Monday, September 7, 2015

Hugo Chavez's daughter is richest woman in Venezuala

Apparently she is worth more than $ 4 billion. Wait a minute, I thought being rich was a bad thing as per Marxist doctrine. Certainly Mr Chavez heated rhetoric over the past decade had hammered that home.

I guess in such regimes, it is only entrepreneurs, big or small who actually create products and services that people who are the "bad" rich. The good rich people are government officials who seize their assets for the common good. Though they often fail to redistribute in a fair manner. it always ends up sticking to their fingers somehow!

Even in the Soviet era, the  party officials while lambasting the West for its materialism and corruption would live it up in the dachas with champagne, caviar, Swiss chocolates, Italian furniture and other luxuries while the masses wait in line for hours in the freezing cold for a sack of potatoes and a bar of soap.

Meanwhile stores in Venezuela are running out bread, milk amongst other essentials.

But ...but the apologists tell us ..."communism isn't implement properly.Lets give it another chance! Lenin was just starting out. Stalin was a monster and Russia had bad weather. Chairman Mao was in a tight spot with such a large population" etc etc.We have been giving it numerous chances for the past hundred years. How about we stop.
How odd that free market and capitalistic societies don't seem to need any excuses!

Ajit Vadakayil and Ayyar, Vivek: Two peas in a (crack) pod

I realize Vivek Iyer(windwheel) is the name but I just wanted to get two AV initials in!

Those who have seen the bizarre excretions of our resident mouth foamer windwheel (Vivek Iyer) may be inclined to forgive him on degree of his mental illness. But I say -NO! It is obvious that his character was formed considerably before he suffered from whatever unfortunate malady afflicts him.

Vivek Iyer is the same type of government parasite and credential touter like our dear captain.

Ajit Vadakayil is a loyal bootlicker of the Nehru Gandhi family despite his Hindutva sympathies. Same goes for Vivek.

Vadakayil pitifully goes about talking about the medals and certificates he received in GRADE SCHOOL! And this anti Rothschild crusader goes out of his way to brag about his sons admission in (Rothschild funded) Cornell University. Apparently IIT Masters program is not good enough as it is wrecked by the admission of low IQ lower castes and Dalits(his words not mine).
Meanwhile Vivek Iyer keeps hyping his St Stephens school/ London School of Economics/ UN Diplomat background of his and his sisters in order to keep me in line when I get too uppity and forget my lowly station when addressing His Deranged Majesty.

Both their blogs are not so much about presenting an idea in a coherent, factual, logical and linear manner but an almost surreal stream of consciousness which can confound the most lateral thinker. And of course should you take up issue with this ,you  will be accused of either lacking "perception" or a being called (insert your ethnicity here) illiterate not worth his time.

Both have a bizarre obsession with money even as they support economic policies (socialism) that make it harder for others to acquire the same. Thus the captain brags about his cottages in Kerala and his expensive mundu and kurta which apparently cost more than a high end three piece Armani. Meanwhile our Warren Buffet on training wheels (windwheel) seems to take the concept of  shorting stocks to an entirely new level when he keeps claiming to make money off my alleged misfortunes.

Both are richly hypocritical in that lambast the "neo liberal" economy and cosmopolitanism that India enjoys even as they have made their fortunes abroad. Our heroic captain sailed the seven seas most of his life (and that alone makes his crank ramblings the last word on pretty much any topic as per his dimwitted acolytes). Meanwhile hyper patriot Vivek Iyer is safely ensconced in the bosom of our former colonizer and shows no signs of leaving.

Neither are diffident about (mis)using their power or connections to destroy my life but ultimately they are impotent. Its been three years since Vivek Iyer threatended to bankrupt me, have me killed and throw me in jail for offending the honor of a diplomat. Unless I am like  one of those ghosts in The Sixth Sense who doesn't realize they are dead, I am very much alive and have enough money in the bank for a rainy day(though perhaps not to attend LSE for 6 years and buy a cottage in a hill station).
Similarly the brave captain claimed that I am on a security watch list and I cant enter India. Unfortunately for him I have done so twice since that bizarre pronouncement without any incident apart from a minor altercation with a rude immigration official in RGIA Hyderabad.

Both are certifiably insane. The difference is that windwheel knows it but the captain doesn't.

The cherry on the cake is another young lunatic in training- SMME. One feels sorry for the lad who had ditched Vadakayil to find succor in Vivek Iyer! An anti Semitic, anti American, Marxist Tamil supremacist, conspiracy prone anti social ,obese racist borderline autistic who sees conspiracies under every nook and cranny is now a protégé to an unbalanced ,over credentialed loon who spews death threats and allegations of pedophilia as easily and often as politicians make promises.

What could possibly go wrong?