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A crie de couer from a Kshatriya III

"Anaganaga Oka Raju".....(once upon a time,there was a king). Thus start all the folk stories of Andhra and describe the various adventures the king accomplishes. All these kings (folkheroes like Bangaru Thimma Raju ) were invariably Kammas.
No that is too fantastic a claim.
 The Kammas were considered synonymous with bravery and chivalry while the kamma women were icons of beauty and chastity. But, all this was 'once upon a time' i.e. the glory of the past. (It is a different story, that the term "raju" is presently being applied to the Vadde Rajus or Oriyan kings).
Well Oriyan kings are still kings.
If we go through the history of a thousand years, we can easily ascertain that the social status and life style and customs of the Rajputs in the North and the Kammas in the South were one and the same.
There is scant evidence of Rajputs being linked to Kammas. However there are quite a few Rajus who may have stronger claim particularly to the clan of Sisodias.
In likelihood it is the reverse, many Rajputs were descended from southern aristorcrats such as those introduced by Rashtrakutas and Chalukyas during the Great Karnata Expansion.
Wherever they went they built forts and started to rule. Their profession was fighting. Their ladies had the customs of gosha and sati. Around 1000 A.D., probably they might have been related. We can note that the Chalukyas who were basically from Kamma Nadu first ruled over Karnataka and Maharashtra and later ruled Gujarat as Solankis (one of the tribes among the Rajputs). Here, we can refer to the stories in a famous book of that times, Suka Saptati Kathalu, where in the Kammas were mentioned among the various kings who came to witness the marriage of the princess of Ujjaini. There was even mention of two sects of Kammas, "Suryanamsi" (Solar clan) and "Chandravamsi" (lunar clan), akin to the Rajputs.
Suryanvanshi and Chandravanshi are common to all agrarian yeoman warrior communities. It may just mean the Kammas are an amalgalm.
The Kammas follwed vedic traditions like wearing the sacred thread and had rishi gothras. ( e.g. The mikkilineni family of gandikota belongs to the 'bharadhwaja' gothra). But, the Kammas deviated from the vedic tradition in the 12th century due to the social revolutions in south India.
After the fall of Gandikota the Kammas lost a major share of their political power and took to agriculture. A majority of them left their royal customs like the 'gosha' of their ladies during the severe drought conditions of the 1770's. Neverthless, they held an esteemed position in the soceity and referred to as 'Kamma Varu', in the highest degree of reverence. But, due to the unimaginable changes the country (and the world) has undergone in the twentieth century, the status of the Kammas started to deteriorate slowly since the 1930's and it has hastened up after the 80's.
The Indian soceity which stood still since some hundreds of years was set into a turmoil by the developments in educational, technical and communication fields after India attained Independence. New ideals like socialism and communism have started to influence the mindset of the people. The educated persons from the lower sections of the society resented the existing system and started to fight for their rights.
Can you blame them?
 No one is willing to accept another as 'superior'. People from many ordinary communities have attained the zenith of power and prosperity. But, when it came to their past, every community started to pale before the glory of the Kammas.
Far fetched claim.
 It is here that the Kammas and the history of Andhra are being targeted and a purposeful confusion is being created systematically with the purpose of depriving the Kammas of their heritage, glory and superiority. What they could not have, let no one else have.
That's quite an allegation.
Since around the 1930's efforts have began to distort the Andhra history as propaganda started to become more powerful than the facts. Some 'Kingdoms' have been newly created as having ruled Andhra in the 14th century and their role is being blown out of proportion. Today, historians are taking lot of care not to mention the word 'Kamma' when they had to mention the castes of the kings. Wherever the term 'naidu' appears, they are creating ambiguity ( because some castes like the boyas who served in the vijayanagar army as generals or Sena Nayakas also had 'naidu' as title and in the last century many servant and concubine castes of the Kammas and Velamas started calling themselves 'naidus', to boost up their social status ).
Look nayaka and Naidu are just title that could be applied to any person who proved his worthiness in battle and it was his to use for him and his posterity. A bunch of these guys came together in couple of generations to form a caste. These titles are not the patented by Kammas or any one else.
The brother-in-law of Kakatiya Emperor Ganapati Deva ,Jayappa , despite clearly being mentioned as a Kamma Lord and King of Kamma Nadu, was said to belong to some Ayya caste. (Can anyone tell what was this caste?).
Arya Kshatriya? Again probably just a title than an ethnonym.
And, Suravaram Pratap Reddy has directly hijacked the great Musunuri Nayakas, claiming them to be reddis. The stories like the "Suka Saptathi Kathalu" are not available today. The inscription of Vemareddi stating that he has served the 'lotus feet of Kapaya Nayaka' is not mentioned anywhere. And historians are overlooking a simple fact that the Chalukyas, Kakatiyas, Musunuri Nayakas and later the Vijayanagar kings had a common emblem; Adi Varaha (a wild boar), with a sword and moon crescent indicating they were continuation of the same lunar clan.
That's because they all claim descent from Yadavas, especially the Vijayanagar kings. This Varaha was an incarnation of Vishnu.
Most of the Kammas had access to the British education because of their financial position. This pseudo education ( the pun "I was born brave and intelligent; my education ruined me" can be aptly applied here ) confused and misguided the very rich and powerful Kammas like the many Rajas and Zamindars due to which they worked against their own instincts, against their own community and traditions and against their own benefits in the illusion of high level thinking and ideals and allowed their sub-ordinates like the kapus and balijas to become rich and powerful which in the long run proved disastrous for themselves in particular and to the total community in general (french-revolution syndrome).
Or perhaps given half a chance, the Kapus and Balijas outshined their erstwhile superiors. The French Revolution was much as an intellectual and elitist revolt against the monarchy as it was based on mass discontent.
After two or three generations, they became a menace by claiming the glory of the Kammas and Velamas as theirs and started claiming to be 'naidus'. Even politically and socially they became antagonised to the Kammas.
Once again the Kammas are simply the cream of the crop of the Kapus and other castes. So in a way they are not really all that incorrect.
The dynamics of human psychology and behavior is very complex and it can be read only by instincts and not by any generalised rules. The Kammas learnt it the hard way. Many Kammas entered into the freedom struggle and donated all their properties with the impression that they are promoting the cause of the country and it will be put to good use. And, as we can see today, their sacrifice became meaningless as many oppurtunistic people of low origins have gulped up the properties donated by them (in the form of politicians and corrupt officers) and became millionaires, while their own offspring became paupers. ( Today, we are witnessing thousands of acres of temple lands,worth thousands of crores being encroached or occupied by politicians and corrupt officials utilising the so many loops in the revenue system. At the same time the descendants of the various rajas who have donated those lands are leading ordinary or less than ordinary lives ).
This is not unique to Kammas or kings in post independence India. The new republic of India which had strong egalitarian instincts took a dim view of monarchies which it saw as anachronistic.
When the land ceiling act was invoked, the Kammas who were the richest caste then with many families holding thousands of acres of fertile lands, gave up their lands voluntarily beleiving that the government is fighting for a worthy and just cause of bringing about an egalitarian soceity. Despite being aware that such a rule was coming into force, they made no efforts to save their lands or at least distribute it themselves among their near and dear. Being leaders to all, they never thought along caste lines, while others started to think so. The other land owning commmunities like the reddis did not lose much of their holdings as they utilised all the loopholes of the law to retain their lands. Finally, the land ceiling act turned out to be a gameplan to strip the Kammas off their lands (as far as Andhra is considered) and make them look like 'idealistic idiots' .
Come now. Kammas did manage to usurp quite a few low caste lands themselves. However much of is due to the establishment of Andhra Pradesh where Kammas thought they would get a quid pro quo in lands vs government representation and power but that was not forthcoming from the Congress/Reddy combine. That much is true.
Being hot-tempered and fighters for justice, the Kammas are easily influenced by ideals that seem to stand for justice and equality. It was the highly educated Kammas who were first inspired by communism and socialism.
More fool Kammas.
 Kamma Communists fought with Kamma rajas and zamindars and made their lands to be distributed among the lower castes who were generally serfs, labourers and children of the concubines of the rajas.
Again with the concubines, if you super horny Kammas would stop thinking with your dicks perhaps you wouldn't be in this predicament!
 In prosperous areas like Diviseema (which was the estate of Raja Yarlagadda Sivaramakrishna Prasad Naidu, popularly known as the Challapalli Raja and ranked no.1 among 'Andhra Pramukhas' of 1950's) these labourers who got into posession of fertile lands became very rich and powerful and started calling themselves 'naidus'. (An essential quality of human psychology which yearns for identity after the basic needs are satisfied; next stage is fighting for supremacy).
Nothing wrong with that.
 After two generations they kicked out these very communists on caste grounds.
Good riddance to bad rubbish.
They became so possessive of the word 'Naidu', that they are claiming even historical figures like Raja Venkatadri Naidu, the famous king of Amaravati of 19th century as belonging to their castes. As a climax to such identity-seeking and self-boosting gimmicks, the greatest king of Vijayanagar, Sri Krishna Deva Raya is being claimed by these neo-rich low caste people as belonging to their castes (god only knows the reasons) and his statues are being unveiled in caste meetings.
Here I have to agree. For more modern version of this phenomenon all you have to do is check out Wikipedia or the websites of various castes where they don't restrict to their ambitions in laying claim to Krishnadevaraya but go as far as to claim Lord Krishna himself as one of their own.
During the 1960's and the 70's the 'educated' Kammas considered physical work degrading and it became fashionable to go to clubs, drink and play cards.
Hahaha! Then what do you expect your fate to be?
And maintaining concubines has come down as an aristocratic custom from generations.
Here we go again.
Very rich Kamma families became debt-ridden and sold their gold, lands and properties while their uneducated serfs(Paleru) and servants who were accustomed to physical work and their concubines ('bhogam' people) became new masters of the lands and properties and eventually became rich.
Who told you  to get sloshed, gamble and spend your cash on mistresses rather than work? What use crying about it now?
All these neo-rich people of so many miscellaneous castes started calling themselves 'naidus'. All these miscellaneous communities were initially loyal and respectful to the Kammas, but as generations changed, and the newly acquired riches bloated their egos (There is a saying about the low born;One forgets his caste if his stomach is full )
What is low born business?
they began to grudge and hate the Kammas, and their anti-kamma feelings are being kept sustained and utilised successfully by the congress party.
Caste politics is a dirty business and yes Congress is guilty but neither is our TDP and NTR completely unstained by all this.
The Kammas being a royal race are endowed with beauty and good physical features so much so they can be recognised by mere appearence on most of the occasions.
No, I would have to disagree. There are sure some attractive specimens, but in general they just seem to be a more prosperous and (somewhat) fairer skinned versions of Kapus.
 Their noble qualities and aristocratic lifestyle which aroused awe and respect among others in the good olden days are at present turning others against them with zealousy and hatred, because nowadays each community is trying to assert itself and elevate its existing status, and no one is willing to accept anothers superiority.
I am not aware of an aristocratic lifestyle . Most these days are farmers or small zamindars or at the opposite end engineers and accountants. In other words,the usual middle class Indian.
Historically there was never any enmity between the Kammas and the Reddis. There can not be, as their status and professions were different. The Kammas were warriors whose profession was fighting and ruling and they built forts wherever they went, whereas the reddis built tanks and started cultivation.
The two are not mutually exclusive.
After being introduced into the military service by a reddi woman Nayakuralu Nagamma who shrewdly entered the court of the kings of Palnadu after appeasing the king with her talent and beauty, the reddis served the Kammas loyally in various ranks.
Looks like Kamma women were  asleep at the wheel . How did this Reddy woman manage to make her way into the kings bedchamber even as Kamma women were so drop dead gorgeous!
And the great Musunuri Kapaya Naidu made Vemareddi (a pantakapu ), who proclaimed himself a servant of his lotus feet, a king, amid strong opposition from the Velamas, because Vemareddi was not eligible for coronation as he was a sudra. Actually this deed of Kapaya Naidu sparked off a Kamma-Velama clash and cost him his life and kingdom and threw Andhra permanently into the hands of muslims.
Not entirely true. Prataparudra also made some errors in judgement despite his courage, resolve and spirited resistance. But yes they didn't help.
The reddis became dominant after Independence as the changed circumstances superbly suited them. Being land-owners and village heads, they held considerable clout in the village setup and could influence all sections, particularly labourers who are huge in numbers,thus huge votes. Besides, the reddis themselves are numerically strong, one aspect they outright win over the Kammas and the other two royal castes,the Velamas and Rajus. Added to this their utmost loyalty towards the caste and shrewd, cunning and broker skills came in very handy in a democratic setup.
Eh? Are you not also loyal to your caste? Isnt it hypocritical when you condemn others for something you practice yourself?
The reddis realised that even in these changed circumstances, it is the Kammas who can challenge their political domination. (Acharya N.G.Ranga would have become the first C.M. of Andhra Pradesh instead of N.Sanjeeva Reddy, had prominent Kamma leaders like Kalluri Chandramouli supported him. Chandramouli and others supported Sanjeeva Reddy because they thought he would be a puppet in their hands compared to a stalwart like Acharya Ranga. Of course, they drastically underestimated Mr. Reddy). They analysed the loopholes of the new democratic setup very well and mastered the vote politics.
Come off it, it was proportional representation , it would be Kapus or perhaps Yadavs who would be politically powerful. These groups weren't as organized as Kammas or Reddys
They started Gerrymandering (a process where the votes of a particular community are scattered so that they become ineffective). At the time the formation of A.P., Kamma dominated districts like Bellary and Raichur were surrendered to Karnataka and Tiruttani and Vellore were given to Tamil Nadu.
Yes but these Kammas thought of themselves more as Tamils or Kannadigas than Telugus. It wouldn't surprise if they themselves had a hand in acceding to those states.
During the first reservation to the Assembly constituencies the Kamma dominated constituencies were given a cut by reserving some of them. And during the recent delimitation (follwed in 2009 elections), Gade venkata Reddy was made member of the delimitation committee and he very effectively 'gerrymandered' the remaining Kamma constituencies. Almost 25 seats of the Kammas have been either reserved or gerrymandered. The Kammas are no longer a political force now, a far cry from the position they enjoyed under the leadership of N.T.Rama Rao.
Prophecy proven wrong. CB Naidu is once again CM.
The saddest thing for the Kammas is that their most revered gurus, the brahmins, who thrived under the protection and subsistence offered by the Kamma kings and Zamindars (The story in the puranas itself indicates that the Kammas were created to protect the brahmins) also became antagonised because of certain developments of the 20th century. (That the Kammas have some Haihaya element in them could also be the reason, since Haihayas were considered prime enemies by the brahmins ).
Haihayas had an odd habit of supporting foreign invasions. The most notorious one was where they supported the mleccha invasions of the Kambojas and Sakas against King Sagara.
Anyway Brahmins often had a bad habit of supporting who patronized them especially in the Kali yuga. They went as far as to enlist as generals in Ghazni (Tilak),Mughal(Birbal) and Tipu Sultan's(Shyama Iyengar) armies
Some elite Kammas under the influence of foreign education began to think radically and questioned the superiority of the brahmins and their propreitry over the vedas. Stalwarts like Tripuraneni Ramaswamy Chowdary preached atheism.
More fool Kammas.
They learnt all the vedas and to end the monopoly of the brahmins in certain fields, prepared priests from other communities, particularly from the Kammas. And the Kamma Zamindars took lead in the Justice Party which was an anti-brahmin establishment, whereas the Congress party was dominated by brahmins. And after Independence the brahmins met competition from the Kammas in two fields hitherto monopolised by them, films and education. As a result of all these, the brahmins perceived threat from the Kammas and started to oppose and belittle them by devoiding them of their place in the history. But,in the process they themselves lost their protectors and their situation has become rather pitiable.
Telugu movies, whether Brahmin or Kamma ,nowadays Kamma, were more often than not the worst major regional industry in terms of quality. It could not match the edginess of Tamil films, the poetic nature of Bengali features or the high brow content of Malayalam. Coarse, vulgar and formula are the adjectives applied to Telugu films alteast from the early 1970s till today. Kamma dominance in this industry is nothing to brag about.
The Kammas because of their martial background despise cheating,brokering and begging and are generally very sincere and hardworking like the sikhs. As a result they became very good enterpreneurs, successful industralists and excelled in many fields. They are the leading doctors and engineers. They dominated the film industry as heroes and producers.
Mainly by blatant nepotism.
They were actually lagging in the political field after Independence where numerical strength rather than bravery and courage, brokering and negotiating skills in the place of sincerity and efficiency are required. But a gigantic force which smashed up all odds called NT Rama Rao (As a coincidence NTR belongs to the same recherla gothra of Brahma Naidu, who was equally worshipped by the masses as an incarnation of god ) rolled into the political scene and made up for the lapse. All these factors further fuelled the hatred and zealousy of the other communities, which were evident in the 1988 riots.
More than the changes in the outside world and outsiders, the crucial factor is the change in the Kammas themselves over a span of two or three generations. They became money-minded and gave in to the wordly pleasures. They weaned away from their martial tradition and discouraged their children from entering into any quarrels or fightings, even when they had to. They put their children into residential schools right from their childhood and they have no practical knowledge. The present generation became like parrots in a cage and they don't know their traditions nor their roots and they have become indeed very fragile. Even till the 1980's there was a sense of superiority and strong bonding among the Kammas and when provoked, they were ready to come out into the streets for a fight wielding swords and spears. That generation vanished altogether.
Not entirely true, the author will be pleased to know they are still quite a few of these rogues about in Hyderabad and cities in the coastal districts.
Now, the situation today is such that the Kammas who were once dreaded by the Pathans are fearing street rowdies.
Well Pathan fighting skills are quite over rated but I get what you are trying to convey. And as above it will come as a relief to you that your caste is not under represented under the august category of rowdies as well.
Their social status and dominance are drastically coming down. But the Kammas are not aware of all these. Actually they have neither time nor interest in such things. Lot of Kammas migrated to the US in the 1970's. Being highly intelligent, they dominated the computer software field in the last decade and migration to the US increased exponentially.
More exaggeration, there is no dominance of any single ethnic group in the software industry as it is quite diversified.
As it became a craze, even very well-to-do families sent their children to the US leaving no successors for their local domination in the villages, which eventually will pass on to other castes in the coming years. They are so unaware or uncaring about the past that they themselves call others as 'naidus'.
If those guys remain back and are taking care of the home turf don't they deserve to be called Naidus rather than these absentee landlord Kammas?
They are unaware of the uniquenes and greatness involved in their customs and are reluctant to continue them thinking them as a waste of money or out of fashion or old-traditioned. They fail to understand that heritage is an invaluable wealth which they must pass on to their children (in preference to the bank currency, bungalows or cars) and it is impossible to regain it once it is lost. ( After ten years, there might be no one who knows how to tie the customary Dhoti). Vast majority of the heritage is already lost and it is high time the community acted (that too on a war-footing) so that atleast, the remaining fraction is redeeemed. Otherwise, the coming generations will have to live without any identity, respect or pride.
Welcome to India where the majority of people live like sheep and slaves thanks to Gandhi Nehru rule.
Eventually, if they do not take any measures to reclaim their glory, they will have to live like the falcon in the story, which accidentally gets into a flock of crows in its childhood and lives with them thinking himself also a crow and wondering at the agility and might of the falcons hovering far up in the sky.
 You can thank the martial race theory and British and Thapar renditions of history where Indians were portrayed as passive recipients of foreign invasions ignoring all their glorious histories of resistance and victories. That is a feature not a bug of all post indepence administrations as well. You don't want the masses to start getting ideas of viewing the government as a neo colonial entity and sieze power in order to place a true son of the soil on the throne. No ,better to be crows than falcons is our motto for now.


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    1. In fairness, it is not just Brahmins who served foreigners and betrayed their country but other castes as well.

      I am singling out Brahmins in this instance, especially as I am Brahmin myself, since it was relevant to the argument because I expect much better of them.

      Brahmins traditionally are NOT SUPPOSED TO RULE because they are supposedly sattvic and suitable as advisors to the king at best. However that depends on your varna, if a Brahmin born guy has a Kshatriya varna, then why not?

      And what it is "Iniyavel tells you" business. Referring to yourself in the third person ala the captain is the first sign of insanity LOL
      Just keep in check

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  2. Linguistic chauvinism is the stronghold of Tamils and Kannadigas while Keralites have their "God's own country" attitude. I wonder why Telugus are so moderate about regionalism. Add to that the show of disunity during the AP-Telangana kerfuffle.

    1. There were short bursts of linguistic regionalism, first the events leading upto the establishment of Andhra Pradesh which included Potti Sriramulu fasting to death to achieve the same combined with the Tamil Rajaji opposition of Madras considered a capital to the state. There was a lot of considerable anti Tamil sentiment at the time as it was perceived that they dominated the bueraucracies in Andhra. Though it never led to any violence as such.

      Another was when Rajiv Gandhi(a certified pilot and not yet PM) landed his own plane in Hyderabad airport in 1984 and was aghast at the shoddy aviation procedures as senior Congress leaders came upto the tarmac to greet him and he publicly humiliated them for such recklessness and singled out the CM Tangaturi Anjiah(who was handpicked by Indira Gandhi). NTR jumped on this opportunity promising to restore Telugu pride(Atma Gauravamu) which had been tarnished by this incident and his party and managed to trounce the Congress

      While there is pride in the Telugu language amongst the speakers, linguistic chauvinism didn't really take root due to Andhra being a very casteist society even compared to TN (as you can see from the author's views) and they think in terms of their caste histories and alliances which are more inter state(note how often he brings up Tamil and Kannada nayakas and Kammas) than on building intra state cohesion.

      In the last decade two more intensely casteist entities, Bihar and uttar Pradesh were bifurcated as well.

      The Kamma rift with Velamas(the CM of Telengana KCR is of this caste) more than 700 years ago has its repercussions in the partition of Andhra which we see today.

      At the same time, the Kammas in TN are aware of and take pride in their ancestry nonetheless tend to be super Tamils and are hardly bothered about their "Vadugar" brethren up north. Vaiko is one extreme example in his unceasing (and illegal) support for the LTTE.

  3. Warrior aristocracy suffered their first blow when East India Company brought enlightened rule of English gentleman to India. They lost their independence and self respect (whether they realized it or not). Decays thus begins.

    Second blow came modern education spread and martial nobility (along with ancient priesthood) came under attack. Even many corrupted (read western educated) nobles concluded that they have to overcome the "feudal" in them.

    Third blow comes when Government of India imposes Land Ceiling and abolishes Zamindari system.

    Fourth and final blow comes with beginning of Mandal Era in 1990's. Now our corrupt, decadent and useless martial nobility sees thing accurately. But their response varied -

    Most prefer to move with flow, some stubbornly sticks to old way even if counter-productive and few wants to revive ancient glory in this era.

    Would I like a revival of warrior aristocracy? Member of martial noble castes comprise 10-15 percent of Indian population. If they return to ancient virtues (not medieval stupidity and modern vices), it is good for national health.

    But in addition to this, I would prefer that our politicians and civil servants also become a sort of para-military body dedicated to Dharmic virtues.

    If our Hindu nationalists could ever score a decisive success, that would mean a revival of long lost Kshatriya virtues in particular.

    1. @ Sagar I agree with some reservations.

      But the zamindari system is really a Mughal "innovation" intended to squeeze the tenants and introduce serfdom where none was existing in India
      Note the observations of Megasthenes and Hsieun Tsang who saw no discontent or oppression in the country side to which both Greeks and Chinese took for granted.

      For those wondering why I chose these write ups to post and critique is because this individual encapsulates both the best and worst of our fallen warrior nobility.
      On one hand he praises martial values, recognizes the lack of strong leaders have to led to the rule of wolves over sheep not to mention the constant emasculation of their community but on the other hand he is a blatant casteist and feudal in his outlook, praises Sati and has an entitlement attitude

      This I believe is what ails most former Kshatriya nobilities these days.

      Rather than simply reinstituting the martial nobility , I am more comforting reinstating the yeoman warrior classes with their martial values. I speak of agrarian communities such as Kurmis, Kunbis, Vanniyars, Vellala, Kapus(>25% of AP population and not one CM!) amongst many others.

      Most of this lot were demilitarized by the British and stripped of their right to bear arms.
      Repeal the goddamn Arms Act already and if failing that do what Bihar is doing setting up illegal gun factories and workshops

      And let the arms proliferate(an armed society is a polite society) and when the government starts murmuring , just quote Charlton Heston at NRA circa 1999 directed towards the tyrants Bill and Hillary Clinton "You can take my gun from my cold dead hands"

    2. Whatever we want to do with guns, isn't that what the police force and army are for? I'd say encourage the warrior classes to enlist for military and police in larger numbers.

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    4. Correlation does not imply causation!

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    7. @YSV

      I agree 100 percent with what you have written.

      You are right. Zamindari was a wrong word. I used it because there was no well known word to describe the ancient rights and prerogative of warrior nobles.

      In ancient and medieval times, marital nobility enjoyed high prestige and were entitled to various privileges. Even the poorest member of martial nobility enjoyed greatest respect ---- after all, they kept king and his officials under control and represented popular opinion those days.

      Caste councils of martial nobles had such power that even kings did not oppose them. But most important --- these caste councils of martial nobles always used their power in right manner.

      I guess their modern descendants would be shocked to know that ancient India had such a low rate of tax and total absence of royal tyranny primarily because martial nobility saw themselves as champions of Dharma instead of Jati.

      But as martial nobility increasingly degenerated during Brit rule, they lost their original role are “warrior parliament” and instead degenerated into parasites who alienated the low caste masses (whom they were supposed to protect) .

      If a Kshatriya does not uses his sword for Dharmic cause, then there is hardly any difference between him and a dacoit.

      Original Kshatriya --- the ones who fought and died --- always saw themselves as protectors of Dharma and whole society. They rarely ever took pride in being members of any caste. But their degenerate descendants seem to have forgotten this.

      India must become a full military nation - An Indian, whether man or woman, must be a fully trained fighter and must be allowed to carry arms.

    8. @Prem

      We have historical records to prove that Hindus in Muslim ruled territories fought back all attempts to forcible conversion and genocide.

      This was possible because even after destruction of Hindu armies, Turks still had to deal with millions of well armed Hindu warriors in vast Indian countryside.

      If an Islamist army were to occupy India now, result would be the largest genocide in history --- because we are unarmed and we dont know how to fight.

      We should trust our army and police, but we should also consider and prepare for scenarios when both will be absent.

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    10. In which scenario will both army and the police be absent?

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    13. In which scenario will both army and the police be absent?

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    15. I agree that Bangladesh genocide was ignored by the US due to their alliance with Pakistan at that time. But India helped Bangladesh to get their freedom when our popularity rating was very low. Now India has allied with both US and Russia. China needs our trade relationship. The message is out: You don't mess with India.

      But look at the internal problems we are facing with the Maoists. This would be the time for more Indian youth to enlist and solve this problem once and for all.

    16. I dunno how the duplicate comment got posted. I only posted it once.

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    19. @ Iniyavel

      PremChand is far from an incoherent jackass.Have some respect for him.Infact you have stayed with a group of incoherent jackasses for quite some time in the past.The second comment is clearly a case of duplicate appearance.

    20. @ Iniyavel

      " Feku is too busy sucking Bibi's cock and is making Putin mad. " - Again this anti west political radicalism.Iniyavel bear this in mind,in the modern globalised economy, India need USA as much as she needs Russia.India is still not as strong as China to kick USA off her diplomatic equation.Don't just go on ranting like Capt.Diplomacy and International politics are a very hard thing,its not the job of a retired merchant navy sailor(no disrespect intended to any profession).Infact I would say that it was Nehru(whom Capt worships) who ruined international diplomacy of India.

    21. This comment has been removed by the author.

    22. "I already apologized to Prem for the duplicate comment. " - Yeah I have seen you have apologized.I wanted to say that you should not overreact so easily.Both you and I have been reading Premchand's comments for quite a long time,and it is wrong to react so harshly without verifying first.
      Anyway I believe the point is settled as of now,ie,if PremChand says so :)

      "We need Russia more than anyone else as of now. " - Who says we dont need Russia?My point is that USA is as much needed as Russia.Remember India is a democracy,while China and Russia are more or less dictatorial govts.

      On your point of a possible future Chinese invasion which would overrun India,I would just like to point out that China would probably not risk such an encounter with a nation holding nuclear power and the strength for a credible deterrence.

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    24. This comment has been removed by the author.

    25. @ Iniyavel

      "The biggest problem are the Maoists, foreign funded NGOs, and of course, SICKULARISM! " - yeah this is where I completely agree with you.However if you follow the news you will understand that the present govt is taking measures to stop free run of the wrong NGOs.Iniyavel we need to give Modi some time to settle.He is handling a huge mess.

    26. @ Iniyavel

      " They can just launch one giant nuclear EMP attack on New Delhi or Central India and kill 9 in 10 Indians easily." - even that would not be easy.Just to make you proud about India,I am giving a fact.India is among a handful of nations (3 or 4) in the world which has developed its own missile defence system indigenously from scratch.One month back I read in newspaper that the govt has planned an elaborate multilayered missile interception system ,with special focus on the important cities.

    27. @JAM and SMME

      Its okay, my connection has temporarily slowed down which I think caused weird behavior like the duplicated comment. This happened twice before when I was conversing with ysv. No harm, no foul ;) But SMME take a relaxed approach to politics. Unless we join politics, getting excited won't help us.

      I think ysv likes Russian culture as he once blamed me for trying to defame it (which in my defence was not the case :) ). I think he doesn't prefer Putin's oligarchic system of rule in Russia.

      JAM is right, China knows India's deterrence capabilities and a future war will ruin China's economy like Japan during WW2.

    28. @ PremChand

      Iniyavel thinks India is still in the 1960s when CHina would come and take Tibet away :)

    29. This comment has been removed by the author.

    30. Yeah ofcourse china is stronger than India,but in the modern world,when one nation attacks another,it takes care that the latter doesnt have enough deterrence .Otherwise the whole war would be a big ruin and mess for both nations and also the global economy.

    31. This comment has been removed by the author.

    32. @ Iniyavel

      Again you compare Putin with Feku.If I were present infront of you I would have shouted this out "FEKU AND PUTIN RULE DIFFERENT NATIONS,WITH DIFFERENT CONSTITUTIONS AND DIFFERENT OBLIGATIONS" :)

      As for your other point,whether Feku is a publicity monger or not is yet to be seen.I say that you should judge him only in 2019 and not before that.The present govt is taking many good steps.It will take time to bear the fruits.

      Democracy is about publicity.Putin's nation is not a fullfledged democracy.

    33. @Iniyavel

      You spoke for me. Thanks.

    34. This comment has been removed by the author.

    35. @SMME

      I firmly believe that India is not a failed state. It had so many social problems, but continued to be a democratic country from 1947 till today except for a small blip during Indira Gandhi's Emergency. Some level of economic independence among states may be necessary, but total independence of TN is impossible. I take it that you dislike the Dravidianist idealogy of DMK which is based on AIT, yet you believe in the concept of separate TN that DMK invented in the name of Dravidistan. Even SL Tamils nowadays tell their Indian counterparts- "Leave us alone, don't protest anymore. Things have changed with the new govt. We want to be united with our country." Think about it.

    36. "In reality, China doesn't need to use their powerful navy nor army, a nuclear EMP would be far easier,.." - I hope you wont mind now if I call you an incoherent jackass :D I have already touched this point.You are again returning to the same thing without adding anything new.

      "I'm talking about scalar weapons." - scalar weapons is a conspiracy theory I think as of now.However I am not saying that it is not feasible in the near future.India is working on the development of a secret weapon called Kali 5000(most probably the r&d is going on in BARC).If scalar weapons are already available so easily,I doubt why countries like CHina or Russia are investing so much of their budget on ICBMs and missile defence systems.

    37. Iniyavel fails to realise that DMK used all this as poll tactics to garner votes by evoking sentiments of a section of the society.All parties do that in some way or other.

    38. @ Sagar

      On what point exactly did Iniyavel speak for you :) ? Just curious .I couldnt follow all the comments probably so I am not getting the point.

    39. Imagine ourselves to be in 1915 and not 2015. Could anyone in 1915 have imagined the world in 1945? Nobody know which route history will take. We will have to prepare for any eventuality. One of the most important such tasks is to make sure that we can survive even if Indian State collapses - hence military preparedness of civilians should be given high priority..............

    40. @ Iniyavel

      "JAM, I talked about Stalin, not Putin." - Then it sounds all the more incoherent,if not jackass-like.You are comparing a dictator Stalin of 1940s in erstwhile Soviet(which doesnt even exist anymore in its older form) with democratically elected Modi of 2015 in India.Great!

    41. Exchanging temple gold for other goods makes sense economically, I repeat economically. India is the world's largest buyer of gold, and it is contributing to our budget deficit. But the beliefs of temple-goers must be taken into account and the govt should proceed with transacting a small amount of the gold, after consensus is achieved. May be in exchange, the temples can be given some freedom from govt intervention.

    42. This comment has been removed by the author.

    43. @ Sagar

      Thanks for the clarification.I agree with you in this point.But I believe unless some severe disaster strikes,India will not collapse .

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    45. This comment has been removed by the author.

    46. @ Iniyavel

      Kali 5000 has probably already been developed by DRDO and Barc.THey will not let you know unless the time comes,as these are top secret projects.Infact there's a DRDO base in Ladakh where it is said that a few futuristic weapon systems and technologies have been developed.But I am not sure whether this is also a conspiracy theory or not.

      Iniyavel first of all atleast read what you share.Electromagnetic jamming is a common technology at present.It is not scalar weapon.And since when has youtube become an authentic source for classified military info.I believe that the top 6-7 nuclear power nations(including India) have their own secret labs where they are doing r&d on new systems.But they do not share that on youtube videos.

    47. This comment has been removed by the author.

    48. @ Iniyavel

      You may not know that India has already developed the indigenous Astra missile for ECM and EM jamming purposes which the youtube videos are talking about.

    49. @Sagar

      You do realize that India's army is the third largest right? And that it is the world's largest buyer of weapons? If India is not safe, then which country on planet earth is safe? If that is not enough, we can always increase the strength of our army with more troops, bigger defense budget and a national military-industrial complex.

      Game theory tells you that having 28 armies is a waste of resources for everybody, whereas having one army with a single purpose is more efficient.

    50. This comment has been removed by the author.

    51. @ Iniyavel

      My god when did Ladakh become Chinese territory.Are you mixing up with Akshai CHin?

    52. This comment has been removed by the author.

    53. @ PremChand and Sagar

      "Game theory tells you that having 28 armies is a waste of resources for everybody, whereas having one army with a single purpose is more efficient." - Yeah I missed out this aspect.Thanks PremChand for putting this up.Imagine a separate defence budget for every state,when most of the states aren't even economically self-sufficient and depend on resources of central govt.India had always failed to stop invaders because the Indian kings were never united in their stand against invaders.

    54. This comment has been removed by the author.

    55. @ Iniyavel

      Then I apologise for my reaction.

    56. Iniyavel,

      If you could ever form a separate country for Tamils, please do two things.

      First, please make it a kingdom and not a republic. Make Lord Shiva your monarch and rule in his name. And make a constitution that reflects Lord Shiva's will.

    57. Akshai chin and Ladakh are different regions

    58. This comment has been removed by the author.

    59. @ Iniyavel

      thanks for that.

    60. This comment has been removed by the author.

    61. @ Iniyavel

      Just to pull you up from your dream,who will fund your plans for scalar and nuclear weapons ;) ? Indian govt would surely not do that?What would your population feed on?missiles :) ?

    62. @Sagar

      "First, please make it a kingdom and not a republic. Make Lord Shiva your monarch and rule in his name. And make a constitution that reflects Lord Shiva's will."

      So what you proposing is effectively a republic, and a monarchy in name only :)

    63. This comment has been removed by the author.

    64. @Prem

      """""""""You do realize that India's army is the third largest right? And that it is the world's largest buyer of weapons? If India is not safe, then which country on planet earth is safe? If that is not enough, we can always increase the strength of our army with more troops, bigger defense budget and a national military-industrial complex.

      Game theory tells you that having 28 armies is a waste of resources for everybody, whereas having one army with a single purpose is more efficient.""""""""""

      I would like to clarify -

      Making civilians fit for war and arming them should not be a part of military program!

      Instead ----

      1) Make war training compulsory from kindergarten to university. A kid should be able to use a rifle or grenade with the same ease as a pen or computer. War training should be made an additional subject of English, Maths, History and so on.

      Once masses are trained and disciplined, then......

      2) People spent so much on goods like cars, air conditioners and fridges --- we should let and encourage them to buy light infantry weapons like rifles, grenades and so on.

      3) Our model for a civilian armed organization should be based on feudal organization of martial castes in medieval India ---- where warriors were organized into a sort of territorial organization where they were commanded by their own warrior elders and warrior neighbors rather than professional officers.

      You must be thinking that I am mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      But we should know what happened during World War 2. Stalin won because Russia was simply too strong for Germany. But we should remember what happened to people who lived in German occupation zone like Ukraine. They had no one to ask for help and their suffering was beyond description.

      In event of any major war and if a part of India were to be occupied like Ukraine by barbarians like Nazis, then people will suffer horribly --- unless they are well armed and well trained for war.

    65. @ Iniyavel

      If only things were so easy as you make them out.Just to give you a shock,building everything from scratch will take atleast 50 more years for you,if TN cuts itself off from Indian govt.And within this span,there is high chance that China will use her own muscle to bring you down to knees.
      Bear this in mind that the security of TN is at present being taken care by people who do not have the remotest connection to TN.when BSF would stand up against Chinese invasion or Indian navy would go to your rescue in case of a naval onslaught through the Bay of Bengal,they would have a maximum of 5% Tamilian forces and 95% of the military personnel would be from other states .Now imagine these 95% are not there and China has attacked you,where would you hide ;) ?

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    67. This comment has been removed by the author.

    68. @ Sagar

      "Stalin won because Russia was simply too strong for Germany." - I dont think Russia was stronger for Germany.Rather it was the foolishness of Hitler which was responsible for German defeat on both fronts ,west and east.

      "Making civilians fit for war and arming them should not be a part of military program! " -Sagar Netaji himself had planned such a thing if he were to come to power after 1947.He understood the need for martial discipline among Indians. While it sounds good on paper,it is very hard to properly implement such a program at this moment.And in this age of modern hitech warfare,arming civilians wont matter much.Saddam Hussain had handed submachine guns and grenades to almost every Iraqi male citizen in Baghdad just when the US army had encircled the city and was about to capture it.Did that deter USa in any way?

    69. @Sagar

      The Soviet Union is an artificial entity. In fact, Stalin killed more Ukranians than the Germans did. India is not an artificial entity. As JAM mentioned, the entire nation will come to the rescue when one state is invaded.

    70. This comment has been removed by the author.

    71. @ Iniyavel

      "the entire nation will come to the rescue when one state is invaded." - this line of PremChand exactly sums up my POV in the most precise manner.There is heaven and hell diff between and independent Dravidistan and a TN which enjoys the protection of the Union govt of India.If DMK says otherwise then they are fooling you, I am sorry to say this.

    72. @SMME

      You mean China has better work than invading a separated and weak TN, but we have to fear a Chinese invasion of united India ?!

    73. This comment has been removed by the author.

    74. @ Iniyavel

      "Hitler's forces were strained left, right and center. There was no winning the war with more than 50 nations against him." - Most of these 50 nations didnt matter much to him .His major flaw was the attack against Soviet.If he had kept the huge army which marched into Soviet,in his own European zone,God knows how longer the war would have lasted.Atleast it would have been far more bloodier.

      Netaji is not the person who would help you.Netaji didn't support division on ethnic or religious lines at all.A testimony to this is the fact that Muslims outnumbered Hindus in the Azad Hind Fauz and Syrian Christians had enlisted as well in the force(I got this one from YSV).All the ethnicities of INA had fought on the slogan of "Delhi Chalo" . As I had said earlier,when political parties bank on separatist sentiments,do not trust them.They are doing it for pure votebank politics.

    75. This comment has been removed by the author.

    76. @SMME The separation plan was originally proposed by DMK and like you I liked it in my youth. But having grown up, I realize how impractical and unnecessary it is.

    77. @ Iniyavel

      DMK has been pulled in here because they have campaigned for independent TN republic in the past.It was not to snub you in any way :)

    78. This comment has been removed by the author.

    79. @SMME

      Pakistan is supposed to be China's all weather friend, but what were they doing when India defeated Pakistan? China only lends support to nations in return for their raw materials. A separate TN will have strategic ports which China can utilize against India. In this case, China wont be interested in our raw materials.

    80. This comment has been removed by the author.

    81. @ Iniyavel

      "just because China is bigger in everything, doesn't mean they will win pinpoint. " - Considering the present might of China in all forms of warfare,TN will be a cakewalk for them believe me.At present you are feeling so insecure even when the whole of Indian army is ready to die for you and 99% of it are Non-Tamilians.I wonder how safe you would feel when this rigid support is not there to help you .

      BTW I forgot to touch one point,ie,China of 1979 and China of today are heaven and hell different.

    82. This comment has been removed by the author.

    83. This comment has been removed by the author.

    84. @ Iniyavel

      Secularism is bad when it is also anti-national,but true secularism(ie respect for presence as well as absence of all religions ) combined with nationalism is something which appeals to me.

    85. Ultimately, your separatist outlook stems from the Dravidistan proposal whether you are aware of it, since you are against TN being part of Indian since 1947 rather than political expediency.

    86. This comment has been removed by the author.

    87. @Prem

      I was speaking about what will happen in case of strategic withdrawals.

      For instance --- We are fighting Pakis. Pakis threaten to surround and annihilate a large part of Indian force. Indian force retreats from JK, Punjab and Haryana and move to Delhi where they regroup and counter attack. Indian army destroys invading Paki army and Pakistan is conquered.

      Let us pause for a moment and think --- what will happen to civilians during the brief period of Paki occupation in JK, Punjab and Haryana?

      Needless to say that Pakis will commit atrocities on them. Can we evacuate some 25 million Panjabis and 25 million Haryanvis along with 5 million people of JK? Its not feasible to evacuate so huge number of people. We will win in the end - I agree. But what about these unfortunate people?

    88. This comment has been removed by the author.

    89. This comment has been removed by the author.

    90. @JAM

      """"Saddam Hussain had handed submachine guns and grenades to almost every Iraqi male citizen in Baghdad just when the US army had encircled the city and was about to capture it.Did that deter USa in any way?"""

      But it did help in bleeding US army for a decade. Saddam's militarization did make sure that Iraq was overflowing with weapons and military personnel. Look at ISIS --- many of its officers and generals were once Saddam's boys.

      And we have a great example at home - I am sure you know how Maratha civilians took to plunder and guerrilla warfare once Aurangzeb occupied Maharashtra..........and finally ruined Mughals once and forever. That would not have been possible if Shivaji had not trained his entire male population in war and let everyone who can afford own a pony or horse.

    91. @Sagar

      We don't do strategic relocation when the enemy is inside our territory! We fight for every piece of land with will and determination, or at least stall for time during evacuation. Remember that an evacuation like this has happened before in Punjab and Haryana. That was called Partition.

    92. This comment has been removed by the author.

    93. @Sagar

      "But it did help in bleeding US army for a decade. Saddam's militarization did make sure that Iraq was overflowing with weapons and military personnel. Look at ISIS --- many of its officers and generals were once Saddam's boys."

      The US army was in Iraq for so long because of the civil war between Sunnis and Shias caused by exactly what you described- weapons in the hands of civilians. The Iraqi people have suffered and still suffer because of this more than the Americans.

    94. This comment has been removed by the author.

    95. @Prem

      ""So what you proposing is effectively a republic, and a monarchy in name only :)""

      It is very difficult to get a leader who is fully perfect. So the best solution is to accept Lord Shiva as our leader. He is flawless and we can seek inspiration from him.

      Vivekananda told a great truth when he said that you need religion to start even a gang of dacoits in India! Indians are basically a religious people and can understand only through lens of faith. So I recommend a land dedicated to Shiva, where devotion of Shiva and adherence to Dharmam will be ideology of State.

    96. This comment has been removed by the author.

    97. This comment has been removed by the author.

    98. @Iniyavel

      We have an old score to settle with Pashtuns. These rogues have invaded North India repeatedly and killed hundreds of thousands of innocents and raped and enslaved the same number of women. Had it not been for Marathas and Sikhs, situation would have been far more terrible. Maharaja Ranjit Singh crushed them brutally but not enough compared to destruction they had caused in North India.

    99. I don't support the American operation, but FYI Saddam was a bloodthirsty tyrant.

    100. Saddam would have gone down in history as a great man had he no plunged his country into two entirely futile and costly wars.

      Americans did a big mistake when they did not make and deal and did not hand over Iraq to Baath Party - even after they understood that Iraq was bottomless pit - Reality was that only they can hold Iraq together.

    101. @ Sagar M

      I would like to address a few things.Even without igniting the two wars,Saddam would have been recorded as a bloodthirsty tyrant,though with a lesser intensity.People who call Modi a murderer should look at Saddam and Putin :) Though I do support Putin for his much-needed brutalities.

      "But it did help in bleeding US army for a decade. Saddam's militarization did make sure that Iraq was overflowing with weapons and military personnel. " - Sorry bro this is a wrong perspective.The US didnt mount a full fledged onslaught geared up for annexation of Baghdad after 1991 gulf war.When they had mounted one in 2004-05 probably,the whole of Iraq including Baghdad crumbled down in months.My point is that handing over machine guns and grenades to all the males will be of no help at all,condidering the highly mechanised warfare of present day.A few hundred tanks and aerial attack would ensure that your civilian soldiers are removed and all your field defences washed away.It is better to build 10000 tanks than 10 lakh extra civilians with guns.Warfare is no more a numerical affair at all.This can be easily proved by the eagerness of China to reduce the manpower of PLA to half over the next decade.The govt doesnt want to spend money on the salaries of troops,rather they want to build up a highly mechanised force.
      Now imagine a hypothetical condition that TN becomes independent and China attacks her.I would say that TN would be crushed in a matter of months.Arming every civilian with modern weapons will completely drain the exchequer and even after that it will not be complete.And it will not help either,as I have elaborated .

    102. @ Iniyavel

      "China watched silently from the sidelines. " - So China watched silently??It is said that China had been covertly instrumental in Pakistan becoming a nuclear power.Pakistan didnt have the balls to build nuclear power from scratch on her own,like India did.Many things about India are good.They can be better,but let's not forget we had a thoroughly incompetent and antinational Congress party at the helm for a long time.This is why I would suggest that Indians should judge Modi only after giving him the reqd time.

    103. Infact I have put it very politely.China was responsible for empowering both Pak and N korea with nuclear arsenal.

    104. @JAM

      True - merely giving weapons alone is not enough. Entire population should be unified by a common sentiment, united by into a vast militia, and disciplined/trained thoroughly in warfare. That is why I gave you the example of Shivaji and his people.

      Google search --- War of Twenty Seven Years/Mughal-Maratha Wars

      I forgot to add an important point

      We will train civilians in guerrilla strategy.

      Rule No 1 will be ---- Pitched battle is taboo.

      There will be no face to face combat with enemy if army marches into your territory.

      Only a fool would risk face to face engagement with an enemy that had overcome your regular army.

      Instead, our armed civilian guerrilla will harass and plunder the invading army.

      Also intelligence service will play a key role in this guerrilla warfare of attrition.

      We must bleed the enemy, plunder him, disrupt his transport and communications, stretch him to breaking point.

    105. @ Sagar

      " That is why I gave you the example of Shivaji and his people. " - Shivaji was from the medieval ages,so was Aurangzeb.While I have deep respect for Shivaji and his martial capability,I dont think Shivaji style would fit in a modern warfare.Instead of giving guns to all population(which BTW is utterly impractical if you consider budgetary restrictions),it is far better to have 1 or 2 million soldiers with complete unity of command , objective and ofcourse modern mechanisation,like tanks,fighters,bombers,howitzers etc.When India was fighting the Kargil war,I remember reading an article by a retired brigadeer in our local newspaper,where he lamented the fact that Indian govt didnt give due weightage to the modernisation of airforce and navy even after 1965 and 1972 wars.He explained that a multifaceted strong airforce along with good quality howitzers would have made the Kargil war far more easier for Indian army.I agree with you when you say that military training should be compulsorily imparted to all citizens.This was something which even Netaji had dreamt of in free India.Where I disagree with you is that this training will not help much from the angle of self defence.It would have helped in Shivaji's time,but not now,as was evident in the rapid fall of Saddam Hussain even after he had doled away AK 47s and weapons to almost every citizen capable of fighting.But still tank battalions and airforce of USA did the job with relative ease.My point was specifically on the issue of a massive Chinese onslaught on independent TN.The Tamilian republic would take atleast 50 years to build a minimum deterrence to China,and it would not have the protection of the 1.3 million strong Indian army,Indian airforce or the navy.

      "There will be no face to face combat with enemy if army marches into your territory." - Today armies do not march into enemy territory like the used to in the past.Today a battalion of tanks,howitzers and aerial bombing would first ensure that the town you are defending is converted into a debris.Then the real attack would start.

      "We must bleed the enemy, plunder him, disrupt his transport and communications, stretch him to breaking point." - If only it were that easy to plunder a modern well organised army :) What I am trying to say is that Shivaji and Ranjit Singh tactics are a thing of the past.And as far as I know TN doesnt even have the advantage of a mountaneous terrain.

    106. @JAM

      You seems to have misunderstood me.

      I am not at all talking about defending one's territory from an invading army.

      My concern is what should we do if enemy were to occupy your territory.


    107. As much as I would like to participate in these discussions, I am and will be a bit busy for the next coming days so don't mind my absence but will make up for it!

      My insistence for citizens to bear arms is based more on the U.S argument that the government itself may well be the enemy.
      When Premchand insists that we join the police and the army in greater numbers, he should realize the police and the army are two hands of the Indian state to crush not just terrorists such as Khalistanis, Islamic groups , Maoists etc but also the Indian citizen at some point.
      The Indian government is a nanny state in the extreme telling us what to think, drink, watch ,wear,eat, spend,type etc etc.

      Despite my disagreements with the captain I have some sympathy for him as I believe he was unjustly arrested for that ridiculous Aamir Khan episode.
      Every other day some foolish college girl is arrested for ill advised tweet or facebook post because some politician didn't like it.
      We are not a free society and our government is getting increasingly tyrannical.
      Sure they have the airforce but it doesn't mean we should be remain completely defenceless. Airforce and missiles alone never won a war. Except for Hiroshima and Nagasaki! But that was a ahem flash in the pan!
      As the LTTE has shown , guerilla warfare can be successfully adapted to the modern world. LTTE's mistake was that Prabhakaran got too full of himself and decided to start engaging the SL army in a conventional approach.

      Saddam's distribution of some Ak 47 didn't make a difference because the morale of the Iraqi army had already collapsed due to lack of their own conventional strength.
      Those with Aks and other implements regrouped later as Sagar pointed it and wrecked havoc on Americans
      It only stopped when the disenfranchised Sunnis were bought off by General Petraues to take on the Shia and AQ militias. And he resealed the Syrian border(which he mistakenly opened 4 years prior) , meanwhile Bush and Gates capitulated to Iran over the objections of Cheney and Rumsfeld for a greater say in Iraqi affairs in order for restraining their own militias.

      I don't think mandatory training or even conscription is a good idea. US military today as a purely volunteer force is far more formidable than it was during WWII. The difference being the political will back in Washington is squeamish about photos of flag wrapped caskets not to mention enemy casualties so it prefers its war quick and as bloodless as possible. But when Americans soldiers are pushed to the fore as in the civil war of 2005-(quite a few friends of mine who served described it as hellish as compared to operation desert storm 1991 or Vietnam where an older gentleman had served) and having been to Iraq and met with the troops, I can attest to the same.

      I believe that Tamil republic will be able to defend itself against an invader if adequately prepared, if their brethren LTTE are any indication. But I ask -at what cost?Even if you are victorious, your entire economy will be ruined,perhaps millions dead, infrastructure destroyed, And you may have to go hat in hand to India asking a Marshall plan of sorts. And it may well require a reintegration with the union as a condition for the monies. So you are back to square one!
      It seems to be that Indians are less regional than ever before. I remember when my father used to work as a civil engineer for the defense industry, some of his colleagues would snide remarks about him being a "madrasi" . Though oddly he never got this treatment when he was stationed in Kashmir, Punjab ,Darjeeling or Gujarat.
      Even then regionalism was restricted to certain specimens and now I don't really see any anti south/Anti Tamil prejudice amongst the north.
      Yes there is the skin color issue but that applies to all dark skinned communities.

    108. This comment has been removed by the author.

    109. I forgot to mention TN does have a mountainous region in the Kongu Nadu /Western ghats area ,also the northern area has the Tirupati mountains.
      Interestingly the most effective guerilla defence was given by Sundara Pandya in the more flat Pandya region where he repeatedly frustrated and outwitted Malik Kafur's army.

    110. @ Sagar

      First of all we are talking from purely different angles bro :) Hence so much difference in our opinions .However your last response cleared up everything.I was considering a full-fledged Chinese invasion on independent TN republic.You are considering the aftermath.That's the basic difference.

      @ YSV

      "US military today as a purely volunteer force is far more formidable than it was during WWII." - I was telling the same thing to Sagar.A well organised mechanised army of a few lakhs is a better way of defending than 10 times more that number of civilians trying to defend their homes :)

      "I believe that Tamil republic will be able to defend itself against an invader if adequately prepared, if their brethren LTTE are any indication." - First of all I don't doubt the resilience of Tamils at all.My point was specifically on the point of an invasion by a strong nation like China.Ofcourse you would agree that Prabhakaran would have got his ass whipped up had he faced the determined onslaught of a modernised army with a dedicated aerial power and flurry of cruise missiles.Whatever you say,I don't think Saddam Hussain or Prabhakaran can stand infront of this.It is about credible deterrence and not guerilla tactics used by small-scale forces.And an independent TN republic,I believe,will take half a century at the least to build the kind of defence infrastructure than Indian govt has at present.As you said,even if by God's grace they survive the war ,their economy and nation would be in ruins,and it would all come back to the same old point.However if they remain a part of the Union govt of India,a whole defence setup of a large nation is ready to defend them in the probable case of a Chinese onslaught.

      "Those with Aks and other implements regrouped later as Sagar pointed it and wrecked havoc on Americans" - Here I agree with Sagar and you,but isn't this a kind of postmortem ?anyway I believe USA had some political considerations also which prevented them from unleashing brute force,but China would have none in my views.

    111. @ YSV

      "I forgot to mention TN does have a mountainous region in the Kongu Nadu /Western ghats area" - How much strategic advantage would it give in a modern warfare?I am sceptical about guerilla tactics.You can say that Maoists are ruling Chattisgarh jungles with guerilla tactics,but that is because the govt doesnt have the will to give a brutal blow to them with the help of Indian airforce and Indian army.It seems to me that (probably for political reasons) the govts are more willing to let them linger on.While I dislike Mamata Banerjee very much,I would not forget her strong decision to eliminate Kishenji as soon as she came to power.Atleast she didn't allow the maoists and Asansol coal field mafia to linger on forever.She reduced both of them to almost zero but eliminating the kingpins.And she did this with the state polics and companies of crpf.However this alone would not help TMC in securing my vote in coming elections,because they have done many other unforgivable things :) But my vote wouldnt matter to them much :) Anyway coming back to the point, I would say that Maoists and Prabhakaran type fighters would be extinct in 4 weeks if you bring aerial support from even the present Indian Air Force(I am leaving out China or Russia or USA).

    112. Pure guerrilla warfare has nothing to do with defence or offence.

      Its primary purpose is to ensure that invader cannot build his control on conquered land and to make the occupation so much costly in terms of men, material and morale that invaders are forced to quit.

      This is what happened in Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam.

      Does it give strategic advantage in conventional war?

      Yes. When it is done as part of a conventional military operation in your home territory.

      German army in Soviet Union was trapped had to fight partisans in rear and that meant Red Army had to face less number of Germans. Partisans also caused gigantic logistical problem to Wehrmacht.

      Same happened when Napoleon invaded Russia.

      Closer to home, Aurangzeb lost Maratha War because greater part of Mughal army had to be deployed to fight insurgents who threatened to disrupt Mughal logistics in rear.

    113. Use of brute force in dealing with insurgency works only when -

      1. Area and population of the insurgency torn area is small
      2. People are largely unarmed and have no access to foreign help.

      Nazis used brute force in Yugoslavia and Soviet Union in dealing with partisans but without much success. Only thing brutality done was to drive even fence sitters into ranks of partisans.

      Air-force works only when enemy is visible and present in large formations. Guerrillas disguise themselves and are scattered all over the area. They fight in coordinated large scale action only when there is chance of decisive success. Otherwise, fighting is so anarchic and such a hide and seek game that heavy equipment is of no use.

    114. @ Sagar

      As I said ,Hitler was a fool to attack Soviet.This is exactly why I disagree with Iniyavel when he says that India would fall like pieces infront of PLA of China.India has built enough deterrence to give a lethal punch to PLA.Now on the point of guerilla warfare,the enemy of today(considering China attacks Tamil republic) would ensure that much of your strength and manpower is lost with missiles,cannons,tanks,air power and whatever else there is.Only then would they start a territorial annexation.Armies of the past didnt have this advantage of long-range firepower.Hence the massive success of guerilla tactics in the past.This is my point.See in Kargil Pak infiltrators had a massive strategic advantage with a full-fledged communication line for logistics.Still they had to retreat,only because of the howitzers used by Indian army.

      "Air-force works only when enemy is visible and present in large formations. " - You are telling about the airforce of 2nd word war :) Modern air force is equipped with missiles and BVR combat.anyway I agree with you that guerilla tactics would be a big headache for any army even today,particularly if you bring the whole population.But that might also amount to massive genocide.And it is not about arming the population alone,it is also about sustaining ammo.Ultimately as YSV said,all it would do is finish your economy .

      "Otherwise, fighting is so anarchic and such a hide and seek game that heavy equipment is of no use." - Modern armies are trained to fight guerilla tactics.Yeah I do agree that guerilla is the last weapon for the weaker army,but there are too many things to be considered that have changed from the ancient and medieval ages to modern mechanised warfare.

    115. @ysv

      What has happened since 1991 is that the Indian economy has been liberalised and the media now has runaway freedom. The Indian govt like most govts has been telling people what to do since 1947 but now people are paying less attention. The government is ruthless only to the extent that it has to crush credible threats to safety of the Indian people.

    116. @JAM

      You are saying that a armed force of a weak party will wait for a stronger party to attack, then face them in battle and then run away?

      No - Weaklings will go underground the moment they sense the stronger ones are planning to attack.

      That is how Baathist leadership and Iraqi military officer corp survived American onslaught. Americans bombed military installations --- but valuable crack units, entire officer corp and whole stocks of arms and ammunition had vanished much before Americans started air bombardment.

    117. A people under foreign rule will decay and perish eventually. So if they can drive out the invader at cost of --- lets say nearly 40 percent of their own people dead, then its worth it.

      Freedom and self respect is like oxygen for a people. If they dont have it, the will die like a fish put out of water.

      Massive success of guerrilla tactics is a reality today.

      Americans have the strongest air-force and biggest stocks of missiles. But that did not help them much in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    118. Armies of pre-modern time lacked air-force, but they used raiding cavalry to soften the enemy before main battle. Raiding cavalry will loot and burn vast swathes of enemy territory in order to deprive him of food and to disrupt his communications and transport.

    119. What will happen if enemy uses weapons of mass destruction?

      Then we all will be dead - No need to think about anything.

      What will happen if masses of a conquered land has neither weapons nor ability to fight (also no chance of acquiring weapons and acquiring war training??)?

      Best thing then is to keep quiet and hope that things will change for better and silently prepare an underground army to strike at auspicious moment --- like Polish resistance during WW2.

      What if the enemy is determined to exterminate the whole conquered unarmed population?

      Then you should leave the country or commit suicide.

    120. After reflecting on various views of myself JAM, YSV, Prem and Iniyavel, my conclusion is that ----

      Safety of nation needs a big heavily armed military force. We should have a huge manufacturing base and technological self reliance.

      Masses must be united ideologically, should be trained in war, must have wide spread possession of modern arms.

      We should have a good intelligence network inside and outside country.

      But most importantly,

      We should have a wise political leadership.

      If we read history, defeats and victories always went to the side which had better political wisdom. I am not saying that we should not pay attention to military, but weapons and wars are only means through which we advance our political objectives.

      Germany had the strongest army but was defeated in both world wars - due to political ineptitude.

    121. @ Sagar

      "Safety of nation needs a big heavily armed military force. We should have a huge manufacturing base and technological self reliance." - This is the exact point I was trying to make.People feel insecure of a CHinese army attack even with the present status of Indian defence establishment.How will they feel secure if they are to build everything from scratch,like in case of the hypothetical independent TN?

      "We should have a wise political leadership." - I would put the highest weightage on this particular point.

      " I am not saying that we should not pay attention to military," - Military might would give you a sense of security and backbone in the international arena.And my view is that an independent state republic which separates from Indian union,will take a minimum of 5 to 6 decades to build even a minimum deterrence,leave alone a credible one,like Indian army has built at present.

      "What if the enemy is determined to exterminate the whole conquered unarmed population?" - This was the worst possibility I was hinting,and if I were China,then an independent TN would be an easy bet for me :) Capturing TN would also help me in gaining land encirclement and strategic dominance over India.

    122. @ Sagar

      "Americans have the strongest air-force and biggest stocks of missiles." - Did they use a fullfledged lethal attack in Iraq or Afghanistan?As far as I know USA had some home political bindings also on this issue.But I believe China would not have such restrictions.

    123. War is an extension of politics. This is true in the era of Chanakya and Sun Tzu as it is the era of Machiavelli and Clauswtiz and thereafter.

      War is simply an operation to achieve political objectives and impose your will on your enemies. If it is not clearly defined what your mission is and is every expanding and changing(mission creep) , then you have Vietnam, Iraq 2003 and Afghanistan or in the case of India- the Sri Lankan intervention.

      Have a clear set of objectives and parameters when initiating hostilities otherwise don't do it.

    124. @Son Mars Mother Earth
      I don't think your "feku" has ordered temples to declare their gold. The person who did that was raghuram rajan, RBI chief.

    125. @ edgardo

      You are spot on.This is the problem with half truths of Capt vadakayil.

      @ Iniyavel

      I completely overlooked that point of yours .Firstly it was a request and not order.Raghuram Rajan's logic is that if govt keeps the gold in its reserve,it will be better for the Indian currency.The original idea was not a bad one even for the nation,unless you bring sinister Rothschild theories of gold robbery.The gold lying in vaults of temples is of no use to the nation's economy,but if it were in the reserve of RBI and govt,currency would have got a boost.Try to look into a thing with proper perspective before you jump into conclusions .

    126. Let me share some observations of mine with all of you.

      Fake secularist political philosophy which had origin in late 1910's and early 1920's had declared that Hinduism is not the basis of Indian nation.

      But we know the truth that basis of Indian nationhood is Hindu faith.

      Remove Hindu faith and you have no Indian nation.

      But decades of secular propaganda by Congress since 1920 have effectively de-legitimized Hinduism as a political ideal.

      What effect did that have in Tamil Nadu? Hindu religion was declared pest and now what?

      As I said before, "No Hinduism, No India". Once atheism became dominant idea in Tamil political and intellectual circles, pan-Indian sentiment automatically vanished. Instead, Tamil linguistic nationalism became the reigning ideal.

      You may ask why Tamil style linguistic nationalism was not emulated in rest of India.

      Answer is that rest of India had tacitly accepted what we can call as "HINDI"ANIZATION. But Tamils have not.

    127. But it must be added that majority of Tamil masses remained quite skeptical about an independent Tamil Nadu right up to this day.

      After 1962 War with China, secessionism decline in popularity.

      Not only that, pan-Indian ideal is not yet dead either --- I guess that is because atheism have not yet made deep inroad into psyche of Tamil masses.

      No wonder that Tamils in South East Asia was the largest group that formed Netaji's INA and many donated their wealth to INA and volunteered to fight for Indian independence.

      I have read some where that Tamil Nadu has the largest number of statues, parks and roads named after Netaji outside Bengal.

    128. This comment has been removed by the author.

    129. @ Iniyavel

      It is so strange and rather funny that followers and ex-followers of Capt group people disagreeing with them as anti-nationals so easily.On your point of payment,I would like to hint that I have not received any amount as of now.You might be having undercover agents in chinese syndicates,as you came to know that I am a member.So I would request you to give a written application to my boss(whoever he is you might know better) that my dues be cleared ASAP.

      "You literally are talking like even if they don't want to come over, you would force them to war on us! " - When did I talk like that?I was the one who was trying to question the defensive preparedness and deterrence of a hypothetical independent TN,and I was the one who was glorifying the Indian defence establishment and its resolution to protect TN from a Chinese attack inspite of their backlogs in some depts.

      Iniyavel before you put so radical views atleast know the whole story.RBI would pay the temples the same amount in cash which the latter would be willing to give away to govt of India.
      From your answer I get a feeling that you don't have a clear idea about what gold reserve of a nation is and how it boosts the economy.Hence you are coming to wild conclusions that some sinister being would rob away India's gold.
      You can blame Rajan as much as you like,but here he spoke purely from economic POV and nothing else.I hold a neutral opinion on this issue.But Iniyavel you need not worry.Modi will not try to snatch off gold from temples under the instructions of Rothschild(according to your wild dreams),because it has deep religious sentiments associated with it.Unless a particular temple is willing on its own to give gold in return of cash,Modi will not dare to use any force on this.Vote Banks matter.

      Lastly for your info,Somnath temple became an easy target for Islamic invaders as the gold was stored in huge volumes inside the temples.

    130. @ Sagar

      "No wonder that Tamils in South East Asia was the largest group that formed Netaji's INA and many donated their wealth to INA and volunteered to fight for Indian independence." - YSV had hinted this point to me before.Tamil Hindus were probably the second largest group in Azad Hind fauz after Muslims.
      Nehru made Hindi as the unofficial national language by plagiarising Netaji's idea of "one nation,one people,one language and one attire(khadi)".No wonder that capt,being a plagiariser himself, loves Chacha ji so much.Anyway coming back to the point,Nehru didnt have the personality of Netaji with which he could have convinced Indians to take up Hindi as one of the languages.Infact very few people know that netaji disliked the idea of imposing a bengali song as national anthem over the whole nation.He had translated our national anthem to Hindi,and it feels even more patriotic one than the original bengali one by Tagore.Here you can read it

      You all might disagree with me but Hindi is the only language which can be termed a national language.It is the mother tongue of 42 crore people and more than 80% of the Indian population understand Hindi.When I speak for Hindi,I do not wish even for a moment that all other languages be subdued.My sole point is that Hindi is the only language that is truly pan-india,apart from english.

    131. @ JAM

      As it now stands, the government of India doesn't have a great track in transparency and accountability when it come to taxpayer monies. I don't see why all of a sudden we should start trusting it with our temple gold.
      Of course in an ideal world, all this gold would surely strengthen our currency and propel our economy. But what is the guarantee that a great deal will not be misappropriated through the sticky fingers of various beureaucrats?

      I would say Somnath was more tempting than easy target. Even Marathas would plunder temples to take their gold. On one occasion Tipu Sultan decried this in a letter to the Shringeri Math most likely because he wanted to placate the Hindus in Karnataka(his base), never mind those in Kerala who he massacred. And based on this single instance, the secularists jumped up and down shrieking that was he not an Islamic bigot

      Also one of the reasons Somnath was targeted was because it was considered a sister city to Kaaba in the pre Islamic era and it was believed that two pagan Arab goddesses fled from Kaaba on the onslaught on Mohammad's iconoclasm and took refuge there.
      Anyway that was the Islamic belief, I am not sure what Hindus at the time made of it.
      Ghazni et al therefore wanted to destroy Somnath as he saw it as completing Mohammads unfinished business.

    132. @ Sagar

      Hindi ization never bothered me much as it is an aspect of Ganga Yamuna culture which defined Indian civilization from its inception.

      We had Telugu, Urdu and Hindi side by side in AP ,now Telengana I suppose and there was no harm done to Telugu but it grew by leaps and bounds. Only under the last two Nizams was there discrimination against Telugus, otherwise it was patronized by the Qutb Shahis.

      I believe Tamils are being a bit paranoid about Hindi.

    133. @ YSV

      "As it now stands, the government of India doesn't have a great track in transparency and accountability when it come to taxpayer monies. I don't see why all of a sudden we should start trusting it with our temple gold." -This is a valid economic point you have made.Iniyavel was hinting at conspiracy theories on Raghuram Rajan,hence I protested.

      When I mentioned Somnath temple issue,my point was to highlight the fact that temple plundering has been done by both Indians and foreigners in the past.So bashing Rajan for religious reasons is a wrong way to tread,in my views.This is the point where I differ with Iniyavel.

    134. @Sagar

      "But we know the truth that basis of Indian nationhood is Hindu faith."

      Faith as a central point of life is alien to Hinduism. In Hinduism (as in Judaism), Dharma (or good actions) is considered more important. Of course, the faith component is there like all religions but faith for the sake of it is the MO of Christianity and Islam. The idea of Hindu "faith" is a bit of a holdover from the colonial Brits who wanted to understand all world religions in their terms and were encouraged by the faith-centrism of Islam just like Christianity. That said, I agree that the majority religion of India should be given its due respect.

      "You may ask why Tamil style linguistic nationalism was not emulated in rest of India."

      You are partly right, but I need to point out that there is indeed a level of uniqueness to Tamil literature that has contributed to the separatist trend.

      "Not only that, pan-Indian ideal is not yet dead either --- I guess that is because atheism have not yet made deep inroad into psyche of Tamil masses."

      Atheism has made no dent on the Tamil masses at all. If anything, superstition has only happily flourished in the recent years more than the rest of the nation. But if you think religiosity will unite the Tamils with rest of India, you are wrong. Look at SMME.

    135. This comment has been removed by the author.

    136. @Son Mars Mother Earth
      "Raghuram Rajan is an Iyengar, and they inherently have fear of God etched into their DNA. They dare not swindle Temple wealth. Meanwhile, Feku?"
      Don't u see a tinge of racism in that comment? It sounds like: "Feku" is a f@#$ing gujju so he doesn't care about temple gold.
      I bet Modi is a devout Hindu(RSS background,etc.), whereas Rajan is probably an agnostic/atheist. For Modi to request temples to declare their gold would be political suicide, as most of his voters are hindus.
      btw, just because rajan is an Iyengar by blood, doesn't mean he can't make such statements. The guy is firstly an economist and as an RBI chief, he will make statements regarding economics.

    137. This comment has been removed by the author.

    138. This comment has been removed by the author.

    139. @ Iniyavel

      7 will surely increase in future.YSV has a unique quality of his own which will surely attract serious folks.

      On the PK episode,I would like to remind you that post the release of PK,Leela Samson and almost all the congress stooges had to move out of Censor board.Did you notice that or do you read half baked news only?Now do you understand where the Modi-Amit Shah had hit?The supreme court didnt raise objections to the movie,so if Modi had tried to bulldoze the opinion,he would have handed over another political outcry against BJP .

      You read only the release of Masarat Alam(though he has been re-arrested now).What you do not notice is the fact that the J& K govt has introduced schemes for the benefit of displaced Kashmiri Pandit families.3000 extra govt posts have been created to give job to one member of 3000 displaced pandit families .All this is possible because BJP is part of the J&K govt.Recently Mufti announced that his govt will be dedicated solely to the betterment of the Kashmiri Hindus.Whose influence do you think prevails behind this announcement of Mufti?Rothschild or Capt ?

      Iniyavel I read the link you had shared from TOI.Now just because OM would be dropped from yoga practice,that also in govt propaganda on yoga,makes you jump off the couch.You would not bother to think a little more,ie,many bigots of other religions might reject yoga if it comes with a mantra of Sanatan Dharma.Which is better-sticking to OM chant or spreading yoga,that would actually increase the respect of Sanatan DHarma worldwide through the spread of yoga(since yoga can cure many diseases)?

    140. I thought PK was balanced since it took on all religions and not just Hinduism. But it is a bollywood masala movie and did not discuss this serious issue properly.

      @JAM and SMME

      Just look at this. Whether you get angry or laugh until you get a stomach ache depends on you LOL.

    141. @ PremChand

      Here I would have to agree with Iniyavel :) PK was far from balanced,it was mostly hindu bashing.I can guarantee that a movie which would have bashed Islam or christianity on a similar scale would have faced court warrant,if not censor board's slamming.

      Premchand The link was hilarious :) An yoga practitioner saying that yoga leads you away from God.Ofcourse this is the same kind of bigotry with which christians say Jesus is the lord of all lords :)

    142. This comment has been removed by the author.

    143. This comment has been removed by the author.

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    147. The Praise Moves folks are nothing to loose sleep over. They are not taken seriously in the West.

    148. This comment has been removed by the author.

    149. I think Koenraad Elst covered Christian objections to yoga many years ago. I believe the Vatican stopped even the practice of hatha yoga amongst its clergy in the fear that it would lead to the religious aspect of yoga- gnana and bhakti yoga.

      After all if you can attain moksha by yourself, then why do you need Jesus? This to Christians is heresy.

      The US government promotes evangelization under very limited circumstances. The most recent I can think of is during the cold war during Nicaragua in order to combat leftist leaning Liberation Theology church which was allied with the contras.

      The U.S constitution forbids government sponsoring any religion. And Christians within U.S are often persecuted by government dictates over their opposition to abortion, birth control gay marriage etc

      Raghuram Rajan is Ok with me since he is of the U Chicago school of economists as opposed to usually Keynesian Harvard Yale cabal.

      He is skeptical of both Greenspan and Krugman! And finally a supply side economist after so many years rather a central bank tinkerer.What a breath of fresh air

      He is what India needs.
      Yes he is what India needs

      He doesn't seem very religious just as many Brahmins arent, I don't think he is think of that aspect of the temple gold at all.

    150. The proportion of Christians in TN is much of higher than that of Andhra. I am not aware of any non crowded temples!

      I find pretty much every ethnic group to behave in the same manner in temples. They all jostle and push about during the darshana of the main murthi in the inner most sanctum

      But everyone is relaxed thereafter!

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  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. STOP PRESS!

      I would say that Vadakayil is a closet gay himself!

      Iniyavel in the future please issue a warning with regard to sites with such content...I almost threw up...:(

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. @ Prem Chand

      Modi seems to be a tad smart to fall whole heartedly for the RSS's lame socio economic agenda.
      His experience in governing a state with an entrepreneurial bent like Gujarat surely taught him otherwise.
      However in 2002 , during the riots, he was torn between his loyalty to the RSS who engaged in rioting against Muslims and his pragmatism in maintaining law and order. And hence his indecision led to many deaths.

      I believe the Bohri community inspite of it remained a strong supporter of Modi due to his economic views

      As for his neglecting the pro Hindu platform on election, why should be a surprise? This has the DNA of BJP from day 1. Heck day 0, they wanted to milk the Ram janmabhoomi movement as much as possible and the leadership didn't lift a finger to demolish Babri masjid. PV Narasimha Rao called their bluff and did nothing when passions went out of control and the hammers carried by karsevaks had now more than merely symbolic value.

    5. @ysv

      Not sure exactly to which comment this is a response :)

  5. @ysv_rao lol. and he says that even 9 year old girls read his blogs. When he knows that kids visit his blogs, how could he not put any warnings before displaying those pics?

    1. So for 9 year olds he uses bitch and such other words :) Whatever it is ,it's not Indian culture :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. YSV, JAM & Iniyavel: I just checked the link today and it's totally disgusting. How can he post such pics and content? In blogger settings, I believe, there is an option where you have to specify whether your content qualifies as adult or not. Obviously our capt. hasn't seen it. Forget about 9 year old girls, as Iniyavel said his content is not safe for adults also.

      If many people flag his blog for adult content, his blog can be taken off by blogger. How can he afford to take such risks when his massive ego is entirely dependent on the popularity of his blog and the sycophancy of his minions. He will be heart-broken if his blog is removed!

      And JAM did you read how he was bragging about his profile views once again vis-à-vis the TOI. He thinks he's more popular than TOI on the basis of G+ profile views.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. @ Anu

      YSV was right all the time.Capt probably needs an involuntary visit to the mental hospital :) Thank god I am no more his avid reader !

      I repeat(for Capt and his minions) "ONLY FOOLS AND LIARS WILL BRAG ABOUT GOOGLE PLUS VIEWS :) " Anyway I dont have a problem if capt goes on saying that.The problem is that he tries to demean many past heroes of all states except Kerala.Another strange thing which YSV had first brought to my notice is that Capt always attacks past Hindu icons.He rarely criticises Muslim personalities and rather directs his attacks on Jews.There is something very strange about him,I think he is a paid hasbara working on behalf or Rothschild to destroy Indian history.Previously I used to worry that many readers follow his blog(I believed his stupid claim) and they would get biased knowledge of history.But now I know for certain that he doesnt have as many readers as he brags about,as his alexa rankings are from from encouraging :)

      Anyway let his family take more care of him :P That's all I can say for now

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Iniyavel actually YSV first hinted this point to me,ie,capt's bias or fear for muslims .So I cant take the credit here :)

      I am saying this with full confidence ,YSV's blog has far more enriching discussions than Capt's blog even though the latter's minions might outnumber us 3 to 1 (I dont think it will be more than that :) ) .And I also doubt that some of the profiles which appear to support Capt in his blog and in other places are his own creations,ie,they are not real persons.I got this feeling after reading the comments of two or three such profiles in multiple places like TOI comments section etc.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. Ofcourse I am not saying all accounts are fake :) Most accounts have a distinct writing style of their own which tells they come from different persons.But I have also seen a few ,maybe three or four ,accounts which seem to be the creations of capt himself.IT is just my perception and nothing else :)

      A real man will show his alexa and google analytics stats without any photoshopping of snapshots :) Capt does not walk that way.He shouts about his google plus views like kindergartners :)

    10. Infact when I had started supporting YSV in this blog last year ,one of the Capt followers even accused YSV that I am one of his own accounts :) If this logic can be applied to YSV,then why not Capt :P ? after all capt is an avid supporter of communism which promotes equality among all !

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    12. Iniyavel, I didn't hint that we all should flag capt. blog. I wouldn't want to deprive a poor old retired guy his only hobby that gives him so much self-gratification. But other people might report it, that's what I meant to say.

      Interesting that you mention about fake accounts JAM. But I believe capt. does have good traffic, though not as much as he brags. If his blog crosses 2 million pageviews every hour, why doesn't he display a stat counter like Ravinar; blogger has a provision for that!

      True, he never utters a word against muslim personalities. YSV is absolutely right here. Also I seriously doubt if he has learnt Kalari; all those are his vain boasts, I think. YSV suspects that he is a coward and I too think so. If he gets into a fight with anyone, he always says that he will send his minions to fight them as if those keyboard warriors are of any use. Before he had those minions, he would threaten others by saying that he would send his shipmates. I've never seen him saying that he will deal with them himself.

    13. @ I dont doubt capt has good traffic.I only hinted that it's 15000 ranks behind other sites in terms of traffic,even within India :) (alexa ranks ) So if popularity is the cornerstone,then I should follow the first 10 sites according to alexa and not Capt.And whatever traffic he get,he doesnt get a large number of distinct commenters,even if I assume that all profiles are genuine and comes from different persons.I am pretty sure of that.

    14. @ Anu

      like you I also doubt whether Capt has learnt Kalari.My suspicion increased from some minor points in capt's article on Kalari and his discussions in the comments section.And while he glorifies suryanamaskar extensively(something which even I support),he doesnt have a figure that shows suryanamaskar practice in any way :)

    15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    16. I don't think flagging the Capt is wrong considering the amount of hatred and lies that he propagates among Indian youth. He is a bad influence that needs to be removed and replaced with saner idealogues.

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    18. Iniyavel while your analysis of Muslim brain configuration is very passionate ,it is still incorrect and way off the mark :) The basic law of gravitational pull is that both bodies must have sufficient mass to experience the a substantial force.Oceans swell up because of the large mass of water they hold.Moon doesnt have so large a gravity that it will affect the water content of our bodies.This is also because the mass of water in our brains can be a few kg at best.It is not possible for the moon to impact just a few kilos of mass(going by newtons law of gravitation).gravitational effect of earth is far higher than moon in case of smaller masses.Moon can in no way overcome this .As oceans and rivers have large water masses and are fluid in nature,it affects them but only to a small extent.In case of tides earth's own rotation and the sun's gravity also plays a role.Most people overlook this and say that only moon causes tides.
      However even after trying to give a rebuttal to your theory on Islam brains ,I would like to mention that both sun and moon might have a spiritual impact on human soul.But I think it is positive in case of both of them.

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    21. I dont think moon has any negative influence on us.If it had,then I fail to understand how human brain evolved after withstanding so long an exposure of the moon through the ages of evolution.Infact the scorching heat of the midday sun,in my views,is far more damaging to our system than the moon will ever be.

      The negativity of Muslims is because of many socio-political reasons and it has little to do with moon.

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    23. I don't think flagging the Capt is wrong considering the amount of hatred and lies that he propagates among Indian youth. I think Prem Chand has a point. What do you think, JAM? BTW, check this out.

    24. @ Anu

      This is something I didnt know about before.Considering the amount of venom capt spews on icons of all states except Kerala,he should be flagged.Someone might even flag him in the near future.It might be the 9 year old girls who read his blog !

    25. @ Iniyavel

      In case you are thinking that sanatan dharma has nothing positive about the moon,I would like to remind you that in the name of Lord Rama ,Ra stands for sun and Ma for moon.Infact it might not be a coincidence at all that the Egyptian Sun god is also named Ra.Probably this is why Ra is known as the Agnibeeja and Ma is known as Amrita Beeja in Lord Rama's name.Iniyavel there's another mantra known as Chandra Beeja Mantra in Sanatan Dharma which draws the postive power of moon god in human life.So as I said the moon is not all bad from the views of Sanatan Dharma.

    26. JAM, Lord Shiva has the moon in his locks. If the hooded snake around His neck signifies raised Kundalini what does the moon signify?

      I too cannot understand Iniyavel's logic; the moon will have the same effect on all human beings irrespective of whether they pray to him or not. How does he come to a conclusion that moon affects only muslims and not others?

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    28. @ Anu

      When Kundalini rises to the Sahashrar the real Soma(nectar of immortality) starts climbing down the spine (in abrohan phase of Kundalini).This generates a feeling of unmatched bliss ,peace and coolness.So the moon might signify that.This is my opinion and I can be miles away from the reality :)
      Anyway your point is valid.Iniyavel wouldnt accept my points easily :) He might accept your explanation.The moon might create some astrological disturbances but in general it has not been portrayed as bad in Hindu spirituality.

    29. Iniyavel I don't think he has dealt with anyone personally, at least not out of sea. -- You didn't understand what I was trying to convey! I was not talking about his fights as a sailor, I was saying that way back in 2012, when he would get into online squabbles, he didn't have huge traffic nor minions to support him. During that time he used to threaten his opponents saying he will send his shippies to fight them. I faintly remember reading about it in Koenraad Elst's blog, maybe he had threatened 'windwheel' (in vijayanagara negationism, perhaps). But now he threatens with his minions. He always seeks others help even for online spats and never says that he will fight the person himself. So I said I agree with YSV's viewpoint that capt. is a coward and all his bragging as the strongest person in Kerala (or is it the world???) is all bunkum.

    30. JAM, thanks for that explanation. If moon's effects were so bad, why would Lord Shiva give him a place in His matted locks.

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