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A crie de couer from a Kshatriya V

Kammas vs Puranas

The essence of the Indian Puranas is that they tell us of the great incidents of the ancient times in a sort of coded form,disguised in various exaggerations and supernatural occurences.

Yes , I wish more people woud realize this.

 Though there may be multiple versions, and a few distortions might have taken place over generations where they were passed down orally, the basic theme generally remains the same.
Once there was a lunar dynasty king Kamra. He was son of king Raji and great-grandson of Emperor Pururava. Kamra was very powerful and arrogant and along with his 500 brothers used to challenge and subdue any powerful king, who came under their way.Once they challenged the king of gods,Indra for a fight.Ultimately, Indra struck them with his Vajra ( lightning ),and reduced them to ashes.

The meaning for this is that they couldn't withstand the penance involved in attaining to Indra and perished.

After a long time, a solar dynasty king, Khamitra did penace seeking children. He was blessed with Kamra and his 500 brothers by Lord Brahma after resurrecting them. Their descendants were known as 'Khammas' or "Kammas".

Resurrection in this context probably means restoration or bestowing of Kshatriya status for sons of various mistresses etc who otherwise would be considered simply bastards.

According to another version, the sages unable to bear the attrocities of the rakshasas, prayed to Lord Vishnu to save them. His consort, Goddess Lakshmi, granted them her ear-ring (Kamma). The sages performed a Yagna and put the Kamma into the homam(fire).From the fire emerged 501 warriors who were none other than Kamra and his brothers.They destroyed the Rakshasas and made the sages happy.On the plea of the sages,they became rulers and came to be called 'Kammas'.

This is a version of the Agni Kula legend where mlecchas such as Hunas, Sakas etc are accepted in the Vedic fold . Usually as Rajputs. In this case the legends points to Kambojas which some claim are the ancestors of Kamma. I personally don't think that is the case.

It may be noted that all versions agree that the Kammas are basically a martial race and an amalgam of solar and lunar clans.(Khamitra adopts Kamra).
let us compare the above with the actual oral version that is prevalent among the people ( Jana-Sruti)of Narasaraopet area(near Konda veedu) till some time ago, that has come down from generations.
A thousand years ago a very serious conflict broke out between the brahmins and the Kshatriyas. The brahmins hatched a plan. They built a Kattula Bavi(well of swords) in the Kondaveedu hills which is in the heart of Kammanadu. The Kattula bavi is a treacherous arrangement, wherin a person comes under the illusion of entering a big hall, but as soon as he steps into the entrance, he falls into a deep well which is studded with swords and spears pointing upwards. The brahmins then invited the kings for a meeting and killed many of them with this trap. The kings on coming to know of this ghastly incident, out of hatred towards the brahmins, removed their sacred threads and rishi-gothras which were a sign of submission to the brahmins. They took the names of the places they were ruling as their gothras (almost all in Kamma nadu) and came to be known as Kammas.

These days Brahmins in AP are good friends of Kammas.

Now let us try to draw some parallel between the two versions.
Indra, king of gods represents brahmins, who call themselves 'Bhu Suras', gods on Earth.
Kamra and his 500 brothers represent the kings killed on that day. It might probably be around 50, as exaggeration is normal.
The kings killed belong to both the solar and lunar clans.

Some adversaries try to play down the status of Kammas by bringing forth the version that the Kammas were couriers(Vaartaharas) in the courts of kings, since 'Kamma' in telugu means not only ear-ring, beauty and tasty, but also letter. They claim that the deliverers of letters(kammas), came to be known as kammas. They were carried away by the humble picture of today's postman. They forgot to realise that in the olden days, couriers had to be brave and adventurous,exellent swordsmen and adept in horse-riding. They had to single handedly tackle enemy soldiers and also dacoits and thugs. They had to be highly educated,able to transact with the courtiers and kings and also quiet intelligent and adoptive. Most important, they had to be the most trusted people to the king and even this version points to the martial background of the Kammas.

(During the American war of Independence(at a time of no telegraphy and telephony),the couriers who passed on important documents evading the Red Indians had enoromous following and were considered as national heroes)

For comparision sake and to understand how the puranas contain information in coded form the the story of Renuka Devi, (also worshipped as 'Ellamma'), serves as a classical example
The Renuka Devi episode has some 'Kamma' connection as they contain some 'Haihaya' element which might be a reason for the brahmins turning against them in the 'Kattula Bavi' episode.

Renuka Devi was an extremely beautiful Brahmin lady. She was wife of sage Jamadagni and mother of Parasu Rama,one of the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

One day she went to the Narmada river and by chance saw the mighty and handsome king Kartaveeryarjuna,of the Haihaya clan of Kshatriyas, playing with his wives in the river waters.

Karta Veerya Arjuna was a king who defeated Ravana before Rama.

Her heart throbbed, but she quickly controlled herself, fetched water and returned to her Ashram. But sage Jamadagni, through his divine powers,knew what happened and ordered his sons to kill her. No one came forward,but Parasurama,who knew his father's divine powers, without hesitation beheaded his Mother with his Parasu (war-axe).Pleased with his son's benevolence, Jamadagni on his request, pardoned his wife and brought her back to life. But in some versions,the request was turned down on the pretext that her head rolled off into a Chandala Vatika (Untouchables ward).

Parasurama though a casteist was not averse to raising lower castes and foreigners to Brahminhood if the situation demanded it.

One day the king on a hunting trip,visited Jamadagni with his army. The sage gave a grand treat to the guests with the help of a divine cow,KamaDhenu. Karthava Raya asked the sage to give the Kamadhenu,in exchange for one lakh cows. When the sage refused, he killed him and took Kamadhenu forcibly. Renuka fell upon her husband's body and yelled 'O Rama!', 'O Rama!', 21 times, to call her son who was in deep forest. On returning to the Ashram and seeing what has happened,the enraged parasu Rama raided Mahishmati, capital city of Kartava,who was also known as Sahasra Bahu (or thousand armed; probably to stress how strong he was). Despite their personal valor and huge army, the Haihayas were no match to the one-man army and were mercilessly slaughtered. Still not content, Parasu Rama toured the entire country and slaughtered all the Kshatriyas. This he had repeated 21 times, wiping out almost the entire Kshatriya race from the face of the Earth.
While the above is the puranic or Brahminic version which is widely in vogue, there is a different version,which one can know only if one visits the innumerable Renuka temples in Maharashtra and North Karnataka.Here, Renuka is being worshipped as a goddess and one can find small idols of Kartaveeryarjuna mentioned as 'Kartava Raya- Renuka Mata's lover'. The priests tell the actual story,from which one can gauge how unwarrantedly, Kshatriyas were killed by Parasu Rama.Here is the story.

Obviously the above story doesn't make sense from a historical POV and is simply Brahmin propaganda. All it may mean is that Kshatriyas were reduced in status by perhaps 21 different Brahmins who refused to do their coronations and reduced them to Shudra status. And that Haihayas were defeated by many of unknown lineages fighting on behalf of Parasurama, hence their names and ethnicities are not recorded and hence forgotten. This morphed to a one man army of Parasurama!
Parasurama later made his way to the Konkan coast to Kerala by reclaiming land from the Varuna by throwing his axe in the sea. This most likely alludes to some sort of civil engineering project resembling a dam in reverse! Only a couple of generations prior Sagara and Bhagiratha managed to get inter link various small rivers and divert a major Himalayan torrent into Western UP/Uttarakhan to form the Ganga(I think the captain just had a heart attack, who knew Zionist interlinkers existed in the pre Ramayanic era!)
It was believed that Kerala stretched all the way to Gujarat at one point. He then established Brahmin and Kshatriya communities , the latter were rather orthodox in that they were especially beholden to Brahmins to do their bidding. Nairs and  Nambuthiris come to mind. Another innovation was the creation of Brahmo Kshatriyas ie Brahmins who adopt Kshatriya vocations such as Chitpavan Brahmins of the Konkan Coast and Aaruvela Niyogi(the caste of yours truly) in AP. Tuluva and Saraswat Brahmins also belong to this category.

Renuka deeply loved Kartava Raya and she eloped with him. Parasu Rama killed Kartava in the battle ( Whether Kartava was trecherously killed,we will never know).On hearing the news,Renuka fled for her life,crossed the Narmada and travelled South and entered into deep forests of present Maharashtra.There she was given shelter by some low-caste people (indicative of the Chandala-vatika),where she spent the rest of her life. She to some extent educated these people and instructed them to construct temples in her remembrance and her lover and gave them a boon that their kin will become priests in her temples.
Till recently, nude prayers used to be performed in Renuka temples of North Karnataka. On a full moon night, devotees go to a river or pond nearby, remove all their clothes, and from there walk to the temple singing songs in praise of her love and dance all night. Could this ritual be a symbol of her failed and unsatiated love ?

Who knows? If Renuka is associated with Yellama, then these rituals are more due to the latter than the former. As Yellama is the patron diety of Devadasis. Interestingly both Renuka and Pararsurama elevated low caste fisherman into Brahmins and Kshatriyas.  Not to mention (especially West Asian)foreigners who arrived by coast. This is the basis of the legend of the fair skinned,green eyed  Chitpavans being descended from Jews though in reality they are most likely Hindu Afghans fleeing Muslim aggression via the sea.

There are too many cognates between Tulu and Telugu castes for it to be a coincidence. Apparently Tulu and Telugu languages were part of the same Dravidian family which later split up. Even as people of Andhra trace descent from the fallen sons of Vishwamitra, there is a strong Parasuramic element perhaps best exemplified by Brahmin dynasty Satavahanas who were singlehandedly stopped a confederacy of Scythians,Persians and Greeks from overrunning the Deccan and the most illustrious monarch Gautamiputra Satakarni threw them back beyond Gujarat and conquered Malwa.
The most great Teluguphile dynasty of the Vijayanagar empire were of the  Tuluva dynasty of which KrishnaDevaRaya was the pre eminent. KDR referred to himself as Andhra Bhoja. As King Bhoja Paramara of Malwa had defeated the Turushkas such as Salar Masud and Mahmud Ghazni and rebuilt the Somnath temple.
According to wikipedia:

The Paramara kingdom was established by the Rashtrakuta dynasty of southern India as governors of Malwa when the south Indian Emperor Govinda III of the Rashtrakuta Dynasty conquered Malwa.According to the Bhavisya Purana, the Kamadhenu (a cow which grants all wishes of one) of the sage Vasishtha was stolen by another sage Vishvamitra. Vasishtha therefore made an offering to the sacrificial fire at Mount Abu. A hero sprang out from the sacrificial fire and brought back the cow to the sage Vasishtha, who bestowed the name Parmar (slayer of the enemy) on him.
Bhoja ...He took Konkan in 1020 from the Silhara dynasty.

So we are back to Kamadhenu and Konkan!



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  5. @YSV,Enigma(if u are reading :) ) PremChand &others

    What's your opinion about bjp debacle in Bihar?what is going wrong?the mood in Modi rallies clearly showed the euphoria sarrounding a new govt,in contrast with the empty seats in Nitish and Rahul rallies.And this was the image even in the last 2 legs of the election.After this where did the narrative go wrong?Honestly I fail to understand,I wasnt shocked to this extent after the delhi saga ,because some of my Delhite friends told me before election that Delhites in general were planning to bring AAP to power .But Bihar defied everything,even just 3 months back, in the byelections in Bihar in around 20 assemblies ,bjp won 12 and alliance got just 7.and look at the margin,178 to 58?? when in the byelections 3 months back alliance was in complete backfoot.After watching a few news channel analysis,I feel none of them are actually getting to the core issues on why this happened.They are blaming bjp for communalism(as if the average voter accross villages cared for secular values enshrined in our constitution preamble :P) ,attack on Shahrukh Khan,award wapsi etc,but any normal person would know that elections in India are not fought on such generic national issues,atleast not in backward states like Bengal or Bihar.

    1. JAM, you're probably a nice person, so I'm going to answer your question in my very boring, very old, manner.
      Everybody knows that in an election, you gotta have an alternative candidate. In the Lok Sabha election, last year, Rahul refused to be the PM candidate. So there was only one guy who wanted the job and said he could do it- viz Modi.
      This time in Bihar, Lalu said 'Nitish will be CM', and won a lot of seats. The BJP refused to put up an alternative- Sushil Modi- and gave seats to Manjhi and Kushwaha and so on. Their own roster was Upper Caste. They deserved to lose. Lalu was the man of the match. Fucking Gujjus, who export more meat per capita than anyone else, lecture us about Beef? Bihar is more agrarian than Gujerat. 'Beef' is a recipe for hooligan violence. Anyone whose cow died or disappeared becomes a target.
      Ultimately, however, BJP did not project Sushil Modi (Bania). Who in their right mind would want Manjhi or Kushwaha or Paswan?
      Rahul played a blinder by staying away.
      Gujerat is 'the place Bhakti goes to die'.
      Hindu means all Indian people including Jain, Indian Christian, Irfan fucking Habib, etc. YSR need not apply. He threatens my sister with rape and suggests that Smarta Iyer Brahmins engage in incest.
      This would be fine if there were a specific Niyogi Telugu Brahmin agenda in the relevant local politics.
      Such is not the case. I do meet senior people, in Politics, but YSR does not. He is just writing illiterate condescending casteist shite.
      The man is a failure- not mentally ill- just a common of garden variety 'loser'.
      Yes, I could crush him. But he's a Brahmin and the little shit wouldn't survive serial buggery in a Federal Prison.
      This is called Hindu tolerance.
      Mind it kindly.

    2. Hindu means all Indian people including Jain, Indian Christian, Irfan fucking Habib, etc."

      Hahaha no, I am not surprised you apply this idiotic RSS definition of "Hinduism"

      "He threatens my sister with rape and suggests that Smarta Iyer Brahmins engage in incest. "

      No I maintain that your sister is too ugly for rape and she waits in parking lots late at night just so that there will be assaulted in that manner. Indeed she is so thankful for any human touch that she often ends up paying the assailants for their ..ugh

      "Yes, I could crush him. "

      You couldnt crush me anymore than you can crush an ant.You have been claiming to crush me for the last three years. What happened? You couldnt crush any more than your ugly,corrupted, thieving,traitorous, disease ridden incestuous whore of a sister could seduce Hrithik Roshan.

      Dont let the truth hurt you,after all-
      Satyam Shivam Sundaram

    3. Bastard, you fucking Telugu Niyogi Brahmins refused to have sex with my sister even though we were offering a huge dowry. Why? Just because she was tall and well built. The truth is, Hindu women beat and abuse men who want to violate their chastity. Hindu men do the same- unless they are called YSV Rao in which case they incessantly importune all and sundry to punitively rape that asshole of theirs which indeed is large than their blogopheric Universe.
      Fuck's sake, go after my mental disability. Then we could have a dialogue. Look, you may simply be evil and stupid. But, if you are mentally unwell then I want to help you.
      I'm fucking crazy. It don't feel good. At all. I wouldn't want my worst enemy to go through what I do on a daily basis.
      A cri de coeur- i.e. cry from the heart- may simply be part of an unmeaning elitist rhetoric. But, evidence of mental illness, such as that evinced by your post, calls, surely, from some better response from me, an actual Paranoid-Schizophrenic, than the stern injunction to stop using JAM's cock as a fucking all purpose drinking straw.
      Mind it kindly.

  6. @JAM
    Biharis deserve opportunists like nitish and scamsters like lalu. They are destined to rot in jungle Raj as long as they remain ignorant. Biharis welcomed Lalu and his goons with open hands to loot them for next 5 years. Now that RJD won most number of seats Lalu will have final say in every action that CM Nitish is going to take. Had Nitish maintained his alliance with NDA he would have won more seats with higher majority. What more can you expect from a govt when its going to be ruled by corrupt Lalu from backend. As far as BJP is concerned it paid price for being too arrogant and its communal politics. Modi and Amit shah team should concentrate on how to contain manufactured "intolerance" propagated by fraudulent academics and our paid media. BJP's weakest link is its handling of media. Most of the MSM crooks want to malign Modi and he gives them chance by constantly appearing in photo ops and foreign trips. Modi should come out of this obsession and start the actual work to win back people's trust. There is no dearth of supporters for him but Modi and his team continue to indulge in beef politics they are doomed.

    1. @ Enigma. I dont buy that. When is the last time BJP was in serious play in Bihar. Bihar is one of those places where regional parties get a better shake than national ones.
      @JAM the difference in attenance between Modi and Sonia rallies may not mean much but just that Modi being the PM, more people would turn out to see him while Sonia is yesterdays stale daal!
      But even so the resourceful Nitish Kumar made clever use of this daal to prepare a tempting feast!

      Lalu is a crook for sure. I mean I actually gave him benefit of doubt when Indian Railways allegedly showed a profit under his tenure and for this he was lauded a management guru and even invited to speak at Harvard.
      The key word- allegedly. It turned out to be a very brilliant twist on creative accounting that fooled people into thinking IR showing a revenue surplus!
      Yes, the Indian trains are somewhat less filthy than before ,but you have to admit, thats a pretty low bar!

      Nitish Kumar's governance seems to be the real deal and there is very tangible difference to quality of life and infrastructure in Bihar. If Biharis have gone for governance over casteist politics whether pro or con BJP/RJD then good for them.

    2. @YSV

      your analysis is sharp as usual(windwheel might differ LOL ) :-) but the fact is that in the byelections just 2-3 months back,biharis had chosen to stay with NDA 12-7.and this was a byelection,generally people dont bother about byelections.then what could possibly go wrong,I guess Nitish thoroughly capitalised Mohan Bhagwat's comment on rechecking utility of reservation.

    3. @ysv
      Regional parties always have advantage in states like Bihar. For the same reason alliance with NDA would have fetched more seats for JDU than with RJD&Cong. During 2010 assembly elections JDU allied with NDA and contested for 141 seats out which it won 101 seats. Whereas in current elections number of seats JDU contested came down to 101 and surprisingly RJD emerged as the single largest party with 80+ seats. This is what happens when alliance is formed with crooks like laalu (regional party) and Congis. RJD &congress ate their way into seat sharing thus reducing majority of JDU. Now it's all going to be Laalu Raj as he will hold sway in Bihar politics and govt functioning.

    4. @Enigma

      Embrace for jungle raaj 2 :-) the trailer was released on 8th nov 2015 :-P

  7. Interesting. Fur
    You are literally too stupid to fuck. I just found your vagina, cuntface! It will cost you. Fucker you insulted Smarta Vadadeshi Vadamas by using disgusting language about at senior IFS officer and UN official. Clearly, if you are permitted to live, then your particular ethnicity gains some advantage.
    Worthless cunt, you and your family must be killed and sodomized by each other. Until that happens I will always say- YSR is the fart of the Iyer whose arse is named Rao.

  8. I don't read your shit but comment here as a bookmark for Law Enforcement. However, I think- because of your stupidity- I can fuck with your head a little. By having it cut off.
    Just kidding. Unless your head really falls off/
    You make threats against a senior UN official. JAM is your accomplice as is the other cunt.
    Persistence pays off. You are shite and I am going to see you spit sperm in prison. I

    1. is ur schizophrenia really cured dude?? cross check it !

    2. Fucker you insulted Smarta Vadadeshi Vadamas "

      It is this type of casteist arrogance that makes me appreciate the appeal of Periyar and co....

    3. You have said that Smarta Vadadeshi Vadama Iyers who hold high Public Office as members of IFS, IAS etc are engaging in incest and rape of a wholly unnatural and obscene kind.
      To be clear- I reject your view.
      You are aware of my mental illness. You have acted provocatively. There is an adversarial relationship between us.
      In the circumstances, you have only yourself to blame.

    4. Go ahead ,do your worst your incestuous impotent little shit. It helps actually to get out there ,file a complaint with the police, scour your contacts, get a cyber security specialist to track me down etc etc. But you cant do all that while you spend most of your time getting ur ass rammed by a strap on weilded by your sister dressed as Nazi officer.
      I am aware of your mental illness and I will continue to provoke you even more if you keep choosing to come here and spew filth. Once again I dare you to stop me.

    5. Your sister and your mother sold secrets to enemy nations not even for money but for sex. How disgraceful. Meanwhile your dad never performed his duties but spent all his money in S&M clubs in Amsterdam where he died of asphyxiation choking on womens underwear which he earlier wore.
      Mind it kindly

  9. Fuck it. You are too shite to prosecute. Go fuck yourself.

  10. I've tried, but you are simply a turd beyond all communication. I shit on you and you like it. I don't know why.

    1. " I shit on you and you like it. I don't know why."

      Hey thats what I told your mom ,last night. And then she paid me from money which she stole from your wallet(which you in turn acquired from pimping your sister dressing her as a young boy to Afghan drug lords). I heard the way they routinely violated her filled you with bitter envy.

    2. The truth is my sister and Mom and granny and so on probably had the gene for actually wanting sex to a degree higher than anything I have. But, for Evolutionary reasons, this is true of all femininity.
      I was the 'night watchman' of the Indian YMCA Hostel in London from late '79 to about '82. This overlapped with my Student Chairmanship which lasted till '83. I would punish foul mouth fuckers like you. However, ultimately- though my own sister had stayed in the Women's Section (which is why I was employed in the first place- being a poor Hindu Brahmin from 'Service' family, I had to fight to preserve the reputation of YMCA otherwise we would not be able to afford the Dowry for my Sister) once she left and I got older, I saw that there was genuine romance between Boy's section and Lady's section.
      A good example is the current CFO of Fox. He was Punjabi and pursuing an Iyer girl. But Ajay was like an elder brother to me. I intervened. Both parties cried. They did not get married right away but they did subsequently without inviting me. Later, Ajay told my sister in New York that I had been jealous!
      This sort of jealousy is a good thing. I personally felt that a 'dark skinned' Iyer girl without high educational qualifications should not be 'used and abused' by a fair skinned Punjabi 'Khattri'. But it was the lady- who came from a well off, entrepreneurial family, who cut me down to size. 'Vivek, I love him. I regard him as my Lord. Let him discard me. My family will look after me. How are you concerned?'
      Of course, she was my 'Akka' (elder sister) and entitled to make me feel like a piece of shit.
      However, I immediately went to see Ajay- a good friend- but he wept and got it into his head that I was betraying our friendship because of 'Brahmin Superiority' or some such shite.
      Anyway, one thing I learned as a youngster helping run the Indian YMCA in London circa '80 to '83, was that it is undemocratic milieus- like Pakistan in the Eighties- which breed both scurrilousness and sociopathy. I personally was never a victim. I am very dark and obviously 'Hindu'- the result was that even when I was completely mad, Pakistani origin Millionaires did not remove my name as a Trustee of their own beloved children.
      I don't know why I am telling you all this. I suppose I feel vicariously flattered that you want to have sex with elderly women from my family.
      No. That isn't it. I'm mentally ill. On my good days, I still can serve the Community. Indeed, my illness is a blessing in disguise! in that I benefit from people far far smarter than myself.
      But, a lot of the time, I can't do anything. Not even make a cup of tea. Funny thing is- like a rabid dog- I can still 'do' Social Media.
      I take medication but that is not a panacea. I have to do my exercise and social routine. AT the moment I've stopped- not because of you YSV- but because these are not linear processes and anyway I'm a fucking foul mouthed cunt.
      I know you are a young guy pretending to be an old guy. Okay, your literary talent, however slender, outweighs such vocational valency your 'State College' endowed you with.
      Still, we both know that your Expected Life Chances require repair. It is perfectly okay for you to say things about elderly Iyer women because- by a QC opinion gratuitously given me- they are better placed to take action themselves.
      Look YSV, you have a mental illness.
      I am an older man. I have a tough love approach.
      I can't tell the difference between a Telugu Niyogi and Tamil Samrta.
      Look, I am not always a 'drinkin', blasphemin' type person. That's just an act on my blog.
      If you need help- I want you to get it.

    3. I know Im wasting my time responding to the stream of consciousness above but I really dont give a crap about any of these issues or your myriad of complexes. Find another shoulder to cry on.

  11. @YSV

    It would be great if you put up a separate post on the current debate regarding Tipu Sultan and Akbar which is raging the social media.I would like to know your unbiased views on this topic.u can write it in comments section also,incase u dont want a separate post for it.

    1. Hi JAM, firstly thank you for posting the comment here instead of the Vadakayil related posts as looking for comemnts there is like looking for a needle in a haystack as direct comment links dont seem to work on my browser.

      Secondly I have been out of the loop on this matter. Could you clue me in , all I know is the ruckus about Siddaramiah declaring Tipu Sultan a secular hero and some guy associated with VHP(?) dying in related clashes

    2. @YSV

      yeah sure :) the current fight on twitter and SM between Sangh and seculars is on the point Tipu being a secular hero or not,or rather,whether Tipu was a nationalist as has been portrayed till opinion is that Tipu was neither a secular nor a nationalist,but one regional newspaper I subscribe daily,today had an interesting article on this.the author claims that Tipu was not a strict hindu hater,since he had helped in reconstructing Shiva temples and respected the chief priest of Sringeri Mutt.Again the author argues that Tipu had many hindus as his top officials.Frankly this has left me confused,u will surely know more on this.However though I am confused on the point of secularism in Tipu,I have no doubt on the other issue,ie,whether he was a nationalist or not.Tipu did fight brits and hated them like anything,but he can never be considered a freedom fighting nationalist,just like the battle of plassey was never a battle for nationalism.Infact unless I am unaware of any part of history,I think Sannyasi Rebellion was the first real fight for nationalism,as the main target of this rebellion was the betterment of Indian masses after driving out East India Company.
      My other query is on Akbar.What's your take on Akbar's secularism?Is Akbar also misrepresented by seculars?Did he really have uncanny secularism going by 15th century islamic standards,or it is also overhyped?I would like to get your detailed views on both Tipu and Akbar.

    3. @YSV

      I think the direct comment link is not a fault of your browser but rather some bug in blogger programming.Even I cant use direct comment link in high comment posts in google blogspot.btw just to inform u,capt is now shedding some precious tears for Pol Pot :)

    4. Hi I just posted an article on Tipu and Akbar. I browsed through the captains site and found that bizarre pol pot article. I glanced through it but it is the usual conspiratorial rubbish with no substantial proof. I still dont get the captains hard on for communism and his desperate attempt to excuse and explain away its brutalities and deprivations as he considers communism as a Rothschild plot!Now he even turned Hillary Clinton into a Jewish person!! This would be news to her Jewish former advisor Dick Morris who accused her of anti Semitism , as per him , her exact words were "you Jews always think about money"
      As for the uber Zionist Henry Kissinger- he actually felt that diverting resources to save the Jews from the Holocaust wouldnt have been in U.S's best interests and hence had no issue leaving them to their fate. He was also reluctant to help Israel during the 1973 war when it seemed like an Israeli defeat and and Egyptian ,Syrian conquest of Israel inevitable. Even as the famed Israeli general Moshe Dayan wept on national television and he along with Israeli PM Golda Meir contemplated suicide in case of Israeli defeat.

      Some Zionist!

      Speaking of Zionist, Rothschild conspiracies- check this out LOL

      captain got paid back in his own coin ;-) You keep feeding this conspiracy tiger, eventually it will eat you!

      When I googled "ajit vadakayil rothschild agent" , it was the first entry LOL

    5. @YSV

      Your articles dismantling capt and Agniveer's claims on meat eating and vegeterianism in Hinduism hopefully will go a long way in stopping the misconception spread.

    6. Does anyone get the impression that the "vadakayilzioniststooge" article was written by someone we know? Someone who was kicked out of this blog for hatred and antisemitism a while ago?

    7. @Premchand haha , I have to disagree. That particular individual for the most is incapable of such staid language. His posts about Jews and Vadakayil were often of extreme intemperance.

    8. @YSV

      At the very least, I think the author of this article has copied some of the staid language from you. Look at this:

      "Our seemingly heroic captain went off the deep end and starting spamming and irritating blog owners and online news portals [...]. It has gotten to the point where he has ended up getting banned pretty much everywhere. [...] But now all the webites have banned him and his comments about some stupid Muslim actor even got him arrested. "

      And there is more. He even compares a picture of the Captain to the Israeli flag with the phrase "two peas in a pod". I don't think it is a coincidence.