Friday, January 22, 2016

Hindutva for Pakistani Hindus, not Indian Hindus

I never liked Hindutva as it was secular nay atheistic nationalism in a Hindu garb. Savarkar who coined the term was incredibly confused as to what constituted a Hindu. He considered himself more inspired by the Italian freedom fighter Garibaldi than any one else(this information I imagine would be welcome to the half a dozen niche BJP supporters of Sonia Gandhi!)Of course he did. The prawn munching, beef eating Brahmin was of the Chitpavan community who until  200 year priors before their induction as Peshwas were at the fringes of Hindu society looked down upon by the native Dehashtha Brahmins. However the Chitpavan influence on Marathi society had transformed and corrupted even other Brahmin communities. Therefore KB Hegdewar a Dehashta ,originally from Telengana founded a incredibly odd organization called the RSS with no clear mission in mind. Their idea of Hinduism consists of doing some Shastra and vira puja every now and then followed by calisthenics and nationalistic propaganda against Muslim and Christian invaders. I wonder though where they stand on the very Hindu Mihiragula and Rudradaman; Huna and Saka invaders respectively.  Neither Yashodharman nor the Satavahanas cared about their Hindu credentials but simply wished to evict these barbarians.

Mihiragula was eventually pardoned and left to rule what is now Pakistan where he passed his days pushing elephanys off cliffs as entertainment. Seeing how Chitpavans originated in the northwest regions of Pakistan, it is best to return the volley of their ideology back to that region.

The Hindus of Pakistan are a clearly oppressed and despised lot. But due to the inept Hindutva PR machine, all lamentations about their status falls on deaf ears in the international community. Therefore it is time for them to take up Hindutva and unleash the actual Hindutva terrorism Pakistan bloviates so much about.  But this time make it real.

Bombings of buses, railway stations , airports, mosques, army bases, arson, random machine gun attacks of civilians ,even the occasional rape should be implemented.The use of rape as psy ops device against Muslim women is often under utilized. Savarkar also lamented that Marathas had such gallantry. Muslim mobs are terrified into acquiescence more than any other people sometimes by even the threat of rape of their women.

If R&AW refuses to endorse and sponsor such operation, there are many other methods that private individuals can avail of . Shepherds can ferry them across porous borders.Retired army colonels with Hindutva leanings can train them. Paid agents in the media courtesy of a wealthy benefactor can provide good PR to the cause.

If all this sounds cruel and cynical well keep in mind violence works as it generates headlines and therefore attention to the cause of the militants.

Victimhood is the religion of the media. Even the Muslim friendly media will find it hard to justify majority Muslim Pakistani atrocities against minority Hindus or condemn outright Hindu terrorism in Pakistan.

And the upper rings of the RSS and VHP are timeservers and parasites. But the lower orders as seen in December 6th 1992 will find it hard to constrain their appetitie for action when the opportunity presents itself. A BJP government who cracks down on these training camps can expect never again to stand in elections.

It can however play a double game ala those fake anti terror Muslim apologists in particular the Pakistani talking points in regard to Kashmiri "militants": This Hindutva is against the tenets of Hinduism..however the oppression of Hindus leads them to take desperate measures. We offer them moral support but little else. Any international observer may find there is no involvement by our intelligence agencies , neither would you find any our leaders endorsing such actions.

Either way Pakistan in particular and Islam in general will have a black mark on its reputation even as it suffers terrorism and Hindutvadis will stop haranguing genuine Hindus with their nonsense Hinduism. Win, win

Ishwar Allah Tero Naam
Sabko Sumati De Bhagwan.....

Honeypots allowed by Arthashastra,why not by R&AW

Chanakya recommends that prostitutes hang out in seedy taverns populated by shady characters and foreigners(pretty much the same thing when it came to rather xenophobic Hindus) and extract whatever valuable information whether plans of rebellion, trade secrets or Greek and Persian saboteurs and movements.

I would therefore recommend that R&AW take a page of this book and insist on Bollywood actresses(a glamorous version of the humble prostitute) make themselves useful for once and do their patriotic duty. To this end, they can be either bribed ,especially starlets can be assigned juicy roles and salaries courtesy of R&AW contacts in the industry(though it may be wishful thinking they have more pull than Dawood) or threats to derail their career or reputation.
As it is they sleep around with producers and actors to catch a break. Might as well do it for a good cause by entrapping Pakistani, Chinese or American dignitaries whether in India or abroad.

Jai Hind

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Indian anti Semites: Useful idiots for White nationalists

The white nationalists or neo Nazis or whatever they wish to be called can be a rather clever and resourceful lot at least in the shadowy side of academia and the internet where they (rightfully) belong.

It is considered rather gauche and vulgar to gloat over white military and political supremacy over non white countries since 1945. To this end, they claim that they were mere puppets in the hands of Rothschilds/Zionists or whatever euphemism de jure for the Jews.

This is a stroke of genius. It fulfills quite a few goals

1. The dimwitted Indians who believe this would agitate for severing of relations with Israel- a reliable ally and further isolate the sole Jewish nation in the international community.

2. Indians would shift blame from the Christian white British and Portuguese to the puppet masters behind the scenes. Ostensibly shifting any heat from the neo Nazi subsection of whites as well.

3. Then as now, it deflects from white supremacist and expansionist agendas of capturing foreign territories.

To elaborate on point 3, there are quite a few neo Nazi groups who prefer to take over and populate (populate with whites, depopulate of blacks that is)large parts of Africa. And speaking with a typical forked tongue decry British (aka Zionist) malfeasance in India to gain over Indian allies.

Dirty tricks worthy of a Pakistani propagandist. This is helped by the all pervasive Indian inferiority complex which still craves Western approval and a pat on the head. All these characters have to do is say a few complimentary words about the Vedas and Upanishads and they have these mentally handicapped Indians eating out of the palm of their hands. Once again typical fraudulent tactics. This fiddle faddle about the glorious Vedas is meant for foreign consumption. Privately they stake claim to the Vedas as they believe it was written by pure whites. See-Savitri Devi.

Reminds me of a certain gentleman named Adolf whose favorite movie was a very pro colonialist Tigers of Hastinapura by Fritz Lang and was the biggest fan of the British Empire till they rebuffed him. Even as some royal family members were ardent Nazis. And why shouldn't they have a soft corner for German nationalism? After all their family name until 1915 was Saxe Coburg Gotha until a proto Kristallnacht by English mobs on German stores in London compelled them to quickly change their name to Windsor and wipe out any lingering German lineage.
The same Hitler later on raged against the British Empire and supported Subhash Chandra Bose in his efforts only because he saw native rule as a necessary evil to be tolerated at least temporarily. He still preferred the superior British rule over inferior Indians. His conquest of Russia was based on the British model of Indian rule where he envisioned Slavic underlings would serve their German masters. This obviously did not work out to his satisfaction.

Speaking of Russians, isn't it interesting that while all the while these supremacists shed copious amount of tears over the Holodomor(which admittedly did have Jewish capos and commandants) but are quite silent over Nazis slaughter of the same Russians.

To be sure, this type of conspiracy mongering is not just shameless and dishonest but also counter productive. The white supremacists whether in Sweden, Britain or Germany sit around twiddling their thumbs when Muslims rape white women in their own backyard. And when I called out a particular vicious anti Semite on a YouTube video comments board about what was being done about the rape of underage English girls in Rothertham, she(yes she) replied that there was no point in bothering with them as its Rothschilds who control them and so it is they who should be fought. And how exactly should they be fought? To which the answer was the destruction of Israel!
So Israel is responsible of Pakistani gangs in England raping native girls while the police and city authorities looked the other way due to political correctness and impotence. Got it.

We can expect the same type of incompetence and foolishness from Indian anti Semites. Take a look for instance at the acolytes of a certain captain of a merchant ship who swarmed the author's blog like a plague of locusts with the aim of defending their messiah from my alleged calumnies.
Did even ONE of them make a cogent defense? At the slightest pressure they retreated with their tails between their legs. And those who remained can only be considered trolls who don't even understand basic English or common sense or are fundamentally dishonest (one particularly odious commeter held that conversion to Judaism isn't same as joining Judaism while another defended his crackpot hero when I ridiculed the captain for the claim that Jews descended from Namboothiris. His response was that Jews became a different people so the captain didn't really didn't say what he did.

A far cry from the Nazis who counted amongst them  various academics, scientists, intellectuals and poets not just in Germany but also in Oxford, Harvard and Columbia.

I'm glad that conspiracy theory ,bigotry and anti Semitism leads to apathy and indolence for this lot. No longer can crackpots have the luxury of capturing dynamic states like Germany to do their bidding. They are now stuck with trying to influence unstable and near bankrupt states like Venezuela and Iran. So I am not worried about the rebirth of the Reich because they are too lazy, cowardly and stupid.
But they seem to do a lot of damage to the Indian historical consciousness in the process. At one time great powers like Turks and Mughals and British and French fought each other over the physical landscape of India. And now again foreigners of varying stripes are fighting over what is rightfully Indian domain but over something more precious - the Indian mind and soul. Land can be won back by Reconquista ala the Marathas and wealth regained(economic reforms post 1990) but once the mind is wiped clean for odious agendas and the soul corrupted , then look no further than Europe 1933-1945 to see what the future holds for India.

Having Pakistan as an enemy only degrades India

Respectable nations have appropriately formidable enemies. Once upon a time when Indian kingdoms didn't cover even a quarter of the landmass of present day just northern India , we faced and defeated Seleucids, Scythians, Huns, Arabs and Turks all of whom defeated pretty much every other major power in their wake.

Nowadays we deal with a third rate nation who were only recently goat and sheep herders whose core ethnic group isn't even martial as they like to claim. In the entire history of Pakistan , the only powerful native kingdom with any kind of pull was Maharaja Ranjit Singh's.
And all those aforementioned were defeated by peoples of Ganga Yamuna and Godavari basins.
No wonder in the face of this utter embarrassment, the Islamic Republic coopts other peoples as their heroes such as Mohd Bin Qasim ,Mahmud Ghazni, Mohammad Ghori or Ahmad Shah Abdali much to the irritation of other countries who have a stronger claim on them.

Compared to those earlier dynasties, the modern day Republic of India is immeasurably more powerful and yet Pakistan is allowed to exist. Why? Not only this, what is more shameful , in the worlds eyes we are Punch and Judy -little more than a quarreling couple. In other words, Pakistan has succeeded in achieving perceived parity with India in the international community.

Pakistan in reality is worse than a paper tiger. It is a sock puppet for China and America with a dash of GCC money thrown in for good measure.
We did not help matters by forcing into becoming a nuclear power in 1998 . This move was one of the stupidest military and foreign policy decisions in Indian history. All to garner votes rather than any long term strategic vision.

Foreign policy is much a like a very cliquish girls high school - the more beaming the smiles, the more vicious the agendas. Pakistan may gnash and gnarl at us but the real enemy really lies to the rather civil and genteel behemoth to the north of our borders. American support for Pakistan is (no longer) due to an anti India bias but chalk it up to lethargic Defense and State Department who are still stuck in the Cold War era dinosaurs that they are. It may take a couple more 9/11s for them to wake up, if so I will just shrug my shoulders and taunt them "What took you so long"?

Neither the average Indian nor the establishment want to face the fact the real enemy is China, the same country which swallowed up a friendly nation which hosts one of our most sacred sites, and should be dealt with accordingly.

But we don't want to do that. Because it will entail us to recognize our greatness. So much better to be a 3rd tier power and wallow in our slavery, filth, ignorance and poverty. But not to worry, this individual already believes we are a hyper power where our laborers have 120 IQ and films like these can convince us of the awesomeness of our men in uniform.

Judging from the popularity of these two media, I think Indians have made their choice for now.