Thursday, January 21, 2016

Having Pakistan as an enemy only degrades India

Respectable nations have appropriately formidable enemies. Once upon a time when Indian kingdoms didn't cover even a quarter of the landmass of present day just northern India , we faced and defeated Seleucids, Scythians, Huns, Arabs and Turks all of whom defeated pretty much every other major power in their wake.

Nowadays we deal with a third rate nation who were only recently goat and sheep herders whose core ethnic group isn't even martial as they like to claim. In the entire history of Pakistan , the only powerful native kingdom with any kind of pull was Maharaja Ranjit Singh's.
And all those aforementioned were defeated by peoples of Ganga Yamuna and Godavari basins.
No wonder in the face of this utter embarrassment, the Islamic Republic coopts other peoples as their heroes such as Mohd Bin Qasim ,Mahmud Ghazni, Mohammad Ghori or Ahmad Shah Abdali much to the irritation of other countries who have a stronger claim on them.

Compared to those earlier dynasties, the modern day Republic of India is immeasurably more powerful and yet Pakistan is allowed to exist. Why? Not only this, what is more shameful , in the worlds eyes we are Punch and Judy -little more than a quarreling couple. In other words, Pakistan has succeeded in achieving perceived parity with India in the international community.

Pakistan in reality is worse than a paper tiger. It is a sock puppet for China and America with a dash of GCC money thrown in for good measure.
We did not help matters by forcing into becoming a nuclear power in 1998 . This move was one of the stupidest military and foreign policy decisions in Indian history. All to garner votes rather than any long term strategic vision.

Foreign policy is much a like a very cliquish girls high school - the more beaming the smiles, the more vicious the agendas. Pakistan may gnash and gnarl at us but the real enemy really lies to the rather civil and genteel behemoth to the north of our borders. American support for Pakistan is (no longer) due to an anti India bias but chalk it up to lethargic Defense and State Department who are still stuck in the Cold War era dinosaurs that they are. It may take a couple more 9/11s for them to wake up, if so I will just shrug my shoulders and taunt them "What took you so long"?

Neither the average Indian nor the establishment want to face the fact the real enemy is China, the same country which swallowed up a friendly nation which hosts one of our most sacred sites, and should be dealt with accordingly.

But we don't want to do that. Because it will entail us to recognize our greatness. So much better to be a 3rd tier power and wallow in our slavery, filth, ignorance and poverty. But not to worry, this individual already believes we are a hyper power where our laborers have 120 IQ and films like these can convince us of the awesomeness of our men in uniform.

Judging from the popularity of these two media, I think Indians have made their choice for now.


  1. "We did not help matters by forcing into becoming a nuclear power in 1998 . This move was one of the stupidest military and foreign policy decisions in Indian history. All to garner votes rather than any long term strategic vision."
    If Israel was in India's place, they would have bombed Pakistan's nuclear facilities the same way they did to Iraq's. Like you pointed out, this is just one of so many missteps in indian foreign policy that it is laughable that the country is aspiring to be a superpower.
    Israel,unlike India, doesn't care much about what the world thinks of them. If they sense danger, they are not afraid to take drastic measures.

  2. Israel is actually rather over rated whether as a military power or an intelligence behemoth. Mossad and the IDF is filled with beureucrats who are more upset by bad media coverage than terrorism or an Iranian bomb.

    The good news however is that as Sam Jackson's character put it in Unbreakable:These are mediocre times. No country really is good shape militarily or economically. Muslim countries are jokes militarily speaking. The U.S armed forces are gutted by political correctness and open ended missions which sap morale. China is on the verge of economic collapse. Russia is overwhelmingly dependent on its natural resources.

    This isn't WWII where the winner has leaders of the caliber of Rommel, Hitler, Eisenhower, Tojo, Churchill or Montgomery. In this era, it is the least mediocre will remain standing. Who knows that may well be India!

  3. "We did not help matters by forcing into becoming a nuclear power in 1998."

    Our mistake was to announce our nuclear weapons program rather than keep it under wraps like Israel does, while giving a sneak peak which would keep Pakistan in line. Then at least we could have developed powerful weapons instead of the paltry stockpile we have now which cannot be improved further without risking economic sanctions.

    1. As long as amateur and muddle headed parties and individuals like BJP and Vajpayee are a the helm, it doesn't make a difference whether it was done in secret or announced to the world. Either way they will manage to screw up. Unlike Israel which could manage plausible deniability, I doubt this would work with the Indian government. To be fair however the CIA was caught off guard and they only learnt of it due to India's announcement!!
      My point is that immature governments like Pakistan, India , Iran and North Korea are more interested in the glamour and power trips associated with being part of the nuclear club than any long term strategic vision. And that is due to their myriad of inferiority complexes and a lunkheaded understanding of geopolitics. Of course it goes without saying that India is the most responsible of this lot as compared to Pakistan and North Korea which offers their nukes for sale. And Iran which is ruled by apocalyptic crackpots.

      As an aside: a warning to those who wish to check out what our beloved captain is upto: In his latest post , he puts up photos of yeast infection and stool samples- yes shit-human shit.And again with no warning whatsoever
      Just when I thought his blog couldn't get anymore disgusting....