Friday, January 22, 2016

Honeypots allowed by Arthashastra,why not by R&AW

Chanakya recommends that prostitutes hang out in seedy taverns populated by shady characters and foreigners(pretty much the same thing when it came to rather xenophobic Hindus) and extract whatever valuable information whether plans of rebellion, trade secrets or Greek and Persian saboteurs and movements.

I would therefore recommend that R&AW take a page of this book and insist on Bollywood actresses(a glamorous version of the humble prostitute) make themselves useful for once and do their patriotic duty. To this end, they can be either bribed ,especially starlets can be assigned juicy roles and salaries courtesy of R&AW contacts in the industry(though it may be wishful thinking they have more pull than Dawood) or threats to derail their career or reputation.
As it is they sleep around with producers and actors to catch a break. Might as well do it for a good cause by entrapping Pakistani, Chinese or American dignitaries whether in India or abroad.

Jai Hind


  1. Sir,

    The problem with Indian women is, they're hypocrites. They'll agree to hang around as long as it benefits them, but when it comes to others, they're not going to budge and roll back into their cocoons. Why not as a suggestion turn some transvestites and eunuchs into females and employ them for this instead?

    I have some hypnosis ideas for the poorer eunuchs so they can turn into females:
    And to make them supernaturally beautiful:

    If they're rich, they can undergo medical surgery for the same. Or all can use the power of the mind to change themselves from within.

    Jai Hind.


    1. The problem with Indian women is, they're hypocrites. They'll agree to hang around as long as it benefits them, but when it comes to others, they're not going to budge and roll back into their cocoons"

      This has not been my experience and for your views to have some credibility - you need to get older and heck get out of the house!

    2. I'm presently on the lookout for work, and I'm not able to decide. I have interests in multiple fields: Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Networking, Ethical Hacking and Security. I can do web designing well but it has very limited scope and will possibly vanish within the next decade.

      Due to that, for now I stay at home as I have no work. The only time I leave my house is for running or jogging for an hour. Yes, my weight has now come down to 96-97 kg again from up to 106 kg towards November/early December last year.

      I spoke from bitter childhood experience with girls, so yes, I have little to zero credibility.

      However my query is, is my suggestion of subliminal hypnosis possible? Can we use the 'other' category people and a few men to do this work, that is, if they're willing to turn to females instead? I believe they're a little bit less squeamish than born females?

      Just my thoughts.

    3. @Iniyavel

      To be frank,many of the fields related to computer science might disappear in 2 to 3 decades,if not 10 years,particularly if a self generating coding system is built up.Even if they dont disappear,chances are that u will have to update urself every few months in the field of computer.But I am speaking of the probably scenario 2-3 decades down the line,and not now atleast.By that time,its also very much probable that u will reinforce urself strongly in ur field of work.But overall,considering the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence,I fear that some of the professions will surely vanish altogether.
      Its good that u are running/jogging.They shed fat very fast.But there's a downside to running,researches have shown that running too much can erode ur overall strength and fitness,better to do jogging instead of running,and best is to do Hindu Squats.These squats simulate running with anaerobic metabolism,and builds massive lower body strengh.Recently I was reading a medical publication from a leading medical univ(JohnHopkins or Harvard I cant recall).In the paper doctors have speculated that people with stronger lower half seem to stay younger and fitter with age.Actually according to them,it might be somewhat psychosomatic,ie,a stronger lower half signals the brain that u are fit and strong :) Hindu squats also mimic the Kapalbhati breathing exercise in the breathing pattern to some extent,hence it is said doing these squats strengthen ur abdominal organs as well.I would suggest u to slowly move over to Hindu squats,after u lose some more weight through running/jogging and become fitter.

    4. You're absolutely right. This is why I included AI in my list. AI is an extremely promising and long evolving field. OTOH, though electronics is a field with ample opportunities, I'm personally not interested in it. What you described is reality, not possibility. AI is an interesting field. It's more arduous than other fields that I have interests in. This is why I'm still a bit hesitant on Big Data and Data Science which provide bright opportunities at present. However I'll pursue AI as a side interest, if at all it starts cutting certain jobs out, I'll go fully into AI.

      I'll try Hindu squats in a couple of hours. Till then I'll be dozing off to subliminal messaging.

      I'll shift over to jogging then, if running is harmful in the long run. Regarding the lower half of the body, it's absolutely true. Not even my upper half, but it's my lower half that's totally out of shape. So jogging will be an apt exercise to burn off all that excess unwanted load.

      As an aside, have you read the book "The Thoughtful Investor" by Basant Maheshwari? He's based in Kolkata. I recently bought it, and just read the preface, will be reading further tonight.

  2. As an aside, I personally believe these Vedic Maths books are awesome:,_Agarwala_V.S.-Vedic_mathematics_or_sixteen_simple_mathematical_formulae_from_the_Vedas-Orient_Book_Distributors_1981.pdf$Vedic_Mathematics_Methods.pdf

    And I couldn't find a PDF for this online, so:

    How easier life would've been had I known of these books earlier. However, better late than never. I finished 4 chapters in the book above, will be continuing it further.

    1. @Iniyavel

      Vedic maths is very useful for CAT aspirants.

    2. however I personally didnt benefit much vedic techniques,I love to do maths calculations on my own without memorising shortcuts.Infact memorising these shortcuts often slows dowm my speed :)

    3. Everyone has his own style. That's also because we grew up in a different way. If we had learned this earlier, or rewire our heads to learn it now, who knows, it might help us with speed. I understand. Even using that technique slows me down now, but sometimes when i can, I try to use them.

  3. If you ask me, it changes our way of thinking itself. It's both interestingly simple and intimidating. Simple in the sense, you can easily learn it and implement it. Intimidating in the sense, there's too much to learn and it's kind of jaw dropping thinking of how ancient Maharishis got along with life.

    I bought that book, and it's also available in one of the PDFs above. If all children can learn this, then India will undoubtedly top all PISA tests in the future. Or at the least, it will drastically improve from the current 85 IQ. PM Narendra Modi and his party can actually call for implementing and teaching this instead of other ancillary stuff like cow urine and "Vedic science".

    We can surely use Vedas as a reference but going the way of Agni Veer and other Arya Samajis is kind of discouraging and hampering at present. After all they're known to make up a lot of new age stuff that essentially distort ancient texts for personal biases.

    1. @YSV&others

      On the point of vedic maths/science,what do u think about the verse where speed of light has been quantified?is there any element of truth in that?

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    3. @YSV&others

      forgot to mention,the vedic line that attempts to measure has been explained in the famous physics book "Concepts of Physics" by HC Verma.I am quoting it :
      "Yojananam Sahastra Dwe Dwe Shate Dwe Cha Yojane Aken Nimishardhena Krammana Namostute.

      "In this hymn, the author pays respect to the one (apparently, the sunlight, and not the sun) who moves 2202 yojanas in half a nimish.

      Now comes the maths part:

      1 yojan = 4 kose
      1 kose = 8000 British yards
      1 British yard = 0.9144 m.

      The unit of time nimish is defined in Shrimadbhagwat.
      15 nimishas = 1 kashta
      15 kashtas = 1 laghu
      30 laghus = 1 muhurta
      30 muhurtas = 1 diva-ratri

      1 diva-ratri is, as the name suggests, one cycle of day and night, that is, 24 hrs.

      Therefore, the sunlight travels:
      2202 yojanas = 2202*4 = 8808 kose
      = 8808*8000 = 70464000 British yards
      = 70464000*0.9144 = 64432281 m.

      in time interval:
      1/2 nimish = 1/30 kashta
      = 1/30*1/15 = 1/450 laghu
      = 1/450*1/30 = 1/13500 muhurta
      = 1/13500*1/30 = 1/405000 diva-ratri

      = 1/405000 diva-ratri = 1/405000*24*60*60 s = 0.21333 s.

      Therefore, speed of the sunlight, according to the hymn is:

      c = 64432281 m/ 0.21333 s
      c = 302031036.422 m/s

      which is fairly close to the calculated speed of light."

      Another bit of info circulating is that there's a verse in Hanuman Chalisa "Yuga Sahastra Yojan Par Bhanu/Lilyo Tahi Madhur Phaal Jaanu." according to the claims,the explanation for this is : "1 Yug = 12000 years 1 Sahastra = 1000 1 Yojan = 8 Miles Yug x Sahastra x Yojan = par Bhanu 12000 x 1000 x 8 miles = 96000000 miles 1 mile = 1.6kms 96000000 miles = 96000000 x 1.6kms = 1536000000 kms to Sun.."

      Now one thing is clear,ie,in both cases an attempt has been made to quantify the distances,which were far beyond the human capabilities of those eras as per established version of human evolution.So what's ur views on these two?I remember in my 12th standard,my physics teacher used to tell me about the vedic shloka,though he was unaware about the hanuman chalisa claim.He was far from a typical net crackpot :) I suddenly recalled this today and checked the internet.

    4. @JAM

      Both "vedic maths" and the speed of light claims are myths that have been debunked.

      Vedic maths is based on a book written by a Shankaracharya monk Swami Bharati Krishna Tirtha in 1965. He provides no evidence to the claim that these shortcuts were taken from Vedic literature. Tirthaji had an MA in Maths, so its possible that he invented the shortcuts on his own or adapted them from existing modern systems like the Trachtenberg system.

      The speed of light claim is worse. It was started by an Oakish crank PV Vartak. Basically the calculation of speed depends on which conversion units you choose for distance and time. Vartak simply made conversions in such a way that the speed calculated equals the speed of light. It is just pure coincidence. For more of his crank claims, take a look at his website:

      Mr Vartak claims to have visited Mars, Jupiter and Saturn! As an aside, I wonder why there are so many cranks from Maharashtra. After all, it is among the most developed states in India.

    5. Also, the shloka itself is not from the Vedas. It is from a commentary on the Vedas written by Vijayanagara scholar called Sayana.

      The shloka comes from a section of the commentary that is related to worshipping Surya (the Sun god). Hence the shloka is talking about the speed of the sun, not sunlight. Since 3*10^8 is an extremely high value for the (apparent) speed of the Sun across the sky, clearly the conversion units used are wrong.

    6. Prem Chand,

      Once more, you opened my eyes! Thanks a lot for clarifying what I never knew before!

      As an aside, what do you think of Dr. SK Kapoor? Here's one PDF where he proves Fermat's Last Theorem.

      I looked up Trachtenberg's system. It's really an eye opener. I downloaded a PDF on the same.

      That Tirthaji guy is whom I'm talking about. As you've said here, I never saw one reference to any Veda in that book. I noticed it, but let it pass before.

      I don't know about Maharashtra, but I feel these cranks are marginally better than the cranks endorsed by the Hindutva cabal such as Asaram, Nithyananda, Sri Sri, Baba Ramdev, etc.

    7. Once more Prem Chand, what an amazing insight into Sayana's commentary. You've conclusively proven the Vedas to be the work of ordinary humans, much like any other "holy book". My skepticism has increased. :P

      I seriously wish classical liberals had intellectuals like you. I swear there's a lot I have to learn from you and people like you.

      As an aside, I want your opinion as to what field is more promising among these:
      1. Artificial Intelligence.
      2. Data Science.
      3. Networking.
      4. Cyber Security.
      5. Ethical Hacking and Forensic Investigation.

      I ask as I'm equally interested in all of them.

    8. @PremChand

      Thanks for ur views,I guess,only Sayana himself could have told what the truth behind the above sloka is :) Because the discussions related to the conversion of units as has been persued aggressively in online forums,focus only on the units themselves.No one at this stage can give any idea on what Sayana exactly meant and how much correct it was,since India didnt have standardised unit conversion systems in the past.So it will never be verified as to how much accurate Sayana exactly was,be it sun himself or sunlight :P

      PremChand on the second point on HanumanChalisa verse by Tulsidas,what's ur opinion?While in the vedic verse its very doubtful what exactly has been addressed,in HanumanChalisa,the shloka precisely states the object is Bhaanu(Sun) and not Sunlight.What amazes me is that Tulsidas is not saying "U tried to engulf the sun thinking it to be a sweet fruit and the sun is very far away from earth" (ie a vague parameter) ,but he is stating " U tried to engulf the sun which is situated at a distance of yug sahashra Yojana." This quantification amazes me,leaving aside any debate for or against it.Tulsidas,in his poem,is giving a quantified approach to the distance of the sun.Now his quantification might have been grossly inaccurate or otherwise,that's up to debate.

      PremChand on a side note,I thought Kerala produced the highest number of Vadakayils,but u claim its Maharashtra.However Maharashtra is the core base of Hindutva and Sangh Parivar,so probably there lies the connection.

    9. @JAM

      The value arrived by Tulsidas is orders of magnitude different from the correct value of of Astronomical Unit. But I understand your point - atleast Tulsidas knew that the distance is extremely large. Well I dont know Awadhi, so I cant really comment on the accuracy of this claim.


      I dont have much interest in IT. So I cant really give you good advice about a choice of career :)

      Fermat's last theorem has already been proved by the British mathematician Andrew Weil. I have never heard about this SK Kapoor guy before. Has he solved it through the same method as used by Weil?

    10. @PremChand

      thanks for ur reply.I understand u are not acquainted with awadhi words,hence u cant analyse this.anyway I am quoting this from net : "In Hanuman Chalisa, it is said : "Yug sahastra yojan per Bhanu! Leelyo taahi madhur phal janu!! 1 Yug = 12000 years 1 Sahastra = 1000 1 Yojan = 8 Miles Yug x Sahastra x Yojan = par Bhanu 12000 x 1000 x 8 miles = 96000000 miles 1 mile = 1.6kms 96000000 miles = 96000000 x 1.6kms = 1536000000 kms to Sun"

      Going by above logic,Tulsidas is very much correct on the distance.And the values that have been used here cannot be called random or imaginary,since 12000 is an apt representation for the word yuga,and sahashra is generally used to mean 1000(Vishnu Sahashra Naam is an example).The only point where we can deny the claim is the use of yojana equivalent to 8 miles.We can argue that yojana might have been different in Akbar's era and not 8 miles as in premodern or modern times.Still the fact remains,ie,if Tulsidas had meant yojana as 8 miles equivalent,then he was probably right and close to the original value.YSV what do u think on this?To be frank,I didnt find a very strong rebuttal to Tulsidas as much as I found on Sayana's interpretation.I read a few answers on quora regarding this rebuttal,I found that one of them is claiming that yuga is a time according to him time*distance cannot be equal to distance.But this logic doesnt have much depth,it is clear that Tulsidas used a time unit only to derive the numerical value attached to it.Just like in our daily life we often say " the grocery is 10 minutes walking/cycling from here".So we use a time quantity to establish distance.So this logic of different dimensions surely dont stand.The other rebuttal is the value of yuga,which is commonly 12000 years but has been used to define varying durations of time in Indian literature.For example ,in bengali it is used often to define a span of 12 years.Generally all definitions of yuga are based on multiples of 12 with 12000 being the most common among them.however that still shouldnt be used to outright reject Tulsidas,after all who knows whether he had used 12000 to mean yuga or not?I am keeping a neutral stance on this till I get strong logic for or against it.What's ur views YSV?

    11. Prem Chand,

      Apologies for my lateness.'_proof_of_Fermat's_Last_Theorem

      Andrew Wiles actually presented proof in a different manner than Dr. SK Kapoor.

      Wiles uses Galois groups, while SK Kapoor uses a different approach.


      Tulsidas was a genius.

      As an aside, I believe Bihari languages such as Maithili, Bhojpuri, etc, are influenced by Bengali? Because Bengal and Bihar were the Magadha regions in the past? Let it be Mother Sita or the Pandavas. Prominent characters such as them came from Bihar.

    12. @YSV&others

      how much is the claim of Kaaba being a shiva stone valid?

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