Saturday, January 10, 2015

Indian women are neither Madonnas nor whores

Once again a certain blogger came up with a bizarre post on how noble and pure Indian women really are until they are corrupted by the Rothshild media!

I am vaguely sympathetic to the latter idea in that women are more suggestible to power of peer pressure and popularity than men. But then we come across a contradiction in such claims, if Indian women are so noble and stalwart , how do they so easily fall prey so outside influence

Simply put, the values of Indian men and women are defined by the culture which predominates at any given. This is true of any society.

If Indian men are no longer as heroic as they used to be , then that is only because our society and institutions no longer value honor , courage and assertiveness as a net good.

While certainly there is an emphasis of chastity in our culture, such values ring hollow without the male role of protector being adequately fulfilled. Are we going to sit here and pretend that most Indian women are sati/savitir pavitra naari and all that balderdash?

And when they fall short of this impossible ideal , they immediately cast as loose and immoral.

To think either of them is to dehumanize them. Just as most men are murderers and rapists or saints and saviors, most women dont belong to either extreme. As with men, they fall mostly in between.

Let us realize this for men and women and much of our societal problems will vanish.

Once can live by medieval values like honor in rural communities but these easily fall prey to misuse in this era. By and large our society like any other is litigious ,corrupt and increasingly atomized. It makes no sense to have such values when they are only used against you.

Of course let us not throw out the baby with the bathwater. The notion of personal honor is to be cherished and protected but only amongst your brethren and not  to be exploited the cruel, capricious and impersonal state called the Republic(hahahaha) of India.

A wise man once said: Real patriotism is local and I concur.

Indian women like all women are human and therefore flawed. And believe it or not my beloved neo Puritan repressed patriots- yes they like sex too!

My prior views on Indian women still stand. The reason for this particular is in case people accuse me of misogyny or being unpatriotic, I am just stating that Indian women contrary to popular propaganda are not perfect and hyper virgins with titanium hymens that can only be broken by true love's penis in the sacrament of marriage.

If anything I would celebrate more sexuality, though I prefer sensuality

Our version of middle class bourgeois values are actually imported from the Victorians where couples are bored, joyless and repressed. And this translates into our unimaginative and repetitive art and popular culture.

In this our "angrez" hating hyper patriots who still live in the early 19th century are more like the British than they like to admit.


  1. The bizarre post you have referred also claims that Mary Magdalene was Namboothiri woman :) Just who else on earth is not Namboothiri and not originally from Kerala? Still some people gobble all this shit in the name of patriotism! and I still believe that the Rothschild contradiction in the logic you mentioned was originally started as a satire or comedy and later changed into a serious theory after getting plenty of worship and praises :)

    1. He says that Namboodiris were very orthodox and strictly practiced untouchability. Then how did they marry their daughters to outsiders like King Solomon or Jesus?

    2. ANU if you search Capt's blogs a little more and particularly his personal views in the comments section,you will be able to unearth probably a hundred more such contradictions.YSV has highlighted some of the good ones in his "Ajit vadakayil what is he"blogpost. What I think is that Capt chases blindly after popularity and fan-following at present to such an extent that he would not mind contradicting himself at all :)

    3. True, there are lots of contradictions in whatever he writes. Sometimes he praises Parashuram as a great warrior and at times he says that he usurped the lands of the natives of Kerala. He also says that Parashuram was the inventor of the language Malayalam. When someone asked him which language was spoken in Kerala before Parashuram, he evaded the question.

    4. Regarding Jesus, I came across this post from Indiafacts

    5. Capt probably could not find this link on the net,otherwise he would catered a different view of Jesus coming from Kerala :) In that case Jesus would have been an R agent for Capt :) But anyway the history of Capt's universe of plagiarism seems to have flown in a different direction ! Now coming to the point raised by the link,ANU I must say that I agree with Capt on one of his observations atleast,ie,no other religion of the world offers the spiritual depth of Vedanta.

      However here I must also mention that I do feel the author of the above link is a little biased.I feel that Jesus was an yogi who had raised his kundalini.This is because his description of kingdom of heaven is strikingly similar to the experience of ocean of light you will have when you raise your kundalini to the Ajna chakra.Although I am not sure whether Jesus had learnt yoga techniques from India,or even from Namboothiris as propagated by Capt :)

      Capt's obsession with Parashuram can also be traced to his love for Kerala.Atleast he published the question on languages.Quite a few of my questions have gone unpublished :) In one case,I even discovered that he had modified his blog content based on the issue raised in my moderated comment .And after all this he lectures us on hyposrisy,patriotism,hegelian dialectic etc !

      He brands the mainstream media as PRESTITUTE.I do not disagree with him on this.I personally have little liking for our Indian media.However he also runs after cheap publicity when he spams all popular blogs and sites which do not have comment moderation policy.So in a way he actually runs after publicity himself,and his followers attribute his popularity( I doubt its exact extent though) to the Kalki avatar and Satya Yuga.Some even adress Capt as Kalki Avatar :) and these people also proudly call themselves ideal Hindus,after demeaning the noble concept of Kalki avatar .

    6. Anu by asking such questions you reveal yourself as a Zionist hasbara desh drohi! Lol

      As to how Nambuthiris gave their daughter in marriage to foreigners. Simple the captain simply claimed that Jews are descended from Nambuthiris (solely based on the hexagon symbol seen in Kerala temples similar to star of David!!)
      Problem solved. I forget which post it was he claimed, when I have time, Ill look for it

    7. As per tradition, Parasuram reclaimed Kerala bringing with him a form of stratified Hinduism where Kshatriyas serve Brahmins instead of the other way round. Along with the northern Kalari tradition and Ayurveda.

      The southern Kalari tradition was established by Agastya who also brought a lot of immigrants from Dwaraka who were runaway Yadavs.
      This formed the basis of the Tamil people.
      Agastya tradition tended to more egalitarian than the Parasuramic tradition.

      Even today lower castes have a loathing for Parasurama but are very fond of Agastya.

      Conversely casteists love Parasurama(this is not to say all admirers of Parasurama are casteists). Just notice Vadakayil hatred for dalits.

  2. Also he says that Indian women are feminine and can blush. How can he generalize like that? If a woman is shy, she will blush irrespective of her culture. I've read that the late Princess Diana was very shy. According to this source (
    "As a girl, Diana was so retiring as to accept only nonspeaking parts in school plays. The woman who would one day greet the public with a globally famous bright smile then faced the outside world with an elfin blush and a downward gaze."

    From this source (

    "Confident and poised, observers say she (Kate Middleton) has all the appearance of someone who has been groomed for royal duty, possessing a knowing look, secure in her knowledge of William's affections and intentions.

    Diana, in contrast, emerged as 'Shy Di'.

    She was demure and blushed as she posed for her engagement pictures, her eyes peering out from under her long fringe."

    1. I think captain in his travels abroad has only dealt with foreign prostitutes ,not normalwomen, as one would expect of a saior!

      Blushing is universal to women for a variety of reason, whether they are embarrassed, compliment or flirting with an attractive man.

      Not only is captain ignorant of history,religion,theology,geography et al but also basic female psychology

      I really pity his wife(who apparently is obligated to make him tea within 2 minutes even if he wakes up 3 am in the morning and is grateful to have this honor as per his claims!)

    2. Kalavai Venkat has some points about Jesus some of which I will address and others refute but do note that this Venkat is a bigot and hypocrite.
      He believes that children who are Christians should be forcibly taken away from the parents by the state.
      And also that Americans should feel grateful for him staying in Silicon Valley as it is the duty of Brahmins like him to enlighten those American savage Christians!

      You can find such comments he made in

      And also his thought process and research skills are absolutely shoddy.

      It is quite correct that Jesus didn't care for that particular woman who hailed from what is modern day Lebanon. However his contempt for her was reciprocated by her community who collaborated with the Romans in oppressing Jews. First and foremost Jesus thought of himself as Jewish patriot and reformer and loathing Roman, Jewish and gentile collaborators equally.
      Sermon on the mount has to be put in the proper context. It is not really an exhortation to pacifism and there is a lot of mistranslation from the original Hebrew. I am pressed for time so I will specify later.

      Simply put, Jesus didn't feel it was appropriate to spread his message to non Jews when Jews themselves were in a fallen state dominated by foreign born king(Herod was an Arab convert to Judaism) and a corrupt priesthood and elites who played ball with Romans.

      Please note that even Buddha to whom Jesus is often compared did not wish for his message to leave Bharatavarsha and contrary to Dalit propaganda, his inner circle was composed almost exclusively of Kshatriyas and Brahmins.
      Indeed when there was a war between his Shakya clain and the Licchavi confederacy, Buddha actually supported the Shakya war efforts.
      So much for HIS pacifism!

    3. I forgot to mention I concur with JAM regarding the mystical reading of Kingdom of Heaven and believe Jesus had divine powers.
      OF course I don't subscribe to the exclusivity of his divinity.
      I believe he was resurrected but it makes no difference to me personally as I already have Rishi Markandeya and his Maha Mrutunjejya Mantra which defeats Yama.
      As well as Devi Mahatmya where Durga reveals herself and endows power,strength,wisdom,youth and beauty.

      So Jesus, good job for all you did but Ive got Resurrection 2.0 ;-)

    4. Even I felt Kalavai Venkat is too much biased.However I was waiting for your views as I do not have much knowledge on this topic.So I moderated a harsher view on him my previous answer.

      "I am pressed for time so I will specify later."- You have touched a very interesting point.Do specify later according to your convenience.Just don't forget the point :)

      "So Jesus, good job for all you did but Ive got Resurrection 2.0 ;-)" - YSV again an excellent perspective of yours on the subject :) It's a shame that Capt and his acolytes brand you a hasbara and anti-hindu ! I had never thought on this angle,ie,even Hinduism has its own form of resurrection.While reading your answer,the episode of Laxmana in Ramayan being saved by Hanuman flashed in my mind.

      However I think resurrection of the complete dead(not some coma or brain-death) is not possible for all human beings whatever mantra you may use.I believe only people whose purpose in mortal bodies has been left incomplete can be resurrected from death.

      "Buddha actually supported the Shakya war efforts." - Atleast one point is implicit here,ie, the nonviolence Gandhi preached,ie,shunning all weapons is just not possible.It wasn't possible even in the past.YSV on a lighter note,this is one of the core reasons why I love Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.Somehow he protected Bengal from the aggressive Islamic theocracy without even throwing a single stone at his enemies :) Anyway coming back to the point, if you try to control violence to the bare minimum required and your force is not directed by your ego but for the sake of greater good,then I believe that is the real non-violence.Here I think Lord Rama was a good example.


    5. Sermon on the mount is really a set of parables not to be taken literally.

      So when Jesus instructs the audience“But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also” Matthew 5:39
      it actually means the offender has insulted a person(since most people are right handed and the implication that if he has been struck on the right cheek it is a backhanded slap or a straight left handed one which is a sever insult in the middle east). And when Jesus exhorts the person to turn the other cheek, it is meant to show that dismissing petty insults and humiliations of the offender is a better approach to responding with violence

      This was a revolutionary thought in Middle Eastern culture with its notions of shame and honor in the tribal context. Alas the lesson has been lost since a lot of conflicts begin with petty humiliations

      Israeli expansion into west bank was inspired by the Jordanian military destroying Jewish gravestones and using them in making lavatories
      The 1973 stealth invasion by Egypt and Syria were due to Israelis policy of humiliating the defeating Arabs of 1967 by making them surrender and march in their underwear
      The 1990 invasion of Kuwait was jump started by comments of senior Kuwaiti officials to Iraqi ministers that any Iraqi woman could be purchased for 10 dinars(then about 12 U.S dollars)
      The Palestinian intifadas against Israel were due to petty humiliation where border guards(usually Arabic speaking Jews) would make old men kiss the backside of donkeys and make them bark like dogs

      In this part of the world, people forgive a stabbing quicker than a slapping.
      The Americans on some level realize this which is President Bush himself personally apologized to the Arab for the photos from Abu Ghraib where the prisoners had to undergo some very bizarre degradations.

      Coming back to Jesus, he also fashioned a whip and beat the money changers from the Temple.

      His main focus was on reforming the Jewish community and only then did he believe that they would be capable of defeating Romans.
      In the tradition of Jewish prophets such as Isiah and Jeremiah , he believed strongly that Roman conquest of Judea was gods way of punishing the Jews for their transgressions.

    6. I do believe that the complete dead can be resurrected though not just by mantra by the prana of the person reciting it.

      Of course there are exceptions such as the case of Dhadici , who basically donated his body to the Devas(probably means a the mainstream school of scholars) who took him apart and examined his amazing physique perhaps similar to modern medical autopsies.

      I admire Chaitanya for this. As he is following the precepts of the Chinese Art of War. The best war is one where no one is hurt and yet you achieve your objectives. If Chaitanyas objective I assume was the preservation of Hinduism in Bengal then he should be up there with Shivaji , Krishnadevaraya and Maharana Pratap!

    7. Mahaprabhu is not put on the same altar with Shivaji etc mainly because his way was different.But what Mahaprabhu had been able to achieve,probably others couldn't in that way.Ofcourse that does not diminish them in any way wrt Mahaprabhu.For example,in case of Marathas,Shivaji was the ideal person to tackle the situation.And I firmly believe that Hinduism wouldn't have existed as a majority religion in India without the Vijaynagar empire.What I have felt after studying Indian History is that our Bharatmata has given birth to the right person at the right place and the right time.That is why 800 years of aggression and cultural domination couldn't do much to remove Hinduism.But if Bengal had even thought of an armed revolution(which it was incapable of at that point anyway :) ) ,it would have been washed off into the Bay of Bengal by the Mughal armies :) .Bengal's geographical structure was also against it.I believe a mountaneous and unaccessable terrain has high strategic advantages. Shivaji probably couldn't have built an empire from scratch without the blessing of the prevalent geography ;) Mahaprabhu was able to bring back a large number of people of other religions into the bhakti fold .Just imagine the scene of the medieval era when people of all folds are following Mahaprabhu as he is spreading the Tarak Brahma Naam :) As I had probably told you earlier Mahaprabhu undertook a secret form of Daivachaari Tantra where he used to relish Krishna in the mood of Radha and vice versa.I believe that the magnetic appeal of Mahaprabhu had probably originated from his Tantric practice,as was pointed out by you earlier.Probably this was the reason why he had been termed as "Sonar Manush"/golden man. Ramakrishna used to bow before every person when he heard that that the latter had come from Navadwip(birthplace of Mahaprabhu) ;) He didn't care whether the person was younger to him or not,or even a child! So high was his respect for Mahaprabhu.And I believe the words of sages like Ramakrishna and Maharshi Ramana because they spoke from their direct experience in meditation and not from acquired knowledge or education.

      Even to this day Sahajiya Tantriks say that Mahaprabhu is the hidden incarnation of God.If you want to know the Golden Man,you would have to take up the rigorous and secret Sahajiya Sadhana,as is claimed by them.

  3. Thanks a lot for your comments, JAM and ysv_rao. I got to learn of many things from this blog. BTW, Parshurama is our family deity (Kuladevata) :)

    1. Anu just a casual suggestion for you :) Whatever spiritual path you want to take up in the future,chanting the name of your family deity(preferably after taking diksha from a Guru) will ease the journey by a long margin.Anyway its not an absolute necessity .Bhakti yoga says that it is the faith in your deity and not the deity himself that would give you Moksha :) So in a way Bhakti yoga is open to every single person of every single belief system on earth,and this is why I like this path ;)

    2. I'm more fascinated by "Devi Mahatmya" or "Chandi" as you call it in Bengal. I don't know Sanskrit but I read the vernacular edition published by Ramakrishna Mission.

    3. great to know that you read Devi mahatmya/chandi :) it is said that regular recitation of the devi mahatmya at dawn after taking bath and with pure mind gives you both material and spiritual success.But I think ritualistic Chandi Path is meant for Brahmins only,atleast here in Bengal non-Brahmins do not recite chandi on a religious basis.However there a scores of other scriptures that can be read by anyone without barriers and are equally enlightening.For example I personally recite the Hanuman Chalisa and undertake written Japa of RAM naam .The name of Lord Rama is so powerful that it protects you from physical and mental harms whenever you remember it.The mantra RAM is also the sound form of Para-Brahman.

    4. YSV,Anu How could I forget to mention in my last comment that Capt thinks Tulsidas is fake and the Hanuman Chalisa is a backdated creation :) ? and one more gem of a revelation from the enlightened Capt,ie,all Dasa charecters and Mahaprabhu have been created by white invaders :D

    5. If Kabir, Tulsidas, Hanuman Chalisa and Chaitanya are creations of Rothshcild, I hereby declare Rothschild as an incarnation of Vishnu due to his/their unparalleled genius and contribution to Hindu culture , literature, music and civilization in general!

    6. Infact you should visit the comments section of Capt blog more often to have a good source of laughter after a stressed out day :) YSV seriously I now doubt just like you the quotient of mental health of the blog as a whole ;) Anyway my perception says that Rothschild is indeed an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Capt is most probably his harbinger on earth :) Most probably Capt is suffering from frustration/depression which stems from his rabid anti semitism.As you have said he is getting more and more noisy as the days pass.Infact I must confess that I felt sad at this deterioration of Capt's blogging quality.When I had started following him way back in 2012,he was a good blogger then.He did have some personal biases even at that point of time but it was nowhere near like what he is spewing at present.

    7. True, Capt's blog is a source of entertainment, especially his comments section. While the capt. extolls the virtues of yoga and boasts that his suryanamaskara post is popular, he does not practise either yoga, pranyaama or vipassana meditation. A few months ago, a commenter asked him as to how he maintains his physique and he replied that he goes to the gym, he didn't say anything about doing suryanamaskar.

  4. I was about to say this, LOL. I wonder why he calls Tulsidas, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Kabir etc. as fake. If they were from Kerala, then probably he would have sung their praises just like he adores Mata Amritanandmayi. But wait.. even though Asaram Bapu and Nityananda are not from Kerala, he still supports them, I wonder why?

    1. Among the popular Gurus,the only person I admire is Baba Ramdev.His image was a bit maligned in the Ramlila Maidan incident where he tried to flee from the police,but still I felt his love for his nation through his words and deeds.And on a personal level if I take Diksha in the future,I would approach a monk from Bharat Sevashram Sangh or Ramakrishna Mission.No hard feelings for any other Gurus :)

    2. Baba Ramdev has certainly made Pranayama a household name but doing pranayama by just watching TV and without proper guidance from a trained yoga guru can have undesirable consequences. I've heard that some people got hernia after doing too much of Kapalabhati everyday. And also doing pranayama incorrectly can cause respiratory and heart ailments. What do you think? By diksha, did you mean to say you will take mantra diksha?

    3. Anu you are right but I think Kapalbhati is being unduly blamed in this.The people who get damaged by Kapalbhati usually do it for extremely long span of time and with huge force,both of which are totally wrong.I personally heard of a person who blood cancer in almost final stage got cured after 1 year of regular Anulomvilom and kapalbhati.So I guess it is bad only if you misuse it.Ramdev always stresses moderate speed and stress.Some people just don't stick to that,I think :)

      Yes I meant mantra diksha,preferably the mantra "RAM",as this is the mantra I always chant in my mind.Like YSV I also have plans to start the kundalini meditation after a few years.Last time I tried to raise the kundalini my age was 16 :) Now that's not a right age to explore such things.Atleast it wansn't right for me :) But reading books on kundalini atleast had gifted me with a whole new world of spirituality which I could explore.

      Just a personal opinion here with no contempt :) Capt's posts on kundalini is merely theoritical and will not help you at all :) You should read about kundalini from persons who have raised it and know the real experience.

    4. I had been to a yoga teacher in a Nature Cure Hospital last year and he had designed a yoga regimen specifically for me. He taught me which mudras to hold during each Pranayama, the order in which different pranayamas were to be done, which mudras and yoga poses are suitable for women and such things. Such intricacies won’t be mentioned if you learn yoga through TV or from YouTube. I feel learning yoga from a competent yoga guru is the best. I religiously followed his regimen for a few months and then stopped due to laziness. I must start doing it again.

    5. I agree with you.You have been taught in the best way possible by the teacher.Having said that,the point I was trying to make is that simple Pranayam in mild force will not atleast cause harm to you.Actually when you get to know about people being harmed by pranayam,what you don't get to know is that these people actually take the practice to extreme levels.For a better perspective on the subject I am giving you a link :

      Just how can a moderate breathing technique in mild force harm us when we are not even doing kumbhaka,unless our body is extremely weak :) ? Ofcourse like all other yoga exercises,there are contra-indications and precautions in kapalbhati also.While learning yoga from TV is not the best,very few people can get access to competent yoga guru.For example I have been doing Suryanamaskar for the past 3 months along with Hindu pushups and Hindu squats,all of which I have learnt from youtube videos with exact breathing pattern,correct posture etc. I have no other teacher in my area,whether competent or not,to learn from.But I think there are many youtube videos that do teach you the poses in the best way possible.Anyway what I have felt is that unless you overstretch to your maximum limits,a mild to moderate dose of any exercise is not harmful.

      One more thing,ie, some yoga poses are more suitable for women and some less,as you have rightly hinted.These should be taken care of.

    6. I personally don't care any of these modern gurus as I am yet to come across any who think freely and unconventionally as ancient Hindus did. They are in general too attached to their prejudices.

      I assume Naga sadhus are the exception but they are not interested in pursuing fame in this manner!

  5. I personally wouldn't even recommend Hatha yoga to be learnt by TV without active instruction. The postures are very technical down to the angle and last inch. And the breathing is something that should be monitored.

    Forget about pranayama and more advanced practices!

    Trust me, this I learnt the hard way!

    1. Yes you are right,the postures are highly technical.But actually there are numerous teachers who teach in their own ways.I think as of now we don't have a universal set of principles defined for the postures.What I have felt is that a few easy yoga asanas and simple pranayamas recommended by Ramdev can be learnt from youtube videos or dvds if not TV.Ofcourse I would not recommend anyone Asanans like Omkarasana ,yoga nidra or pranayams with kumbhak process to be learnt without presence of a qualified teacher ;) But Ramdev is actually teaching diluted forms of pranayam.I would not even call the Ramdev styles as pranayam,rather I would term them as breathing exercises.Now regarding asanas,the real risk starts when you start holding a single pose constantly for 5 minutes or more.Because in this case the uneven blood circulation flow which happens in yogic posture remains for a prolonged span and this might cause harm if not supervised properly.Below 5 minutes,ie holding them for 20 to 30 seconds as taught by most schools, is not even hathayoga at all :) It will help you in no way in advancement of kundalini when you hold poses for such short spans of time,apart from curing ailments and betterment of your health.BTW 5 minutes is more like a figure of speech used by teachers and literature.It means prolonged span of time.Generally for most people just 20 seconds to maximum of 1 minute is perfect.

  6. @ysvrao I admire Chaitanya for this. As he is following the precepts of the Chinese Art of War. The best war is one where no one is hurt and yet you achieve your objectives

    Yeah . an utopian view similar to the messiah complex of father of natn.

    then there is no reason for any soldiers in this world.

    1. I hope for your sake you are only pretending to so lacking in reading comprehension and plain common sense for our amusement.

      I mean even by Vadakayil supporter standards you are incredibly dull witted!

  7. Hey YSV Rao,

    Good post! I agree. Captain is very ill informed about sexuality in Ancient India. Take a look at this:

    He believes that Kunti was impregnated by some Surya dev, without sex... LOL. In fact, Kunti has sex with Durvasa (Surya dev), and Karna was born from this union. The ancients were more open to sex, and in some regions of ancient India, pre marital and extra marital sex was common. The Mahabharatha also talks of a time when men and women were free, and were not bound to one mate for their entire life. Take a look at my blog post on the topic: