Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sorry captain you cannot make money from your blog

Apparently our dear Captain Vadakayil cant resist gloating about his blogs impressive stats and claims that if his blog was monetized , he would be swimming in riches. And he doesn't do so due to his "principles"

Now this claim is inaccurate and twisted in too many ways but let us examine them step by step

Monetizing a blog is something I am quite aware as I am tinkering with it myself. As you may have guessed I am a google adsense subscriber. Now keep in mind it took nearly TWO MONTHS for Google to approve my blog for me to use adsense as an ad broker so to speak.

How it works is that if someone clicks on my the ad, I get a small percentage of the what the placer of the ad paid google.

Hence more viewers, the more clicks and hence more ad revenue.

However there are many caveats to Google AdSense which is why the probation period for blogs are so long

1) Ad sense uses pretty sophisticated algorithms to scour your blogs content and match with other blogs. This is intended to ensure plagiarizers and recyclers of other peoples content don't benefit from revenue. And our Captain of Plagiatanic 's ship strikes its first ice berg. The captain is a simply shameless plagiarizer of other content, never even once giving credit to the original author in all the examples I have seen.

Much of the anti Semitic neo Nazi propaganda is simply lifted from white racist sites such as and occasionally even stormfront.

While the hippie hyper vegetarian devotional nonsense is often misappropriated by the equally unbalanced Arya Samaji Agniveer.

There may be others that I am not aware. At this point I am not even sure of  the authorship of his technical posts about dealing working of tankers and chemicals therein.

So on that basis alone you are disqualified from AdSense. But wait there is more

2) Explicit/violent imagery and pornography

The captain doesn't hesitate to place unpleasant images such as rotting corpses or decapitating animals or maggot infested organs to promote crude ideological agenda.
Neither does he have any qualms about portraying NSFW(not safe for work) levels of sexuality not limited to nudity on his site

Neither AdSense, nor any other online advertising application would support such a site. If they would people hosting ad driven porno sites and blogs would multimillionaires but clearly that is not the case as they aren't patronized by advertisers.

3) Bigotry and hate speech

Self explanatory. The captains vile hate filled rants do not endear him to any self respecting advertiser. Any organization which allows its ads to be displayed on such a site would find itself instantly boycotted. So companies know better than to take the risk of placing themselves in that position.

I have seen ads on some white supremacist sites but those are very few. And those sites content are usually toned down and watch their language as well as provide intelligent commentary from scholars who are not associated with those views.

But by and large most of the white power "down with the Jews" type sites usually beg for donations.

But wait you say isn't there Amazon Associates which is also an option the captain can use to create revenue?

Yes, buthow many product placements does the captain make? Most of the time he goes around bashing everything from Monsato seeds to Starbucks to some novels for their "Rothschild brainwashing" . Less said about movie reviews the better.

Simply put the site may not be eligible for Amazon Associates. And even if it did, he wouldn't make much out of it. Not least of which is due to the fact that most of his readers are really not well to do.
If they were well educated and successful, they wouldn't be following and mindlessly reciting the blog like a devout Iyengar reciting the Gayatri Mantra

The real reason the captain doesn't monetize his blog is not that he cant. I believe he is ignorant enough to think he can earn millions (of $$ ,not rupees no less!) but that he really doesn't NEED to.

It is obvious from his gloating about his cottages and other property in what are admittedly very beautiful parts of Kerala as well as the fact that his son attended ROTHSCHILD FOUNDED CORNELL UNIVERSITY for graduate school indicates that he has done very well for himself dealing with "gora gaands" during his sea faring years

Indeed according to their website, Cornell charges $63000 for non NY residents. For international students , it is considerably more.
While Cornell interestingly does have a Tata Scholarship where $25 million is set aside for the tuition of gifted Indian youth who otherwise unable to afford the cost of attendance, Vadakayl Jr is ineligible as that is meant for undergraduates and those of limited means.

Once again dear Vadakayil acolytes, your anti Rothschild hero sent his son to a university founded by opium drug money IN HIS OWN WORDS.
What does this tell you? Do you believe that Cornell is the only university in the world that is good enough for Mr Aswin Vadakayil?

I don't blame Ajit Vadakayil for what he is. You cannot fault a scorpion for stinging you.  But honest to god, followers of Vadakayil, if  your guruji is so utterly shameless and hopeless it doesn't mean you should be either.

I honestly see no difference between this behavior and that of Sai Baba with his "healing powers" resorting to conventional Western medicine for staying alive.

I don't blame Sai Baba for being a con man the same way I don't blame Vadakayil for his self righteousness and faux morality which strikes one reminiscent of a prostitute masquerading as a nun. Its only a matter of time before the jig is up.

No, like the idiot followers of Sathya Sai Baba, the blame lies squarely on you. You make yourself into idiots by swallowing these dissonances and more.

And your sheeplike obedience and slavishness in this case contributed to the enhanced viewership of this blog thereby making the captain jump to the wrong conclusions about the financial potential for it. So ultimately this is just another feed back loop of ignorance with you and your messiah as active participants. As of now I see no hope of you breaking it.

Good Night and Good Luck


  1. Quite a few acolytes do follow Capt religiously but I really doubt the exact number of followers.This is because the last time I visited Capt's blog and the comments
    section,all I could see is that the same bunch of blind followers turn up to comment repeatedly on his website.Capt constantly spams the portals of popular online sites and blogs and after this he claims that it is some divine will by which his blog is getting popular :) A few days back I even noticed a comment by Capt where he
    states proudly that he has 170 million google + views or something like that! Now I will not say that he is a liar,I would give him the benefit of doubt in this by saying that he is probably ignorant.But if Capt and his followers think that the number of google plus views is equivalent to the number of persons visiting Capt's
    blog,then it is better we let them live in their fool's paradise :) But my request to the level-headed readers is that they should investigate the mechanism of acquiring google plus views before putting their beloved Capt on the altar of worship :) YSV you might have seen the latest news of Paris terrorist attacks.Capt's son
    studies in Rothschild funded univ,so I gues R or his zionist associates are not that harmful after all :) YSV weren't the shipping companies in which Capt worked R
    funded,or Capt alone fought against hoards of Zionists throughout his shipping career and still managed to remain intact :) ?

    "And our Captain of Plagiatanic 's ship strikes its first ice berg.."- Capt should praise PN Oak and many other conspiracy bloggers for giving him some fodder to
    write blogs :) Actually I think in this case he didnot want to be a messiah initially,unlike most other fake Gurus out there.It is the fault of some of his readers,whose consistent and devoted worship has "moulded his perception " :) Atleast Agniveer writes his own views,as ANU had reghtly pointed out.

    "I honestly see no difference between this behavior and that of Sai Baba...." - It is really very interesting that the same person who castigates Shirdi Sai Baba doesn't follow the same logic for Satya Sai or Mata Amritanandamayi.Infact Mata qualifies all the parameters of Capt to become a Zionist stooge,but still she isn't one :) I don't have any disrespect for Mata or her followers,I just wanted to show the hypocrisy of Capt.Capt has different sets of criteria for judging Zionism between
    North Indian and South Indian personalities.Again no contempt for any of my South Indian citizens.Unlike Capt,I believe that every corner of India is Indian.and ofcourse Capt's hatred for Bongs just flows in his veins .

    "...Sai Baba with his "healing powers" resorting to conventional Western medicine for staying alive.." - YSV what is your opinion about Srila Prabhupada?You might
    know about him better as you stay in USA .I think here Srila Prabhupada was atleast upright,as he never claimed to be a healer of magician.

    "And your sheeplike obedience and slavishness in this case contributed to the enhanced viewership ..." - As I have already hinted,I still doubt as to how popular his blog really is.I have seen that Capt spreads lies either knowingly or innocently so now I really have problem in believing whatever figures Capt quotes in support of his popularity.

    A final point-I have seen the comment of Capt where he has compared you with a small light against himself-the sun.But he warns Koenraad Elst in the same comment.Here there is a bit of diplomacy at work :) Capt knows very well that Elst is not a person who would give a tit-for-tat to his followers' stupidity,but he cannot assure the same thing in your blog.So he has chosen to maintain distance with you :)

    1. I hadn't given much thought to the google + views which is another kettle of wax.
      I submit it doesn't matter even if he had 1 billion views, he just wont be able to monetize it. There are just too many red flags for advertisers.

      Case in point: The youtube video Gangnam style received over a billion hits but that was before youtube offered the option of its users monetizing their content. So the singer Psy didn't make any money off the youtube views but from the fame that followed the success of the video.

      However the captain can try a subscription model which could yield him considerable revenue. However it wont be as much as he fantasises and neither would be in the manner in which he envisioned.

      Im sure he will blame the Paris attacks on Zionists despite clear Islamic motivation for the same! This is because he is a coward.

      Sorry to say I don't think much of Prabhupada or Hare Krishna. As you may have guessed as Shaiva/Shakti worshipper I have little time for Vaishnava Bhakti ;-)
      My main problem with Prabhupada is in his spreading the message to the West and further sullying the image of Hinduism in the process. Hare Krishnas in the West are viewed as a cult and irritant
      Contrast this with the Ramakrishna Mission which is actually very respected by knowledgable and level headed Westerners. A positive view no doubt descended from the outreach of Swami Vivekananda in Chicago nearly a century and a half ago.
      In the Ramakrishna Mission in Seattle, I found the dhoti wearing Western devotees to be well educated, adjusted and very knowledgable.
      In contrast in the Hare Krishna society, I found pretty much everyone to be crackpots and malcontents.

      As for Koenraad Elst, last year when we were engaging in spirited debate on his open comments board along with his "chamchas" , he pulled the escape hatch. How and why? Well obviously he is not accustomed to an open discussion and his followers were of zero use to him as well. So he pulled an old trick where he knew upon abusing Koenraad Elst, the discussion would be shut down. He knew this because he noticed this occur before when some other crackpot called windwheel made a vulgar remark about Koenraad's beard.
      After that and his banning from TImes of India and his subsequent arrest, he has increasingly become more shrill and hysterical. An (involuntary) visit to the mental hospital isn't too far away if he continues at this pace.

    2. "Sorry to say I don't think much of Prabhupada or ..." - YSV I absolutely agree with you in what you have written on this ISKCON topic.Actually I am not a fan of Srila Prabhupada either.I had read the antagonistic comments of Prabhupada against Sri Ramakrishna,TulsiDas,Tantra path etc.He was of the opinion that there is no other path to liberation than Bhakti path through the worship of Krishna.Even in India I have seen that people treat Ramakrishna Mission and Bharat Sevashram Sangha with more respect than ISKCON.What I was trying to tell is that Srila Prabhupada never tried to establish himself as a Guru/messiah like Satya Sai Baba.Infact Prabhupada openly attacked gurus who try to establish themselves as God.He had diligently remained stuck to his path of spreading the teachings of his lineage.Now that might have been flawed and to some extent,bigotic also probably :) Bigotry and intolerance is a thing that Bhakti yoga never allows.However what surprised me was that while Prabhupada spoke against Tantriks and people like Sri Ramakrishna who didnot share his philosophy,he chose to eulogise Jesus Christ/Allah etc :) This,I think,was more of a political stance than theological :) However Prabhupada totally forgot that Ramakrishna used to chant the Hare Krishna Mahamantra in Kirtan even while being a worshipper of Kali in Tantric path and he also considered Chaitanya Mahaprabhu as Krishna in golden form(similar to Gaudiya Vaishnavas like Prabhupada himself :) ).Recently I read in one of Capt's comments that even Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is a fake and backdated creation :P I am pretty sure that in the distant future Capt will be considered fake and backdated creation of anti-zionists !

      "As for Koenraad Elst, last year when we ...." - Even though Capt and his followers escaped,I am sure they still take pride in reminiscing the moment when they personally attacked Mr Elst :) To them,it is patriotism and protection of Sanatan Dharma :) I must give due credit to Capt for being able to successfully brainwash quite a few diehard fans with only online communication.

  2. @JAM, LOL yes I too have seen his comment boasting about his G+ profile views and you are right that G+ views doesn't actually lead to that many blog views. I really wonder how much his actual stats is! He should publish his blog's Google Analytics stats screenshot if whatever he claims is actually true.

    @ysv_rao: Even though he gets approved by Adsense, his followers will click on the ads right and left in a bid to contribute something for their Guruji for his immense contribution to society and he could get banned from adsense for invalid clicks. If anyone asks him to recommend any good book, he says that whatever you want can be found in my blog, from politics to the mysteries of the universe, so you need not read any books.. So I doubt he'll ever use Amazon Associates. I also suspect that he copies from Deepak Chopra's books or articles as he uses quantum healing, quantum consciousness and such other words a lot in some of his posts!

    1. ANU thanks for your supportive views :) Now I am sharing something that might puncture a few inflated ego balloons,but I just can't sit back :P

      Look at the google plus views of this user.It is a staggering 42 billion ! That's six times the total population of the world !!! Yet the profile has only 8 million followers in its circle. But wait Capt sermons us about Zionist and depopulation agendas or something like that,right?I guess it might be related to that somehow :) Actually in garnering google plus views there's a trick.If you put a lot of pics on your blog from the internet,your g+ views would rise sky-high,because these pics are being seen by a large number of netizens all over the world who don't have the remotest connection with your blog.Capt puts a lot of pics from the net on his blog.Google plus views is a stat which we can use to stroke our ego and nothing else.It has no real correlation with popularity.You can garner a billion views even with just 50 dedicated followers.ANU as you have rightly pointed out,google analytics stats or similar things are better indicators.But still it would be hard for me to believe Capt's screenshots,as I have seen that Capt can go to any length of bigotry and hypocrisy to stand firm on his views.

    2. Yes, you are right. Even capt's screenshots cannot be trusted as it can be easily tampered with Photoshop with his son's help (I don't think the capt. is tech-savvy enough to do it himself.) Also capt. does not just hate Bengalis, he pretty much hates every other ethnic group from other states as ysv_rao has said in his other post. He particularly hates Tamil Brahmins, Kanchi Math pontiff, Chitpavan Brahmins, Dalits and Japanese also. Only people from his home state Kerala are angels and civilized, according to him.

    3. Haha yes his megalomania and ego is such that he is unable to recommend any books but perhaps the Vedas, possibly a Vadakayil edition! Reminds of the Arya Samaj version of the Rig Veda I read where here and there in every other mandala , the editor reminds us of how this mantra is actually as physics formula used in rocket or nuclear technology stolen by the West.

      He also has a strong dislike for my community(Andhras) because we dare to claim that our language Telugu has as many Sanskrit words as Malayalam. He attributes this claim to a Telugu Wikipedia editor. Apparently before Wikipedia no Telugu speaker was ever aware of Sanskrit influence in their literature!

      To be fair to him however, dislike of Andhra culture is common among Keralites , they see us (IIT representation aside) as provincial and violent, basically they we are the Biharis of the South. In some ways we are (see Rayalaseema political violence and Telengana/Jharkhand comparisions) but atleast we chase and kill communists and don't elect them to high office!

      Honestly I don't wish to even peruse his blog as the ignorance and bigotry really gives me a headache. But as per our Shastras, ignorance is evil and tolerating it just as much. And of all the lessons of WWII, the least we should've learned is that riling up bigotry and hatred has dreadful consequences. Of course our captain would disagree since the Holocaust is apparently a Zionist lie. Perhaps some Muslim fan of Tipu should claim that massacre of Nairs and other Keralite Hindus was a Malayalee conspiracy and see his reaction!

      So one does what one must . In my limited way(the captain exaggerates his blog traffic but they are greater than mine for sure, atleast for now) I do what I can to correct the misinformation and hopefully pass on more knowledge along the way.

      I have an open comments policy as I realize no one is infallible. If there is an error in what I state, feel free to correct and provide references where possible

    4. A few level-headed critics would always serve your blog better than scores of blind worshippers :) In your own words,popularity is not a fair yardstick for truth :) and while discussing with you in other articles of this blog I have seen that you are very much open to all sorts of ideas,ie,if they come with minimum logic :) Anyway I am pretty sure that if you can become a regular blogger like you have been since the last one month,you would get many more hits.

      By the way YSV I totally forgot that I had given a comment in your 2013 article "when-in-antiquity-did-it-become.." .I would like to have your views in response to my comment on December 19, 2014 at 4:21 AM .

      You should increase the recent comments window to show more than 5 comments.Otherwise even recent comments might get suppressed and we won't be able to follow the discussion.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I had left a comment, maybe it went into the spam folder. Anyway, I'll post it again. @JAM, this particular Google profile which he's boasting about is not linked to his blog, it was perhaps created later on. His blog is linked to his blogger profile. ( which shows 71329 as of now. I don't know if you read Ravinar's blog. Earlier the capt used to regularly spam his blog with irrelevant comments and his trademark "Punch into Google search" and got a well deserved thrashing. Check it out here.

  4. @ysv_rao, my comments are disappearing after I post them. Please check.

    1. LOL I had this same problem with YSV's "zionist" spam filter :) Anyway Anu I visited this page an hour back and I had been able to read your comment before it got deleted.Due to some urgent work at hand I could not comment at that time :) . The blogger profile views of Capt is a better indicator of his popularity but even that number can be increased by just reloading the page multiple times.But still I am taking that number at face value without any contradictory line of thought.I read the link you had furnished in mediacrooks.Now I really feel bad that I had never visited mediacrooks seriously before,although I did see the website in the google search :) Ravinar has a good writing style and this website is far more patriotic than Capt's . Ravinar had hit Capt hard in that comment.The person who follows strict moderation policy also speaks for internet freedom and such other things :) What I have seen in most discussion forums on the net is that most sane people with some knowledge of history and politics consider Capt a spammer and troll.I have also seen Capt taking pride in the google search rankings of his blog.Now to Capt and his acolytes,I would just like to remind that google search algo is not an indicator of popularity.Capt has spammed thousands of sites on the net with the tagline PUNCH INTO GOOGLE SEARCH.This is the basic reason why his blog gets listed on the first page and he claims that he is getting popular.A better indicator than google search is the number of unique visits on the blog which Ravinar has put at the top right of mediacrooks.He claims that he is a brave man and yet chickens out from the slightest counter-argument.Let us allow Capt and his online hyper-patriots build a castle in the air so that we can have the fun of bringing it down :)

      P.S - From now onwards I would start following mediacrooks regularly ofcourse along with YSV's blog.YSV is a master when it comes to history / theology and related topics and mediacrooks for the analysis of present day issues ailing our nation.

      YSV I am posting the link ANU shared in the deleted comment so that you might see it :

    2. Yes this is odd. I saw the comments in my email but not here, same with JAM comments.

      I think the issue was I noticed the same comment was post more than once(happens when you hit double click the publish button) so the filter just assumed its spam.
      I will bring it online.

  5. Even my comments are getting deleted :) ANU I had been able to read your original comment.

    1. YSV it would be better if you change the automatic spam filtering to manual,ie,at your will,because even in the past I had seen that the spam filter deleted valid comments with no spam content whatsoever :)

    2. Thanks JAM for checking that link. I came to know of capt's blog from Ravinar's and Sandeepweb's blogs. Initially I was impressed by capt's articles but I couldn't stand the inaccuracies, bigotry and misogyny. Glad that I found ysv_rao's blog!

  6. @ysv_rao Sai Baba with his "healing powers" resorting to conventional Western medicine for staying alive.

    I don't blame Sai Baba for being a con man....

    can you emphasize healing powers/western medicine and con man.

    1. and elaborate more on 3 qualities healing powers/western medicine and con man of Saibaba

  7. I don't think money is his concern folks. It should be noted that with the right circumstances, time period and purpose, mountains can be moved. He doesn't need a million follows, but instead to stimulate millions of thoughts to the people who stumble upon his site. People talk, people criticize and honestly, criticism is unwanted publicity.
    Personally, I've been lied to. We're a large slave plantation globally, and our economic model of operation facilitates a select few. Our history of lies are geared towards keeping those people rich and us in debt. Till desire is rampant, we'll always be slaves and it matters not of your creed, race or orientation.

    1. How did I miss this nugget of wisdom?

      "I don't think money is his concern folks."

      Of course it isnt. Because he has it. And how did he earn it? By dealing with Rothschild types his entire life.You know the very ones he claims are pure evil!

      " It should be noted that with the right circumstances, time period and purpose, mountains can be moved. He doesn't need a million follows, but instead to stimulate millions of thoughts to the people who stumble upon his site. People talk, people criticize and honestly, criticism is unwanted publicity. "

      Have you seen his comments board lately. He barely even has a 100 followers . Forget about a million. And half of the comments are by him and god help the guy who asks him a question and expects a straight answer instead of some loopy, wild ,tangential bizarro world rant.

      "Personally, I've been lied to."

      Yes. Lets start with your mother. She told you that you were smart and handsome. Let us begin by destroying that false propaganda.

      " We're a large slave plantation globally, and our economic model of operation facilitates a select few. Our history of lies are geared towards keeping those people rich and us in debt. Till desire is rampant, we'll always be slaves and it matters not of your creed, race or orientation."

      Wow how deep bro. Tell what. Since you are a part of this slave plantation currently, why dont you just get off it. How ? Well get off the grid. Get rid of smart phones, televisions, motor vehicles, drop out of college and heck ditch electricity and running water and go live in a village with a small patch of land growing vegetables as your captain(who has a son in Cornell and owns expensive property in two states) eulogizes.
      This way no one will force slavery on you.

      Honestly , the standards of living have never been higher in human history and the "slave system" of capitalism have lifted 100s of millions if not billions out of poverty and this clown believes it is for the "select few".

    2. This is the difference between you and the Captain. I have not read anything useful from yourself. Envy is a one way street, only you walk that road.However. keep up the criticism. I've never considered myself handsome or smart, but I can say that you're a cunt of the highest order. Find something useful to do with your time.

    3. "I've never considered myself handsome or smart, but I can say that you're a cunt of the highest order. "
      I never said you were. I dont even know you. If you consider me a cunt and find my blog of no use then I know I am on the right track. I dont wish to cater to retards.

  8. I don't think money is his concern folks. It should be noted that with the right circumstances, time period and purpose, mountains can be moved. He doesn't need a million follows, but instead to stimulate millions of thoughts to the people who stumble upon his site. People talk, people criticize and honestly, criticism is unwanted publicity.
    Personally, I've been lied to. We're a large slave plantation globally, and our economic model of operation facilitates a select few. Our history of lies are geared towards keeping those people rich and us in debt. Till desire is rampant, we'll always be slaves and it matters not of your creed, race or orientation.

  9. Replies
    1. I may well be. Certainly our resident scholar Vivek Iyer has made some spirited arguments in favor of that position.
      But it does not change the fact that the captains blog is as a welcome as a cockroach at a bridal shower as far as Google, Amazon and affiliate marketing is concerned.

  10. Writer of this article, you give your kids toxic humpless cow milk and you and your spouse become chutney marry and pickle John, this is my wish for you

    1. My wish is that you drink only pure hump cow urine and eat cow dung. Remember eating else means that you are an agent of Rothschild and traitor to Bharatmata! I hope your sister marries a 60 year old sexy ungroomed man with manboobs who thinks he is hot stuff. Warn her though that she has to share him with dozens of international super models and actresses(Aishwarya Rai need not apply as she is upto his standards) but is the just the cost of being around such awesomeness.

  11. Writer of this article, you give your kids toxic humpless cow milk and you and your spouse become chutney marry and pickle John, this is my wish for you

  12. ysv there is a reason why he trolls and publish the times of India comments
    take a look at his profile

    ajitvadakayil Vadakay..
    Lives in calicut
    Gold Member

    he might not earn from his blogs but he is able to monetize from times of india

      ?/topic/235122-the-devil-in-the-milk-a1-vs-a2-milk/ (A TELUGU FAN CLUB SITE) HAS ACCOUNT CREATED HERE AS NAME SUGGEST HE IS LUNATIC)

      ajit vadkayil shri yantra 108 and theory of everything/reddit

      Entertainment sites like -

      katju blogS and other parody sites also list is too long this how FRAUD OLD MAN (captain ajit vadkayil )increased his Readership constantly spamming every known sites . with lots of time in his hand its like "DEVILS WORKSHOP NEVER TAKES REST ALWAYS FINDING NEXT VICTIM TO BRAINWASH" .

      Look at list of captian vadkayil channels youtube TROLLS all OF THEM


    2. You cannot earn revenue from leaving comments or rather spamming news websites either.

    3. The site is a serious website. Over there they really roast him in a funny way . You should read it. However he is not without his defenders there either. But then again those guys are routinely humiliated as well.

      Nandamurifans is filled with a lot of mentally unstable people ranging from possible murderers and hired killers associated with TDP to Telugu supremacists. However its a few members who were spamming that site with by copying and pasting the ENTIRE 5000+ words blogpost which irritated other readers and they got banned.

      The Youtube guy who took issue with Captains theories on Parsis seems to have a few screws loose himself.

      I think most of the comments he left at these sites are old as he has been banned from pretty much everywhere.

    4. ysv its interesting you mentioned about Nandamurifans site if they come to
      know how much bigotry he has spread against kamma people and aslo in one of the comment section he mention NTR as crypto jew caste. they will bleed him through his five orifice . I think aamir kahn was little too kind on him

    5. Kammas are basically elites of yeomen warrior Kapus perhaps mixed in with some mercenary groups from the north. They make some grandiose claims about themselves but then who doesnt. I remember checking out a Nadar website a few years back curious about their history only to find out that they were ancestors of Phoenicians and they taught them the alphabet haha!
      You are right about NTR fan boys they dont take too kindly to people bashing him and its true both the TDP and Congress MLAs have committed murders. Some even boast about this openly. Vadakayil is seriously playing with fire
      I expect next he will start bashing Rajnikant as a Zionist agent. Oh I cant wait for the Tamil reaction to that :-)

    6. luckily for vadakayil all the fan club members of rajnikanth and ntr are usually illiterate types so don't understand context of Rothschild etc .But by spamming all web someone will notice it , we saw it happen in AAMIR KHAN CASE he is digging his own grave . not learning from mistake

    7. ysv u mentioned abt KAMMA here is blog which talks about some history of Andhra do check it out Velama/Kamma/ReddyKapu equations!

      The Truth About Balijas

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.


  14. in my honest opinion Rajiv malhotra and Rajiv dixit are way better role model than captain vadkayil. I find they are very coherent and consistent their views unlike
    captain who takes off on Rothschild tangent whenever someone asks him question.
    Rajiv dixit is more patriotic than captain and Rajiv malhotra is way more intelligent and academic than captain

    1. Why do you even bother then? You seem to be in a wedgie due to this captain.

    2. The captain does talk about his ass a great (as well as out of it). Seeing how you are such a big fan of the captain it would appear you wish you were a wedgie for him.

    3. ysv why bother to respond to captain bhakts these days, bhakts have become berojgar due to captain taking a short hiatus from his blog, they don't have any other source of entertainment.

    4. most bhakts defend captain only for online personality he has created ,
      he says derives energy frm negative crowd and he says he gives his detractors fair chance , well I challenge captain to come and debate in sites like historum and ysv site , challenge captain not moderate his comment section, atleast ysv gives fair chance to publish counter views