Monday, October 14, 2013

Here I go!


I have decided to begin this blog about things that interest me( of course) in no particular order

Hindu nationalism
Popular culture
Middle Eastern history and conflicts
American politics
Cultural cross pollination and conflict

among others...

Not to fear..While I am well read and like to think of myself as balanced, I am not an academic so typos aside my readings wont be too hard on other words terms like subaltern and heternormative/cisexxist wont be used

I often post on other forum especially Steve Sailer as Dr Van Nostrand and on Koenraad Elsts as YSV Rao

Unlike some annoying personalities(whom I will address later) I dont believe in a moderated comments board so please feel free to intellectual and occasionaly abusive rough and tumble but try and be gentleman(and ladies) and keep things polite as much as we can

Trolls also will be tolerated as long they contribute something of value. Persistent aholes will alas be banned

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