Sunday, September 4, 2016

What is the supremacy clause of Hindu nationalists?

The supremacy clause in the United States states that whatever the various kooky laws that each state or jurisdiction can impose on its constituents ,if it goes against the spirit and the letter of the U.S Constitution then the Constitution takes precedent.

Similarly I have to wonder what takes precedence for Hindu nationalists- Hinduism or the nation. And no they are not synonymous. If they were ,we would have seen atleast something analogous to joint Christian efforts such as the Crusades, Lepanto or Vienna in combating Islamic extremism. There are none ,so therefore Hindus have not constituted a nation. Of course that doesnt mean they cant start. However in order to do that, we have start rethinking about our countries and its border. For example -why are Muslim Kashmir and Christian and tribal northeast in India while Nepal and Sri Lanka are not? This of course involved boldness ,strategic thinking and far reaching vision that no one expects of Hindutvadis and who can blame them? I mean these are guys who believe Burma was a part of Bharatavarsha though Afghanistan was not!

So again I ask you which is it- is it Bharatmata or is it Shiva, Durga, Vishnu etc etc. Well let us analyze their own views.

Savarkar , the godfather of Hindutva defined a Hindu not on his ideological or theological bent neither his allegiance to a certain set of scriptures and rituals but the the ancient resident of a country with vaguely defined borders-Bharatavarsha.

The RSS had often advocated that Bharatmata should be considered the supreme deity of Hindus with Shiva,Vishnu, Devi etc taking a backseat!

I will be a tad honest that may upset such those Hindus who revere India as a nation state but don't care for Hindutvadis- the question to ask is this- is Hinduism better off in the Republic of India or when it was divided into warring states? Keep in mind there was no united polity of Bharatavarsha when Rama, Krishna, Arjuna,Vishwamitra, Buddha, Vikaramaditya, Patanjali, Ramanuja, Shankaracharya etc etc walked the earth. However with the republic of India we are awash with Matas, babas, swamis of the most base and fraudulent nature. Which do you choose?

Perhaps you can say both. Well its possible but over here I'm speculating but it seems to me that we have given up a lot that of Vedic and Puranic tradition(both good and bad) in order to be prostrate ourselves before Bharatmata.

For now India should exist if only because of Pakistan, China and other threats such as new avatars of East India company in some multinationals. Though in fairness it may well be Indian government may itself become the new East India company(witness the Indian troops stationed in Afghanistan to protect Indian interests and increasingly aggressive positions in the Arabian Sea). Keep in mind, many imperial ventures started out as self defense particularly to curb piracy. Arabs had a cassus bellum of invading Sindh when Muslim orphans from Sri Lanka en route to Baghdad were captured by pirates based in Sindh. English adventurism was bolstered by Spanish depredations who the former paid back in the same coin. The U.S marine corps were formed with the express intent of smashing the Barbary pirates in North Africa who would capture U.S merchant fleets for ransom (hence the Marine Corp hymn "From the Halls of Montezuma  To the shores of Tripoli ;")

We have witnessed the heroic actions of Indian sailors in dealing with Somali pirates. And they may follow the same career path of the former European naval powers. But sic transit Gloria, Europeans had traded their religious fervor for secular nationalist Gloria. Their saints and relics for Britannia and Marianne. Looks like we are doing the same.

At some point like Britannia, Bharat Mata will turn into an Asura trying to devour the Devas and we may have to smash it when the time comes

India is increasingly for me what Vatican is for Catholics, Jerusalem for Jews or Mecca for Muslims. And I anticipate it will be the same for the residents of a future balkanized India(the term Balkanized has acquired a negative connotation, I don't consider always a bad thing).

So I have decided which is more important to me . It is Hinduism. BJP/RSS/VHP need not respond, I already know their answer.