being underlings they had no capacity for leadership and independent thought or backbone. The sad results are there for all to see.

Study after study shows that people who win lotteries are usually worse off than before because mostly because the type of people who buy lottery tickets are lacking in discipline, far sightedness and have poor impulse control. India was a lottery won by dimwits and spineless cretins who were in the right place at the right time. But the difference here is that the citizens of India pay the price while the vermin at the top continue to reap the benefits.