Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Now the captains commenters are plagiaring! This time from yours truly

Looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. The zombie like Vadakayil followers including Enigma and this anonymous fool only imbibe all the negative aspects of the captains personality and none of the(few) positive.

I mean look at this

hi capt is japan still occupied nation i mean The "patriot" Japanese are technically still an occupied people as U.S maintains troops there and dictates its foreign policy. Not to mention Japanese women go out of their way to reject Japanese men and couple with American males be they tourists or GIs
Of course our unbalanced captain never gives a straight answer as that's not his style and goes off in a bizarre tangent because...PERCEPTION!
Anyway where did I see those claims before about Japan ,its patriotism and their women. Oh yes...
here( scroll to the section in bold)
I suppose this is how Vadakayil supporters attempt to win arguments when their piss poor debating skills and utter lack of knowledge doesnt suffice
1. Make wild claims and ask the skeptic to disprove them
2. When disproved(Rothschild is too fragmented to make a difference), shift goal posts(no its not Rothschild its Bilderberg, no its not Israel and America but the corporates)
3. Accuse the poster of wild claims himself(accused me of Joshua Project exisiting a 100 years ago when i was speaking of evangelicals in general)
4. Sieze on irrelevant claims(Nair and Nambuthiri atrocities) and insist on incident reports more than a 100 years ago
5. Just plain ignorring evidence(Nayanthara conversion to Hinduism) and go off on weird tangent(she was denied admission to temple). What does one thing have to do with the other? Some temples , Im not sure if it was Guruvayoor even denied Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi entrance. Their criteria is absurdly strict. Just FYI when they find out that Vadakayil consumed beef, he would be banned as well LOLL

Once again making idiot claims about me being a missionary. So any one who works abroad becomes a missionary in your book? LOL idiot by that Logic Vadakayil himself is a missionary hahahaha

I wasnt born in a rich family either genius. If you read my main post, you would note that we had to wait for a year to get a rotary phone and had only doordarshan as entertainment like anyone else. We had a color TV and VCR I guess so by the relative standards in the late 80s we were rich but not for long as the gogo 90s was right around the corner

It is not richness that compelled me to read the Puranas, Vedas,Samhitas etc etc on my own or learn Hebrew,Arabic, Spanish and (failed attempt) at Japanese apart from my native language of Telugu and broken Tamil and (now forgotten) Punjabi and Bengali

I am not mocking you for English not being your first language but for you being an idiot. If you have a problem with communicating in English, dont do it. Type in Hindi if you wish(as I think that is an Indian language we both understand) and I will respond to it.

The "patriot" Japanese are technically still an occupied people as U.S maintains troops there and dictates its foreign policy. Not to mention Japanese women go out of their way to reject Japanese men and couple with American males be they tourists or GIs
Thank god Indians are not this "patriotic"

Russians btw have a severe inferiority complex about their language atleast since Peter the Great. It was said that the Russian intelligentsia thought in German and spoke in French.
To some extant this is still true. When I visited Russia almost 10 years ago, I was not prepared for the lack of communication as hardly anyone spoke English. But they were quite happy to converse in French and German. I got by somehow with my (broken) French and passable Spanish(for some reason quite a few Russians learn this language as well)
So spare me these stupid lectures about foreign peoples and their "patriotism"

To be sure this Amit Mishra phrased it the form of question but he repeated it word for it by simply lifting it from my comments without acknowledging the source.

What can I say except birds of a feather, in this case thieves and the shameless, flock together.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How to wreck a movie about an adventurous freedom fighter who hoodwinked the British and raised an army?

We are talking about an incredibly courageous, resourceful, resilient and patriotic individual who by defying stereotypes and conventions had a fall out with Gandhi(then at the zenith of his influence), gave the British the slip under house arrest in Calcutta, travelled to Peshawar in disguise ,travelled to Kabul, disguised himself as an Italian, met with Adolf Hitler , raised an Indian army from scratch ,fought the Allied powers against overwhelming odds, dealt with fractitious politics with the Axis powers who were ambivalent about him and participated in submarine warfare.
And his death remained an unresolved mystery for the next fifty years complete with near mystical sightings of him in Japan and Taiwan.

Surely you would assume about movie about his incredible individual would be something like Patton meets Das Boot and then some.But alas, the project fell into the hands of Shyam Benegal and as the result the feature is as exciting as a seminar on cost accounting.

If you don't believe me, see for yourself. Don't blame me if you fall asleep midway slamming your head on the laptop.

Why does Shyam Benegal create such dull movies? Well because he is a dullard Nehruvian himself. And this JNU/NFDC school inevitably present historical characters in their own image. Ponderous, pendantic and verbose.

Keep in mind Shyam Benegal was behind the low budget badly made Discovery of India series based on the book by "Pandit"(hahaha) Nehru.

Whether the characters were diverse as Rama, Krishna, Tipu Sultan(all portrayed by Salim Ghouse) , Alauddin Khilji, Chandragupta Maurya and Prithvi Raj Chauhan, all these dynamic personalities end up sounding like 80 year old Romila Thapar lecturing on Marxist economics...on a sick day.

First step to reclaiming our heritage is honoring our heroes(to be clear Tipu Sultan and Khilji are excluded) in the proper manner. And the first step is to prevent these chatterbox buddhaus and dhoortas from even uttering their name.

Monday, January 26, 2015

The U.S should remain majority white and Christian

"Give me your tired , your poor ,your huddled masses, yearning to break free" says the inscription at the bottom of the Statue of Liberty. An appealing sentimental advertisement for the open heartedness of the American people.

The problem is that is not quite what the founders envisioned and they were not bigots for doing so. It was based on a poem composed by a socialist Emma Lazarus.There were many caveats in the founding documents, one of which being the Preamble to the Constitution which states "promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States ..."

Posterity can mean many things but most likely here it refers to kin or blood descendants. Now to be sure, the Founders were an eclectic and somewhat eccentric lot. Benjamin Franklin didn't care for Germans and preferred Jewish to Catholic immigrants. But in general they preferred Northern European and Protestant peoples. With exceptions for blacks who they were obligated to since they were brought over for the ignoble reason of slavery.

Now that the I word has come up. Samuel Huntington had helpfully pointed out the tortured logic of considering the founders of Plymouth and Jamestown as immigrants. They were not immigrants but settlers. Settlers create a new culture and civilization and imposes a political order to promote and protect the same. While immigrants are attracted to said order and wish to emulate it.

The early English settlers could be dismissed as immigrants only if they adopted the language and customs of the native tribes and abandoning their English ways and Christian religion.

Obviously this was not the case.

Full disclosure: I am a non white , non Christian from India who attended university in U.S and have fond memories of it.

I remember Indians there telling me that Americans are lazy and stupid and it is Indians who are the future. To this end, they cite all the Silicon Valley honchos, spelling bee champions, our over representation at NASA,as surgeons ,DARPA or whatever you can think of(but please not the military or police forces, those are for them redneck riffraff!)

Understandably while the average white American admires the Indians for their mental acumen, work ethic and low crime rate, they also get quickly tired of their condescending attitudes. Some of the more blunter sort asked very pointed questions such as "hey if you people are such hotshots, how come your country is such a shithole"

A very reasonable question. The answer is simple: India is a shithole. Why? because it is filled with Indians. And why is America not, because it is filled with Americans.

Now before the Indian hyper patriots jump on my back, please check my other posts where I basically pointed that we WERE the greatest country on earth. Note which word I capitalized there.

Our country is hellish because we are for the most part a fractured and broken people who are damaged physically, intellectually and psychologically.

When you immigrate to a country, you are basically making an admission that your motherland failed on a deep enough level that you feel the need to set up shop elsewhere and assume a new identity.

So its a tad hypocritical to keep singing praises of your old country (to assuage your guilt) to your new hosts fellow citizens. Let us rude and ungrateful to that as well.

Americans aren't perfect but they have created a society which is successful and attractive to most in the world, all things considered.

And that culture and ethic which created such a society is the reflection of Anglo Irish/Teutonic Protestant peoples who created and continue to define America.

And they are dwindling and with them the culture is gradually being lost and hence the election of cretins and crooks like Barack Obama.

Neither Mexicans, nor blacks who comprise now nearly 30% of the population are either uninterested or unable to take up the mantle of American exceptionalism.

While Chinese, Japanese and Indian Americans are too small a minority and too attached to their motherland to implement effective policy that will place American interests first.

We certainly wouldn't like our country to become 15% Chinese and 10% Sinhalese. See the ruckus when a relative drop in the bucket Bangladeshis started swarming our cities.

Each country has an identity. India is at its base Ganga Yamuna Hindu culture with the related Godavari/Krishna cultures as a strong backup. Sri Lanka is Sinhala Buddhist. Bangladesh is Bengali Muslim. Chinese is Han.

Of course there is a place for minorities in all but minorities they remain nonetheless with all the color and tension it may entail.

Ditto for Europe and its respective white native nationalisms.

I don't blame non white immigrants who swarm to U.S if the U.S government keeps it doors open. But here the U.S government is at odds with its people who want to shut the doors like it did in 1924 and 40 years prior.
Failing that, expect to see flare ups and ethnic tensions reach fever pitch. I already see it on centre and centre right message boards. It is only a matter of time before it translates into action.

That's not because white Americans are bigots and racist but because they are human. Let us realize being human does not entail infinite patience, compassion and tolerance which the Left demands of white Americans.

Realize that before 1965 ,immigration to U.S was a rare privilege for which non whites were ever grateful and it was supposed to be a privilege NOT A RIGHT and we can avoid a lot of future ugliness.

Why is the former Supreme Court Justice of India such a silly man?

I must say I am very concerned about the near juvenile level of meanderings on Justice Katju's blog.

Is this a hard headed individual with decades of legal experience at high level under belt?It seems more like the output of reasonably bright but a bit wet behind the years political science college junior.

Judge(heh) for yourself

What is worrying is that he thinks highly of Rosseau. The godfather of modern liberalism.

Also our friendly neighborhood captain is a frequent poster spammer on his comments board. The captain is a fan of his seemingly.

That about says it all.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The real signifcance of Karva Chauth and meaning of Pati vrata

I wished to correct the coarse and degrading(to women) explanation of Karva Chauth and pati vrata.
I post below Kunal Singh's take on this matter. Mr Singh was a prolific Indian American poster on Hindu theology and history in soc.culture.indian newsgroups.Many if not most of  his posts are available in His knowledge and understanding of the Vedas which stemmed from an unbiased and independent mindset seemed unparalled. He is responsible for my taking great pride in my heritage and encouraging to learn more about Vedic culture and looking at our religion with a fresh pair of eyes.

I will be posting more of his observations here

Meaning of Pati Vrata
Most people's definition or understanding of a 'pati vrata nari' comes from
badly made Hindi films where a woman is holding her husband's feet while he
kicks her repeatedly insisting that she will never leave him.  But then such
popular interpretations of 'pati vrata' are easily contradicted by epics
such as the Ramayana.  Naturally, most self-respecting Hindu women find such
a definition distasteful and some may reject Hinduism as a stupid
male-centered religion.  Others even blame Sita while still providing her
example, that at least she left Rama out of self respect.  Indeed, a great
deal of damage has been done to the understanding of Hinduism due to the
influx of mlecchas claiming to be Brahmins interpreting the burning of Sati
as a license to roast women alive.  Now the real definition of the 'pati
vrata' Hindu wife will be revealed to the chagrin of many a mleccha 'upper
caste Hindu' males so that the spiritual nature of the Vedic Hindu marriage
may be understood by its adherents.
The meaning of 'pati varata' means literally a woman for whom her husband is
the 'vrata.'  So now naturally it becomes significant as to what is a
'vrata.'  A 'vrata' is an observation which increases a Hindu's spiritual
energy.  So how can a woman's spiritual energy increase due to her husband.
The understanding becomes clear if one examines the Hindu rite of marriage
and the various classical Vedic writings, ignoring of course all
interpretations by mleccha Hindu wannabes.
The Hindu marriage has its roots in ancient Kshatriya clans, and the
agrarian rites and rituals of marriage, very different from mleccha Hindus
and yes I have verified it, still preserve the knowledge of the purpose of a
Vedic Hindu marriage.  The Hindu marriage starts with a young man saying
that he is going to Kashi to acquire to the Gods only to be intercepted by
the bride's father (in Bihari called 'chenka' or surrounding), who tells him
that there is a BETTER WAY!  He agrees to give away his daughter to him, so
that both may acquire to the Gods.  How can this happen ?
The secret lies in the understanding of tantrics or adept yogis.  It has
been well known in Vedic Hinduism since ancient times that a male loses some
spiritual energy by having sex.  So the tantrics refuse to have sex with
'uninitiated' women.  They purify the woman, and the details will be left
for agrarians to ponder by examining their rites, before marriage.  And thus
the Vedic texts declare that a man having sex with his own wife is as good
as a Brahmacari for Shiva and Shakti have been kind enough to give us
methods to overcome the loss while enjoying the sex.  
So all this is fine
and dandy for the male, he gets a wife and has his spiritual energy
preserved.  As one of my female relatives quickly countered, what do the
women get out of it ?
What the woman gets out of it, is that her spiritual energy is also
increased with sexual encounters with the SAME MALE!  I say the same male,
as the wife during marriage is 'configured,' and I am deliberately being
vague, with the energy of a specific male.  And due to this having sex with
the wife does not cause a Hindu male to lose spiritual energy.  And if the
male should be a practitioner, as is expected of all Vedic Hindu males (i.e.
initiation into the Vedas), then the woman due to the physical relationship
acquires the energy FROM HIM, already having adjusted to his energy during
 It is due to this that a Hindu marriage DOES NOT RECOMMEND AN
It seems that the rites and rituals do actually work.  I came to this
realization a few years ago when my wife reported the characteristics of
'soma' all of a sudden without doing anything and I looked at her aghast as
if to say 'yoooouuu..'  
And then it suddently hit me that she acquired to it
only a few days after me!  At that point even a minimal effort, such as mild
fasting, would for a wife yield results.   And that is also the reason why
on certain days fasting for the wife is recommended and it is said that due
to this, the husband's life is extended.  That is not to say that the woman
cannot increase her own internal energy by hard penance,
but the reality is
that if her husband's spiritual energy be strong, the wife doesn't need to
do hard penance.
But it is also interesting to note that the energy acquired by the wife will
be proportional to her husband's internal energy.  And keeping that in view
should one interpret the actions of the wives of men such as Rama or Krishna
or even of what was demanded of women such as Sita!  Sita or Rukmini were
not ordinary women after having cohabited with their husbands for quite a
few years, their husbands were 'divyastra' capable kshatriyas.  And thus it
was quite expected that Sita would be able to walk through fire unharmed (a
yogic test), and Rukmini's energy was said to be even greater than Krishna's
in some stories in the Puranas.  Likewise, it is interesting to note that
even the wives of sages such as Yagnavalkya were known to obtain to samadhi
The Hindu marriage is thus a spiritual marriage which circumvents the loss
of spiritual energy due to sex and encourages the development of spiritual
energy by both the male and female! I guess it must have really been
important and significant for 'divyastra' wielding kshatriyas.  They needed
to have a regular family and still maintain their spiritual strength.  Where
there is a problem, Shiva and Shakti will provide a solution, it is called
Hindu tantra of which the Hindu wedding is a small part.
Thus in Vedic Hinduism there are two marriages, the Shaiva marriage used by
tantrics and the Brahma marriage used by Vedic Hindus.  But in reality the
intention of the marriages is the same, the Brahma marriage is simply
designed for a long-lasting relationship.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Is it a good idea to extract tonnes of gold from Indian mines?

I came across this article from Sabhlok City blog where he points that an estimated 200 tonnes of gold are sitting under Indian ground due to mismanagement by the Indian management of its mines.

Of course the first instinct of most would be extract it as soon as possible and the underlying assumption would be that it would greatly improve the Indian economy.

But I'm not so sure. Firstly there is already a great deal of gold in hands of private individuals but it does precious little to propel the economy as it part of the great Indian parallel hidden economy.
There is a great of production and monetary transaction which simply does not figure in the official GDP.

Let us be very aware of what these precious metals entail:Brutal civil wars have been fought in Africa and elsewhere over possession of what is considered a rare resource. But is it that precious and rare?

India historically was not lacking in gold mines but what made it rich was not relentless mining but trade and industry.
Our silk, spices, teak, ivory,incense, steel, weapons,horses ,elephants found ready markets in other parts of the world.

Please note that in pretty much all the above skilled labor and capital is used to create a finished product

Even horses and elephants have to be trained, well groomed and cared for to find a willing buyer in the competitive market for animals in the ancient world

Capturing elephants for their ivory is no laughing matter either.

And in return we received gold from the Romans,Arabs, Persians and other peoples.

In other words , gold was used a unit of payment.

What happens when there is a sudden infusion of gold? Well look no further than the Spanish Empire

Spain was first in the empire game in the late 1400s while England was relatively a late bloomer. In the race of Americas it meant that it got access to the gold and silver South and Central American territories while England had to make do with relatively staid North America

Spain raided unknown tons of gold and silver from the Americas and the process inflicting incredible brutalities on the unfortunate indigenous peoples of the Americas. Effects of which still linger to this day.

Ah but one thing happens when you raid and kidnap Lakshmi is that Shiva does the dance of destruction on your economy. Before Spain realized there were bankrupt(within 200 years) and their currency was worth near nothing.

Why? As PJ O' Rourke put it best in his commentary of Adam Smith'sThe Wealth Of Nations: What Spain was doing was the equivalent of robbing a bank of its deposit slips rather than its money

Why were English enterprises (soon to become the U.S and Canada) successful while Spain failed? It was mostly by accident. While England failed at acquiring gold in its quest for the Americas, it acquired just the right amount(but not too much) by raiding Spanish ships. All the while its subjects engaged in profitable and productive pursuits such as farming ,fishing and metal work in the colonies.

Later again England did loot a great deal of gold from India to lubricate its industrial revolution. But do note the difference. Contrary to what some heavy breathing conspiracy theorists claim , the Rothshilds bank(which indeed financed a lot of imperial ventures but not all and also did lose a great deal of many on failed ones) did not steal trillions of dollars worth of gold in 1700-1800s. Because if it did

a) England would've ended up in the same fate of Spain economically
b) If they are lying around in gold vault as is claimed by the conspiracy theorists, it simply makes no sense for a shrewd investor like Rothschild not to make good use of this resource over time rather than let it rot.

Furthermore it is rather impossible move that amount clandestinely, especially after the fall of Tipu Sultan and the siege of his assets(which undoubtedly included gold stolen from Kerala temples) where there was a great deal of international interest in those wars due to Tipu's alliance with France and his friendship with the American colonists also fighting Britain.

But rather England and her daughter Americas benefit from the Scottish Enlightenment with its common sense views on freedom, economy and governance not to mention various scientific advancements rather than any gold bullion.
What precious resources did they have consisted of very productive North American farmland and livestock.

Especially cattle. It is not for nothing that the Latin word for money pecus also means cattle. Similarly Vedic tribes would measure their wealth in the number of cattle. So when a man from one tribe lifting cattle from another, it was often a declaration of war. This later became a more of a ritual when populations grew large enough to become empires such as Cholas and Chalukyas as late as the 10th century.

Just a currency note is simply a place holder for a national economy which is really an incredibly complex barter system and its value depends on the productivity of its citizens so is the value of gold on which many currencies are based dependent on its rarity.

On another note, the dollar moved away from the gold standard under the Nixon administration, thereby giving the Federal Government even greater powers to print fiat money hence creating runaway inflation. As an aside, the reason colleges in U.S costs have risen almost exponentially since the 1970s is not just the absence of gold standard but the availability of government funds and financial aid which in turn incentive high tuition fees

I'm afraid bringing this gold out will therefore have nothing but negative consequences. Imagine runaway inflation of the 1970s with African levels of corruption of violence.

I just don't see the upside.

I am cross posting to Sabhlok's comments board to see his take on the matter.

Anyone else here with a knowledge of economic history who imagines a different scenario , please let me know

Monday, January 19, 2015

False rape claims courtesy of Anceeta Martis

2014 was the year of the great feminist hoax unraveling. Never has schadenfreude been this delicious.
Particularly refreshing (and relieving) were that even mainstream media who are otherwise sympathetic to blanket feminist pronouncement descended harshly on the false rape claims particularly in the case of University of Virgina fraternity.

What is common to all such false rape hoaxes is that usually the victim runs to the media instead of the police. In that case one has to be very suspicious as to what actually transpired.

On this note we come back to our beloved Anceeta Martis and her bizarre claims about being "almost raped"

Now what is it with feminists having rape victim on your resume is almost a badge of honor. Its as if they are so desperate for any type of struggle in their vacuous, lazy, privileged lives that the only being a passive victim of a violent ,degrading crime almost redeems their sorry existence. At least to their minds

Also keep in mind that Ms Martis despite her claims of being anti establishment, independent minded and rebellious against Indian patriarchy and norms is very much a child of Indian upper middle class culture. Why? Despite her obvious daddy issues, she is not averse to spending his money. Trips to Germany, Amsterdam, Dubai complete with hotel stays, expensive restaurants not to mention high end make up, maintence,shoes and clothing  don't come cheap.
But what really catches the eye is the word "almost" in "almost raped" . A Western feminist would go for the gold and claim forcible intercourse but Ms Martis is satisfied with the bronze medal of molestation!
Why? Obviously daddy is not going foot the bill for Princess Anceeta's luxuries forever and god forbid she would spend her own cash in whatever career(HR administrator no doubt) she chooses. And if she would spend it in the lifestyle she is accustomed to , she would be bankrupt soon.
So she has to nab a new "bakra" as we say in Hindi. For our non Indian readers, it literally means goat. But in this context a goat to the sacrifice(to goddess Kali or Durga) . In other words a naïve fool who don't know whats coming.
Even Western men would hesitate to marry a raped woman(damaged goods and all that) , forget about Indian men. That's not fair to the woman as its not her fault, but then that's an evolutionary instinct. The same way women shun short ,poor and social awkward men and pursue rich handsome men. We shouldn't chastise women for their instincts but middle class morality forbids female indulgence of hypergamy for sake of social cohesion. But that is another matter.

So Anceeta wishes to have her rape cake and eat it too. She wants the rape street cred without actually damaging her "good girl" reputation.

Hypocrite ,privilieged ,liar and coward. These are all your titles Ms Martis.

If you peruse her idiotic blog , you will notice she can write about nothing except being a woman. Those looking for any kind of gravity, depth and intelligence have better chance of finding such in Keeping up with the Kardashians than in vapid ramblings about menstruation, underwear and lame sexual innuendo.

I suppose it was only inevitable she would claim rape at some point

This post is something very, very personal and the details are unknown to the whole world except for four people. These are two incidences in my life that I remember vividly and shall never forget. One was very recent and the other was when I was four years old. I felt that I will be a coward if I do not speak out about what happened. If anyone wishes to know who these men are, I'll let you know personally as I do not wish to defame anyone. Yet.

Wait a minute if u remember it vividly then the first thing you should is to report it to the police station ,rather than text messaging your BFF so that they go and troll the alleged culprit anonymously!

When I was four, there was a friend I had in my tiny little Indian village and I trusted him as much as I did my uncles. He was young (read: testosterone driven) and possibly curious. Let me say that he did not physically hurt me or force me. He didn't need to force me because I didn't know what was going on. I was a little girl and happy to have someone spending time with me (as there were no kids around or anyone for me to play with). One day he took me to his house and to his room. This was not a big deal to me because I had been to their house plenty of times. Then he asked me to lie on the bed, put a cloth over my eyes, lifted up my dress and rubbed his penis against my vulva. Thankfully, he did not rape me. This happened twice. I only realised it was "molestation" when I started watching The Oprah Winfrey Show (!). 

My god what a horrible story. Why is that pervert and pedophile not thrown in jail ....those would my usual responses. However something here is amiss.

At what age did you watch this Oprah Winfrey show where you learnt that transpired was not kosher. You are now 20, why did you wait this long to tell your story? Is it because you felt  leftout of all the rape hysteria.

Making false rape claims, indeed by practically stealing other women's stories(in this case, something she saw on Oprah Winfrey) is not unknown. It is known as copycat victimhood

Courtesy Black Pill and A Voice For Men

It proves women enjoy sharing hysterics. I personally don’t know a single woman who has been genitally mutilated, but I keep hearing how it’s somehow men’s fault “we” suffer at their hands.
From my own experience, I once told my sister in law an upsetting story of an instance of sexual molestation I experienced as a child.
She seemed unusually interested in the story and had me repeat it several times. She hadn’t shown much empathy or concern about other bad experiences of mine, but this one she really zeroed in on.
A few months later, in front of a group of friends, she started repeating My story as though it had happened to her – using my vocal inflections, and tearing up exactly as I had.
I thought she was mocking me! It felt like she was literally de-pantsing me in front of everyone, until she turned to me, searching my face for approval of her story…looking for attention and sympathy.
I realized she had simply liked the dramatic quality of my story so much she had adopted it as her own. She didn’t even realize I was the original source of the story.
If you notice, cops shows, murder shows, extremely violent and over the top perverted CSI type shows proliferate on TV now days, usually featuring woman-as-victims. I really believe women are internalizing that stuff and adopting it as their own, just as my sister in law had. It’s like the Coast Guard fielding hundreds of calls to report the shipwrecked people stranded on Gilligan’s Island.
Those old PSAs proclaiming “In America a woman is raped every thirty seconds” should have included “…on TV”.
24/7/365 some woman, some where on TV is suffering rape, domestic abuse, violence and murder.

In other words, many women have an extreme persecution and victim hood complex and barring any of their own experiences , they will go as far as to steal some other woman's stories of trauma and pass them off as their own.
 Heck women are even known to
murder their children just so they could get attention and sympathy! Here is hoping Ms Martis remain childless and ultimately barren as I genuinely fear for her offspring.

This woman is a monster in the making.
The second incident took place last summer when I went to India. Another very close friend of mine (whom I treat like a brother), harassed me. On our way from my grandmother's, he stops his motorcycle on the way, in the middle of the jungle, and tries to repeatedly convince me to kiss him. I went into shock and asked him to just drop me home. When we reached home, he stood outside our main door and asked me again why I would not kiss him. I told because I didn't want to and that we were both in committed relationships so he shouldn't even make such demands from another girl, let alone me. I had to tell him that I was going inside just so that I could have him out of my hair. To say bye, he hugged me in such a fashion that my breasts were pressed up against him. It was disgusting. Throughout all of this, I was in shock. I could not believe what happened. Now I hear that he has been telling people that I was the one who asked him to have a casual relationship with me. The audacity!

This is more of harassment and molestation at best rather than rape. Glad you clarified it though not in your blog title I noticed. Also many women do hug men pressing their breasts against them, sometimes it a sign of sexual interest , sometimes its mere affection. It is often hard to tell . I usually err on the side of caution unless there have been other signs of attraction.
My point is while what he did is genuinely creepy , Im not sure it qualifies as molestation. Certainly not rape.
Anyhow I have to ask how naïve and stupid can you be not to notice any signs that this guy treats you not quite like a sister? A guy who is sexually interested usually gives himself away much easier than a woman who is interested. That is mother nature for you. It is not fair to men but hey we don't complain. Are you seriously blind,deaf and stupid to pick on any vibes so much so that you hopped on his motorcycle going through a jungle of all places!
Especially you, you who see an Indian male chauvinist rapist hiding behind every rock and tree.
And seeing how you are part of the same social circle including family , it is highly improbable that he go claiming that you were hitting on him without considerable consequences if not questions.
So sorry , even this story's credibility is not very strong

To all those people who wonder why I hate most Indian men, this is is the reason. Everyday I hear about girls getting molested and raped and it feels like India is the world's rape capital.

Feeling and fact are two different things. As I said you are easily manipulated by the media to the point of hysteria. It is not India but Congo which is the rape capital. The U.S is up there as well. A simple google search would've yielded that info but no what you feel is apparently more important.

 I wanted to share my experience and tell all the girls not to be embarrassed if someone harassed you and to speak out about it. It's never the girls' fault but we are always held accountable (for wearing provocative clothing or sitting behind a guy on his motorcycle), which is really unfair

Obviously women should not be blamed for being raped. But surely they should be chastised for poor choices and a lack of common sense. Why would you go around in provocative clothing in areas known for sexual assault, and why would take rides from unknown men on motorcycles,cars or whathaveyou?

It is the equivalent of me going to South Central LA at 3 AM, covered in gold chain and Rolex watch,counting my 100 dollars bills as I walk past the gangbangers. What do you expect would happen to me? Same principle

A word to all parents who have young kids: keep an eye on them. Be careful about who spends time with them. Always make sure your children are free enough to talk to you about

Great,more pedophile witch hunts which harm innocent people thanks to a brain damaged feminists who craves attention and wishes to destroy bourgeois society so she looks normal in comparision.

No thank you.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Ancient Hindus were a different people: mosque razed by mob in 11 century

Contrary to the propaganda promoted by the Hindu pacifist who crow that we laid down for each and every conqueror and turned the other cheek to religions such as Islam and Christianity who inflicted untold damage to our civilization, actually ancient Hindus were far more tougher and no nonsense breed.

Only slowly we are becoming aware that we were a militarily powerful people who celebrated heroism and physical courage , no thanks to the defeatist NCERT/JNU style education. However it was believed that no matter what no Hindu could be provoked to do something as dastardly as destroy a mosque.

Now mind you, I don't like destroying mosques or cartoons mocking Prophet Mohammad, or burning Korans as I believe these are anti social and destructive pursuits. However at some point you begin to realize that radical Muslims(whose active terror groups are at the most 5%) source of strength come from the silent majority of Muslims who either tolerate it ,ignore it or passively support such atrocities amongst non believers living vicariously through them.

In the latter I don't judge them too harshly as I went through this phase myself. There was a time when I was an ardent supporter of the LTTE . I didn't mind at all when they killed Rajiv Gandhi or engaged in suicide bombings and other terrible acts against civilians including smuggling,extortion and fraud. I told myself that it was necessary to use methods against the wicked Sinhalese. While the Sinhalas are far from perfect in their treatment of Tamils in the past, there in reality was little justification for Tamil acts. So why did I believe that? I was rather affected deeply by dismissal of South Indians as a non martial race in British and post Independence Indian thought. Though I am not Tamil, as a Telugu I was related to Tamils by blood, culture, language and civilization. Hence I took pride in what the FBI declared to be the most deadliest insurgent group in the world.
There is something raw, visceral and pre modern about their propaganda, imagery and commitment.
Alas while they built on notions of Tamil ethos of heroism and sacrifice, they were ultimately a Marxist and Leninist group whose bloodthirstiness got out of control that they were shunned even by Tamils, not to mention the world community including myself.

So when Muslims who haven't won a war against non Muslims on their own in over a 100 years see the AQI,ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas etc etc give a bloody nose to Western powers and their allies such as Russia, India and Israel, I certainly cant empathize but I understand the thought process behind it.

Adam Smith noted that the best way to put morality in practice was to ensure to do so was in the subjects self interest. Hence Smith was an ardent opponent of slavery in moral terms, made the economic argument against it to bolster abolition effort. He believed that hiring employees instead of slaves would bolster productivity and efficiency.

Similarly Muslims will turn away from terrorism when it affects THEM badly as well. Support for terrorist groups took a sharp dive when Al Qaeda slaughtered tourists in Egypt and bombed a hotel in Jordan. And most of Iraqis turned against Islamists only after it become a hell hole not mostly to due to Bush bungling but to intra Islamic sectarian hatred that unleashed the most monstrous side of Mesopotamian politics described as observed since pre Biblical times.

What does this have to do with razing mosques? Muslims in general typify the Arab psyche encoded in the Quran where they understand the language of force than that of reason.

It is for this reason, that when Ranjit Singh and other Sikh misls turned mosques into horses' stables, the Mughal ruler did nothing. Similarly when Durgadas Rathod threw junks of pork in mosques,Aurganzeb could do nothing. Soviets would throw live pigs at worshippers in Central Asian mosques, Saudi Foreign Service didn't utter a single word. Vladmir Putin had a free hand in slaughtering in nearly 1/4th the population of young men in Muslim Chechnya, a few years later he was felicitated by the Arabs and Iranians and Turks grovel to him. Contrast this with Bush who in hapless attempt to help Iraq Muslims became an object of scorn and hatred.

After the Babri Masjid demolition, the Saudi mufti of Mecca actually gave his blessing for the construction of the Ram mandir. Only Indian Hindu seculars were deadest against it!

Which brings to topic at hand. The events in Cambay were apparently due to the incitement of "fire worshippers" in the words of the Turkic chronicler Mohammed Ulfi , a mob under the rule of Chaulukya king Siddharaj Solanki destroyed a mosque which was built and patronized by Arab traders domiciled in the area.
Ultimately Siddharaj did apologize and compensate the traders for their loss and punish the culprits,we have to keep a few things in perspective.
Contrary to the Pakistani fantasy of a 1000 year caliphate since the arrival of Mohammad Bin Qasim, the Arab efforts in India were ultimately a complete failure and humiliation.

Sitaram Goel narrates it best

  • Two Arab naval expeditions repulsed in Thana and Broach in the reign of Caliph Omar(634-644)
  • Land Expedition in Debal ,Sindh ended with the army leader Mughairah captured and killed
  • Another land army sent under the fourth caliph ended with the defeat and slaughter of the entire army in 662
  • The next Caliphs 5 expeditions were met with slaughter and defeat. Only the last was successful in occupying Makran in 682
  • Muhammad Bin Qasim was successful in subduing Sindh in 713 but it was a shortlived victory. The subjects rebelled and the Arab rule was reduced to a narrow coastal strip for mostly mercantile activities
  • With in the next 20 years , Sindh was reconquered and the Arabs advanced through Rajputana and down to Gujarat and Maharashtra where they met their match in Chalukya ruler Pulakesi in 738
  • Pratihara king, Bhoja I defeated an Arab army in 725
  • Lalitaditya of Kashmir halted the Arabs northern advance around 750 and compelled the losers to shave off their hair as a sign of submission

Contrast this to:

The Byzantine provinces of Palestine and Syria fell to them after a six month�s campaign in AD 636-637. Next came the turn of the Sassanid empire of Persia which included Iraq, Iran, and Khorasan. The Persians were defeated decisively in AD 637, and their entire empire was overrun in the next few years. By A.D. 643 the boundaries of the Caliphate touched the frontiers of India. The Turkish speaking territories of Inner Mongolia, Bukhara, Tashkand, and Samarkand, etc. were annexed by AD 650. Meanwhile, in the west, the Byzantine province of Egypt had fallen in AD 640-641. The Arab armies marched over North Africa till they reached the Atlantic and crossed over into Spain in AD 709.

In other words Islamic armies conquered a lands equivalent of a continent with all its varie peoples, armaments, treasures, cities, cultural artififacts and local religions at the disposal of Muslim triumphalists but couldn't make a foot hold in India despite determined efforts of resourceful Caliphs.

Now we begin to understand the psychology of the mob who tore down the mosque a little better. Successful and tyrannical conquerers who smashed Hindu sovereignity, temples, ravaged Hindu women and the economy and thereby Hindu self respect and self confidence such as Ghazni,Ghori, Aibak, Tughlaq , Khilji and Kafur were yet to arrive on the scene.

Hindus still held their head up and held Arabs in contempt. And these the people who were descended from and allied to Pulakesi and were in no mood for Arab assertions of supremacy. We do not know for sure what caused this act of destruction. It could be the unfair trading practices of the Arab merchants ,whether perceived or real. It is possible it was due to a misunderstanding or an attempt to thwart the competition. Keep in mind, Arabs were well respected as traders in Kerala and were so integrated that they started speaking Malayalam and dressed like Nairs. But also note the cultural differences, the Keralites were an warrior people who despised the notion of trade and markets. While the more pragmatic Gujaratis were a mercantile lot and shrewd traders to this very day. They even give the talent Jews a run for their money where they recently have overtaken the centuries old Jewish diamond merchants and cutters in Amsterdam.
So it is possible , it was attempt to clip the power of a rival party by using what is presumed to be aggressive Chalukya settlers from Karnataka to do the deed.
Remember it was mentioned that the mob was "incited" implying that there was no previous animus.

However the mosque was eventually rebuilt by Siddaraj but a hundred years later it was again destroyed by a king of Malwa(probably Bhimdev II)

But that is my take on the situation.  The fact of the matter is that a mosque had not earned the aura of sanctity and fear that it would later acquire. Even the stalwart Hindu defenders of faith Shivaji and Vijayanagar kings would spare mosques in the conquest of Muslim held territories.

Ultimately while we don't wish to destroy mosques, most certainly not nuke Mecca and Medina as one colorful American politician Tom Tancredo considered , nor would we wish to burn Korans and mock the prophets but if Muslims learn that their sanctities are not more sacred than others and that they too bleed when others strike back, they become more likely to be good citizens.

It is human nature to be on best behavior when there is some sort of Damocles sort hanging over ones head and in the case of Muslims , more so.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Indian women are neither Madonnas nor whores

Once again a certain blogger came up with a bizarre post on how noble and pure Indian women really are until they are corrupted by the Rothshild media!

I am vaguely sympathetic to the latter idea in that women are more suggestible to power of peer pressure and popularity than men. But then we come across a contradiction in such claims, if Indian women are so noble and stalwart , how do they so easily fall prey so outside influence

Simply put, the values of Indian men and women are defined by the culture which predominates at any given. This is true of any society.

If Indian men are no longer as heroic as they used to be , then that is only because our society and institutions no longer value honor , courage and assertiveness as a net good.

While certainly there is an emphasis of chastity in our culture, such values ring hollow without the male role of protector being adequately fulfilled. Are we going to sit here and pretend that most Indian women are sati/savitir pavitra naari and all that balderdash?

And when they fall short of this impossible ideal , they immediately cast as loose and immoral.

To think either of them is to dehumanize them. Just as most men are murderers and rapists or saints and saviors, most women dont belong to either extreme. As with men, they fall mostly in between.

Let us realize this for men and women and much of our societal problems will vanish.

Once can live by medieval values like honor in rural communities but these easily fall prey to misuse in this era. By and large our society like any other is litigious ,corrupt and increasingly atomized. It makes no sense to have such values when they are only used against you.

Of course let us not throw out the baby with the bathwater. The notion of personal honor is to be cherished and protected but only amongst your brethren and not  to be exploited the cruel, capricious and impersonal state called the Republic(hahahaha) of India.

A wise man once said: Real patriotism is local and I concur.

Indian women like all women are human and therefore flawed. And believe it or not my beloved neo Puritan repressed patriots- yes they like sex too!

My prior views on Indian women still stand. The reason for this particular is in case people accuse me of misogyny or being unpatriotic, I am just stating that Indian women contrary to popular propaganda are not perfect and hyper virgins with titanium hymens that can only be broken by true love's penis in the sacrament of marriage.

If anything I would celebrate more sexuality, though I prefer sensuality

Our version of middle class bourgeois values are actually imported from the Victorians where couples are bored, joyless and repressed. And this translates into our unimaginative and repetitive art and popular culture.

In this our "angrez" hating hyper patriots who still live in the early 19th century are more like the British than they like to admit.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sorry captain you cannot make money from your blog

Apparently our dear Captain Vadakayil cant resist gloating about his blogs impressive stats and claims that if his blog was monetized , he would be swimming in riches. And he doesn't do so due to his "principles"

Now this claim is inaccurate and twisted in too many ways but let us examine them step by step

Monetizing a blog is something I am quite aware as I am tinkering with it myself. As you may have guessed I am a google adsense subscriber. Now keep in mind it took nearly TWO MONTHS for Google to approve my blog for me to use adsense as an ad broker so to speak.

How it works is that if someone clicks on my the ad, I get a small percentage of the what the placer of the ad paid google.

Hence more viewers, the more clicks and hence more ad revenue.

However there are many caveats to Google AdSense which is why the probation period for blogs are so long

1) Ad sense uses pretty sophisticated algorithms to scour your blogs content and match with other blogs. This is intended to ensure plagiarizers and recyclers of other peoples content don't benefit from revenue. And our Captain of Plagiatanic 's ship strikes its first ice berg. The captain is a simply shameless plagiarizer of other content, never even once giving credit to the original author in all the examples I have seen.

Much of the anti Semitic neo Nazi propaganda is simply lifted from white racist sites such as and occasionally even stormfront.

While the hippie hyper vegetarian devotional nonsense is often misappropriated by the equally unbalanced Arya Samaji Agniveer.

There may be others that I am not aware. At this point I am not even sure of  the authorship of his technical posts about dealing working of tankers and chemicals therein.

So on that basis alone you are disqualified from AdSense. But wait there is more

2) Explicit/violent imagery and pornography

The captain doesn't hesitate to place unpleasant images such as rotting corpses or decapitating animals or maggot infested organs to promote crude ideological agenda.
Neither does he have any qualms about portraying NSFW(not safe for work) levels of sexuality not limited to nudity on his site

Neither AdSense, nor any other online advertising application would support such a site. If they would people hosting ad driven porno sites and blogs would multimillionaires but clearly that is not the case as they aren't patronized by advertisers.

3) Bigotry and hate speech

Self explanatory. The captains vile hate filled rants do not endear him to any self respecting advertiser. Any organization which allows its ads to be displayed on such a site would find itself instantly boycotted. So companies know better than to take the risk of placing themselves in that position.

I have seen ads on some white supremacist sites but those are very few. And those sites content are usually toned down and watch their language as well as provide intelligent commentary from scholars who are not associated with those views.

But by and large most of the white power "down with the Jews" type sites usually beg for donations.

But wait you say isn't there Amazon Associates which is also an option the captain can use to create revenue?

Yes, buthow many product placements does the captain make? Most of the time he goes around bashing everything from Monsato seeds to Starbucks to some novels for their "Rothschild brainwashing" . Less said about movie reviews the better.

Simply put the site may not be eligible for Amazon Associates. And even if it did, he wouldn't make much out of it. Not least of which is due to the fact that most of his readers are really not well to do.
If they were well educated and successful, they wouldn't be following and mindlessly reciting the blog like a devout Iyengar reciting the Gayatri Mantra

The real reason the captain doesn't monetize his blog is not that he cant. I believe he is ignorant enough to think he can earn millions (of $$ ,not rupees no less!) but that he really doesn't NEED to.

It is obvious from his gloating about his cottages and other property in what are admittedly very beautiful parts of Kerala as well as the fact that his son attended ROTHSCHILD FOUNDED CORNELL UNIVERSITY for graduate school indicates that he has done very well for himself dealing with "gora gaands" during his sea faring years

Indeed according to their website, Cornell charges $63000 for non NY residents. For international students , it is considerably more.
While Cornell interestingly does have a Tata Scholarship where $25 million is set aside for the tuition of gifted Indian youth who otherwise unable to afford the cost of attendance, Vadakayl Jr is ineligible as that is meant for undergraduates and those of limited means.

Once again dear Vadakayil acolytes, your anti Rothschild hero sent his son to a university founded by opium drug money IN HIS OWN WORDS.
What does this tell you? Do you believe that Cornell is the only university in the world that is good enough for Mr Aswin Vadakayil?

I don't blame Ajit Vadakayil for what he is. You cannot fault a scorpion for stinging you.  But honest to god, followers of Vadakayil, if  your guruji is so utterly shameless and hopeless it doesn't mean you should be either.

I honestly see no difference between this behavior and that of Sai Baba with his "healing powers" resorting to conventional Western medicine for staying alive.

I don't blame Sai Baba for being a con man the same way I don't blame Vadakayil for his self righteousness and faux morality which strikes one reminiscent of a prostitute masquerading as a nun. Its only a matter of time before the jig is up.

No, like the idiot followers of Sathya Sai Baba, the blame lies squarely on you. You make yourself into idiots by swallowing these dissonances and more.

And your sheeplike obedience and slavishness in this case contributed to the enhanced viewership of this blog thereby making the captain jump to the wrong conclusions about the financial potential for it. So ultimately this is just another feed back loop of ignorance with you and your messiah as active participants. As of now I see no hope of you breaking it.

Good Night and Good Luck

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The crash and burn of Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal: Let us revel in the decline of "aadarshvadis"

As Kejriwal and Hazare are on their way to becoming foot notes in India's political history, let us examine the nature of their idealism and why despite its noble intentions is ultimately toxic.

The younger readers may not be aware how it was to grow up in the later stages of the Indira Gandhi era. You are talking about dictatorship, involuntary sterilization, nationalization of vital industries and ,despite the green and white revolution, India asking for food aid from the likes of Nixon (who along with his virtual second in command Kissinger referred to Indira as a witch and Indians as bastards during the 1971 liberation of Bangladesh)

I was in primary school during the late stages of that era(Rajiv Gandhi) ,even so I couldnt help notice how pathetic the situation was. We had to wait nearly two years to get a landline phone (and we considered ourselves lucky for not waiting three) . Paying our utilities was a torture as well pretty going to the bank ,post office or any government run enterprise.

Of course we had relatives who did well abroad and wondered why they couldnt replicate the success back in the mother land.

At this juncture our media, movie industry and academia stepped in- It is because Indians in India are lazy and would rather slave for the "white man" or "white Christian man" (for the followers of the paranoid captain) than improve the lot of fellow Indians.

We were instructed to be aadarshvaadis or idealist unflinching in our ethics, pure in our morals and hard working like a mule. It later occured to me that only a person with the IQ of a mule could swallow this codswallop

We were shown the examples of Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore( the countries of the "white man" werent proper examples as you see they earned their riches via colonialism!) and how despite having any resources ,they have managed to achieve first wold status by providing quality goods and services to the world economy. Their secret we were told was-you guessed it- "hard work"!

Less mentioned were countries like Nigeria who despite having a great of oil wealth at their disposal were still poor. If you ever mentioned and a few did , those arguments were dismissed as "Africans being lazy"

Need we say that pretty much everyone in academia, media or the ultra preachy film industry were either products of or thoroughly saturated with Jawaharlal Nehru University and its associated subsidiary.
Few people realize that when it came to politics and social policy, JNU was the cultural lode star that other institutions followed .

As is expected of socialist institutions, there was zero understanding of incentives and an utter intolerance of notions as profit "Its a dirty word" said Nehru to an industrialist.

There was absolutely no reason for Indian firms to be hard working like the Japanese where there was no guarantee that the Indian government wouldnt squash their quest for expansion and arbitrarily sieze their profits in the form of punitive taxation in the name of "fairness"

Brands like the Ambassador car thrived on a complete lack of competition and North Korean style government propaganda which proclaimed it the best car in the world. I suppose Ferrari, Benz, BMW, Lamborghini etal  just had better marketing! But even they rarely had the audacity to claim their product was the best in the world!

The situation didnt improve till the 1990s when due to the collapsing of the import restrictions, Ambassador was forced to compete with foreign cars and acquired in the words of a British publication "almost perceptible acceleration"

What the economic reforms of the 1990s did was sound a death knell to the mindless slogan spouting socialists whose intellectually bankrupt view of economics was exposed for all to see.

But where they are still influential  is due to corruption in public life. Now let us be honest. Do we really imagine most politicians and administrators go into public service in order to thrive from corruption? Are we so arrogant as to think that our generation is the first to recognize that bribery, extortion and inefficiency should be rooted out.

Add to this popular films such as Indian(1996) where former INA veteran Senapathy(aptly played by Kamalahassan) goes off on a crusade against not so much the system of corruption but individual perpetrators by simply killing them and using the media as his unwitting accomplices to the cheers and approval of the common public.

Also by the same director was Mudhalvan(2000) or its Hindi version Nayak(2001) where the protaganist is appointed Cheif Minister for a day and promptly goes around fixing what ails the state achieving in 1 day what the corrupt casteist former CM couldnt(or wouldnt) achieve in 10 years.

Apparently Kejriwal wished to model himself on this character from Nayak.

What is wrong with this idea? Firstly I am pretty sure that while the CM has considerable executive powers at his disposal,using or mis(using) them on such a rash basis would quickly cost him his cabinet as well as his constituency.  The reality of corrupt officials is that they did not land here from other planets but are quite representative of those who elect them.
A wise man once said a people get the leaders they deserve. I dont see why this is any less true of morally corrupt people like Indians than say a violent and brutal society like Iraq who in turn produced monsters like Saddam to keep them in check. And the removal of said leader by well meaning though dim witted Americans only produced even more chaos, cruelty ,poverty and destabilization.

Our corrupt ,cruel and thieving politicians did not land here neither from outer space nor due to Rothschild brainwashing as some mentally unbalanced bloggers insist.
Our politicians are a magnification of our own shortcomings and virtues. Since it the nature of power to highlight warts rather glories and seeing how we are on the red on the virtues balance sheet, it is but inevitable that we get the most rotten of representation. And he in turn compels the leader to be even more tyrannical, capricious and oppressive thereby further corrupting his constituents. A sad aspect of humanity is that whenever a person is a victim of evil, that individual is more likely to become immoral himself. Therefore we see rape victims become promiscuous and male victims of child abuse become rapists.
This occurs on a macro scale. As Theodore Dalrymple had noted in his observation between modern speech codes and Soviet society

"Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. The purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One's standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control.If you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to."-Theodore Dalrymple

These socialist ideals keep crowing about honesty, integrity and simplicity when it is obvious for anyone to see that such values in a corrupt system do nothing more than emasculate and demoralize the practitioner and end up colluding with the corrupt establishment.

One example is my state Andhra Pradesh.As you may notice, one of the main qualification of a politician is a propensity for violence. Indeed even the mild mannered Chandrababu Naidu was quite handy with a broken bottle and hockey stick in his college days. It was during that time he gained an interest in politics. Not really a coincidence. AP residents still joke that  Shiva and Rakta Charitra were more documentaries about the current state of AP politics than commercial entertainers!

How exactly are we supposed to fight a hockey stick rushing at you with full force by a hot headed Kamma/Reddy youth? With narrating a treatise on the Indian constitution?

Violence will be a part of politics in a nascent democracy. It will be foolish to deny that. American senators and Presidents were rather violent themselves. President Jackson killed a man in a duel while a senator would often beat another with riding crops that would Korean parliament seem like a Gandhi ashram by comparision.

So I do not possess a princess and the pea sensitivity to violence in politics. Indeed a person who utilizes violence for the proper ends and effects good governance is what we need. Such an individual who breaks the cycle of corruption and lawlessness is termed a messiah or an avatar of Vishnu as he helped restore the balance.

Though I personally feel what we need is avatar of Shiva who should destroy and create a new order from oceans of bloods but I realize that is a minority view.

How many times will these do gooders ask us to embrace our poverty and lack of physical comforts as its "Gandhian" and at the same time chide us for our lack of progress compared to Asiatic tigers such as Japan , Singapore and Korea?

A cognitive dissonance if ever there was one. When I pointed out the contradiction to my teacher, this hyper patriot publicly shamed in class as a troublemaker and that I would be better off in the West for daring to  question her wisdom and authority. For once the teacher and I were in agreement.

When I think of her and her totalitarian nature, I am reminded of this mediocrity Anna Hazare who would beat up people in his neighborhood for eating meat and drinking alcohol. Are we really so hard up for anti corruption crusaders that we should recruit such tyrants?

And what is this talk of eliminating corruption as if you could wave a magic wand by means of fasting and shaming officials. (If they had any shame, they wouldn't be government beureaucrats)

The best way to eliminate corruption is eliminate all the incentives that enable it. Simply reduce all luxury taxes and duties and streamline government beureacracy and increase the pay of the officials that remain. Privatize what you can and should and corruption become that much more manageable.

This is turn will have a ripple effect on the courts and police system making them more accountable and efficient.

However this requires the Indian economy to be truly free and neither Modi nor Kejriwal were ever interested in it

Modi is not a free marketer but a mercantilist as his Gujarati mindset who will protect and support indigenous enterprises from those pernicious foreigners. So much for his plans for creating another Singapore!

Kejriwal suffers from delusions of grandeur that every IITian does on account of the prestige that insitutions bestows on its alumni. I actually knew individuals who were shocked when I dared challenged their assumptions on some topic or another. One went as far as to say"I went to IIT, who the fuck are you, you illiterate" , to which I eloquently responded by grabbing his collar and slamming him repeatedly against a wall. He never brought up his qualifications again.
That I would submit is the proper response to such coarse elitism. Granted most were never that arrogant and elitist but you can tell that they are not accustomed to having their opinions contradicted. This is not so much their fault as Indian society which coddles them at every turn and assumes whatever they utter is the new Bhagvad Gita

As Mr Sabhlok has shown not only are IITs highly overrated but they tend to know absolutely nothing about economics and governance. And this doesn't really distinguish them from other politicians.

In the end it is not education and high faluting ideals but common sense, resolve ,character and a pessimistic view of human nature and knowing the extant of government involvement in personal life that would lift the bane of our existence.

As of now we have no such leader but atleast let us rejoice that our self proclaimed messiahs have been discredited atleast in the short term.