Monday, September 7, 2015

Hugo Chavez's daughter is richest woman in Venezuala

Apparently she is worth more than $ 4 billion. Wait a minute, I thought being rich was a bad thing as per Marxist doctrine. Certainly Mr Chavez heated rhetoric over the past decade had hammered that home.

I guess in such regimes, it is only entrepreneurs, big or small who actually create products and services that people who are the "bad" rich. The good rich people are government officials who seize their assets for the common good. Though they often fail to redistribute in a fair manner. it always ends up sticking to their fingers somehow!

Even in the Soviet era, the  party officials while lambasting the West for its materialism and corruption would live it up in the dachas with champagne, caviar, Swiss chocolates, Italian furniture and other luxuries while the masses wait in line for hours in the freezing cold for a sack of potatoes and a bar of soap.

Meanwhile stores in Venezuela are running out bread, milk amongst other essentials.

But ...but the apologists tell us ..."communism isn't implement properly.Lets give it another chance! Lenin was just starting out. Stalin was a monster and Russia had bad weather. Chairman Mao was in a tight spot with such a large population" etc etc.We have been giving it numerous chances for the past hundred years. How about we stop.
How odd that free market and capitalistic societies don't seem to need any excuses!


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    Fuck. I'm a Brahminbandhu. I don't like smashing faces in and using heads for footballs. In your case however, if Manu & Yagnyavlakya approve it, I have no objection.

  2. @All

    Is it a coincidence that Capt used to spam Katju regularly,thereby reducing the latter's mental parameters :) ? Katju is showing the typical symptoms of a capt minion.Anyway Katju's wonderful analysis has been aptly supplemented by the spam porn comments in the comments section :) A perfect reply to a stunning revelation.

    1. Katju mustve missed the memo about the British engineered famine which killed nearly 5 million Bengalis. Obviously this is not excusing the evils of the Nazis or the Japanese but let us keep things in perspective. A moral and mental pygmie like Katju can talk all sorts of nonsense about why couldn't Netaji do this or that(guerilla warfare). This is why paper pushers and bookworms such as Katju should be kept as far away as possible from the corridors of power. Bose's struggles and travails against overwhelming odds are well known. After the Japanese defeat he was utterly dejected and in a state of depression and as he was getting out of it and pondering his next move, he ended up dying in a plane crash.
      Bose's reservations about the Japanese and Germans are well known to all knowledgable individuals(obviously Katju is exempt from this category). He stated that the liberation of India by a foreign power(Japanese) is worse than slavery. And insisted on full control of the INA and only insisted on logistical and political support from the Japanese and Germans. Doesn't sound like a stooge to me. By this logic George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were the stooges and running dogs of the French on whom they were overwhelmingly dependent for financial and military support. No serious historian thinks that.

      What is it with these Urdu spouting Kashmiris ala Nehru and Katju that they talk such nonsense and live in a fantasy world.
      Perhaps Victor Davis Hanson can shed light on this. He observed that effects of the pleasant California weather and resources coupled with its emphasis on high technology industry made people living in a bubble and thereby support all sorts of kooky ideas in the cultural and political realm. Maybe similarly the excellent backdrop of Kashmir turns those residents in dimwitted idealists talking about brotherhood, non violence and inter religious harmony even as they are engulfed by violence.
      Apply the same to Lebanon. Theodore Dalrymple once noted - beware of those countries which are called Switzerland of x,y,z continent. For them special horrors are reserved.

    2. Yes the spam comments are a fitting reply to that nonsense post LOL

  3. @Ysv:After the Japanese defeat he was utterly dejected and in a state of depression and as he was getting out of it and pondering his next move, he ended up dying in a plane crash.

    Do you still believe in this plane crash theory? Recent declassified files of Netaji reveal that Netaji could have been alive even after independence. Why would Congress invest so much on spying on Netaji's kin unless there were not sure whether Bose died or not. Probably congress felt threatened by Netaji.Thats why the letters and other means of communications were intercepted which explains that Netaji was very much alive even after 1947. Looks like we have been reading all concocted lies in history books.

    1. @Enigma & YSV

      Enigma you are right,death of netaji in 1945 in the plane crash has been proven wrong by Mukherjee Commission.The person who died in the plane was a Japanese citizen named Ichura Okaro and not Netaji.Netaji did board a plane before leaving Azad Hind Fauz but either he had mounted off midway or the plane that had crashed with Ichura Okaro was different from Netaji's plane.Either way,Netaji did not die in 45 plane crash.However erstwhile upa 1 govt rejected Mukherjee Commission's findings.Recently released documents of west bengal govt atleast show that Netaji was alive upto 1964 if not later.Netaji has been referred as "Friend from far east" in one CID Kolkata paper(probably because he had roamed China and/or Japan before entering India).Some historians have traced an enigmatic charecter named Taolin who played roles in the international politics and wars related to China,Korea and Vietnam post 1947,they speculate that this Taolin was Netaji."Friend from far east" referrence is also very interesting.

    2. With respect to Enigma and JAM, I still subscribe to the conventional narrative that he died in a plane crash as that seems the most plausible story.
      Let us say he survived- his popularity was at its peak post 1945. He could've easily staged a come back and rescued the country from Nehru. Why this cloak and dagger , shadowy stuff?
      Obviously Nehru was not a fan of Bose and wished to intercept any communication from his family to examine the possibility that he was alive. Nothing unusual about that. Nehru was an SOB who tried to get Bose killed before when the latter was on Russian soil. Nehru beseeched the Russian authorities to exterminate him as he was joined up with the Axis powers.This was after Ribbentrop Molotov pact was ruptured obviously

      Interestingly in the movie Inthiyan with Kamalahassan. There was a strong reference to the idea that Netaji was alive paralleled in the ending where the authorities think KH anti corruption freedom figher character Senapathi(who served under Bose shown in a Forrest Gump style special effect ) died in a plane explosion but is shown to be living in East Asia somewhere ala Bose. Only the authorities are aware but his death turns him into a martyr for the masses.

    3. @YSV

      Wonder how Katju would respond to this observation of Col Hugh Toye(British intelligence officer who was assigned the job of tracking Netaji).I got this yesterday while reading a book on Netaji.Here it goes :

      "The Japanese respected courage,and courage they certainly found in Bose.Bose showed no fear of them and some times little respect,indeed his readiness to quarrel with them over the slightest infringement of his rights was one of the pillars of his reputation...He treated Isoda to such a flow of invective that General was never wholly at ease with him again.
      There was no lack of physical courage,he could stand as straight as any under aerial bombs or bullets.He maintained a brave independence from the Japanese."
      (Hugh Toye : P-105-107)

      These are the words of Maj Gen Shahnawaz Khan :

      "Netaji never asked for any facility from Japan which could be provided by the Indians in the Far-East.Netaji was approached on this point buut he refused to accept any assistance other than supply of war material.He told the Indian prople that he did not want to approach any one as long as they could help themselves."

      Too hard a slap on Katju?

      Finally both Katju and Sabhlok brands Netaji as a ruthless socialist dictator.This is Netaji's own observation on how he would frame the constitution of free India(the azad Hind constitution) :

      "Free India will not be a land of capitalists,land-lords and castes.Free India will be social and political democracy." -Netaji

      At this stage it is easy to blame netaji for thinking on socialist lines but we should not forget that in the 1940s Germany and Soviet had achieved temporary success with socialist form of govt.Ofcourse now it has been proven beyond doubt that only a free economy can actually survive.I personally think Netaji was broadminded enough to realise the economic flaws of a socialist democracy later on.While forming the azad hind headquarters in Germany in 1942,he used to spend whole nights sitting in the library in Berlin and reading books to understand the working of govts/economies of different nations,so that he could gift the best possible constitution to free India.And no he was never a communist for God's sake.There is now a craze among online patriots like Sabhlok or Katju to brand Netaji a communist dictator.Netaji disliked communism because of their antinational stance and athesim.(Kolkata Communists were the first to brand Netaji as Tojo's dog).

    4. @JAM Ive read something similar though don't remember if it was the same thing. It is consistent with Bose's pre war actions(his daring adventures and capacity for risk) as well as his thoughts(that being liberated from foreigner by another is worse than slavery)

      Neither Katju nor Sabhlok are interested in debate. Katju just ignores other contrarian commenters, Sabhlok simply blocks them and mocks anyone who disagrees with him in the slightest. And then he is shocked that his political party isn't gaining any traction!(all the while residing in Australia). I admire Sabhloks view on many issues, but on many others he is just lost. His views against the BJP/RSS seem to be a personal grudge and it distorts his analysis. And I don't say this as a fan of the Sangh. Also yes there is a considerable difference between communists and socialists(though there is some overlap, particularly when communists call themselves socialists thereby misusing the latters better PR, in order to hoodwink people) That Sabhlok uses these interchangeably points to his sloppy thinking.

      Socialism was all the rage in the world back then so I don't castigate Netaji for believing it. His personality doesn't seem to be authoritarian despite his title, definitely not compared to the tyrant Anna Hazare or Arvind Kejriwal. It seems likely he would've mended his views once he saws the failure of the socialist economy in India.

      @Premchand Did I not warn you about Sabhlok's style of "debating" LOL? What made you think he is interested in anything but his own echo chamaber?

    5. Okay. Full disclosure. I think I know this cunt. I cant beat the shite out of him coz he's Telugu Brahmin- i.e. as weak as fuck and also having British domicile.

      But YSR, I'm getting closer to you.
      Learn to be less shite you worthless and eminently fuckable shite.
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    7. @YSV

      I realized that I was this close from getting blocked from his comments board, so I stopped debating with him :) Actually his position on atheism vs agnosticism doesn't bother me so much as his rants against climate change research. But I am restraining myself from commenting on that topic.

    8. Despite having rejected theism, Sabhlok makes the same rookie mistake all theists make about the Big Bang. He thinks that the Big Bang was the beginning of the Universe, while the truth is that it was just the beginning of time. He also doesn't notice that a creator God is logically impossible since anyone intelligent enough to create the Universe needs to be created himself, making it an infinite regress. He is obsessed with the concept of positive evidence, not realizing that negative evidence is also evidence. I LOLed for a whole minute when he declared that he would believe me if an "atom" inside his head blew up to the size of a Universe which exposed his misunderstanding of the Big Bang Theory.

  4. Here's the latest from our captain: (most ridiculous statement in italics)

    "This blogsite asked PM Modi AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN to visit Kodungallur and see what is happening there .

    This Gujarat Model man branded by Rothschild’s APCO, who rode a Hindu electoral wave ( largely assisted by the blog site ) is an UNGRATEFUL MAN .

    How many THOUSANDS of man hours I and my followers , spent on the internet to push this UNGRATEFUL man Mr . Narendra Modi , only I know !"

    1. @PremChand

      Thanks for a hearty ROFL :)

      btw what about this comment below ?just give a read,I mean the question asked and the answer delivered are miles apart LOL .ofcourse to asslickers all this is perception at work :P

      or this comment on Bhagat singh :

    2. Re the first comment, the captain is an egomaniac. We can sense the level of conceit and delusion going on inside his head just by reading his 'About me' section.

      Re Bhagat Singh, it is not surprising that he was influenced by atheism and communism. The British actively encouraged the spread of communism among Indian freedom fighters by providing them with communist literature in prison hoping that this will replace their nationalist fervour. That said, it is not necessary that a communist has to be an atheist. There are/were religious communists as well. And some atheists like Ayn Rand were strongly anti-communist.

    3. @Premchand

      Oh the captain started believing his own hype a long time ago. I suspect he came especially unhinged last year, especially after his arrest.
      I am constantly shocked at his wallowing in contradictions. He mentions clearly that he took the advice the PR firm the "Zionist" APCO in order to win the election. And then goes and states that his blogsite was responsible for the victory. So is he saying his blog is more powerful than the Zionists?
      OTOH if Modi was advised by Zionists all this while, why is the captain SHOCKED SHOCKED SHOCKED by the PM's pro Israel and pro American overtures?
      Captain is increasingly residing in an autistic world- devoid of reality

    4. @JAM
      That particular comment just confirms for me what I always knew- the captain at his core is a pornographer masquerading as a moral crusader. He started with pornography of hatred, bigotry, gore, violence and revolting imagery.

      And moved on slowly to actual porn first with lurid sexual descriptions of those wicked Americans and Zionists and then slowly to visuals. ie showing pictures of Sunny Leone(just as TOI does which he bashes it for) and gay S&M sex complete with bare butts and whips et al

      And now it has come to its logical conclusion where he is the star of his own porno movie as a teenager taking advantage of conservative but sexually frustrated neighbor.
      And he even mentions her by name. ,Assuming this story is even true(there is good reason to doubt it)Keep in mind she is a Pathan with many brothers. Not all Pathans are like Aamir Khan who are content to file a case with the police. These individuals see fit to take matters in their own hands. Does one really expect limp wristed serial masturbators like Ashneel Kumar, amith kumar or Ishan to come to their guru's rescue when shit hits the fan?

    5. At this rate, the only non Rothschild true patriot of Bharat Mata remaining will be the captain only.Every other major personality in the past ,present will be declared a Rothschild creation or a Rothschild agent.

    6. Capt also says that if he stops supporting Modi, he will definitely lose the 2019 elections.

      One of capt's followers has criticized his post on Namboothiris.

    7. @Anu This guy is ultimately subscribes to most of captain's view including Jews and Rothschild etc but is upset with captains mischaracterization of Nair and Nambuthiri customs.
      The captain never mentions his caste but Im guessing he is Ezhava. And this author is either Nair or Nambuthiri(I cant really tell which from his posts).

      He makes some cogent points but his position that Ezhavas practiced tantra and Nairs practiced Vedic rituals is incorrect as the dichotomy between Vedic and tantric traditions is just a matter of nomenclature than anything else.

      And someone pointed him to my blogposts on the captain in the comment section LOL. He said he would address the issues therein (on Sept 22nd) but didn't yet..

  5. @Iniyavel Sugumar was banned? he is an atheist, is he not? but I could understand his support for islam.

    @ysv_rao: I'm coming across many vadakayil acolytes who reply to my comments on public forums who spam his nonsense. Recently when I posted the r@pe quotes in quran which justify the crimes of isis who ra pe and keep sx slaves. I got a reply from an Indian saying islam doesn't support rape and isis are jews. I told him stop reading vadakayil to which he labelled me as a Zionist stooge.

    The recent article of that dhimmi capt starts with sympathy for islam and muslims and is claiming the PM is also a zionist. he even believes that HAARP is able to control weather.

  6. @earlier comment
    I could 'not' understand his support for islam.

    1. @makesdevildance You have to understand Iniyavel as the captain with Mallu supremacism switched for Tamil supremacism. All the other twisted views of the captain be it anti Semitism,Anti Americanism, admiration for Saddam, Ayotollah or Hitler remains firmly in place.
      To this you can also add the Islam apologetics where Jews are responsible for every Muslim atrocity from Tipu Sultans massacres, Mallu muslims killing and raping mallu hindus during Khilafat, to the Nizam to Alqaeda and ISIS.

      I can think of a few reasons- Both Iniyavel and the captain are moral and physical cowards. It is easy to bash Jews when all you will receive is a reprimand from Jewish group and perhaps a boycott of your product or service at worst where as bashing Muslims will earn you an instant death sentence.

      But they may have differing motivations- captain is a Nehruvian and he swallowed hook ,line and sinker all the apologetics and praise for Islam which comes with that ideology. While Iniyavel is Periyarist . Periyar used to bash Hinduism while praising Christianity and Islam for their so called "egalitarianism" .Any cursory reading of Periyar's rambling would prove that he was incredibly ignorant not just on Indian history and Hinduism but European and Middle Eastern history and religions as well.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I wished to add that just as Premchand noted that there can be atheistic anti communists but also religious communists(even as communists didn't care for religion). Similarly though DMK officially subscribes to Periyar ideology it doesn't coddle Muslims as say some BJP states do.
      Indeed TN law enforcement authorities are much rougher on Muslims than pretty much any Hindutva states when the situation demands it. In fact it is inconceivable that a 26/11 situation would occur in Chennai as it did in Shiv Sena dominated Mumbai. The TN STF would crush those barbarians before they would get a chance.

  8. @ysv_rao

    indiafacts . co . in/recalling-the-indus-water-treaty-or-nehrus-sixth-blunder/

    watch the thinking of this b@stard suhel seth
    www . youtube. com/watch?v=SLC9YaNT_f0

    dont forget to read comment from Lalit
    www. youtube. com/watch?v=iDbH3QomBmg

    www. youtube. com/watch?v=7V0MlVHvZXE

    www. youtube. com/watch?v=X4S0fUFZ7Cs

    @JAM in particular
    www. youtube. com/watch?v=Jrl7HaV3f6Y

    1. Boy I am less impressed with Rajiv Malhotra more than before.All he does is spew out talking points without countering the basic premise of his opponent which is highly flawed as well.

      That get up, accent and demeanour of Suhel Seth as well as the other long haired moderators suggests that they are a wannabe Bohemian lot - in other words the Indian version of Eurotrash- pleasure seeking cynics who have absolutely no roots and therefore go around talking rubbish about the "contribution" of various invasions.
      Now yes the Mughals and Turks brought tandoori food and Taj Mahal. But with any foreign occupation you concentrate on the NET effects rather than only the positive or negative. I think BB Lal's devastating expose of Muslim rule's predatory aspect in India would put to rest any "contribution" of theirs that was worth their destruction of Hindu pride,vitality,creativity,monuments,wealth,literature and other talents.

      And in the other one, the moderator(?) mentions the Vedas talk of Vasudaiva Kutumbakkom( the world is our family ) . Now Bharatendu has exposed this flawed thinking by putting the quote in context. This is something I mentioned before in the animal sacrifices post

      Now that Rajiv Malhotra didn't know this is shameful.
      As to his point about Indian culture being digested, I agree partially. But that is not inevitable. Like national demographies, it is really a matter of last man standing. If India is weak, then the West is also on the decline. We are not exactly shrinking violets. I have seen Indian math textbooks where Pythagoras theorem is referred to Baudhayana's theorem and similar appropriations of Western culture.
      Reading various blogs from nationalists of all countries, they all despair that their country is under siege from x country or culture and may be extinct in the near future. That is the type of anxiety globalization creates which is an over reaction IMO.
      And add to this Vadakayilesque wild claims which is different ball of wax!

    2. "I have seen Indian math textbooks where Pythagoras theorem is referred to Baudhayana's theorem and similar appropriations of Western culture."

      Now I criticize Hindutvadis who claim superiority of Vedic science. But even I have to agree that there is nothing wrong with calling Pythagoras' theorem as Baudhayana's theorem. Because this theorem was known to people long before Pythagoras was born. Egyptian and Chinese surveyors used it in their trade and it is also mentioned in our Shulba Sutras which are ~ 3000 years old. But Pythagoras' unique contribution was proving this theorem using Euclidean geometry. This was the Greek way of doing math- by proving something rigorously using axioms. Western science has inherited this MO and that's why it is superior.

    3. @makesdevildance

      dont recommend Rajiv Malhotra videos to me in future.I am not his fan and I dont take his views seriously.However some of what he says is right and I have no disrespect for him in any way.


      Since you wrote once that you have experience in middleeast,I would like to know your opinion about the Islamic society in middle eastern nations in general.

    4. @JAM
      That's quite a broad question as the Middle East is a very large and varied place. Lebanon is very different from Iraq which in turn in stark contrast to even neighboring Syria never mind distant Egypt or UAE.

      The most stereotypical Islamic country is of course Saudi Arabia with its strict gender apartheid and rigid Islamism which makes life very uncomfortable not just for non Muslims but Muslims who are not Wahhabis. It only gets away with it not just due to its oil but that it is very deeply entrenched economically, diplomatically and militarily with the U.S establishment.

      Whatever people say of murderous dictators like Saddam Hussain and Bashar Assad, they actually fostered a great degree of cultural liberalism(but not political of course) in their society. So women were able to dress as they wished(often rather revealingly) ,have premarital dating life and pursue vocations of their choice. Also the arts were promoted. Iraq ,Syria and Egypt were not lacking in ballets, symphonies and art academies where there were even nude models for the students to draw.

    5. @JAM In fact before the 1980s when Islamism was in full swing due to Saudi oil money as well as the fervor associated with Iranian revolution and jihad against the Soviets, the Islamic organizations would complain about the tyranny of "seculars" in countries such as Jordan, Syria,Egypt,Lebanon and Iraq just as Hindus in India complained about their secular left establishment. Unlike Hindus ,however pious Muslims were locked en masse and tortured for no discernable reason. I mean the tortures were quite hideous. The Syrian authorities made use of something called the "black slave". Its basically you sit in a chair with a hole and using a crank the torturer slowly thrusts a sharp metal spike up the get the idea.
      I mean this stuff was medieval and the Islamists were on the receiving end. When people lambast Israel for its rough treatment of Palestinians both Islamists and secular(many founding members of various Palestinian terrorist orgs were Christian) , it pales in comparision to Hafez Assads treatment of Sunni Islamists in Hama where he slaughtered more than 50000 in a week or King Husseins Black September where more Palestinians were killed in a month than all Israeli operations in the West Bank combined so far. The Syrian forces proceed to strip mullahs naked, shave their beards and made them dance in the streets forcing them to sing songs praising Hafez Assad and of secular values.
      Keep in mind all of these countries were ferociously anti Israel and fought quite a few wars against her , all of which they lost. This inspired the Islamist conspiracy theories about the seculars secretly collaborating with Israel. All the while seculars returned the favor accusing the Islamists on being on the payroll of Israel.
      Its another matter that Islamists such as hamas and Hezbollah too performed poorly against Israel.
      The reality is not that Israel is so formidable but Arab due to social and cultural dysfunctions have sub standards militaries

      Middle East is such a place that both "liberals" and conservatives feel the need to enforce brutality. Eventually people sick of the corruption and cruelty of the seculars started warming to the Islamists but that was a jump from the frying pan into the fire as we see the chaos and cruelties inflicted not just by ISIS by various Sunni and Shia militias in Iraq during the 2004-2008 civil war till it was temporarily halted by Gen Petraeus.
      That's probably because the Middle East is a politically sick place

      The future of Islam in the Middle East is Iran. Official stats are hard to come by but the consensus is that the youth who are the majority are disinterested in Islam which they see as an Arab imposition on superior Persian culture. They prefer to revert to Zoroastrianism,Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism- all major Persian religions before Islam. I personally have met Iranians who renounced Islam and asked me the procedure to become Hindu!

      All in all there is no reason to suppose that once Islam is no longer in the picture, peace with "return" to the Middle East. To the contrary , it may excarbate millennia old simmering ethnic and sectarian rivalries

    6. @YSV

      "The future of Islam in the Middle East is Iran. Official stats are hard to come by but the consensus is that the youth who are the majority are disinterested in Islam which they see as an Arab imposition on superior Persian culture. They prefer to revert to Zoroastrianism,Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism- all major Persian religions before Islam. I personally have met Iranians who renounced Islam and asked me the procedure to become Hindu!

      All in all there is no reason to suppose that once Islam is no longer in the picture, peace with "return" to the Middle East. To the contrary , it may excarbate millennia old simmering ethnic and sectarian rivalries " - thanks a lot for your response,and the part of your comment which I have quoted is very interesting.So if this is the trend,then can we expect Iran to become Persian(zoroaster) majority in the future after two or three decades?
      Your observation on the role of Islam in middle east violence is also perfect.Much of the violence of middle east has little to do with Islam as such(i mean at present,in the past violences were directly generated from semitic religions' aggression :) )

  9. @ysv_rao
    I dont know, man, Rajiv Malhotra has been defending Hinduism/Dharma on a global platform and preventing the digestion of Indian concepts into western universalism. He has exposed the hollowness in western universalism in his book 'Being Different'.

    He has debated against anti-National christian John Dayal.

    He has voiced criticisms against Wendy Doniger.

    He also exposed the Afro(African-American)-Dalit narrative that the missionaries were/are trying to propagate in South India(mostly Tamil Nadu) in his book 'Breaking India'. He is taking on false ideas/identities being foisted by missionaries in South India which will dictate future narratives and further change the political discourse of South India.

    In his book 'Indra's Net', he is giving rebuttal to false theories that Modern Hinduism is fake construct made by Swami Vivekananda during British era. He is actually arguing and making a case for Vivekananda's creative interpretations of Hindu dharma literally informed and influenced many Western intellectual movements of the post-modern era and the west is not acknowledging this while trying to appropriate his interpretations to suit their perspective.
    Even Shri Aurobindo Yoga was appropriated by the west in the fields of neurosciences with no acknowledgement.

    That is why he is arguing for Indians to have a separate religious identity to defend and take back their concepts, philosophies which has been appropriated similar to how the Chinese presently do.

    He is one of the main reasons behind the banning of many NGOs by the present govt. Also he was targeted by Sheldon Pollock so that his next book 'Battle for Sanskrit' would get banned.

    1. @makesdevildance

      people who say vivekananda constructed modern hinduism either havent read his works or have vested agendas.Vivekananda himself had written this clearly that all what he was saying comes from vedanta,nothing is new.Elsewhere he wrote that he was just spreading the words of his Guru Ramakrishna.Either way he never claimed to have constructed anything new.

    2. @makesdevildance

      I am aware of all those works. I am not saying it is without merit but really it is nothing original and is not anything that Sitaram Goel, Ram Swarup and BB Lal didn't cover more eloquently before.

      I am skeptical of the Breaking India project however. The missionaries have little interest in the political realm as they concentrate on the social. I am not so much interested in countering the missionaries as fixing our own society. Notice that missionaries aren't active in other dharmic civilizations such as Sri Lanka and Nepal. That's because these peoples have great pride and cohesion despite their poverty. For instance Just look at how clean these countries are and contrast them to the filth of India.

      Correction: I earlier mentioned BB Lal in reference to Islam's record in India. The author's name is actually KS Lal
      BB Lal was a Director General of ASI
      You can find KS Lal, Sitaram Goel and other relevant books here. I recommend them over Rajiv Malhotra's derivative works anyday

  10. In that sulekha blog, did you notice the amount of bullshit peddled by Western academia?

    @ysv_rao @JAM
    BTW I'll post under the Article some interesting(IMO) links I came across because here the discussion we are having is totally irrelevant to Hugo Chavez's daughter.

    I have some suggestion: Can you create an 'Dharma Discussion/Insert Name Here' Post and keep it on Top while heavily moderating that particular post entry from spam? (To Set a particular blogpost always on Top: Compose a blogpost and just click on the Options in Post Settings and set the date to 2016 or some date into the future).

  11. @YSV

    I would like your opinion on this claim Captain makes repeatedly:









    Of course everything the Captain says need to be taken with a pinch of salt. But are our cottage industries really that important to the economy? I doubt that they come anywhere near the manufacturing power of China and Germany.

    1. I am actually somewhat sympathetic to this view of the captain, though certainly to the extant he claims.
      Cottage industry doesnt mean what it does say 200 years with looms etc. It can be relatively high tech. I once saw a cooking show by a British chef who visited India to learn new cuisines and visited a slum in Mumbai where he discovered among other things furnaces and a pretty sophisticated clothing factory albeit on a small scale. Apparently the products of these were going to be exported abroad.

      Furthermore realize that a good chunk of Indian economy is actually underground. You may make the analogy of an iceberg. And therefore the employment rate may actually be lower than it really is. On a small scale let me give you an example, in our neighborhood in Hyderabad, there was an unemployed guy who decided that he could earn some living ironing clothes for others and soon enough he was making a pretty comfortable living actually! And another woman does catering work for various families and gets paid well for it. Do you think these people file taxes?

      But the caveat to the captains argument is this: In both cases I mention these are service or sub contractual professions. ie the guy running the furnace and polyester factor are providing services to a large firm who to be sure is registered and legit as per Indian regulations.
      So while the unemployment rate may be lower , I doubt it would make much effect on the GDP!

      And the captain has a point about the "Rothschild" Keynesian economics about creating infrastructure projects for the sake of creating jobs. But this has not been done for a long time and neither Europe nor America can afford such tomfoolery anymore. This didnt work during the great depression and it doesnt now. No serious economist or analyst believes this will have a long term effect. And while American politicians still may have silly ideas such a building high speed trains in California (which no one bothers to use) it usually benefits corrupt unions and local district officials than any lasting tangible economic benefits.
      Also it widely recognized by all sides of the political spectrum in U.S that there is a great deal of wastage in military spending over the last 15 years especially. One can have a capable and strong defense without exerting extraneous capital- a lesson lost to U.S as well as Israel atleast since the 1960s. And am afraid India may be going in the same direction.
      But the problem is one of military contractors and generals who like their shiny toys such as later fighter jets, missile, missile delivery systems and the like which are often redundant or downright counterproductive and this effects the entire military in a negative manner and perverts it strategy and long term vision.
      This is what President Eisenhower warned about when he spoke of the dangers of "the military industrial complex". This was not a call for pacifism and gutting the military but a plea for prudency and common sense in procuring weapons and other systems.

    2. @PremChand

      while this was meant for YSV,hope u wont mind if i jump in :) on the analysis of gdp,capt is not completely wrong,but where he is wrong is the fact that he is assuming a nation would waste monetary resource building 1000 boats which would never catch a single fish.if a boat is not being used or doesnt have a purpose,then who would want to build the boat in the first place?infact capt's fav socialist or communist economies waste money in this way,not capitalist nations like usa.again let us assume that a particular nation suddenly has built an excess 1000 boats which werent originally reqd and are lying idle in a warehouse.even in that case,building these boats required the mobilisation of wood or other building materials and a certain amount of manpower in the boat manufacturing this transaction would surely add up in the gdp.the men who got paid by the boat factory,either for carrying raw materials or building final boat,had surely got paid and they would not keep the money they had earned idle.they would use the money through different transactions or through investments.So essentially even a few idle boats are circulating money in the economy.I see no reason to neglect that.GDP increases with circulation of money through the economy,in this case the workers related to boat factory would circulate their earned money.
      cottage industry can surely add up gdp in the same way as I explained above,ie,recirculation of currency/money through the economy.however u must give cottage industry a proper market and proper logistic support.the current gdp spike in india has been triggered by surge of growth of Small scale industries(not specifically cottage industries but anyway I am keeping them under same group) and also the fact that Modi's ascent has created a positive impact in the investment climate.Cottage industry can surely add up to gdp but not by a big deal,unless u are creating a strong international market for cottage products(which again is very hard to accomplish).For the big bucks,u need to bring big industries.just for an example,consider the Damodar Valley Corporation project in WestBengal.It was modelled after the Tenessee Valley Authority project of USA.Before the DVC project,Damodar river was the "river of sorrow".However the DVC project changed the composition of a vast area centred around it.No amount of cottage industry would have done what DVC did to the area under its coverage(now it extends to Jharkhand even).even the farmers have benefitted greatly from this project,since Damodar is no more the river of sorrow :) Also the DVC has created a vast market and workforce directly associated with it.Such a workforce can again go on to finance cottage industries through consumption.So even to promote cottage industry or MSME,large scale industries are essential.My point is that cottage industry cannot be a standalone tool for our economy.I would rather strengthen the large industry ecosystem of our economy,which in turn can move on to finance our cottage industries(through appropiate economic policies).
      forgot to mention,capt's example of prison programme is also wrong.I dont think prison programme adds anything significant to USA gdp,unless the money allotted in this is being circulated through the economy.For example,India's social investments like MGNREGA do not add up much to the gdp of India in the same way.All nations have such responsibilities to carry out,which do not enhance the economy.These services are called public services or social services in economics.

    3. Thanks YSV and JAM for your responses!

    4. @JAM

      To be sure, the Captain does criticize the communist takeover of China but then he adds his personal Rothschild masala to the narrative. He is less interested in communism vs capitalism than finding Rothschild/Jewish conspiracies in every nook and corner, to the extent that we experience cognitive dissonance while reading some of his bizarre claims. For example, he denies the Holocaust but at the same time claims that the Nazis were (what else) crypto-Jews!

    5. @PremChand

      If nazis are crypto jews,why should I adore hitler in the first place :P ? u are spot on,its cognitive dissonance :)

  12. Replies
    1. I would anyday prefer a "Darwin monkey" over Vadakayil sloths such as yourself.

    2. Yes, I have always wondered why a nobody like the captain considers Newton, Darwin and Einstein as his rivals. It brings to mind people in lunatic asylums who think themselves to be reincarnations of Napoleon Bonaparte or George Washington.

    3. The tragedy is insanity involves often a great deal of narcissism such as the belief that the subject is a famous personality or is a rival or avatar(kalki avatar talk by his disciples is actively encouraged by the captain).

      A downside to the internet is that it compounds this tragedy by exposing these views to the impressionable. As people are attracted to those with extreme self confidence in their views or abilities, whether or not these have any basis, the captains inflated sense of worth has guaranteed a legion of followers.

    4. Absolutely, the capt exhibits all the symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

    5. this one's even better.

    6. Now I understand why the captain is behaving irrationally despite having everything in life: Narcissism.

      Yes, now it all makes sense. Narcissism makes a man with everything in life, who otherwise would've had a better reputation, look like a loon.

      But to be honest, even I exhibit some of those symptoms mentioned in the checklist.

  13. It seems both bus and windwhell iyyer blogs are an activity trap for them

  14. @Akshay Phougat

    Or rather phokat i.e useless.

    "Apun bhi jaankaar,,,, ysv,,, vivek..... Capt can put millions of like you under the skin of his circumcised p###k,and still there will be left space for 99.9999%.
    Your are not even dirt under his nails.
    Cunt vivek Capt once gave sign to you wash your asshole and you can be a good poet.
    I love poetry you can work upon capt advise.
    And ysv even in next 4-5 generation ,,,am sure nobody in your family can get admission in Cornell computer program.
    It needs brains bhayiaaaa ji.... . "

    This is the comment you left on another post. I will answer it here as you will notice it is easier to access new comments(only 43 haha) as opposed to others. Leave aside that Vadakayils comments board consists mostly of him posting irrelevant crap.
    Anyway speaking of irrelevant crap on to your message:

    It seems like all captain followers you are still incapable of formulating your insults. If I had a $1000 for everytime I heard "dirt under fingernail" from captains bootlickers I still wouldnt have enough to purchase you any masculinity and dignity. After all it is hard and expensive to grow something on barren soil of your personality.

    You are very familiar with the captains penis and its specifications. Why am I not surprised. Gays are often attracted to Vadakayil due to his half nude selfies. Why should you be any exception.
    And yet more obsession with assholes. Its beginning to add up..
    I never denied that his son is smart. What does this have to do with the captain. Heck I even say the captain was a pretty sharp guy. YOu dont become the captain of a merchant ship if you are a dumbass. However note the emphasis on "was" . There are reliable third party sources who claim that he had started losing his mind about 9 years ago and had to be discharged. The blog is evidence for all to see.


    1. ysv y r u refreeing ajit vadakayil as captain wasn't he retired or rather terminated lol....

    2. here is extract from ajit vadakayils blog



      Once i told my second engineer , (who wanted to know how my memory is so sharp ), that I see words as pictures.

      He immediately cried " I have named my new born son, Tamil Selvan. What picture do you see?".
      I said " Imagine a deer is taking a crap-- when the last ounce of shit is poppin' out of its asshole-- imagine you smear this gooey mass with your thumb, all over the orifice. Well that is word Tamil Selvan in my minds eye !"

      Needless to say, though I told him the truth, I lost one of my ardent fans, on the spot.
      after reading the above I believe the qoura person who told vadakayil is suffering from a mental disorder he is danger to society and menace on the internet Rofl....

    3. Here he is abusing one of his followers for no reason whatsoever and is flippant about losing him and others and yet in other posts keeps boasting about the number of his followers(which by the comments sections has shown a sharp decline). Seems like he is unable to see the contradiction in his own words.
      That proves that he is losing his mind.

      Now the people posting on Quora may or not be correct. We dont have proof either way.
      But from circumstantial evidence i.e his blog, he seems quite mad.

    4. Akshay Phougat your spot on bro !!it is indeed the activity trap for lazy impotent people like ysv to abuse captain he cannot come up with anything original hence to vent his frustration he started to abuse captain and his followers. he is a homosexual who secretly follows captains blog he masturbates seeing captains photos and gets extremely jealous if someone else likes captain more than him remember hate is the opposite of love
      ("Gays are often attracted to Vadakayil due to his half nude selfies")
      that's true ysv ,why else would you dedicate an entire blog talking about the person whom you hate / love ,I know you have vadakayil fetish !! you are addicted to his fart you just cant get enough of him its like monthly periods for u right!! right!! yaa i get it know .

    5. hahaha, a fan of one of the worst plagiarizers on the net accusing me of "not coming up with anything original". I suppose the captains originality is like that of a DJ, mixing other music to create this own groove. In this case it is simply sludge.

      I think you are very confused. I am not a fan of the captain. And I dont ask for his selfies , he provides it as masturbation fodder for his chhelas. You can see the comments section where dimwits like you congregate praising his looks and physique.

      And yes he does talk about toilet habits and bodily functions a great deal. You must be into scat fetishes. Disgusting but to each their own. Enjoy.

    6. Sir,

      I love heavy metal, and personally I don't think sludge/sludge metal, despite being slower, is bad. I even like doom metal in that aspect, despite being a big fan of groove and thrash metal. I mean, this:

      Yes, DJs suck. Real bad. One reason I avoid discothéques(?) and big parties (and will continue to do so in the future) is DJs.

      Captain will always attract gullible fans. Why? Because, like you say, impressionable people are attracted to people who are openly boastful.

      Of course, I can give him credit for his posts on chemical tankers, but his checkered record on all his other posts would cast doubts over even these posts that could be his own.

      What's for sure, he has unsettled conversations on social media with his paranoia. His followers throng Media Crooks and a few other handles/pages with his brilliance and get roasted at times. A few other times, they manage to drag a few more followers (though not as much as they used to before).

      And he has a new name for you. He calls you a crypto Jew Telugu creature with Simian lines on both hands and a .... okay never mind.


    7. I don't blame the followers of ajit vadakayil that blog is like a parasite
      when it takes over the host brain it turns you into a zombie look at his followers he abuses them for no reason yet they don't mind his antics, it has gotten to the point where these zombie followers bully others if they contradict ajit vadakyils . plz checkout the comment section of the given link he is abusing the user cald ABVYAS for no reason

    8. check this guy (ABCINDIAGOGO) in the comment section one of the loyal captain followers after years of reading his brain got damaged he is now physiologically disturbed this is the effect of captains blog it has ruined his life

      abcindiagogo February 8, 2018 at 11:19 PM


      I have decided to not marry or get involved with women in any romantic/sexual manner (no I'm not gay). I feel the MGTOW philosophy suits me --- Men Going Their Own Way.

      I understand very well from Your blogs that not marrying and not having kids is bad karma.

      But please understand my situation --- I'm not exactly top value material when it comes to being a husband.

      Thing is, if I HAD to make a choice ---- I'd rather take the bad karma of 4 people hating me (my parents and grandparents) ---- rather than take the bad karma of 9 people (my parents & grandparents, wife's parents, wife herself and two kids).

      Wife hating me for not being top-quality-man, kids hating for getting substandard genetics, wife's parents hating for getting a son-in-law like this and then my own parents and grandparents hating for giving tension to them due to my pathetic married life.

      The bad karma generated by 9 people is too much to add ! I have enough bad karma as is...........can't bear to add so much more........I'd rather have 4 people pissed off with me than 9 people.

      This is a disgrace that inspite of being a reader of this blog and shishya of Captain, I have to choose this path. I am not going to claim some Brahmachari or Ojas bull...........I am honest enough to admit that this is a personal failure of mine...........everyone can ridicule me till I die but it's better than the other option.

      But after evaluating all options, I feel this is the lowest negative-karma generating option (compared to others) I can take.

      AnandFebruary 9, 2018 at 7:33 AM

      See a doctor , if you have to, go to a temple if you have to..... you can't see the effects of karma....why bother yourself so much.Do your best, take life as it comes.Only Captain Saheb has the capacity to assess effects of karma....we are simple beings...why to be so much apprehensive? Do your duties the end.... everything will end well.

      vikshotFebruary 9, 2018 at 10:00 AM

      I can understand and empathize with that. If i cant find a blushing girl who is content with whatever best i can do to provide her with, its better to save yourself a big pain. But abc, i dont know how old you are but do not lose hope and become a cynic. Place hope and pray that you will overcome this obstacle. Dont resign yourself into isolation. Today its not advisable as it will turn into lonliness one day. Ask the universe and trust in 100% the supreme field. Accept whatever life gives you as guruji says do not resist life. You may take some time but if you are already too old then look after your parents as your children, your siblings as your parents and their kids as your grand parents and give yourself to salvaging our culture.

      TheCosmicSparkleFebruary 9, 2018 at 2:00 PM

      The conviction of being a substandard guy will definitely manifest such incidents.. but as captain says, you are free to change your karma.. something as simple as submitting to Surya for mentoring you every morning and chanting gayatri 10 times will have profound positive impact on your thinking patterns..

      DrakFebruary 9, 2018 at 4:07 PM

      Hello abc,

      Stop the self-pity.

      Every person has the same self-worth. Even Spiritually we are all similar in being Souls.

      You think you have nothing- well, you can pass on your understanding of male-female psychology, Sanatan Dharma, love for the country and Dharma to your kids.

      How many fathers do that?

      Work on yourself- ask Ishwar for blessings and forgiveness. Break a coconut.

      Take time, nothing is set in stone. You may find a traditional girl after all. Find a good astrologer too, while you are at it.


    9. Lol @w2alr , I think abcindiagogo's mind has been damaged by the Red-Pill and MGTOW stuff that he has been reading.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. "He thinks that the Big Bang was the beginning of the Universe, while the truth is that it was just the beginning of time" ---- @Premchand, Beginning of time, sounds very strange to grasp :). If time has a beginning, is there an "end" to it?

    1. to be fair to capt,the bigbang did indeed trigger the beginning of time,in the sense that time didnt exist before the bang.Infact the word "before" itself becomes meaningless in case of the bigbang point.For better insights,u can read "The Theory of Everything" by Stephen Hawking. but to be more fair,capt should not be our authority on anything of value,since he exhibits mental problems ,like change of opinion every 6 months or so.

    2. @tim

      Since the universe is thought to be edgeless, it has neither beginning nor end, the same way a circle has no beginning or end.

      However, time does have a beginning - it was around 13 billion years ago since that is when the big bang started. The big bang is still happening since the universe is still expanding. If some models of the universe are correct, time might end. It might be a "big crunch" where the universe just shrinks back to its original size, or "big bounce" where it might start expanding again.

      One favored theory is that as the universe keeps expanding, it would slowly tear apart, with galaxies breaking apart, followed by solar systems, planets and even atoms breaking apart. Finally the universe would be left only with electrons, protons and other fundamental particles which too start decaying until there is no matter left. The universe would be a cold dead place where nothing moves and nothing happens. Since time is measured by causality ie things happening in sequence, time itself would come to an end as the universe grinds to a stop.

    3. "However, time does have a beginning - it was around 13 billion years ago since that is when the big bang started" ---- What caused that superdense mass to accumulate in the first place? Since our models fail to explain what happened prior to the big bang, can't I say the same thing about a higher being(don't give it an anthromorphic form) that such a being always existed and just like our models and knowledge fail to capture pre big bang similarly,we can't comprehend how that being arose in the first place !!!

    4. Our current theories are incomplete. They may be completed in the future with new discoveries. There used to be a time when we didn't know what causes gravity. However, we know that now.

      The "higher being" theory falls prey to the law of parsimony. It increases the number of assumptions without completing our understanding. Who created this higher being? Another higher being? And so on ad infinitum? If the higher being was not created by anything, then why can't the universe not be created by anything ? Why assume the existence of a higher being ?

    5. "There used to be a time when we didn't know what causes gravity. However, we know that now." ---- What causes gravity btw?
      " It increases the number of assumptions " -- True
      "Why assume the existence of a higher being ?" --- umm maybe because we don't know what caused the ultra dense mass to form and then expand in the first place !! Because saying concept of time itself came into being 13 billion years ago sounds like a"creation"event to me. Besides, should one expect a rational answer to these sort of questions? Didn't Kurt godel once said that in a consistent system,there will always be statements that would be true but unprovable ?(I forgot the proof of the theorem though). Anyways, I will try to read the book JAM suggested.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. @Tim

      Interestingly the indic philosophy of advaita does come pretty close to an assumption on this frontier,of the inclusion of higher being concept.The problem starts if u assume that things began with bigbang,then in that case,whether or not u ascribe it to a Higher being,it becomes a never ending staircase in itself.What created the initial conditions of bigbang.What was the need for big bang anyway?Why should a condensed system suddenly arise out of nowhere,and this goes on.The advaita has a solution to this,in the sense that it assumes every changing state is the manifestation of an unchanged essence.Infact as we go deeper into atomic physics,this becomes more and more clear,that at the root,it is just the play of a few subatomic particles in differing frequencies which gives rise to all diversities in the macro level.And even at the root of roots,its just energy,in varying frequencies.Even mass is condensed energy.Stephen Hawking has explored all these in his book which i mentioned,ofcourse,sans the advaita philosophy

    8. @tim
      Curvature of spacetime causes gravity.

      "Because saying concept of time itself came into being 13 billion years ago sounds like a"creation"event to me."

      To restate my earlier point, time began 13 billion years ago. The universe was not created at that point. Hence, there is no creation.

      Godel's incompleteness theroem applies in mathematics. The big bang is a problem in physics. Since our knowledge of the big bang is incomplete, we cant say if the universe had a beginning. Godel's theorem is not relevant here.

    9. @JAM

      A few clarifications,

      "Infact as we go deeper into atomic physics,this becomes more and more clear,that at the root,it is just the play of a few subatomic particles in differing frequencies which gives rise to all diversities in the macro level."

      What are these differing frequencies? And what is vibrating to produce these frquencies?

      "And even at the root of roots,its just energy,in varying frequencies."

      This is incorrect. Mass and energy are inerconvertible. However, all mass is not energy. If everything was energy, there would be no need to use different words like mass and energy.

    10. @premchand

      to get decisive answers into differing frequencies,we will have to wait for a breakthrough in string theory or the Grand Unified Field theory(Theory of Everything as scientiests put it ).until then,what is vibrating in differing frequencies,wont be per string theory,subatomic particles are strings in different frequencies,vibrating in multidimensional frequencises.GUF also includes string theory along with concepts like loop quantum gravity,and is attempting to unify all into one equation.Infact the nature of manifestation itself shows that it always originates from something unitary to divergent.Just like the macro universal mass can be traced back to just atomic and subatmoic particles.Grand unified theory is trying to enter this root of everything,until then,all explanations will be superficial.
      On a different note,classical physics assumes sum total of energy in the universe to be a existent value of 1.However ,modern quantum physics is exploring whether it is 1 or can be just a zero,meaning that all apparent energy expressions actually dont exist at the root,in the sense that the sumtotal will be zero.

      "This is incorrect. Mass and energy are inerconvertible. However, all mass is not energy. If everything was energy, there would be no need to use different words like mass and energy." -U didnt get the essence of the point.Gravitation and EM are also energy,then why do we use different words to define them,we could just use one word energy for them also.Ur argument sounds somewhat like that.Physics always tends to go deeper into existing models,to identify the root of causes and we go deeper,its mass that seems to vanish first into energy essence.and even taking this further,the GUT is exploring whether at all the sumtotal of mass or energy of the universe sums up to something like hypothetical 1 or it is a make it a zero,it needs to be proved that for every bit of mass we see in the universe,there is an equal negative mass(not antimatter though,negative mass is a different concept ) somewhere else.

      Godel's incompleteness theroem applies in mathematics. The big bang is a problem in physics. Since our knowledge of the big bang is incomplete, we cant say if the universe had a beginning. Godel's theorem is not relevant here. ---- Which part of the universe is separate from mathematics?Even the deviations from ideal systems to real systems can be explained by mathematics.there is no difference between physics and mathematics,things like Grand unified theory or String theory,loop quantum gravity are all maths for now.We dont yet have the physics to test these models.and till date not a single system has been built that breaks the laws of maths .

    11. @Jam

      No one calls gravitation and em energy by the same name. They are different forms of energy. Likewise, mass and energy are different. All mass is not energy. This claim is often made by people to bring their religion some respectability by calling god "energy" and "higher being"

      Regarding Gödel's theorem, bro you have not understood the question of Gödel's theorem and how it is related to tim's point.

      Here's a link:ödel%27s_incompleteness_theorems

    12. "All mass is not energy. This claim is often made by people to bring their religion some respectability by calling god "energy" and "higher being""- Quoting a relevant answer from AskAMathematician : Q: Is it true that all matter is simply condensed energy?
      Posted on January 29, 2010 by The Physicist
      The complete question was: Is it true that all matter is simply condensed energy? Does that mean that the Big Bang was pure energy and coalesced into matter?

      Physicist: Pretty much. If you can get enough energy into one place (generally light or kinetic energy), then you’ll get a (mostly random) variety of particles popping out. The conversion between mass and energy is so ubiquitous in physics, that most physicists only know the mass of particles in the context of their equivalent energy. If you ask a physicist “what is the mass of an electron?” they’ll say “0.5 MeV” (which is a unit of energy). Frankly, it’s more important to know than the actual mass. I mean, how hard is it to pick up an electron? If you answered “I don’t care” or “zero”, you’re right. "

      If u are interested,u can go through other Q&As of AskAMathematician.They make tough maths and physics simpler for the nonspecialised readers.The answers are written by people specialised in the subject of maths or physics.

      But coming to the point,ur claim that all mass is not energy-right?THen which mass are u proposing that is not energy condensed to form mass?And if such mass exists which cannot be energy under the right conditions,then what is the nature of that mass?Invoking religious people is immaterial here.AskAMathematician is not maintained by religious people.However ,Tantric philosophies from texts like MahaNirvanaTantra did assume this thing way back in ancient times,that Maya is a manifestation of some primordial energy source,which itself falls back on an inexplicable state of SadaShiva or ParaVindu.In indic philosophy,this concept started way before modern physics developed and defined the items under observation.Hence people following the indic philosophical system never needed to look for gaining respectability .Maybe modern occultists and spiritualists(or whatever they are called) need credibility or respectability.Indic philosophy never needed this,since it never interferes or seeks acceptance from anything external to the soul/mind.If u read The COmplete Works of Vivekananda,u will find that he quoted in many of his speeches the concept of mass and energy interchanging. Infact one of the objectives of Vivekananda's discussions with Nicola Tesla was to understand whether modern physics of that time had got near to the concept of mass and energy being interchangeable.Sadly ,Vivekananda didnt live long enough to see Einstein's equation discovery. U can read Vivekananda's ideas below if u are interested. But what i wish to say is that the upanishadic and tantric philosophies never searched for acceptance from the whole world.

      Godel was never my point of concern.anyway i broadly agree with u,I should have mentioned it in the beginning that Godel or Tim's point is not what i was referring to.My answer was specifically with the point of difference between mathematics and physics.If godel's theorem is true,then TOE or theory of everything must satisfy it,or else if Godel is not universally applicable,then theres no conflict. heres a relevant discussion anyway ,Godel was not my concern in my original point.

    13. From the quote you provided , its not evident that mass and energy are the same thing. Rather , the quote says that at the BEGINNING of the universe everything was energy. This may or may not be true.

      All this talk of "primordial energy source" , mass energy equivalence in vivekananda's speech etc are reading things into a text which we wish we could find in it. I have read a pamphlet which claimed that Krishna knew about string theory based on things they read in bhagavad gita.

    14. The link you provided from Stephen Hawking does not say that the final theory of everything has to satisfy Gödel's theorem. Rather, it says that the final theory may not describe the universe in finite steps, which is SIMILAR to Gödel's theorem. Thus, even if Gödel's theorem is true, the final theory of the universe need not satisfy it.

    15. Pretty much. If you can get enough energy into one place (generally light or kinetic energy), then you’ll get a (mostly random) variety of particles popping out. The conversion between mass and energy is so ubiquitous in physics, that most physicists only know the mass of particles in the context of their equivalent energy. If you ask a physicist “what is the mass of an electron?” they’ll say “0.5 MeV” (which is a unit of energy). Frankly, it’s more important to know than the actual mass. I mean, how hard is it to pick up an electron? If you answered “I don’t care” or “zero”, you’re right. "
      -this was the quote precisely.I rest my case here.

      Pamphlets claiming Krishna represented the string theory and Vivekananda trying to understand the theories of modern physics by contacting Nicola Tesla(Einsteing didnt come into the picture when Vivekananda was roaming USA) ,to see whether they match with whatever he read from the Vedanta and upanishads,is a bit different thing.Vivekananda didnt have the mathematical knowledge ,but he was not a shallow thinker,like the ones who claim Krishna's horse ropes are strings in string theory.If u read the pdf link i gave,there Vivekananda's thoughts are given.

      If Godel is not universally applicable,then theres no need to satisfy it.If it is universally applicable,every physical system should satisfy it.even if such a system exists which deviates from Godel,that will also be explained by mathematics,I mean the deviation can also be represented mathematically.That was my whole point.Godel is not my concern.

  16. Look at this !! vadakayil blog has turned into a public toilet LOL...

    Capt. Ajit VadakayilFebruary 9, 2018 at 6:54 PM







  17. @PremChand: One favored theory is that as the universe keeps expanding, it would slowly tear apart, with galaxies breaking apart, followed by solar systems, planets and even atoms breaking apart. Finally the universe would be left only with electrons, protons and other fundamental particles which too start decaying until there is no matter left. The universe would be a cold dead place where nothing moves and nothing happens. Since time is measured by causality ie things happening in sequence, time itself would come to an end as the universe grinds to a stop.
    So you mean that in such a scenario, everything will cease to exist and nothing will happen. There will be no matter or energy and hence no activity and it will be a state of absolute void/ nothingness. It's very difficult to even imagine absolute nothingness. BTW, what do you think of this article?

    1. @Anu

      Its possible that humans might invent wormhole- based devices which help us travel faster than light and travel back in time. We could avoid the amnesia with such devices. Heck, human species might even live forever even as the universe is doomed by just going back in time to a stage when the universe is still livable. However , these are just speculations .