Thursday, June 28, 2018

Hey captain, your weight lifting form is bloody awful and yes you are cheating

To be fair, the captain looks pretty strong for his age and seems to move around with ease.

That said his claims about ease in lifting weights is bullshit

Just look at his awful form in the link(the videos are after the two cancelled Youtube videos embedded links)

Any weaklings can move around heavy weights in a jerky uncontrolled motion depending on momentum to do the actual work. The tough part is to remain steady and have a controlled, mindful and smooth form and motion.

The captain fails in all fronts. The very fact that his devotees cant see this and admires him for these videos proves that they even more physically useless than him

Rohingyas are not our problem

I find it amazing that the pundit class dont care for their namesake ethnic group Kashmiri Pandits but are shedding copious amount of tears for some people they have barely heard a minute ago.

Kashmiri Pundits are displaced from their own land and are internal refugees in their own country. How about rehabilitating them first? But then that would not earn Girish Karnad and company applause of the smart set abroad.

Amazing things about Indian leftists - for all their anti American /anti imperialist chanting they are quite eager for a pat on the head from the whites

But then Hindutvadis are the same.

Perhaps the country may unite around this sentiment of degrading ourselves in front of foreigners.

Hari Om
Vande Mataram

Reminder : Hindutva firebrand Rajeev Srinivasan defended feudal pedophilia and rape in U.S

Rajeev Srinivasan is a noted and accomplished writer on Innovation and technology given his impressive background from IIT Madras and Silicon Valley. He is also quite anti American, a heavy breathing hyper patriot with overflowing love for Bharatmata and has been spewing venom against any thing American since the mid 1990s. Also he has been residing in San Francisco since then and shows no sign of leaving. But that is too easy , lets leave that for now.

What is interesting was defense of Lakireddy Balireddy in early 2000. A respected entrepreneur in Berkeley(a restauranteur and the largest land owner in the area apart from the University of California) who was convicted of raping and killing an underage girl who kept under lock and chain in an apartment where she suffered untold number of horrors.

Mr. Srinivasans first and immediate response was to chastise those Indian Americans who condemned Balireddy as sellouts who wish to grovel to the white man.

Even as Lakireddy Balireddy confessed to the crimes as part of a plea bargain, all Srinivasan stated in a genteel manner was this.

What was particularly disturbing was when there was no way for him to demean Indian Americans who were revolted and demonized the "white" law enforcement who threw the book at him, he attempted to massage the narrative in this manner

There is also the disturbing thought that these girls may indeed have been 'sold' willingly to Lakireddy -- maybe, being dirt-poor, their alternative would have been to be sold off into Mumbai's red-light district, Kamathipura. The series on Lakireddy's home district brings out the fact that he is a man of substance on home turf. Perhaps in the feudal mindset of the villagers there, offering a young girl to him was a proper and economically rational thing to do? Who knows?

Got that? In other words, never mind the fact that he drugged, raped and killed an underage girl. Why back home they think he is number since he did so many good things like create a really crappy diploma mill of an engineering college. And in gratitude, the villagers offered him a helpless young girl as a token of appreciation. Who was he to say no.If he did, god forbid they would end up as prostitutes in Mumbai .( Apparently those are their only two options)

Those wicked whites and their notions of gender equality, individual rights and liberties and concern for minors are a real impediment to the good works of tthis hapless gentleman who trying to provide employment to nubile teenage girls in the land of opportunity. It is not his fault they have no other skills besides sex!

And then follows it up with this gem

But at the end of the day, I fear there is an element of "Whatever will the Americans think of us model-minority Indian-Americans? We must denounce this man just in case the Americans think we are all sex-criminals. See, we are not like him." Fie on that sentiment, I say! Let us worry about the reality, not what someone else may think.

Actually Rajeev you must denounce because he IS a sex criminal and that is the right thing to do. You like Vadakayil in claiming to not give a crap about the white mans views on India are simply projecting and seem to be obsessed with the opinions of white Americans and interject them where they are least bothered. Rather than finding common ground between Indian Americans and the larger majority in improving society by removing a criminal element, Rajeev wants to go the black and OJ Simpson route by defending an obvious evil simply to stick it to the white man.

This is why extreme nationalism is dangerous and amoral: in the name of race, culture ,ethnicity and other determinants of a nation, people are willing to defend, rationalize and justify all sorts of evils just to spite the world

How this is any different from Muslims supporting suicide bombings, female genital mutilations, marital rape, shariah law among other regressive customs is beyond me.

Unlike Hindutvadis, I dont see the wisdom of creating our Taliban to counter theirs. But then again we dont counter theirs do we. Say what you want about Muslim radicals ,at least they are willing to go to foreign countries, face danger and fight their causes no matter how wicked they may be.

So do Christian citizens from Europe and U.S who went to fight ISIS in Iraq

Meanwhile number of Hindutvadis who went to fight

1) Taliban in neighboring Afghanistan ,Pakistan=0

2) Al Qaeda in neighboring Afghanistan=0

3) Al Qaeda in Iraq=0

4) ISIS in Iraq=0

5) Sinhala Buddhist thugs in Sri Lanka=0

6) Burma where Hindus were disenfranchised and looted=0

7) Bhutan which ethnically cleansed over 50000 Hindus=0

I could go on but it wouldnt make any differences as Hindutvadis lack any kind of shame or dignity.

Or dont they? The arm chair psychologist in me thinks that Hindutvadis are ashamed of their impotency and lack of stature abroad and engaging in feudal backward customs are a form of self sabotage.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Vadakayil's hero Vladimir Putin persecuting Hindus

Russia's war on religious minorities

While the Russian Orthodox church has a great old world charm because unlike Catholicism which has surrendered much of its mystique to modernity, it keeps alive ancient customs such as  its rich tradition of choirs which formed the basis of the Red Army choir These inspired many a Russian patriot to smash the Nazis and later stare down NATO for sake of mother Russia.

It would seem odd that during the Cold War , Russian Orthodoxy wouldnt have much to say on atheistic mores of the Soviets. Indeed Lenin and Stalin systematically obliterated much of Russian Orthodox structures and culture. But in the post war years, it was regarded as neccesary evil as too many were attached to the old ways. It was indeed not the Russian Orthodox church but Protestants and the Catholics represented by NATO who fought the battle of ideas in defense of religion and liberty and ultimately brought down the Soviet Union.
The Russian Orthodox church was notoriously corrupt even by pre Reformation Church standards and had no qualms about allying themselves with whichever cruel czar or even Mongols and Tatars as long the institution itself was not harmed. This stems from a combination of naked and sociopathic self interest and fatalism where they believe that it is not upto man to affect political change but God.

Like many things associated with pre Soviet era, the Russian Orthodox have benefited from a resurgence of interest from the Russian populace as a standard bearer of Russian nationalism and cultural identity in the face of Islamic terrorism and social chaos and degradation during the Yelstin years and beyond.

Vladmir Putin as referenced in the cartoonish parody in the TV series House of Cards himself is not a true believer in socio cultural matters he espouses- for instance he doesnt really care whether someone wants to be gay or straight. A KGB operative most likely views religion useful for certain social and political goals. And he doesnt care for homosexuality as thats a vice that a country with a low birth rate cant afford. Same goes for excessive alcohol intake which undermines productivity.He even managed to bamboozle the evangelical George W. Bush into believe he was a religious man and offered him a crucifix which his mother owned as something very dear to him.  In reality he cares about the Russian Orthodoxy to the extant that it is important to his populace. There is no reason to believe he harbors any hostile prejudice to any religion in particular besides Islam and to a lesser extant Judaism.

He most likely views Hinduism through the lens of yoga and Bollywood , an interesting and exotic but ultimately harmless distraction for his Bollywood crazy subjects.

The Russian Orthodox church OTOH sees this creeping encroachment of soft power as potentially dangerous to their own hold on their adherents. I personally dont think Russians are likely to mass convert to Hinduism any time soon but Russian Orthodoxy' secret to survival is its paranoia and millenium old ability to elbow out any competitors.

Just as pragmatic Modi's heart isnt in gauraksha ,Hindu Muslim rioting or other anti social activities, there are other powers that restrain and control .Similarly Putin may have no issue with Hindus but he will persecute them if the situation demands as the relation between the President of Russia and the Orthodoxy is similar to that of Brahmins and Kshatriyas.

I suppose the captain will now complain that the Russian Orthodox which harbors a pre modern dark and intense anti Semitism is secretly a Rothschild cabal out to eliminate Sanatana Dharma in the land of "Rishi Varsha"

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Donald Trump is correct about "shithole" countries: Sorry India that includes you

Firstly there is no evidence that President Trump ever mentioned that specific word with reference to citizens of less than desirable countries wishing to move to U.S. It was actually recounted by Senator Dick Durbin who has a rich history of attributing false quotes to his political adversaries.

Even so, it is worth discussing why some countries are indeed shitholes. Let us start with the literal take on that word. Yes, India I am looking at you.  India leads the world in public defecation. We are #1 at #2 in the open. If only that was an Olympic sport, atleast here Indian would ahem clean up on the medal tally.

Not far behind is Haiti which was also on the agenda. Haiti has been a hellhole since it had its own French Revolution where its idea of which was rid itself of the French in the most barbaric way possible. And it has headed downhill ever since. For those racist cranks who think it is because they are predominantly of African heritage, let me stop you right there. Haiti shares the island with Dominian Republic which is a rather pleasant place with near first world living conditions and yes these are mostly of African descent as well. Same goes for Barbados.

In the end, it is not about race but cultural values. Haiti simply doesnt possess any desirable ones. And the NGOs not only do they not help but seem to actively loot the country(hello Clinton Foundation). Goddamn, is there anyplace where NGOS actually do any good?

For the sentimental types who quote Emma Lazarus poem at the bottom of the statue of Liberty "give me your poor , your tired huddled masses yearning to be free". It is not clear, she was referring to immigrants at all but rather African American slaves for whom the statue was dedicated. The statue is based on a Roman goddess of Freedom -Liberta.

Indeed excessive immigration from countries such as Mexico, Haiti and parts of Africa which are all unskilled labor actually end up causing resentment and economic stagnation amongst America's native minorities such as African Americans and Hispanics many of whom are blue collar workers.

It seems that the Democrats for whatever reasons have no more use for blacks and seek to replace them wholesale with new voting blocks.

Indeed most immigrants, Indians included are not interested in liberty and freedom at all. They take with the most dysfunctional aspects of their culture along with the more desirables ones. For example Indian Americans have the highest median income of any ethnic group in America including whites(taken as a whole) , also the highest number of advanced degrees. However they are reliable Democrat voters with all the attendant attacks on liberty, free speech, free markets, gun rights, property rights and fondness for redistribution of wealth. In other words the very ideas which attracted them to the country in the first place and guaranteed their success. As if this was not bad enough, they are often shrillest of political activists for the left in the culture wars. This is where cranks like Kshama Sawant and her crusade for raising the minimum wage in Seattle ended up causing massive unemployment for the underclass. Other "brilliant" suggestion she had was that Boeing should reconfigure their factories to make household appliances so as to promote peace or some other crap.

Immigrants from India, China, south East Asia and other poor countries are well represented in social security frauds and scams as well as chain migration which doesnt tend to invite the best but dimwitted and parasitic relatives who otherwise cant make it on their own. And what does this lot do? Yup end up on welfare and mooch off the state.

In the past with limited communication technology, it was very difficult to keep in touch with the motherlands and hence assimilation was really not a choice. And immigration would ebb and flow and government policy was to ensure the gates would open roughly every 40 years.
However since 1965, it has been non stop and with virtually free audio and video communication anywhere in the globe and increased tolerance for cultural practices, there is hardly any attempt at assimiliation at all. Indeed on the contrary, it is amusing that Indians come to America and lecture native born Americans of the greatness of Indian culture and how Americans are lacking in this regard. How exactly do you expect Americans to respond to this condescension? Yes it would go more like "hey if your country is that great, how come it is a literal shithole?" . And the same Indian who badgered American culture from which he benefits immensely will now whine about being a victim of racism.
Indians don't really have a good reputation in U.S when it comes to character traits. They are notorious for their arrogance, racism(towards blacks particularly) and class snobbery.

Chinese have a similar reputation if not worse(there, hyper ventilating Vadakayilist nationalists , are you happy?)
Nigerians on the other hand , tend to be well educated but well mannered and polite. No matter who they talk to , there is always a "Sir, madam, thank you and god bless" present in the conversation.
And they are also cleaner, better dressed and groomed than Indians. And this may shock Indian ladies obsessed with fair skin, but on average Nigerian women are prettier than Indian women and better dressed and put together.  However to be fair, there are some Nigerians with terrible BO and their cuisine is just awful. But then again Im raised on Indian cuisine so Im accustomed to the best (IMO)

It really irritates me when Indians make fun of blacks (whether African , Caribbean or African American) for whatever reason.

For these reasons, an immigration moratorium on both legal and illegal immigration is best for atleast 10 years. A lot of racial resentments and hostility will actually cool down by this point and Americans being regular people will start missing what they dont have and will whole heartedly swing their doors open again at the right time.

It is amazing that many people dont realize that immigration to a country with the largest economy in the world offering the most opportunity is a privilege , not a right.

Indians should realize that and start fixing the shithole of our third world country first so that in the near future, there will be no need for anyone to migrate out anymore. I am skeptical if the Indian union is capable of this. I believe with a European style federation, perhaps Indian states may not achieve the standards of Western Europe but quite possibly Malaysia or Singapore which is not too shabby. Atleast Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, HP,UK, Gujarat and West Bengal can manage.
I am not so sure about the other states such as Rajashtan, Telenganga, Odisa, Chhatisgargh,MP,Jharkahd, Haryana, Punjab , U.P and Bihar.

At this point I dont include Kashmir as that seems a lost cause.

Unless they get their act together, they will remain shitholes.

However this federation is unrealistic in this point as India has considerable national security threats in the form of China and its cats paw Pakistan.

It seems Modi who had a promising start with regard to the economy has ceded his authority to the RSS which engages in useless cultural wars which do no favors to Hinduism. Neither does it do any sort of damage to Islamic supremacism.

Hence India will remain a shithole in the forseeable future.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Nationalism vs Religion Dichotomy: A response to Sagar M

Sagar M countered my arguments with perceptive insights. However I believe he is mistaken.
Rather than respond in comments , I am making a seperate post

YSV: Earlier I esquired as to the supremacy clause of Hindutvadis- is the nation state of India or Hinduism that defines them and which they will choose when push comes to shove?---------------------

Sagar: For Hindutva project, blood, soul and earth are inextricably linked mutually. Our objective is to unite all Hindu peoples into one great Hindu state.

YSV: Yes but at what cost? And what instruments are being used to create this Hindu state. RSS wants us to subordinate Shiva to a 19th century construct Bharatmata inspired by European nationalism. As a Shaivite, to me this is the most obscene blasphemy!

Sagar: Since Hindu religion fosters pan Indian nationalism (read Hindutvavaad) and pan Indian nationalism in turns gives protection to Hindu religion by uniting Hindus, what sense does it makes to ask - “Hindutva or Hinduism”. Hinduism without Hindutva is a toothless defenseless entity.

YSV: Hindutva is one of the other militant strands of Hinduism that popped up in the 18th-20th century. Due to the stature of the founder, it managed to push others aside. In the south there was no Hindutva all these years and Muslims and Christians really dont give any trouble. Apart from some rioting here and there in the old city and some hysteria over silly books like the Da Vinci code.

Sagar: At least you have a Hindu regime ruling at Delhi controlling key States in India. This is the regime which has cut foreign funding to anti-Hindus, cancelled registrations of anti-Hindu NGOs and bankrupted umpteen numbers of anti-Hindu elements by demonetization and is investigating Love Jihad cases for terror links. It may not be perfect, but what is the alternative?

YSV: Absent the cultural effects of the elite education system, any other leader would have had the same approach of Modi. In my view the fact that Modi didn't attend these slave producing factories of Doon and St Xavier's is a plus. Narasimha Rao who spent his youth fighting the Nizam put India on the road map of a superpower and he toppled Babri Masjid. Last time I checked he wasnt a Hindutvaadi- in name anyway.

YSV: Koenraad Elst lays out the case that Hindutvadis are worshipping a false idol of nationalism ,particularly the 19th century European variant based on ethno linguisitic homogeniety which is a bad fit for India.

Sagar: Savarkar has clearly stated that India is nation since the beginning of history. A fact justified by events in ancient history like Indians uniting to fight invaders like Arabs, Huns and Ghaznavids. It was the same feeling to free India from alien savages which spurred Rana Sanga, Shivaji Raje and Baji Rao. He used 19th century European nationalism only as a means for rallying and organizing. His ideas and objectives are entirely rooted in soil and history of India.

YSV:  India was a civilization with a strong ,common religious foundation but not a nation. Let us not confuse the two. Also when Gujara Pratiharas were smashing Arabs, Rashtrakutas were appointing them as governers as used their energies to slaughter Gurjaras. So you see the problem here?

YSV:Savarkar in one of his less than bright moments said this -"one nation, one culture,one language, one religion" which brings us to current day BJP's assault on other modes of Hinduism apart from the safe and sterile Brahmin Vaishya variety which is the composition of leadership.What is lacking is the recognition of Kshatriya and Shudra virtues and all the meat eating , bull fighting and animal sacrifices that come with it. Without these aspects India will remain a hollow shell and slave state for years to come.

Sagar: Savarkar meant Hindu nation, Hindu culture, Hindu language (not English or Urdu) and Hindu religion (not Christianity and Islam). He was not speaking about banning Tamil or Telugu.
As for assault on other modes of Hinduism – if these other modes of Hinduism are not fit to last, then why care for it? Besides, there is no Hindutva project to finish off regional cultures of India except in the minds of conspiracy theorists and rumor mongers.

YSV: When you say that one language and one culture be imposed , undermining other languages is implicit in your argument. Savarkar wasnt too found of diversity as many of those who looked to 19th century nationalism.

Sagar: You need bull fighting, meat eating and animal sacrifice not to become a slave state?????? Facts prove otherwise. Most wrestlers from Haryana are vegetarians. Brahmins from Eastern UP and Bihar who are vegetarians have a rather great martial tradition. After all, did not Shivaji Raje, a five foot five inch vegetarians slay the seven foot tall meat eating Afzal Khan?

YSV:  Most of those wrestlers are Jats who have centuries of meat eating tradition. This vegetarian kick is recent and inspired by yearning to be respectable. They are basically living off the glory of their past genes which will be extinguished soon if they keep up this diet.

I don't know where you got the information that Samrat Shivaji was vegetarian but to my knowledge that is not true.

Sagar: It is mindset that matters most.

YSV: I agree with you here. I personally dont put that much stock in meat eating . But we are talking past each other because we view this issue differently. Vegetarianism as we know it today is an imposition by the non martial people ruling us and we are supposed to imbibe their placid, non confrontational baniya culture. For gods sake Gujaratis worship a form of Krishna called Rannchod, ie Krishna fleeing the battlefield(against Jarasandha and Kalayavana) in order to honor the "fact" that discretion was a better part of valor. Its not a coincidence when running from the battlefield he ended up in Gujarat. Possibly the least martial state in the union!

I personally would not like to torment bulls or eat beef. But fact of the matter is lifestyle choices do count. I heard of pandits in Bengal exhorted youth to slaughter buffaloes in the 1900s because they had become too soft due to British "civilization" and felt that an individual who weeps at hurting animals wouldnt be have any fighting spirit.

In the aftermath of 26/11, Dhanushkodi Sivanandan, the Mumbai SP who finished off the Dawood gang lamented the fact that Indians don't have any killer instinct. Well how can you have a killer instinct if you hesitate to kill anything? Forget fighting wars and terrorism, even many sports commentators said the same about Indian athletes. 

Sagar: Even for meat eating castes like Rajputs and Marathas, meat was never consumed daily. In fact, it was not meat but millets which formed the staple diet of castes who had war like career. The moment consumption of millets fell and rice consumption increased manifold, physical fitness was also affected adversely.

YSV: I agree that meat consumption for soldiers is not practical. Even Romans conquered Europe on a vegetarian diet. They ate the equivalent of jowar and lentils mostly. I also agree that rice is not beneficial. Rice consumption on this level is new and introduced after irrigation reforms by Arthur Cotton.
Karnataka and Kerala have the healthiest and most robust individuals in the south and I suspect it is due to consumption of millets and well beef in Kerala.

Again, vegetarian or not, they have to be part of a culture that revels in warfare and bloodsport , otherwise they might as well be the "komal rajkumari"(delicate princess) of satire.

 YSV: As my readers, I am not overly impressed with the Indian army and I think individual border states(apart from Gujarat and Kashmir) can deal with Pakistan. Well at one point Punjab couldve handled Pakistan single handedly, such was the terror of the Sikhs in the Pakistani mindset that they worked actively to sabotage them through Khalistan and through the drug problem and it has worked . Alas! But no matter, Haryana is there to pick up the slack.----------------------------

Sagar: Biggest mistake made by Indians during last 2000 years was the neglect of frontier areas. How do you expect Border States to fend for themselves without support from rest of India? You say Pakistan is weak? Their regular army is 600,000 strong with same number in reserve thus totaling over a million soldiers. And you are not dealing with Pakistan as a country. They represent an ideology that is inimical to Indian civilization (that is radical Islam) and have support from their Sunni brothers abroad like Saudi Arabia and forces like China. How do you expect small borders states to last in face of such overwhelming threats?

YSV:  Israel which is even smaller than Kerala gave a trashing to multiple adversaries about a 100 times its size. When will we ever learn that numbers really dont mean anything unless backed up by morale, cohesion, training, technology, weapons and coordination.

Arabs had the numbers and incredible "josh" in 1948,1967 and 1973 but none of the other qualities. Israel was so strained for man power than it had to start the war because keeping average Israelis with jobs in the reserves was hurting its economy. But it prevailed because it had all of the above. The Israeli leaders rightly saw excessive ideological bickering among the left and right were harmful and banned most Jewish militias on the eve of independence and integrated them into the Israeli army. They developed the concept of yishuv, which is hard to translate but it is a combination of military, social and ideological cohesion which is future and goal oriented which makes a powerful weapon. You may say the British conquered India despite their disadvantages due to their "yishuv"

Muslims beat us not because of numbers or even bravery (Hindus especially in Rajasthan and south India had hero stones and concept of heaven similar to Islam where apsaras would recieve fallen heros) due to better military organization,horses, armour and weaponry.

The Indian army today is beset with corruption with shoddy equipment, incompetent generals, poor command structure, excessive interference in politicians in the military , using jawans as servant and commandos as personal security. The morale is just terrible. 

Fortunately for India, Pakistan is no great shape militarily either. Though its special forces are superior to ours mostly due to Americans training them extensively.

Once again let us stop fighting battles of the past. There is no boogeyman to the West anymore, the Arab states are a joke militarily. The police forces of Kerala are enough to deal with most of the GCC states. Iran military is overextended and spent and are unable to get the adequate number of recruits. Not to mention they are friendly to India. 
We have nothing but friends in Afghanistan, Turkmenistan,Uzbekistan, except of course for one- stan.
And this bloody stan is blocking our access to these excellent markets and trade routes. How is this acceptable from an economical standpoint. Heck Americans maybe baniyas these days but they have enough Kshatriyatana to smash any obstacle which hinders their economic growth whether the Native American tribes under Andrew Jackson, Southern rebels under Lincoln, the Caribbean under Teddy Roosevelt, the entire colonized world under FDR or pretty much the entire world under Ronald Reagan. And now Trump in China and Mexico.
And we are sitting unable to smash a pipsqueak state like Pakistan and make excuses that this or that country doesnt let us do it when doing so can make us an economic superpower? PATHETIC! And yes I apply this description to serial hugger baniya Gujarati Modi as well.

YSV: Seriously no country needs an army the size of the Indian army to handle Pakistan.I cant really buy the argument that we need an India with such concentrated power to handle China and Pakistan. The Himalayas have prevented Chinese incursions for 1000s of years. It is only their navy that has to be checked.

Sagar: Did Alps prevent Hannibal from invading Italy? And why was it that Romans survived Hannibal’s victories at Cannae, Trebia and Trassimeine? One crucial reason was that they had forces that were numerous.

1) Alps are not the Himalayas. I dare say Western Ghats and Deccan plateau are far more formidable than the Alps. Reddy chiefs and Marathas managed to give Muslims a great deal of grief thanks to thisgeography alone.

2) Romans were dedicated dedicated dedicated to destroying Carthage. From the very top- Romans senator would end each session by saying "Ceterum autem censeo Carthaginem delendam esse" (English: "Furthermore, (moreover) I consider that Carthage must be destroyed") to the common man and woman (see below)

Romans lost 50000 men in one day at Cannae , more than Americans lost in 8 years in the Vietnam war. A tremendous loss of life compared to Americans and the power parity between Romans and Carthiginians was closer than between the hyper power American and the humble Vietnamese peasant.

Even so Romans recovered and crushed them . So determined were the Romans that they planned for the long haul: aristocratic ladies whose men died in the war decided to mate with their male slaves so that the offspring would fight in another 15 years or so. THAT was the Roman dedication. 
It goes beyond numbers my friend.

3) In the age of satellites, drones , high speed communications, rapid response force and thermal imaging, remote sensors, what need is there for more than necessary human presence on the border?
As usual Indians want to fight wars which are no longer being fought. Rajputs didnt want to join the English EIC not due to patriotism because they though military formation and holding a gun was low and vulgar, not fit for nobility like themselves. They were attached to their horse and sword. 18th century India was awash in horses , a far cry from 700 years ago when Muslims noted the lack of cavalry culture.  Alas the European mode of warfare had made those obsolete but hey we finally had horsed and armour!!
Why are we talking about previous wars when the landscape has changed so much. Let us leave these bad habits of medieval era Indians.

Sagar: Did anyone expect Hitler to invade Soviet Union? Why did Soviet Union survive? One main reason was that Russian troops proved too numerous for the Germans to deal with.
No one can predict future. In future, if we have to plunge ourselves into bloodbaths like Punic Wars and Second World War that will cost millions of lives, we should be ready for that.

YSV: Having 10s of millions killed for no discernible is no way to win a war. Russia is still suffering the devastation of WWII to this day when their birthrates are at an all time low and men without purpose have become alcoholics and women prostitutes. Vladimir Putin has managed to stem this tide somewhat.

It was not so much Russians but the Russian winter and Hitlers megalomania that killed the Third Reich. Let us not forget the Americans and British while being grateful to Hitler for ensuring that British would only enjoy a Pyrrhic victory leading to India's independence.

Neither a humongous nor small population is desirable. A large population makes people lethargic and cohesion becomes difficult in the absence of a tyrant ala Stalin or Mao.
While a small population which can be quite resilient due to its heightened sense of vulnerability cant withstand a constant barrage ala Germany in WWII. The best situation is some moderation. 

250-300 million is plenty of people. I don't mean to sound Darwinian but vast majority of Indians are simply dead weight.

Sagar: Jambudweep or Bharatavarsha or India is a very sacred concept. Our sacred books are very clear on the fact that India is one unit and that only those who are born in this land can attain Moksha. Besides, ancient Brahmin teachers had been constantly exhorting their Kshatriya disciples to unify the whole India and become its Chakravarti. India for centuries had been crying to be unified. Any idea that India is only an arrangement for self defence is not true in light of ancient Indian thought. Unification of India by a Kshatriya Chakravatin is a dream that was held throughout history.

YSV: Bharatavarsha is a sacred concept but is not a political concept. In fact our very shastras undermine the type of a state that would create a strong central authority. The reason we have so much diversity in India as opposed to say China is because the victor would not impose his customs and culture on the defeated as it was considered adharma. The Chinese simply wiped out the non Han minorities either physically or culturally whenever they got the chance.

It the ambitious wannabe chakravartins that yearned for a political Bharatavarsha not the other way round. Ask yourself, why we can count chakravartins on one hand through Indian history and two of them are foreigners such as Akbar and Queen Victoria who probably enjoyed more success in a centralized administration rule than Ashoka,Shalivahana or Samudragupta.

Oddly these days the surname Chakravarthy/Chakraborthy is associated with Brahmins only whether from Bengal ,AP or TN. Anyone know why?

Sagar:If India had remained united, areas like Afghanistan and Pakistan and Bangladesh would not have become Islamic today.

YSV: Negative. There are a variety of reasons why these regions fell to Islam. Afghanistan even though ruled by Hindu Shahis were more of a Central Asian mindset in that if a ruler was defeated by someone of another religion, then it was considered prudent to follow that religion. This was true even after Russia broke Muslim power in Central Asia, many Muslims took up Russian names and became Orthodox. During Soviet times they became athiest. Post Soviet during Iranian and Arab political and cultural ascedancy they returned to Islam.

Pakistan was a decentralized nomadic state for whom the nomadic Arabs and Turks were a close fit.

Bangladesh was sparsely populated when Muslims took over and weren't really even Muslim until the British basically declared them so and they discovered they had more power being Muslim than Hindu.

YSV:A European style federation with mandatory conscription for a limited time, strong para military and police forces and repeal of the Arms Act is the most elegant solution to having secure borders(the only rationale for India existing) and more importantly protecting Dharmic culture.----------------------

Sagar: Unpleasant fact about Europe that not many would like to hear is that it is nothing but a network of vassal states dependent on USA for protection. As for conscription and repeal of Arms Act – yes they are needed very much. In fact, I would suggest that children – male and female – be trained in war from kindergarten onwards. Considering the number of enemies India has, we should be teaching kids throwing grenades rather than cricket balls.

YSV: Agreed on all points.

YSV:It is another matter Dharmic culture is eroding faster due to modernity and its inability to adapt its socio political structure than due to Delhi Sultanate, Mughals, Bahmanis or the British.--------------

Sagar: Do not worry. It will survive. It had encountered plenty of disasters and will outlive present crisis as well – because of 2 reasons. One, Dharmam represents eternal truth which will win sooner or later. Two, at least some people care for it and does whatever they can to preserve and promote Dharma.

YSV: I have worked quite a few jobs in various fields uncluding a multinational private security company you may have heard of in the years during the Iraq war years. The ones where I was most successful was where I didnt have a "chalta hai" attitude but was a worry wart. Indeed I consider my salary as compensation for worrying and thinking of what can go wrong. So I dont feel too complacent about the future. Sumerian civilization is probably older than ours and it has disappeared and Im sure they believed they had access to the universal truth. Well I believe Shiva is eternal but if he was not worshipped properly ala Tantra/Agama shastras then dark ages will befall humanity.

The threat of modernity with its attendant vices is more sinister and insidious than any thing that preceeded it and Im no Ted Kaczynski. I love technology and all the conveniences and quality of life it provides us. But there this aspect that has to be neutralized.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Trumps stance on Jerusalem will contribute to peace, not hinder it

Peace is achieved not from negotiation during table talks but when there is a victor and a defeated party. All the spin in the media/NGO nexus in the worlds cosmopolitan capitals will not change this simple rule.

It is another matter than the media ,academics and "non profits" prefer discussions over war due to their own vested interests. Media and academia have the ability to convince nay spin words into (half) truths , well to an extant as their humiliation last year over Trumps election has shown.
It is in their interest to show that THEIR power and not that of guns, bullets , blood and steel has influence on world affairs and in turn they are rewarded with recognition, fame and its attendant riches in speaking fees and book contracts. While NGOs simply siphon off monies from government pretending to help the poor and dispossesed but in general using that money for a cushy life with high salaries, comfortable lodging and high end vehicles.

President Trump's bold move has strengthened Israel and removed any doubt in the Arab and Muslim worlds mind about their alliance. The Arabs and Muslims in general respect the "Strong horse" as Osama put it. Oslo "peace" broke the myth of invincibility and awe of Israel which led to increased violence.

Until 150 years, Jerusalem was a backwater of the Islamic world. The Dome of the Rock was in serious disrepair and neglect ala Babri Masjid. If it had been torn down to make way for a Pasha's fortress, I doubt anyone would have complained. Its religious significance is a by product of Palestinian nationalism rather than any reconsideration of Islamic custom.

Jerusalem is the capital of Jewish spiritual life for the past 3000 years and while Muslim and Christian holy sites exist and have to be respected, the state of Israel should have political control over that city since it is a Jewish state.

With Jerusalem recongized as its capital, in due time, Arabs will resign themselves to the fact that Israel is here to stay and deal with Palestinians accordingly if they make anymore trouble(ala Black September) and Muslims will simply follow the Arab's lead.

The new Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is fast tracking his country into a modern society by reigning in the Islamists and liberalizing society and god bless him for that. Who knows Saudi Arabia may well become Israels biggest ally in the future. Stranger things have happened..