Monday, October 14, 2013

Ajit Vadakayil: Deranged lunatic

In Koenraad Elst's comments board I came across this former merchantship captain called Ajit Vadakayil

Here are some of things he believes and propagates on his paranoid fact free blog

Soviet Union was a wonderful place because people there were satisfied by their lot
Indira Gandhi and Nehru are the best post independence leaders
India had flying machines fuelled by uranium circa 6000 BC
Ancient Egyptians were from Kerala
Jews were originally from Kerala
Prophet Mohammad may not have been from Kerala but spoke Malayalam
The Quran was compiled in Kodangullur mosque
Mohandas Gandhi and Mohammad Iqbal were brainwashed by their Rothschild handlers in Englad
Madame Blavatsky was a Jew
Fibonacci sequence, calculus, trignometry,theory of relativity were stolen from Indian texts/authors
White women women are waiting ,just waiting to jump on Indian men
Modern Sikhism is essentially a British construct
Jews and Freemasons always had it in for India
Jews are capitalists and communists
Jews/Rothschilds/Freemansons(its all the same to him) engineered British takeover of India and famines where millions died
Western media is heavily pro Israel and anti Indian
Israel is a liability to India
American is the root of all modern evil
9/11 was engineered by Bush
He believes he is incredibly handsome

I think you get the idea.

I am calling out this lunatic as he seems to have quite a few impressionable fools who are the unbalanced hyper nationalist types sadly not uncommon in India

And despite his bizarre assertions that he is an excellent debaters, he is too much of a coward to allow any contrary opinions on his comments board

So I issue a challenge to this mentally handicapped character that he can come and post freely here any time he wants and I will respond accordingly.

And for all his vaunted anti Western bigotry, his choice of quotations of famous individuals such as Schopenhauer,Oppenheimer,Einstein et al betrays a pathetic need to be liked by Westerners.

Now I am Indian and Indian achievements and accomplishment have often been overlooked or taken for granted(yeah you invented the decimal system which makes the modern world possible but what have you done for us lately with your avg 85 IQ). But that doesnt mean we should invent fantastic nonsense like above to compensate our relative dearth of accomplishments vis a visa the West ,China and Japan.

So thats that. Again invitation for Capt Ajit is open as are those who are frustrated by him and banned from his site. Of course his supporters are welcome as well


  1. I agree to most of what you said!! He is a religious terrorist and a funny lunatic!
    According to him,
    Muslims are bad people, but Muslims from kerala are good
    Christians are very bad people, but Christians from kerala are good
    Jews are the worst, but Jews from kerala are good
    Kerala is the only civilized state in india (and world too!!) and the cause/reason for all good things in india (and of course in the world too! :P)
    Everything bad happened/happens in India is coz of christians (white christians, as he calls them)
    He is the handsome yo yo dude of this century and every women is trying to hit on him
    If you want to comment on his blog, you must address him as "CAPT.", "Ajit ji (the almighty, the great savior, THE ONE,)!! and what not!! :P Else, your comment wont be approved!
    He knows everything, becoz, he was a captain of chemicaltank ship, he has traveled the world, he is perhaps around his 50s right now (my gosh!! who else can?!) and ofcourse, becoz he is a Keralite, a malayali, and he is from calicut :P :P
    (no offense to my other kerali friends)
    I was once a regular reader of his blog.. but later understood his self-centered madness.
    oh and one more important thing!!!!!!
    no one should copy content from his blog.. if you must, then you should give credit to the great fool! bcoz he claims that his content (as he calls the content on his blog) cannot be found from else where in the www. But, he copies content from several blogs!!!!!

    1. Very true. He wanted to please me by evoking Mallu sentiment. (I am a Mallu)

  2. Hi Karthik, thank you for the being the first comment-er on my blog!
    I also initially was intrigued about Ajit's blog. Mind you he is not all wrong. A broken clock and all that I suppose. He was right about Gandhi being overrated and the real cause of independence being the Mutiny in 1946.
    He brought to light the virtual slavery of Indians in the Caribbean,Fiji and Mauritius as well as those killed in famines numbering more than 40 million(accurate numbers hard to come by) in the more than 200 years of British rule
    But the conclusions and deductions he reaches from these facts are incredibly wild!
    Somehow he manages to place the blame on Jews and Freemasons.To this end he incorrectly identifies famous non Jews such as the WASP FDR, Baptist Eisenhower and the Slavic Orthodox Madame Blavatsky as Jewish!Even Winston Churchill becomes Jewish because his maternal grandmother may have been a Jew!
    With regard to Muslims, he is mum to their atrocities and refrains from passing any negative comments on the Quran,Mohammad or Islam only because I suspect he is a coward
    He has little to say about Al Qaeda,LeT,Hezbollah,Hamas et al but goes out of his way to criticize hardline Zionists and the state of Israel and their callous treatment of Palestinians.How that issue should be India's concern is never explained.It doesnt occur to him how strong and reliable Israel has been as an ally
    The only Muslims he objects to is Tipu Sultan/Hyder Ali because they invaded his beloved Kerala
    Such a narrow,myopic,provincial outlook!

  3. Holy Vishnu..
    I used to read this guys blog until I realized he has a cult following and I was not about to drink the Kool -Aid. He is so full of himself taht even stuff that has logic is lost in all that hot air he blows about himself and his kingdom! I posted a tongue in cheek about him.

  4. I put a link to your post on the blog.
    Captain ji never ever post my comments. Oh and his Cornell educated son works in the evil US of A never mind then.

  5. Funny thing...he uses blogspot forgetting that even Google is owned by a jewish and majority of it's stakeholder's are 'jewish and financial rothschild's'. I wonder is this ignorance an honest mistake or just that he's a fool

    1. He might be a disinformation agent or freemason.

  6. He appointed a biological father for me!

    He made my atheist father into a Catholic priest (catholic priests do not marry).

    Then he went on to threaten me with raids by Income Tax people (whereas I am not having any taxable income).

    Then he made me into a pastor (whereas I am a retired S/W Engineer and told me that one his fans will greet me after I finish my sermon in the church. (It is 25 years since I stepped inside a church).

    He made my native place as some place I have never heard.

    If he can do all these to a living human being, what he cannot do with dead great men?

    1. Hi Tomsan,

      You are Syrian Christian of course


      Haha just kidding

      Those allegations are the funniest I ever read. You being the son of celibate Catholic priest haha!
      And he turned you into a Protestant(since when do Catholics have pastors) overnight

      As for me , after I abused him recently on Koenraad Elsts blog and challenged him to debate on his crackpot theories, he stated that the Sun (him, I mean Him) does not need to debate a battery torch(yours truly) ,its brilliance is enough for all to see. Then he stated just before he fled and sent him chamchas to spam me , that he works best in a hostile crowd.

      On his crackpot website and Justice Katjus blog(for whatever reason) he dismissed me as Zionist operative aka Christian convert.
      It is obvious that he has no idea what being a Zionist entails. He creates his private weird definitions of words and calls u brainwashed Rothschild desh drohi if you if correct him on it

      His knowledge of Christianity is about as impressive as his knowledge of Hinduism which is frankly that of an mentally unbalanced individual.

      Yes he should be institutionalized


    1. oh i was aware but didnt address it so far, been procrastinating.
      The arrest is tip of the iceberg, WHERE he was arrested from says so much about it.
      Will have a post about it around the weekend. Promise!

  8. Really? I thought he lived in Calicut the greatest city. Wtf was he doing in mani pal?

    1. Same reason his son attended the evil Rothschild funded Cornell University instead of Calicut Polytechnic (whose foundation stone was laid jointly by Aryabhatta,Pythogoras,King Solomon,Parasurama,Prophet Mohammad and Jesus all chanting in a Malayalam hymn dated 7000 BC) and works for a corporate headed by a moth eaten homosexual

  9. LoL on the foundation stone. Looking forward to hearing the scoop.
    I am also just a female who has the hots for him and swoons over his pot bellied selfies and man boobs . Who wouldn't? Huh? Ask his sons boss @ Epic

  10. Ysv_rao,
    India has rich culture and we Indians are proud of it in spite of 800 years of slavery. All I can see from your blog is you are just a wolf in sheep's clothing. You act and write like an Indian but inherently you are pro-West. You may continue ridiculing Capt. but you can never beat him when it comes to perception. The abundant knowledge in his blogs helped many people across continents. Be it politics,religion or environmental issues I believe Capt. Vadakayil is way ahead of many of us in terms of perception.And what have you got to offer to this world through this blog? A big fat ZERO. Your blog and your not-so-impressive pro-western mentality will never match Captain's wisdom. Be proud to be Indian.

    1. Enigma, I was thinking how come a lickspittle of the unstable captain hasnt posted yet. And you certainly dont disappoint with your inane , fact free views and hero worship.
      How am I "inherently pro West" . How do you deduce this inherence" And for that matter define pro West.
      As for perception, how can you even prove that his wild claims are accurate?They are not even open to scrutiny
      Does he allow anyone criticizing his views?No
      Oh lets not be too ambitious, does he even allow a contrarian opinion or website on his comments blog?No
      Does he welcome debates in third party websites? No talking to him is like to talking a firehose, he only bellows but doesnt listen or respond
      He makes too many school boy mistakes for anyone to take him seriously.For eg calling Eisenhower and Madame Blavatsky Jews
      Which brings us to his serious anti semitism. The last refuge of a loser and an idiot. The captain qualifies on both counts
      He plagiarizes shamelessly from others and not only doesnt he even acknowledge sources but passes all the knowledge off as his own.
      One of these days he will be sued for copyright violation , hey he was already arrested for making nonsense allegations about Aamir Khan so we can only hope!
      Forget about world history, he has zero knowledge of Indian history. This is the problem with crank writers like PN Oak and Vadakayil, they expand on anything that catches their fancy. They know nothing about reading the original manuscripts, being aware of the context and checking and triple checking their sources. Why do that when it is so much fun to claim to we had thorium powered flying machines in 7000 BC. The former doesnt get you any blog hits!

      THe only people worse than the captain and his low IQ acolytes like yourself.The problem is not so much the captain who may be born an a deranged nut but that is not so much his fault as idiots like yourself who cheer him and encourage his nonsense and bigotry all the way.

      Do us a favor and go castrate yourself so the world will be spared your progeny. I will pitch in for the operation. Just send me the details

    2. Hi Ysv_rao,
      Before calling others lickspittle please keep in mind that every reader has his own perception and taste.Just because I wrote something in favour of Capt. doesnt make me his ardent follower.I dont care what Capt. thinks about Jews,flying machines and all that stuff which given a chance you would love to ridicule.What Cpat. thinks could all be wrong. I respect him for his efforts in exhuming truth in certain aspects of Vedic concepts,caste system in India,British rule and current politics. And I dont care if he plagiarizes his blog contents,I would still love to follow him as long as I gain something good from his articles.Put aside his conspiracy theories, superficial thoughts related to history, have a look at his articles on Vedic concepts,Surya namaskara,Agni hotra. Its clear from his blogs that he is a proud Indian with strong motive to bring change in society which has been a victim of constant bullying by people with vested interest.I dont have problem in following your beloved 'Deranged lunatic' because I respect his motto. Your verbal rant will be futile.You seem to be pissed off with India and its clear from your recent blog:"Indians are damn fools: The first in a series".Quite an impressive write up though.

    3. Enigma you are a fool but the problem is you dont realize it. I will elaborate below using your words
      "I dont care what Capt. thinks about Jews,flying machines and all that stuff which given a chance you would love to ridicule.What Capt. thinks could all be wrong. ..... And I dont care if he plagiarizes his blog contents,....Put aside his conspiracy theories, superficial thoughts related to history..."

      Do you even think before you write? Appreciating the captains blog without the hysterical Jew baiting, crank history and wild conspiracies is like saying you like Debbie Does Dallas inspite of the explicit sex!

      You miss the entire point of his blog. All that crazy stuff is what drives him and the rest is just filler. Surya Namaskara and associated yogic and religious opinions can be found in pretty much any book on yoga. Less said about his opinion on current politics the better. As for the caste system, I point to you his utter contempt and mockery of Dalits. Also plagiarism is a very serious offense not to dismissed so lightly as you do. For it portrays not just a lack of morality but also an intellectual bankruptcy.
      The captain never had an original coherent thought probably in his entire life. And it shows on his blog. Forget the lack of any verifiable sources, much of it plain lacks common sense.

      Also I had acknowledged that he did a good thing by bringing to light the unknown history of INA and Indian indentured servitude by the British.
      After all a broken clock is right twice a day. Again the captain did good work in that regard. You would know this if you bothered reading my post.

      Apparently to be a true Indian, I should praise India to the skies and sweep all of its defects under the rug and pretend they dont exist.
      I never said there is nothing to proud of in Indian history. Again you damn fool if you read the essay properly you would that is not the case. I am taking Indians to task because they have fallen so deep from their greatness but still think they are the bees knees.
      Yes I am pissed off with India because they can do better but come up with all sorts of excuses not to.The most dangerous one is what you propagate- that we are wonderful and need no stinking foreign resources and expertise.

      It seems you and the captain are big fans of that super patriot/idiot filmmaker Manoj Kumar where he creates a universe where everything western is bad and everything Indian is good. I would therefore recommend you abandon this wicked Western device called the internet and communicate telepathically with 12 strand Maharishi DNA that you possess


    4. That is too funny. His chela is here. Yes indeed why use the internet,but the wise captain says the hippies created the internet, so it's ok! (Rolls eyes)

    5. The three musketeers HATING on Ajit Vadakayil...what can be more COWARDICE then that...... are you guys on the monthly menstrual cycle?

      Wa wa

    6. I swear to god these Vadakayil supporters are such crybabies. There are far more than 3 Vadakayil dudes attacking me in the posts but to this disgusting whiny creature Ashneel it is still not a fair fight as god forbid I actually have more than person on my side.
      These guys are a joke a minute

      As for the monthy menstrual cycle, please ask the captain about this. He regulary pens stupid articles on this topic and gets routinely humiliated.

      I heard your wife got fired from her job where she danced nude in a street corner for coins because she bled over her customers during her time of the month.
      My apologies , now how will you feed your family lentils now? Once again ,send me your details and i will wire some money

    7. Rao, you are proving that U are a fool again and again by calling others fools.

    8. REAL HISTORY let us engage in a fruitful discussion on issues that are being raised in this blog comments.In this way all of us will be benefitted by mutual sharing of our understanding.But when you write : "Rao, you are proving that U are a fool again and again by calling others fools." ,somehow it seems to me that you are demonstrating escapism :) . I beg your pardon for jumping into the discussions but my real intention is to invite you,Ashneel Kumar and Enigma(if he still follows this blog) to a logical open-minded discussion and not the unidirectional flow of knowledge as in Capt blogs.This is much easier to do in YSV's blog because he does not have comment restriction policy.It seemed to me Capt is a supporter of state economy i.e, socialism.Atleast he walks the talk in this aspect by keeping strict moderation policy :)

  11. Hello Rao gaaru,
    As I can see you penned this article on Oct 14th,2013.I am sure,while writting this article you must have hoped for some of Capt's loyal follwers would change their mind and start following your blog.There is nothing wrong in being optimistic though!!

    The fact that nobody even bothered to visit this page and write something that contradicts your opinion itself shows nobody gives a hoot about who the hell Mr.ysv_rao is. And Mr.Truthsayer seems to be the only chamcha you got here. Hello @Truthsayer you can SHUT UP.

    First thing to be noted-I did not comment in this page with an intention to abuse you personally or to support Capt. Ajit.

    I was follwing Mr.Elst's blog where I read some of your comments which directed me to Justice Katju's blog.
    There are many people like you out there in cyberspace who pissfart around and litter comments section in blogs which are originally meant for healthy discussion.I read your willful sladerous attack on Capt. and his wife in Katju's blog which made me write comment in this page.

    Here is your comment in that blog:

    QUOTE:if you are having your period, send me your address I will arrange for the feminine hygiene products, lavender scented candles,wine and dark chocolate.
    Or you can use these products to bribe your wife to reveal the identity of yours sons real father- if she can keep track of those who pounded her vagina .:UNQUOTE

    How disgusting man! Looking at your articles in your blog , I assume you are a learned person and you seem to have good writting skills.That does not give you freedom to attack others with filthy words without having a constructive argument.You cant win a written debate by attacking opponets personally.It rather makes you an a##hole.There is no difference between you and those Islamic fanatics who behave like brain dead zombies and make personal attacks in religious forums when they have got nothing to argue.You quote "I am taking Indians to task"!! Damn you. India doesnt need people like you.

    If you are so sure of yourself that Capt's views are wrong why dont you write a detailed rebuttal to his wild claims in this blog of yours and stop this ignorant world from following him forever. Lets see how many people will agree with you. Yes..We are so eager to read. Please enlighten us!!

    Otherwise Mr.Ysv_Rao will be known to this world only as a suppplier of feminine hygiene products, lavender scented candles and not to forget his expertise in castration.Quite an all rounder indeed!! Am I right?

    1. U r vadakayil lol y did u change ur name to enigma for commenting here

    2. @enigma---(this comment is adressed to enigma.. rest all kk's and ysvr pls don't reply to me)

      So, enigma... before starting a conversation with guys mentioned here and similar one's you might come across in future, you should always recall this quote
      Mark Twain — 'Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.'

      Inder RS

    3. That means u r stupid..........anyways just a piece of advice never quote this on ur capts blog or he may even call mark twain a moth eaten faced rothschild jew.......lmao

    4. Hello Kkkkkk,
      I am not Vadakayil. I did not comment here as a hardcore fan of Vadakayil. Arguing with stupid people doesnt alwys need to have stupid people on th eotherside.
      Well,what can I argue with the person who cant even understand Mark Twain's quote.

    5. Stfu.....u wannabe vadakayil !!!!!

    6. @kkkk
      Wannabe Vadakayil !! haaha. Serilusly?! You are such a dork! You amuse me with your comments. Bring it on.

    7. Looks like ur a$$ is on fire lol !!!!!!

    8. @kkk
      I dont understand what you are upto. If you have anything against Captn write a blog post and refute him. If your intention is to simply abuse me, I would suggest to divert your mind on more productive things in ur life. Hope you got my point.

    9. Go fart in ur stupid blog vadakayil

  12. Enigma, with each and every post you prove yourself to be a bigger idiot than before.

    1. What does it matter how many post here approving of my site? What matters are hits. And of course I will have fewer hits than Vadakayil's site as his site has been around longer and is what is known as click bait or trolling for hits. If one keeps making wild claims about each and every famous individual like he does ,that individual would have a high rating as well.
    2. Since when is popularity a fair yardstick for the truth? By your logic my blog flimsy as it is inaccurate because of its nowhere as famous as the mad captains? You seem to be the type of person who admires shit because so many flies are attracted to it. Now it is quite possible for something to popular and truthful,cultured as well as something to be unpopular,hated and evil .But the world is not usually like that. For you to use such an argumetum ad popularum exposes your spiritual hollowness.
    3. I dont think a bootlicker of the captain is any position to call others "chamchas". Im sure truthsayer will get along fine with or without while your captain seems to run some kind of Jim Jones cult if the brainwashed posters like you are any indication
    4. I have absolutely NO REGRETS about abusing the captain in this manner at all. If anything I look forward to even more abuse including his wife.
    5. It seems that you have no problem with that troll captain hijacking the Judge's blog and talking nonsense. I got him to stop and whatever means I used it is a worthy end
    6.I will use filthy words with people like the captain who have no honor, honesty, integrity ,basic decency or even common sense. When I challenged him to a debate he said he doesnt debate mad dogs or something to that effect. So I did what I had to. Again no regrets
    7. That you equate me to an Islamic fundamentalist again exposes your lack of morality and slavishness towards the captain.
    8. I am done arguing the same things over and over again with you since you are an idiot. If you persist in this mode then I would have to give you the Vadakayil treatment. You have been warned.
    9. Trust me Enigma, the captain is a very soft target. His posts are filled with so much nonsense that I will have endless posts dedicated just to dissecting his blog but I dont wish to do so as I dont want make this a Vadakayil centric blog. Much of my hits concern the post on the captain.
    Unlike the captain I dont believe in click bait or trolling for hits. I try my best to post essays on history,religion and culture featuring relevant content in an editorial style . Yes it is opinion but based on facts and at worst circumstantial evidence not wild claims from a fanciful deranged imagination. I wanted to just address the recent mishap regardign the captain which brings to

    @truthsayer sorry I promised you a write up about the captain's latest adventure but I kept postponing because I wanted to finish a couple of essays before I address him because I dont want it to be a captain centric blog. I will get to it ASAP

  13. Enigma, hmm... How do I say this politely? STFU.
    Thank you

  14. Enigma you don't want to start shit with me trust me, I know your head is so far up Captains ass, you cannot see the shit from trutth.
    YSR, if you post another word about the captain you will be baring your deep love for ajit and expose your desire for him! Well at least that's how he will interpret it ya know. I am however curious to see why that chimpanzee was arrested and why was he not in Calicut?

  15. Hello Rao,

    Let me put an end to your endless babble.

    You stated in your previous comment "Since when is popularity a fair yardstick for the truth?"
    Only a stupid can base his argument with this premise. I never questioned your knowledge level and never compared your popularity with Capt's. You twist the meaning of

    my words and add some extra masala to abuse me.Never mind. I assume you speak telugu. Let me quote..

    "రాజు గారి రెండో పెళ్ళాం మంచిది అంటే మొదటి పెళ్ళాం చెడ్డదా అని అడిగాట్ట నీలాంటి ఎదవా ఎవడో..."

    --When I said none of Vadakayil slaves bothered to post in your site , I meant they just dont care who the hell is ysv_rao. It doesnt mean your site has fewer hits and

    lacks popularity.
    --When I said you post abusive comments in Justice's blog , I meant you were just another wayward dumbass lacking decency.Thats all. It does not mean I support Capt

    hijacking his blog.I strongly oppose Capt's action also although he never abuses fellow commentators like you do.

    You are quite a well known figure in vadakayil's comments section as 'hasbara','the one who is under payroll of zionists','wannabe goara gaand' etc. Its not that those 'bootlickers' (this is how you would love to call them right?) dont know ysv_rao at all. May be they just choose to ignore people like you.
    According to you those who follow Capt's blogs are all dimwits,good for nothing douchebags.I think you jump into wrong concusion quickly and stereotype people based on

    their taste.What you fail to realize is you are a downright narrow minded hypocrite.You seem to have absolutely NO REGRET about abusing Capt to achieve your objective. It shows your high dose of intellectual arrogance.I wonder how you would feel when someone abuses you in similar fashion in a public forum.You are a fool. You derive pleasure from ridiculing people using sexually explicit language.Dont even try to give lame excuses why you abused Capt in the first place.

    I see most of the people who follow his articles are knowledgable and think rationally. Some people disagree with him and he some times encourages discussion.But not mud slinging.I dont understand why he does not allow debates in his blog.May be its because people like you shit around. I dont think Capt is running any kind of 'Jim Jones cult'. If it is true your blog would now have been invaded by those non existant brain-washed vadakayilists.If he is really a coward he would have never posted his name,photos in his blogs. Again if you still keep arguing that Capt runs away from debates and moderates comments in his blogs, my answer is "Why cant you just fuck#g ask him?" I am no right hand of Capt to provide his personal views.

    I already told I dont care about Capt's views on many of his wild claims. I am not interested in reading those articles at all. I choose to follow the things of my interest. Once used to be a hardcore atheist , Capt's blogs on Hinduism and our ancient culture transformed me.And he continues to inspire me. Its out respect for him which made me post against you.Soon I realized I am talking to a persistent ignoramus.

    I dont need a lecture from you on your foolish 'Anti-Vadakayil Crusade'. I think I have enough knowledge to perceive what is right and what is wrong. So you can engage in your glorious work of inspiring the likes of @TruthSayer and this igonrant world.Sine I am being warned by you I believe you are not going to post this comment and spam me forever. Go ahead. I am done with you. No more comments.

    As for you Mr.TruthSayer, you called me 'Chela'. I called you 'Chamcha'. We are even. Remember you provoked me first. Im not interested in debating with you. So you can just shut up again and carry on with your life.

    Good bye.

    1. Enigma, I dont know if you are pretending to be stupid in order to dodge my further responses or you are genuinely lacking in gray matter. Because your posts just keep getting more idiotic and utterly lacking in common sense or even basic logic

      You claim that you werent taunting about my blogs lack of popularity-something I accused you of. Seriously do you even read your own posts

      T"he fact that nobody even bothered to visit this page and write something that contradicts your opinion itself shows nobody gives a hoot about who the hell Mr.ysv_rao is. And Mr.Truthsayer seems to be the only chamcha you got here. Hello @Truthsayer you can SHUT UP"

      Now are you going to tell me with a straight face that you werent mocking me for my blogs lack of hits vis a vis the Captains.Dont bullshit me by giving some lame excuse as that you meant that only Vadakayil supporters would respond to me.

      As for hasbara ,Zionist and christian converts. It is clear you are an idiot like the Captain as you use those words interchangeably. The idiot captain doesnt realize that most Indian Christians are anti semitic but facts and logic are as alien to you as the knowledge of the identity of your father. Your whore mother lost count after her 1000th client in 2 months. BTW just because your siblings are of different fathers it doesnt mean you can fuck your half sister or sodomize your 9 year old brother. It is still wrong. Someone has to say it

      So all of a sudden you dont support the capts comments on Justice Katjus blog. Well what was stopping you from expressing the same on Katju's blog I wonder? It isnt moderated like your heros blog?

      The captains blog is heavily moderated because he is a thin skinned crybaby and happy in his ignorance. And yes I have offered him to debate but he dismissed me as a mad dog. If you had half a brain you would see I already mentioned it.I dont fucking ask you about the captain you son of a diseased cunt and unknown male leper
      I already know why. Get that through your misshapen head

      It is obvious the captain is unaccustomed to debate. You can watch him get routinely humiliated at the Times of India comments section. He doesnt dare enter into debates with even half knowledgable individuals there but always responds with his idiot phrase PUNCH INTO GOOGLE SEARCH XYZ yes always with caps on as is the trademark of a lunatic

      Vadakayil himself had instructed his followers NOT to engage me. This is not due to his magnanimity as idiots like you imagine but because the trashing they receive will reflect horribly on him. Ask yourself honestly , in our entire back and forth , have you served the captain well. I mean you admitted that his views on world history, Jews,Rothschilds, flying machines circa 8000 BC et al are complete lunacy. And you didnt refute my assertion that there is nothing unique about his take on yoga and Surya namaskara.
      Again do you really think your beloved guru would be pleased that you pretty much threw in the towel so early in your arguments and just retreated to the lame ad hominem attacks on me?
      You are a typical follower of Vadakayil who projects his crank personality onto others.
      I am not like him. Your post is open for all to see and the subsequent ones as well..if you dare.

      Unlike your hero with a penchant for half nude selfies as Truthsayer so aptly pointed out, Im not afraid of contrary opinions. I certainly dont hide behind the excuse that the posters may "shit" around. I believe you are confusing a posters board with your moms face as she is used pay men to do that to her


  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. First of all I must say you dont read very much if you are impressed with the writing style of Vadakayil. It is what literature professors diplomaticaly call emotional free association. I am not a literature professor neither a diplomat so I would call it the ramblings of a mad man.

      We may have had advanced technologies but it is another to thing to state we had aviation technology powered by nuclear fission.
      I personally believe we had hot air balloon technology(story of Hanuman flight to Lanka) and gliders but little else. Such tdevices are relatively easy to create

      Swami Vivekananda wasnt a renowned scholar on Egyptology and his knowledge of ancient Indian history,not to mention religion(he dismissed the Puranas as hocus pocus) wasnt very strong. While we can admire him as a strong karma yogi, we shouldnt mindlessly believe everything he states as the gospel truth

      As for the Western media, never attribute to malice what you can to ignorance. The Economist and other magazines get their talking points from their Indian leftist friends at cocktail parties and think tanks and they just regurgitate the same mindlessly. OTherwise they dont give too much thought to India

      I dont care what a few crackpot scientists say about 9/11. If you believe the conspiracy theories you have a screw loose is all I can say. Popular Science and Mechanics magazines debunked pretty much all the theories about it the demolitions.

      Americans attacked Afghanistan and Iraq for valid reasons. At the time everyone believed Saddam had nukes ,not just American intellgence.

    2. YSV I have deleted the first two of the comments that I had put in your blog.These two comments have outlived their usefulness .When I had initially defended Capt,I had in my mind the substance of these topics and not defence of the whole blogposts of Capt on the topics.I had already seen Capt's bias in some of his posts on RN Tagore,Vivekananda,Osho etc,before I started visiting your blog. While I still do support a few of the theories like Quantum vedas etc. ,I do not subscribe to Capt's over-hyped analysis on these topics.I should have clarified that at the very beginning.For example,it is true that vedas have treatise on calculus,but claiming that Newton stole calculus from vedas is sheer bigotry.I didnot understand at first that you are not outright opposing whatever Capt says,rather you oppose the baseless hyper-patriotic claims with which he entices innocent readers :) Actually like most other Capt supporters out there,I do not think that you are a christian convert jewish hasbara guy :) .Rather I have seen your love and respect for Hinduism through your comments.That is why I would like to continue visiting your blog and discussing serious topics of spirituality with you.A healthy dialogue is always better for the mind than the unidirectional flow of baseless claims.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I am not a fan of Gandhi so you need not justify you dislike of him to me. My position is that Gandhi need not be brainwashed by Rothschilds or whathaveyou to be a net negative force in indian politics. He could do that on his own

      And why should I check the internet to examine each and every crackpots claim as a proof of its validity?
      Isnt it possible people across the world can come to similar conclusions especially in a natural science of mathematics without any interaction?
      Im pretty sure Bose has been now vindicated by the scientific community

      There is ZERO historical evidence that Jesus came to India. It was based on the claim of an imaginative Russian tourist in the 1800s
      ANyway what this have to do with the claim that Jews came from Kerala?

      As for captain not being the only who believes all bigoted theories about Jews, whats your point? If one million people tomorrow due to the fraudulent use of social media messaging come believe that Jeck Joy dances nude in Connaught places and rapes orhpan boys, would you accept it as the truth?

      If you believe the captain is handsome, then god help you. What you call self confidence I call lunacy. What he is within is simply a goblin(pisaca)-evil,hideous and malicious and it manifests itself onto his looks

  18. You have presented your views with good logic which is really admirable.Atleast it is not abusive like some of the fellow visitors in your blog and in other blogs.Yes you are absolutely right in one point,i.e, I have written based on what I think and not on logic.But somehow I feel that the Vedas and ancient Indian culture and knowledge has much more to offer and western historians have utterly failed to grasp the Vedas in their true form.Howeveer some broad-minded western physicists of the early 20th century have told that Vedas and Upanishads explain quantum physical phenomena.Neils Bohr said “I go into the Upanishads to ask questions.” Another famous quote by Schrodinger : "

    “There is no kind of framework within which we can find consciousness in the plural; this is simply something we

    construct because of the temporal plurality of individuals, but it is a false construction… The only solution to this conflict insofar as any is available to us at all lies in the ancient wisdom of the Upanishad."

    What I think is that if vedic wisdom could touch quantum phenomena,then is it not possible that they were aware of nuclear power?Now this is not based on mere assumption.A particular sanskrit sloka (probably in Mahabharata as far as I remember) tells about the after-effects of the use of a particular arrow,which is strikingly similar to the nuclear radiation hazards.Even Ramkrishna Mission has recently started writing on this veda-modern physics link.

    As I have said I am not a blind supporter of Mr Vadakayil and I can point out many flaws in his blog posts.His post on Netaji and his perception of Netaji is simply based on some useless hearsay.But thats a different point altogether.See western historians(who actually frame the rules of modern historical evidence finding and also approve historical research authenticity) will never accept anything that glorifies Indian culture and history.Thats the reason why we get
    very very few scholars like AL Basham from the west.These problems of different theories and perceptions do not arise in the scientific disciplines because we can verify whatever is being told.But in case of history and allied
    subjects,perception and individual bias and lack of knowledge actually plays a role in the framing of theories.But I agree on one major point you have made.I should have clarified myself more before I wrote this post.I am not actually a fan of Mr Vadakayil.But what I have felt by reading some comments on this blog and some other anti-Vadakayil movements is that they seem to think that he is imagining and creating everything from air :-).Now I mentioned the "Jesus coming to India" hypothesis wrongly.Even if Jesus had come to India,it does not prove that Indians and Jews had similar cultures.You are absolutely right in this point.Actually I should have put this link instead of the Jesus theory :

    1. I had read AL Basham first as a teenager. What struck me was that he described ancient Tamils as incredibly warlike , more so than the Magadhans who werent exactly shrinking violets when it came to violence. In the light of the martial race theory, most Western historians dismissed the cult of heroism in Southern India.

      Im not familiar with his exact stance on Netaji. I do know that Vadakayil approves of him overall
      Again I gave him credit about being right about 1946 mutiny and pointing out the English hypocrisy and Bengal famines.
      But it doesnt mean that by inference he is correct about topics as well.
      Conversely of course, if he is wrong about something, doesnt mean he is always wrong.
      But he is more often wrong than right. Not just wrong. Downright ignorant and bigoted. His reliance on neo Nazi sites should alarm even the most ardent of his devotees. Can u believe initially I was an admirer of him when he posted in Koenraad Elsts blog and I read a few of his religion based posts. I thought he was flawed but I was willing to overlook it. The honeymoon ended when I discovered his bizarre hatred of jews and crack pot analysis of Hindu scrptures

      Speaking of...that link is just as crackpot as Vadakayil. I dont know if you checked but it is full of wild eyed etymologies from the author forms very fantastic inferences with no proof whatsoever.Not to mention it is a rabidly anti Semitic apocalypic Christian fundamentalist site.
      Just avoid

  19. Swami Vivekananda had predicted accurately India's indepencence year, world war 1 and rise of China as a global power in the 21st century.So I believe his views on egyption pyramids.Vivekananda was not just a popular religious preacher like many others,I can assure you of that.Sri Ramkrishna and Swami Vivekananda's spiritual powers are well known in Bengal.Here is Vivekananda's statement made in 1897 :

    “India will be free in another fifty years and freedom will come in an unusual way. A great war will flare up within twenty years, and if the Western nations do not give up their stark materialism, another world war is inevitable.”

    Vivekananda also told to an American journalist :
    “This is your century, but 21st century is India’s century. Those barbarians and marauders who conquered us and plundered our Country would come back to our Country to pay homage to our ancient sages and saints”. Whether 21st century is Indian century is still to be seen but 20th cenutry was American century.

    This is his prediction on Belur math.

    "The spiritual impact that has come to Belur [Math] will last fifteen hundred years, and it will be a great University. Do not think I imagine it; I see it."
    Belur Math has become an autonomous university at present and the standards of education in Belur Math is quite high.I just mentioned these to point out Swami Vivekananda was no ordinary hard working monk.You might know about Bankim Chandra Chatterjee(author of our national song Vande Mataram and Ananda Math, a famous patriotic novel which was banned by the British).He wrote a few books and many articles on the fact that western scholars are wrongly interpreting and sometimes modifying our ancient sanskrit literature.He was not a mystic saint but a man of strict logic.I am a Bengali so I know about him as I read his books.There might be many other Indian scholars who had pointed out similar things.I just do not know about them in details.Lastly I think Mr Vadakayil is handsome and I just jokingly mentioned this as you wrote this point in your post:-) .But why debate on this utterly useless topic.I am ready to accept your view that Mr Vadakayil is ugly,only becasue it is not an issue at all :-P .But ysv one thing I must mention is that I like the fact that you do not restrict or control publishing of comments in your blog.I think Mr vadakayil should have done the same.It would have increased his credibility.He didnot publish some of the tough questions I raised on his posts.On the other hand he publishes stupid comments which address him as Guruji and praise him as if he is a deity :-) But overall I think Mr Vadakayil is a good person.No man is 100% perfect,neither ysv rao nor jeck Joy nor Ajit Vadakayil.But all of us have the wits to filter out the imperfections.

    1. Once again why do you assume I am antagonistic to Swami Vivekananda. He was very prescient on some issues ,less so on others. Please note that at the time France was still smarting from the Prussian invasion and most people anticipated another war with multiple participants. What shocked them was the carnage and length of the war.

      I remain skeptical of the spiritual powers of either Vivekananda or Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. There is no reason for frailty if you have spiritual powers in the case of Ramakrishna or leaving the world at a young age ala Vivekananda.

      They have left no new dietys or mantras which enhance your energies. So we can admire their attempts at rekindling our heritage but they dont belong in the pantheon of Rama, Krishna, Vishwamitra etc.

      Thank you for appreciating my open comment policy. The problem with having strict moderation is eventually you live in your own world devoid from reality as what happened to the captain. If he was open minded and skeptical, he would publish so much hate filled nonsense about Jews, Americans and others. Heck he could even avoid his arrest.

      You may take issue with my abusing some Vadakayil followers but what can I do , they are not interesting in debating. Only propagating. Only you have attempted to counter my claims about the captain and atleast mount a coherent defense of him. I still believe it is flawed and you are wrong but it is still an attempt.

      Look at these guys, they are ready to throw in the towel. Enigma pretty much admitted the captain is a crackpot but still chooses to follow him. What does that tell you except this is a cultist behavior

  20. By the way I forgot to mention that Jeck and Jam are not different persons.They are just different email ids of mine.You can address me with any one of the names you like :-)

  21. Please forgive me for using two email ids by mistake.I am posting this comment with my name Jeck to prove the last comment I made :-) I didnot notice one line in your comment which goes as " At the time everyone believed Saddam had nukes ,not just American intellgence." Seriously do you believe that America has spent billions of dollars on just some thinking and rumour???Do you believe America fights for world peace ???

    1. Saddam havingWMD wasnt considered rumor at the time. Best that you read up on the IRaq War from other sources Arundhati Roy or her idiot friends at the Outlook or Guardian.
      Countries fight to protect their interests and keep their homeland secure. ANd that is why American fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. WOrld peace is a meaningless term and I dont expect anyone to fight for it.

  22. @Jam - You are right, however rao would not try and look for positive side of Capt and will keep on finding errors including your post which he finds easy and amusing , he may call you a fool as well, so I would suggest no one tries to make him understand because we are doing what he wanted us to do.

    Got alot of hits and sensible ppl on his blog be using Capt's name and talking bull about everyone including Vivekananda without even caring to know who he really was. This rao lacks a truth seeking mind with unneccesary ego. Hope he starts looking life in a positive way and make his miserable life better. Peace to all -.-'

    1. Hahahahaha Typical Vadakayil follower! Fleeing from debate under the flimsiest of pretences!

      I wasnt talking bull about Vivekananda. Just because I say he wasnt perfect and was lacking in knowledge on aspects of world history doesnt mean I was abusing him.

      You sound like a devotional nitwit

    2. Even if you read only Vivekanand's biography, you will stop calling people devotional nitwit. It would have been better if you also researched if Capt. is right or wrong. He meets ppl around the world and is able to sum up things for us. It is you who is lacking knowledge in aspects of Indian History not Vivekanand. Even if you ignore Capt. who has made it easy and try to read history and if you're smart enough to catch the truth you will come to the same conclusion. There is a reason why ppl who are thousands of miles far and are using a language which 90 percent similar to sanskrit.

      "You never believe in ghost till the time you see one, but it doesn't mean there aint one".

      Also, Acting western and cool won't make you look pretty here.

    3. What do you mean he meets people from around the world? So what so does Paris Hilton hahaha. Am I supposed to start taking religious instruction from her based on that criteria?

      THe captain presents a comic book version of history which is very appealing to low IQ deviants like you no doubt but to people with more than a smattering of gray matter, it obvious that he is senile.

      Who are these people thousands of miles away speaking a language so similar to Sanskrit?

      When have I acted "western and cool"? For that matter, please define western and cool for me

  23. First of all a whole-hearted thanks to Mr Eshan and you for reading my lengthy comments :-) .I appreciate your opinion on the subjects we were speaking.I would just like to point out two or three things on whatever we were discussing till now.I promise you that this is just for the sake of discussion and no more a debate.You have rightly mentioned that people predicted a situation similar to world war 1 before it actually kicked off.But no one had been able to tell in 1894 that the world war will start after exactly 20 years(it started in 1914).This was what Vivekananda had done.The same goes for his other predictions on Indian independence and China's dominance of the world economy in the 21st century.So I assume that this is not possible without spiritual power(something like Nostradamus had).Sri Ramkrishna had not left any new mantra or deity.You are right on this.But he had demonstrated his deity-like powers on numerous occassions.I am not elaborating on this anymore as this will take a whole book to do so :-P .Infact a book has been compiled on this by the name of Ramakrishna Kathamrita(The nectars of Sri Ramkrishna) and is published by Ramakrishna Mission.It is a chronicle of the daily activities of Sri Ramkrishna for a span of 10-15 years ,written in the form of a diary by one of his ardent devotees.The uniqueness of this book is that it is a first-hand account of the activities and sayings of Ramkrishna.Anyway my point is that if a person can predict the future with pinpoint accuracy,then I think it is equally possible for him to see the past as well.So I believe Vivekananda's words when he said with firm conviction that Egyptian pyramids had been built on ancient Hindu civilization knowledge.So I agree with what Mr vadakayil says on this.But this is my viewpoint and I accept and acknowledge that you can have a totally different opinion on this.The point is that I do not take all of what he says without verifying it from multiple sources.Similarly I believe his opinion that jewish culture might have actually originated from ancient India.Historical and linguisti research had been done by the Oriental Institute of Baroda on this and they had published a paper in 1968,where they have shown striking similarities of language and religious practices between Hinduism and Judaism.My firm belief is that ancient Indian civilization was much more advanced than what we are being told at present.The vedas need to be analysed by scientists with knowledge of Sanskrit and not just by Sanskrit scholars.But the problem is that many of the original sanskrit texts have been modified,wrongly translated or just taken away by the Western Sanskrit scholars,when India was being ruled by British.Again I repeat that I am not blindly following Mr. Vadakayil even on this point.Way back in the 18th century Bankim Chandra Chatterjee had written about this in some of his articles.But obviously he could not create a stir on this issue as India,at that time,had a very small population of learned intellectuals.Now ysv I am digressing a bit from this topic.I read some of your other blogs and I must admit that you are a good author.I am pleasantly surprised to read your analysis on the Bengal -Kerala cultural similarity.Your review on the movie The Wolf of Wall Street was also very good :-)

    1. Sorry Jam, I do not agree with you this time. May be a personal view but I did not like the review of The Wolf of Wall Street given by him.

  24. I do not have any problem with your way of answering some other visitors in this post.You have only retaliated to the abuse they hurled at you.When I said "Atleast it is not abusive like some of the fellow visitors...",I didnot mean your comments,rather I meant the abusive posts of other readers.I thought that some of them would also throw sick comments at me,had they read my post.This is because I did not blindly endorse everything that Mr Vadakayil says.Mr. Eshan Bhardwaj seems to be a follower of Mr Vadakayil but he has clearly understood the essence of my criticism on Mr Vadakayil.I do not follow Mr Vadakayil blindly,neither do I ignore him outright.Here my stance is similar to yours,I think,as you have said that Mr vadakayil is not always right,similarly he is not always wrong.But one thing you have written is very true,i.e, Mr. Vadakayil does contradict his own stance on some issues.The contradictions,in a few cases,are very funny :-).I cannot understand why this happens,but I guess that he writes many different articles on a multitude of subjects,so it is a just an error that can occur to anyone.As I have said in my previous comment,if you remove the unnecessary parts in his posts,then his blog is very informative.While reading the comments section in his blogposts,I have seen that many people thank him wholeheartedly after they get benefitted by his good suggestions and advice,like on curing diseases with yogic techniques etc.Solving other's problems through simple tips requires knowledge and experience and I respect Mr Vadakayil for this :-) .I had missed out one crucial topic in my previous comment.Mr vadakayil acknowledges whatever Netaji had done for India's freedom and I appreciate his Rabaul findings also.But in the Rabaul post,he has also written his assumptions about Netaji's freedom struggle,marriage and disappearance.But the points on which he had based his arguments and inferences which he has drawn are misleading or totally based on rumours.I have read a large volume of literature on Netaji from multiple authors and even Azad Hind Fauz soldiers' firsthand accounts.So I could find out the flaws.But many other readers will get a biased opinion of Netaji by reading the post.I found similar flaws in his RN Tagore post.Otherwise I do not mind what opinion someone holds on some topic.Everyone has a right to free thinking and I respect that.

    1. I wish to reiterate that I do find some of the captains post interesting but the problem is he keeps going off a bizarre tangent that contradicts logic, facts and even common sense. ANd honestly his hate filled bigotry against pretty much anyone who is NOT a mallu Hindu doesnt exactly endear me to him.

      As for the distorting the Hindu texts I just have a few questions

      1) How is it proven that the texts were distorted.
      2) If 1) is true what are the original texts and how do you deduce their are original
      3)Why would the Rothschilds/Zionists/space aliens/whoever do such a thing. What benefit would they accrue say by inserting animal sacrifices and beef eating among ancient Hindus as the captain believes.
      4) Much tradition even after relatively mainstream use of writing since the Gupta era was passed down orally. The burning of Nalanda and Takshashila was a disaster but not much as we think as we had Brahmins with the requisit knowledge who were protected in Nepal and the South during Muslim and Hunnish invasions.
      So when Vadakayil makes wild statements that the original Valmiki Ramayan was burnt in the 1800s and that the one we are familiar with is a fake. How is this known which is fake and which is accurate? Furthermore what difference does the burning of a book make when folklore and oral tradition record such epics perfectly?

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Yes Mr Eshan I agree with you.The strange similarity of Sanskrit with some other languages of the world which apparently have no connection does point to something.As for the point on Vivekananda, YSV has right to hold his own viewpoint.He didnot denigrate or demean Swami Vivekananda.WHile you and I accept the words of Swami Vivekananda,he does not have to do so,this is democracy :-) and I will not blame him for that.I personally believe whatever Swami Vivekananda said because it was none other than Sri Ramkrishna himself who secretly told about the divinity of Swami Vivekananda to some of his other devotees.We should not fight over topics which are in the domain of individual perception.Infact Capt Vadakayil actually claims that Vivekananda did not understand Advaita philosophy and such other things.He(the Capt) also claims many other things like Vivekananda had not exposed Rothschilds etc.,which I find totally impractical and disconnected from the reality .Now let me be a little frank.One thing I could not support in Capt Vadakayil is that while he finds imaginary faults in Swami Vivekananda,he supports Nithyananda and Asaram Bapu.I have seen this in some comments written by Mr Vadakayil.Capt Vadakayil also has the right to his own opinion about anyone just like Ysv,you or I have.Ysv I was having a strange problem.My comment as Jeck was just disappearing immediately after getting published in the first time.So I switched to my JAM profile.Why was this happening?

    1. I dont know what the captain said about Vivekananda.And I am not very interested. Im sure he would have an issue with Vivekanandas exhortation to Hindu youth to eat meat and play football and gymnastics than read Vedas.

      My personal view is that Vivekanandas understanding of Hinduism was incomplete and flawed and you can attribute that to Ramakrishna Paramahansa. How the heck do you make Kali worship into bhakti mishmash? Ramakrishna was religiously confused. As was Vivekananda. He said very curious things like India needs a Vedanta mind and Islam body. In other words, a mindless RSS type Hinduism where the false diety of Bharatmata would take precedence over others. This is the coarsest form of Hinduism I can think of. It is truly an Asura

      He thought Puranas were mishmash of mindless theology and superstitions. Sorry to say if you dont understand and appreciate the Puranas , you dont understand Hinduism and Vivekananda despite his impressive PR damage control for Hinduism ,could not understand Hinduism.

      I never said that the captain doesnt have a right to his opinion. That is a complete non sequitor. It has nothing to with my points. I am not calling for shutting down for the captains blog. But please note that the captain is not exactly a fan of free speech himself. I have lost count of the amount of times he said "we will not allow" for sexuality in commercials, magazines, movies or when scholars or authors come with books or theories which put Hinduism in poor light. Even if someone claims that ancient Hindus ate beef and werent as prudish they are today, he wishes such work to be banned.

      So I have NO SYMPATHY for him when he was arrested for defamation of Aamir Khan. If indeed if what the captain is saying is true, why not stick by his guns and fight the case so that his cause can recieve great publicity. THis only proves either the captain is a coward and armchair warrior or a liar. Take your pick

      As for the Jeck/Jam issue: I have noticed Jeck is a google plus profile while Jam is a blogger profile. I guess if you are using two different profiles from the same IP address, the google filter suspects you are spam and takes whatever action it sees fit.
      Either way, give me a few keywords from your deleted comment if you remember. Perhaps I have it in email which I recieve everytime I get a new comment.

  27. Rig Veda says, no one other than the OM can know everything. Capt and us are nothing. And there may be a chance that the books that you read about Netaji had flaws because if you publish a book you do not have to be always right. You must have read it on his blog that he met several ppl and asked them about the tunnel because that was not made that old.

    Also, I believe he just writes to make us feel proud of our motherland and dharma and vedas(which we do not care read). He is not at all giving a test or earning money by this. So we should stop pointing out the errors and just grasp what we require from him using a filter.

    He just explains what wrong happened in the past and our wealth was not our gold but the our knowledge which also was stolen.

    Thousands of the things like speed of light written in Vedas and exact distance between earth to sun written by Tulsidas 500 years ago explains it. It is not easy understanding what consious can do, that is why we are taught to pray and believe in god so that we walk on right path and maintain a possitive consious which is proved to lead everything right.

    1. What a load of garbage. Once again this idiot argument that we should take the good with the bad. You fucking moron, with the amount of drivel he spews , how does anyone which is accurate and what is not.

      Suppose I start a blog post, saying Eshan last name is named for a Vedic sage Bharadwaj(true) then I follow it up by saying that his wife provides sexual services in a brothel(not true). Will you then tell me my post is acceptable and that people should take what is true and leave out the rest?

      Excuse drivel , misinformation and ignorance in the name of patriotism and religious pride is evil yes EVIL as per Hinduism. Being ignorant is evil and spreading it even more evil, This is per our Shastras. And most certainly Captain will spend a significant amount of time in naraka.

      I am not a bhakti idiot like you, so I can do a lot better than just "pray and believe in god" . Our Vedic heritage is unique in challenging devas themselves by acquiring knowledge and divine weapons. Not blindly following some idiot guru be he retired captain with dementia or some FRAUD swami wearing colored robes be he Shirdi/Satya Sai Baba, Ravi Shankar, Baba Ramdev, Mata Amritawhatever or whatever have you.

      All frauds and scam artists and all headed for patala loka

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. You have got shit in your head which is making hard for you to understand simple things. I wrote "IT IS NOT EASY TO UNDERSTAND CONSIOUS", example is yourself, ppl like you are told to pray god not those who understand it.

      Rao was a seer(Lie) and his wife give blows to westerns(not sure if it is a lie) does not matter to me.

      Nofuckingone is lying here nor the capt. In 5 percent of the cases he assumes that things like that may have happened because there is nothing to prove the same, nor there is anyting to prove if his predictions are wrong. 95% of the things that he has wrote in his more than 800 blogs are correct are written records, it is just that those things don't reach many of the ppl.

      I am a Bhardwaj gotra, we are taught all this by our grandparents verbally as they were taught by theirs. Things he writes matches in spite we live a thousand mile far, the histrory we are told because of the reason which you are not able to understand and it is that IT IS THE TRUTH.

      It is not your mistake, your soul is turned off at the moment and I will guess that you will need not less than hundreds of incarnations to activate your pineal activities.

      You certainly are a mad dog, See capt was right again.

      So keeping that in mind, you don't deserve a conversation or else you bite anyone infront of you like you showed here.

    4. Id rather have shit in my head than to read the shit written by Vadakayil and become a zombie follower like yourself

      Please stop pulling numbers out of your ass like 5% and 95%.

      My wife doesnt give blows(do you mean she offers cocaine?) to Westerns(Im sure you mean Westerners) because I am not married.

      BTW does your son resemble your dhobi?

      I may be a mad dog but you are a son of a bitch.

      I dont bite people, that is reserved for your mom whose fetish is biting strangers cocks during oral sex.

    5. @eshan bhardaj, Absolutely true.
      I am able to connect lot of things I studies in my childhood which sounded like illogical at that time.
      after reading captains blogs, suddenly everything looks crystal clear and well connected.
      I don't blame Mr.Rao for his ignorance, for he hasn't learned anything well or wasn't encountered anything so.

    6. haha so I am ignorant for not believe that captains drivel. hahahaha whatever dude, if that makes you sleep at night. Thanks for the laugh

  28. YSV I am starting my reply from the Kali worship point you raised.What you have said is not off the mark.Probably people in the rest of India outside Bengal will not relate to this,as Kali is considered a Goddess associated with the tantric philosophy.Sri Ramakrishna could have been anything but not a confused man.He was a liberated soul.he showed that liberation is possible even without being an ascetic and living in the dirt and pollution of Kolkata,if you have that intense zeal.In Bengal Kali is traditionally worshipped not as a Goddess of tantricism but as a loving mother who cares for her devotees as her own sons.We even worship a form of Kali known as Shyama Kali,mainly as the home deity in many aristocratic Hindu families.The uniqueness of this form is that it is not dark like general colour of the Goddess Kali idols.What I am trying to say is that Kali is not taken as a representation of Tantric worship.Tantric worship of Kali in the form of Goddess Tara is done in Tara Pith

    It is one of the Shakti Piths and famous for BamaKhapa(The mad saint Bama).Ramkrishna had achieved liberation through Tantra Sadhana but at the same time he had developed pure devotion for Kali,just as a small child loves his mother.This is not confusion,but a highest form of assimilation of intense Bhakti with Sadhana.Same thing can be said about Bama Khapa also,who worshipped Goddess Tara.Worship of Kali in the Bhakti Marg in Bengal actually started way back in the times of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu,who had popularised Bhakti Marg through Krishna worship so much that some of the contemporary Tantric worshippers of Bengal prayed to Goddess Chamunda/Kali to show a divine form which can be easily accepted by people.Normal people actually worshipped Chamunda or Kali at that time more out of fear than Bhakti,as the idols were made to look fearful.This incident gave birth to the more gentle motherly form of Kali(she showed her gentle form to the sadhaks in their meditation),which,since then,has been easily accepted by the people of Bengal just like Krishna.Otherwise probably the Intense Bhakti movement would have wiped out the worship of Kali/Durga from Bengal.The story itself is surreal but the historical point made here is true.I suggest that you read the book " The Gospel OF sri Ramakrishna" in future if you have the interest and time.You will understand Ramkrishna in his true form.

    Now coming to the Vivekananda point,you said that he didnot take Puranas seriously.I am quoting his exact stance on the puranas,which he told in a speech on Vedas outside India :

    "I have no faith in the theories advanced by Western savants with regard to the Vedas. They are today fixing the antiquity of the Vedas at a certain period, and again tomorrow upsetting it and bringing it one thousand years forward, and so on. However, about the Puranas, I have told you that they are authoritative only in so far as they agree with the Vedas, otherwise not. In the Puranas we find many things which do not agree with the Vedas.
    As for instance, it is written in the Puranas that some one lived ten thousand years, another twenty thousand years, but in the Vedas we find: — "Man lives indeed a hundred years." Which are we to accept in this case? Certainly the Vedas. Notwithstanding statements like these, I do not depreciate the Puranas. They contain many beautiful and illuminating teachings and words of wisdom on Yoga, Bhakti, Jnâna, and Karma; those, of course, we should accept."

    See this was Vivekananda's exact stance on Puranas.He has summed it up so nicely in a few words that I guess I will not need to write on this further.

    1. Im sorry to say this Kali as mother bhakti business is a thoroughly incorrect tradition. That is totally contrary to how Kali was envisioned. And nowadays they are even offering vegetarian food to Durga on Navaratri. This is a total perversion, even Markandeya in whose Purana Devi was revelated ,despite being a vegetarian Rishi preserved the tradition of offering wine and meat to Durga.
      Durga was essentially a more "socially acceptable" version of Kali to proper Hindu society. Kali was who was created to avenge the immolation of Sati at Daksha's sacrifice was not quite accepted in Vedic society because the concept was so strange and terrifying.

      Even today , one looks upon a Kali worshipper as an unstable tantric LOL
      Kali worship is not for the feeble minded or lovey dovey devotional types. It takes very considerable resilience and strength to attain to her.

      There is no tantric vs no tantric worship of Kali. Kali originates from tantra and any other form of her is watered mish mash for the Westerneized Bengalis who wish to remould her a Mother Mary

      I would prefer the Bhakti movement be wiped off as the damage it has done to Hinduism would be immense.

      ALso you are wrong that Bengalis did not worship tantric aspect of Kali. Much of modern Nepal, Tibetan practice of Devi worship and Kala chakra respectively worship actually owe their origin to the Pala dynasty in Bengal which ruled until Afghanistan.
      And before that the worship of Shiva and Shakti was further elaborated by Agastya who was also from the northeast.

      It is clear that Swami Vivekananda didnt understand the Puranas as he believed there was a dichotomy. Puranas have both political hisotry and history of dieties. These are two seperate things which people get confused.
      As much as I hate to agree with the captain, he has a point about thoroughly stupid books like Amish Tripathi's which portray Shiva as a Tibetan tribal or some such silliness.
      Brahma, Vishnu,Shiva,Kali, Durga ,Agni,Vayu,Varuna,Yama, etc are not people but dieties so they are philosphical history on how they evolved but obviously no political history.
      Meanwhile Rama,Krishna,Sagara, Trishanku, Hanuman, Nahusha were real people who were siddhis and otherwise spiritually accomplished who had such powerful abilities that they were considered gods on earth.
      For eg Krishna looked like a teenager until the day he died(at 120). Hanuman was physcially pure that the corruption of aging couldnt set in him and hence is Chiranjeevi(immortal). Yes I believe he lives on even today.

      Puranas have fantastic imagery(our conception of gods with multiple heads and hands owes its origin to Puranas) which are really metaphors for philosophical principles associated with each diety.

      For example we have stories like Agastya giving birth to a star. Of course this sounds bizarre until you realize that it simply means that he discovered a star, its properties,orbit,place in a constellation , effects on the human body and so on.
      It certainly doesnt mean billions of tons of radioactive Hydrogen sprouted from Agastyas nether regions LOL

      So there you have it, I have no reason to be nice to flawed traditions no matter how popular they are. If Ramakrishna Parahamsa tells me Kali is about love, then I will point to the Markandeya Purana, sage Bhairava, Shiva Purana and tantric tradition and say flat out he is wrong.

      And Swami Vivekananda was also wrong about the Puranas but atleast he was honest enough to claim he didnt understand them entirely

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. You are right when you say that Kali was not originally Mother Bhakti.I was trying to point out how Kali worship was assimilated in Bengal as a loving Mother.It was not done by Sri Ramakrishna alone,but the process actually started many years before him during the times of Cahitanya Mahaprabhu.From a textbook angle it might not be correct,but I think it was a beautiful social assimilation of Tantric and Bhakti movement.This assimilation was lifted to perfection By Sri Ramakrishna.But before him Ramprasad the bengali ShyamaSangeet(devotional bengali songs of Kali addressing her as mother) singer had laid the social foundation of this type of worship.If you visit the Kali temples where full-fledged Tantric worship of Kali is done with animal sacrifice,you will be amazed at the devotion of the people who come there for worship and prayer.We bengalis never worship even Tantric form Kali in some temples and GOddess Tara(the famous Tarapith) with fear.All the traditional practices of Kali worship including animal sacrifice are still followed in most temples of Bengal.But still Kali is given as much love as the more socially acceptable form Durga by bengalis.You can attribute this to some Kali worshippers,prominent among them being Ramprasad,Ramakrishna and Bama-Khepa.But as I have already said,this transformation process in Bengal has its roots way back during the times of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.You will be amazed to know that Ramakrishna even discontinued animal sacrifice in his Dakshineshwar temple,and replaced it with token fruit sacrifice.

      "Even today , one looks upon a Kali worshipper as an unstable tantric LOL Kali worship is not for the feeble minded or lovey dovey devotional types. It takes very considerable resilience and strength to attain to her."

      Is it a bad thing if normal people embrace devotion in Kali worship and it becomes socially acceptable?The tantrics who worship Kali without devotional aspect do it anyway while maintaining distance from open society.So anyone with that frame of mind can do that.Tarapith of Bama-khepa is a place where this original form of tantra is still practised.What I am trying to say is that both forms of worship are distinctly found in Bengal,and in many cases,both forms have got assimilated,i.e,the original fearful Tantric worship is done but devotees see the idol not as a Goddess of fear but as a mother.Most of these commoners do not have any idea about Mother Mary at all so atleast they are not trying to remould her into mother Mary.But westernized Bengalis might have tried to do so,I have no idea on this topic.You will understand this if you see the Garveyard-Kali and Dacoit-Kali temples in Bengal during Kali puja time. I never meant to claim that Tantric Kali is not worshipped in Bengal :) ?It was probably a lack of elaboration in my previous comment which made you think so,and I cannot blame you at all.Only an ignorant Bengali will say so :).Ofcourse I admit my previous answer had a line or two wrongly writeen and lacked more detailing ;).But I hope you got my point.Sri Ramakrishna achieved Moksha through intense Tantric Sadhana,but he also had developed an esoteric child-like devotion for Goddess Kali in this process.This is exactly the reason why he praised the pure Bhakti of Radha for Krishna on multiple occassions.Ofcourse both he and Swami Vivekananda criticised the Vaishnavas for degrading it to gross sexual relationship.I am coming to the Vivekananda-Purana issue in my next answer because of the 4096 word limit :)

    4. I am quoting another response of Vivekananda on puranas :

      "Some historical truth is the nucleus of every Purana. The object of the Puranas is to teach mankind the sublime truth in various forms; and even if they do not contain any historical truth, they form a great authority for us in respect of the highest truth which they inculcate. Take the Râmâyana, for illustration, and for viewing it as an authority on building character, it is not even necessary that one like Rama should have ever lived. The sublimity of the law propounded by Ramayana or Bharata does not depend upon the truth of any personality like Rama or Krishna, and one can even hold that such personages never lived, and at the same time take those writings as high authorities in respect of the grand ideas which they place before mankind. Our philosophy does not depend upon any personality for its truth. Thus Krishna did not teach anything new or original to the world, nor does Ramayana profess anything which is not contained in the Scriptures. It is to be noted that Christianity cannot stand without Christ, Mohammedanism without Mohammed, and Buddhism without Buddha, but Hinduism stands independent of any man, and for the purpose of estimating the philosophical truth contained in any Purana, we need not consider the question whether the personages treated of therein were really material men or were fictitious characters. The object of the Puranas was the education of mankind, and the sages who constructed them contrived to find some historical personages and to superimpose upon them all the best or worst qualities just as they wanted to, and laid down the rules of morals for the conduct of mankind. Is it necessary that a demon with ten heads (Dashamukha) should have actually lived as stated in the Ramayana? It is the representation of some truth which deserves to be studied, apart from the question whether Dashamukha was a real or fictitious character. You can now depict Krishna in a still more attractive manner, and the description depends upon the sublimity of your ideal, but there stands the grand philosophy contained in the Puranas."

      See if you read this elaborate view of Vivekananda on Puranas,you will atleast admit he was not antagonistic to Puranas.How can a fighter of Vedanta be against Puranas?I should have quoted this passage instead of the one I quoted in my original reply.Actually in the previous reply Vivekananda replied to a different question,i.e, comparison of the original Veda with Purana.So his view seemed to be Anti-Purana in that comment although he had acknowledged the value of Purana in the second paragraph of his comment.Your views on purana are not different from that of Vivekananda's,you will understand after you read the whole quoted passage I gave.

    5. "It certainly doesnt mean billions of tons of radioactive Hydrogen sprouted from Agastyas nether regions LOL"

      You style of writing is great YSV :).I like the positive humour which is embedded by writers even in academic discussions.They are a very refreshing change.You are dead-on correct in your Agastya analysis.Ramakrishna says the Kali worship is about love,as he has felt it, seen it and experienced it after intense sadhana.This is something similar to what Jesus said about seeing the Kingdom of Heaven with his eyes.I personally believe Maa Kali or for that matter supreme consciousness,which we are able to experience only after our Kundalini reaches Sahashrar,is far above a few Puranas and sages.We can never bind infinity within finite boundaries.Ramakrishna often said to his devotees that whatever path you may choose for your spiritual upliftment(it can be from other religions also),adding pure devotion to the process will make it a lot easier to achieve your goal in Sadhana.We can completely disagree and argue with Ramakrishna,but one thing where we will falter is that he has achieved Moksha without the study of Puranas and Vedas(he was officially illiterate).On the other hand,his most beloved disciple Vivekananda was a staunch supporter and preacher of Vedanta.So I believe the Ramakrishna-Vivekananda pair actually signifies that all paths are equally good.You can accept any path you like.So you ar completely justified in your argument.Similarly Ramakrishna is completely established in his experience which he had acquired in his lifetime with his Sadhana.And when you argue with Ramakrishna you actually echoe Swami Vivekananda,who lovingly did this with his spiritual master.Such discourses between the Guru and disciple of opposite natures, which are more precious than gems,have been recorded in "The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna",which was written in the form of a daily chronicle by one of the devotees of Ramakrishna.You can read it in future if you ever feel like doing so.It is published in English version and available at all branches of Ramakrishna Mission.You will get a very clear vision of the philosophy of Ramakrishna.The uniqueness of this book is that it has recorded the daily sayings of Ramakrishna and his interaction with disciples.You will get a clear picture of the evolution of Narendranath Dutta from a fearless teenager engrossed in Indian bodybuilding (we call it Kushti in bengali :) ) and helping his dear friends to a patriotic international monk.The book is a rare specimen of its kind,because it is the live daily diary recording of the earthly interaction of a spiritual giant who lived in a dirty populated city like Kolkata and not the peaceful Himalayas.This is the same reason why I consider Chaitanya Bhagwat to be a treasure in literature,because it has recorded Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's sayings.But the authenticity and originality of the present day version of Chaitanya Bhagwat is doubtful.However the same is not the case in the Ramakrishna book,so you can easily take it up for reading.

    6. Original tradition is original tradition and by its nature authentic. If there is a revised tradition, it must be atleast consistent with the principles of diety. Kali as mother is not.

      THe people of Bengal were plenty comfortable with fierce Kali worship until the Bhakti movement took over.

      Tantrism WAS mainstream Hinduism until the collapse of the Gupta empire and then all sorts of feel good riff raff infiltrated our culture

    7. Yes you are right Tantra was mainstream Hinduism.In bengal it was household religion before Bhakti movement.But what I was trying to establish is that if devotion can be punched with Tantra (the way Ramkrishna and bama-khepa did) then it probably becomes even more potent.Now I believe that at the highest levels of spiritual evolution,The tantra Ramakrishna or Bamdev practised was not feel good.Both of them attained siddhi in Birachaari Tantra,but still they had cultivated devotion even by taking this path of intensely tough and frightening Birachaar.My point is that ultimately both of them had attained liberation even while residing in Samsara and not in the peaceful serenity of hills or jungles.Very few people know that Chaitanya Mahaprabhu had achieved highest form of evolution,i.e, man of gold(sonar manush in bengali) through tantra sadhana.He used to practise the highest form of sadhana(which very very few yogis reach to and probably no one after chaitanya mahaprabhu has reached) in which he took taste of Krishna in the mood of Radha and vice-versa.It was a form of Tantrism.So bhakti and tantrism are not antagonistic.Rather they are assimilated at the highest level. think what you call feel good might have weakened Hindus but from historical point of view,I believe Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's Bhakti path saved hinduism from becoming a minority religion in mainland India due to forced or wilful conversions .If you analyse history,you will find that this evolution in hinduism was necessitated by the contemporary socio-political scenario,even while it is accepted that it has weakened Hinduism. Vivekananda once pointed out that bhakti in its pure form will never make you weak,rather what weakens you is the degradation of morality in the mental domain and abolition of meat-eating at physical level in the name of Bhakti.

    8. I am not against bhakti as an aid to sadhana. But those who quote the Bhagvad Gita as a justication for bhakti do not impress me. As they miss the point of Bhagvad Gita, for me Gita is mostly a political text for preparing you to do battle in the political military plane. Nothing wrong with that of course and has proved invaluable to men of action from Chandragupta Maurya to Shubash Chandra Bose over the years.
      There is a great deal of Karma yoga in the Gita but not a lot of jnana yoga which is the specialty of tantra

      I am skeptical of any siddhis and accomplished yogis of the bhakti mould. If you provide more reference for Chaitanya's experiences , that would be appreciated.

    9. The Baul Sampradaya of Bengal is claimed to follow the Sahajiya Tantra path.It is kept under a veil of secrecy.You will be given the techniques only if you get initiated by a guru.However Bauls themselves do not hide from the people.They roam through the villages in Bengal and sing spiritual songs with simple lyrics in bengali.The sahajiya philosophy believes in this type of lifestyle,which is parttial renunciation from Samsara,as you roam from one place to another all the time and singing songs ,without sticking to any particular place as your home.In the Sahajiya tradition it is compulsory for the followers to have a partner of the opposite sex for the secret rituals.Nowadays,like most other lines of sadhana,even this sahajiya path has also morally degraded.Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was Sonar Manush(man of gold) by birth,he didnot need to go through all the stages of Sahajiya tradition.This "Sonar Manush" literally might seem to refer to the bright complexion of Chaitanya,but it is far more significant.Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was the only Man of Gold in Kali Yuga.He is claimed to be a hidden avatar of Krishna and not just a saintly person,that is the reason for his golden complexion(opposite to that of Krishna's dark colour).So he didnot need to undertake the penances of Sadhana.So its better if I do not refer to him ,because he was just not a yogi or saint.If you are interested you can search more on Sahajiya Tantra in the internet.But it will probably a little irritating for you as most of the terminologies are in bengali :) .It is too large a topic to be discussed in a few comments.You cannot be blamed when you show scepticism of yoga-siddhis in Bhakti realm.But Bhakti is itself another form of Yoga.You can read Vivekananda's "bhakti yoga" book for a vedic and technical interpretation of the subject.Japa yoga is the most important in Bhakti yoga.A perfection of japa yoga can bestow upon you all the yogic siddhis at your will,but thats not the target of a bhakti yogi.His sole target is to serve his Beloved deity,and so siddhis are not considered an achievement in Bhakti yoga.Infact bhakti yoga practitioners will consider them to be distractions in their spiritual progress,because the power of siddhis can bring ego.If you get interested in siddhis that will automatically come to you during your progress in bhakti,you are probably losing the path.If you see the way some ancient Maharishis cursed people randomly at the slightest displeasure,you will understand this.You can read about Chaitanya Mahaprabhu on the net.There are tons of literature,even the whole of CHaitanya Bhagwat is available for free :) .But I am again repeating,do not confuse Mahaprabhu to be a bhakti yogi who strived for liberation.Bhakti yoga is considered superior to all forms of yoga,because only this form advocates that you should have absolutely nil desire in this path,i.e,even the desire of yoga or final union with God(forget siddhis :) ) should be abolished,which is inherently present in the other forms of yogas.

    10. This is the reason why you will find no single Bhakti Yogi ,from the past ,are actually popular for their siddhi powers.The best example of Bhakti yoga from mythology is Lord Hanuman and Radha(Capt will hurl slangs at me if he ever reads this comment :) ) .Among the historical ones,you can group Kabir Das,Mirabai,Tulsi Das etc.Kabir's devotion on Ram naam was so strong that he resurrected a decaying dead body back into life(the body was flowing away along Ganga river) by just uttering the word RAM in front of the body.Now thats a mighty big thing to do in the Kali Yuga.I will not tell you to take this story to be true,but what I am trying to point out is that real Bhakti Yogis never need Siddhis to come to them.It is siddhis which will follow you if your are a perfect bhakti yogi.IF you have absolute pure and completely wishless devotion to serve your beloved deity,even if your own deity rejects you(remember the Radha-Krishna pair),then you need nothing else to gain moksha.You have already gained that.No Kundalini yoga or anything is necessary at that point.This is the beauty of Bhakti Yoga.Now coming back to the Baul and Sahajiya Tantra point,I am furnishing you with some links :



      Read this link also.This link is notdirectly linked to the topic we are discussing but still it is useful:

      In the above link Sri Ramakrishna explains from his meditative experience that Lord Gauranga is the embodiment of Purusha and Prakriti Principles in the same body(this is very very rare).This is why Gaudiya Vaishnavas tell that he is Radha-Krishna combined,and Capt thinks it is all fake :) .Capt should study more before reaching conclusions,and this is why I have stopped taking him seriously of late.

    11. Vaishnava tantra sects like Baul associate themselves to Gauranga,but he himself was not a general or even special Tantra sadhak or yogi as I have already pointed out.He didnot strive to attain perfection like other yogis and saints you will find in Kali yuga.he was born with complete perfection,i.e,Man of gold form.He had all the signs(most probably 24 or 32 in number,I forgot ) in his physical body which indicate complete bhakti and detachment.This is why he is worshipped as God in temples and not treated as a Paramhamsa,siddhya yogi,enlightened sage etc.By the way you need not take all of this info seriously or believe in it,because it is not possible to furnish proofs now for all this.and I agree humans do have an inherent nature to inflate things :) ,although I personally believe this to be true.I am just trying to explain the essence of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

    12. If siddhis are not considered an achievement in bhakti yoga then bhakti yoga is not a valid path to liberation.
      The japa of bhakti yoga is dependent on mantras which is dependent on SIDDHIS like Rama, Krishna,Sagara,Bhagiratha, Kritavirya Arjuna, Dattareya, Bhairava, Vikramaditya to name a few

      Please note I deliberately omitted names like Shankaracharya, Madhava, Ramanuja,Meera, Chaitanya et al who came of age in the bhakti era.
      They are at best scholars and theologians

      If you state Chaitanya was a sonar purush, it could well be his complexion was glowing due to intense penance.

      However it doesn't prove he received any boons. Furthermore I cannot believe anyone claiming to be incarnations of Rama or Krishna. These are liberated souls and by definition will not be reincarnated.

      It is the siddhis who comes with mantras and tantra that bhakti people use and not vice versa so as far Im concerned they are on the lower rung of the ladder.

      Furthermore if you have NIL desire you will have NIL achievements be it in the material or spiritual world. That is why both Mahabharat and the Vedas state that Kama(passion) was the foremost of dieties.

    13. I believe liberation is possible without siddhis also.You have rightly said that Japa as a process leads to Siddhis.But what I meant was that a Bhakti Yogi will not care for Siddhis.You have taken the NIL desire too literally and I cannot blame you for that,because desire actually is essential.But the sole desire of a Bhakti yogi is the indulgement in service of his lord,which in itself requires abolition of all other desires.Siddhis mean absolutely nothing to a Bhakta.He knows they will come and go .The moment you can make the service of your deity as your single desire in life,you have already attained liberation(its not an easy thing to do).Your soul will reach the Ocean of Light in Ajna Chakra after you leave Samsara.The only thing that can bring you back to material world is your own wish to help humanity and nothing else,but even this desire of dual existence with God and not merging with infinite in Sahashrar is considered a bondage by the other paths like Gnana Yoga,Raja yoga etc.Here lies the essential difference between Bhakti path and other yogic paths.A soul that has merged with the infinite has become infinite,and I believe Krishna,Rama were not just liberated souls.They were finite expressions of infinite ParaBrahman.So I believe it is perfectly possible for them to get incarnations.You can point out that they did penance under their Gurus,but I believe that was just to abide by the laws of nature.Infact in Vaishnava tantra it is said that every future incarnation of Parabrahman or infinite contains the magnificience of every past incarnation.Because when you deal with infinite,you cannot break it into subsets like Ram,Krishna etc.That is why Gauranga is worshipped as a 6 handed idol,the upper two hands signify Rama,middle two signifies Krishna and lowermost two of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.There is an essential difference between Gauranga and sages like Ramakrishna,Maharshi Ramana etc.While the latter had to strive hard to reach perfection(I mean spiritual perfection),Gauranga didnot need to do so.I believe whatever little practice he did was only to follow the laws of nature. What Gauranga embodied is known as "Sonar Purush/Sonar manushMan of Gold" in Sahajiya tantra.As I told you the terminology in itself is highly deceptive :) It does not mean mere physical features.Sahajiya tantriks,through their secret practice,actually aim to get united with Sonar Manush.I didnot actually stress on the fact that Guaranga is an incarnation of Krishna,what I stressed is that he was a combination of Purusha and Prakriti elements in one,as was seen by Ramakrishna in his trance(i gave the link).This is why his devotees consider him to be Radha-krishna merged in one.You can call him to be Shiva-Durga also,that is not the issue.because you are not dealing with finite.If the soul of Maharshi Ramana has merged with infinite in Sahashrar (who will confirm :) ) ,then Rama Krishna Shiva and Maharshi Ramana are just the same.Whether you accept Chaitanya Mahaprabhu as God or not is not an issue at all,because if he is really one(expression of infinite),then you will be worshipping him when you pray to any other form of God.

    14. This comment has been removed by the author.

    15. In hinduism God is often referred to as Sacchidananda.Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is an embodiment of the Ananda aspect of God,which actually refers to the Ocean Of Light in Ajna Chakra.however it does not mean he didnot have the Sat or Chit aspects,rather it was the Ananda aspect that had more prominence in his personality.Similarly in Lord Buddha,it was the Sat/Chit aspect that had prominence,but you can still worship Buddha with bhakti marg for the ananda or duality aspect,because afterall these are not separate compartments. After reading more about him I have framed the opinion that Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was not an yogi who had reached the Ajna Chakra in previous birth and had come down to help humanity(see my previous comment).Rather he embodied the Ananda aspect of Godhead in the dualism that exists in Ocean of Light(Tantriks call it Jyoti Samudra in bengali ).Swami Vivekananda,by virtue of hard penance in his previous births,had no barrier in his Kundalini path in the spine.You have probably heard that he was originally a Atheist,but a touch on his head by ramakrishna made him a believer of God in an instant.What Ramakrishna did was to raise his consciousness directly to level of Ajna Chakra of blissful duality with God.This was possible incase of Vivekananda because the spinal track was clear for Kundalini to arise.This will not be possible(and certainly not beneficial to do so) even by enlightenend yogis incase of ordinary people.We will lose our mental sanity if we are directly shown the Ocean of Light,like Vivekananda was shown.Jesus always said he was Son of God,This was probably because he didnot want to merge with the infinite non-duality and become God.He was either a liberated soul at the level of Ajna Chakra,who had come down by his own will to guide humanity or he was an embodiment of the blissful Ocean of Light(i.e the Ananda aspect of God) in Ajna Chakra,just like Gauranga was.But as Father,Son and Holy Spirit are considered as one,so I guess even Jesus was not a mortal soul who had reached to that level of Ananda through penance in past lives.Rather I think he also represented ananda aspect of Godhead itself,though there will be no difference between the two cases.Only the underlying philosophy is important,not the essence of an incarnation,because the soul that has reached Ajna chakra through penance and resides in blissful duality in Ananda aspect,has no difference with the Ananda aspect itself.Similarly the soul that has merged with Para-Brahman or Infinite,represents Para-brahman,it is no longer an individual soul at all,as I have already written in the Maharshi Ramana example.This is my understanding and it can be flawed :) What I am writing is derived from books on Kundalini,so I have limited knowledge,you will probably get much more info on these in the net.But only take these from people who have raised their kundalini,if you search on the net.

    16. YSV finally I have go a good link.It is a book by Aurobindo :

      Read page 115 of this book,you will understand more clearly what I have been trying to say all this time.After reading this page I understood I have very poor literary skills when it comes to expressing myself :)

  29. Vivekananda's "Vedanta brain and Islam body" is very wrongly interpreted.In one website I even saw an explanation that it actually means a Hindu president and Musim PM for India.But I do not wish to criticise the person who holds this viewpoint,because even I had,and probably still have, wrong notions and understanding in many cases.I just mentioned this to show the extent of misconception that prevails arround this statement of Vivekananda.This statement is actually highly philosophical, futuristic and also practical in its will find the original letter of Vivekananda in this link :

    Unity is a thing that has been absent in Hinduism philosophy ever since it started branching out into numerous channels from the original flow of Vedanta and Tantric philosophy.On the contrary,Islamic philosophy,atleast at that time,was united on a single Book "The Holy Koran".Islamic scholars might disagree on subpoints but no one in mainstream Islam denied Koran.I do not exactly know the situation of Islamic philosophy at present,so I am not commenting on the present situation.But I guess this is true in the present times also.Vivekananda wanted to point out this thing.Hindus should cultivate the philosophical unity on Vedanta like Islam has on The Koran .You can disagree and even logically counter Vivekananda's views on this,but I think you will not call it mindless atleast :-). Anyway you can do that also,as I have already said these are matters of individual perception.I just highlighted the original context of this statement of Vivekananda.Now I am coming to the meat-eating issue of Swami Vivekananda.You will understand Vivekananda's point from the link I am furnishing below.He didnot advocate meateating just for the sake of eating or relishing.He had a deeper point in his mind.See the link:

    By the way,the picture of Vivekananda given in this blog is totally morphed,and looks nothing like the original Vivekananda :-P.It looks plain hilarious :-).Mr. Eshan Bhardwaj thanks to you again for taking your time out to read my lengthy comments and putting up relevant arguments.What I wanted to mention is that the Captain has based his perception on the Netaji and RN Tagore topics without even checking the established facts.Now everything under the sun is not framed by Rothschilds(I do believe that the Rothschilds and their international influence is a reality,but its a different point).However you are also right in your point,i.e,it is possible for no person to know everything with accuracy and the same logic applies to the Capt as well.You probably didnot notice but I have actually accepted whatever he has told about Rabaul tunnels.I am not debating on that at all.Because the Capt is right in this point.The Japanese were very cruel by nature.But in his rabaul article he has mentioned some other things about Netaji's personal life and freedom struggle on which I differ.Anyway these are trivial issues.Eshan I also agree that the real intention of Capt is very noble.But I am again repeating my point.Glorifying Asaram Bapu and finding faults(sometimes imaginary, i must mention) in Vivekananda seems very much biased to me.Try to understand my view,I am not saying that Vivekananda cannot do any wrong,but the faults Capt finds in Vivekananda is amusing.I still agree with you that Capt has deep knowledge and experience.But still you should always take his views only after applying your logic.This is not specifically for the Capt but for anyone in general.

    1. Im aware of all the contexts in which Swami Vivekanandas Vedanta mind Islam body statement was interpreted. I simply stated the most popular one.
      Anyway the Hindu PM, Muslim President or vice versa was tried in Lebanon for last 60 years with Christian in place of Hindu of course but we have seen it couldnt prevent civil war. And there is no reason why it would in India either.

      Vivekananda woulve been on firmer ground if he said something to effect of Muslim identity, Hindu tradition for the Muslim masses. To elaborate on this, did you know that the British census takers in the late 1800s were shocked to learn that Eastern Bengal(later Bangladesh) was majority Muslim as they saw them as Hindus celebrating Hindu traditions but they identified as Muslim.
      This led them to instill further Islam into that region and on this basis partitioned Bengal(divide and rule)

      I think you misunderstand me. I have no problem with Vivekananda advocating meat eating and physical activity over merely bookish knowledge.
      It is not bookworms and scholars who attained siddhi and reached the heavens while still alive but highly physical people such as hunters,warriors,kings and such.

      Subhash Chandra Bose's political views were a caricature of secularist views. He went out of his way to placate Muslims to the extant of wearing a sherwani and speaking chaste Urdu most of the time to get Muslims on his side. He was a die hard leftist to the left of Nehru who found the latter to be insufficiently socialist.
      If he had come to power, his economic views would be disastrous for India. Think of Stalins Five Year Plans!
      So while we may admire Netaji for his derring do and patriotism we have to keep in mind that it was a purely Congress style "patriotism" that he had in mind.

    2. See how aptly Vivekananda summed up the problem of communalism in this quote :

      "This Vedantic spirit of religious liberality has very much affected Mohammedanism. Mohammedanism in India is quite a different thing from that in any other country. It is only when Mohammedans come from other countries and preach to their co-religionists in India about living with men who are not of their faith that a Mohammedan mob is aroused and fights."

      I agree to your point on the Vedanta-Islam comment of Vivekananda.But Vivekananda had written much more on Hinduism-Islam dual existence.I think it will be prudent to analyse Vivekananda only after having a clear picture of his overall view on this topic.It will require a whole separate blog :) .I actually meant to point out that some of the famous statements of Vivekananda(you will find them circulating on the social media nowadays :) ) were often directed to a single individual and not meant to be opened up for analysis in the public domain.But still most of these statements are relevant to a majority of people in the world.Vivekananda had written the Vedanta mind comment to one of his Muslim admirers,who was also a scholar.So I do not feel the statement should be analysed,because it was not part of a speech addressed by Vivekananda to a wider audience or a book written by him.But still I accept your argument on it as you have written with good logic :) .No I didnot misunderstand you on meat-eating point.I wrote about it elaborately because you had just mentioned the point in your last comment.What I wrote was not specifically meant for you in this case,but for current and future readers of your blog.I have seen that you didnot criticise Vivekananda on this point :) .

    3. Netaji himself believed in secularism even without rejecting his religion.He secretly took diksha in Tantra Sadhana probably arround 1937 as far as I remember.he used to meditate inside a Kali temple in Rangoon in the late nights after 1 am,because of the problem of British bombing.But when he went to another temple in Rangoon at the invitation of the priest,he categorically instructed the latter to chant only one slogan " JAI HIND" inside the temple infront of the deity(most probably it was another Kali temple).This was because the officers accompanying him to the temple were not only Hindus but from other other religions also.This was the secularism Netaji practised.It was far far different from the Communist and Congress type secularism.At that time he had already foreseen it that the division of freedom struggle on communal lines would not only weaken it,but also spell doom for future India,and it did.His efforts in reaching out to Muslims and other non-Hindu communities reaped great benefit.Hindus and Non-hindus fought shoulder-to-shoulder in the Azad Hind Fauz.Netaji had recommended mlitary rule for India for atleast 60 years after independence.But I believe a military rule under Netaji,who held a magnetic charm on Indian masses(as revealed by the contemporary newspaper accounts),would have been much more fruitful than the democratic rule of post-independence govt.You can read more about the post independence Azad Hind GOvt which Netaji had planned for India.I have read in detail about the political and economic planning views of Netaji in the post-independence India.He advocated a far better political and economic system than the Stalin Planned Economy.He accepted communism only in some points,like secularism,lifting up the downtrodden etc. where it would serve useful purpose.Similarly he had criticised the bigotry and pseudo-dictatorial tendency in communism philosophy in many bengali pieces which he penned.I wish I could share with you these writings in English translation on the net. If you read the first-hand accounts of Azad hind fauz officers and soldiers,the first thing you will notice is that he was a dictator only for administrative purposes.Otherwise it was sheer love and magnetism of his personality which kept the whole INA together.I think this magnetism was not just from his oratory.It came from his yogic practice,celibacy and selfless patriotism.

    4. I was with your POV until you mentioned he insisted on "Jai Hind" as a mantra in a Kali temple. This is where religion and politics fuse and what transpires is quite close to blasphemy.
      Jai Hind has no place in a Kali temple. All politics along with shoes should be left outside.
      It is my understanding that Netaji was a socialist and more to the left than Nehru. What were economic views then, and what did he think of free market and enterprise? Because I know what most socialist think of those things-not very much. And the sad results are there for alll to see.

      I am myself am no blind bhakti of democracy. Indeed I wouldve welcomed dictatorship under the right circumstances.
      The best dictator in the last 50 years was certainly Auguste Pinochet of Chile and Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore. They dragged their countries out of the socio economic gutter with minimal violence and upheaval(by dictator standards).

    5. About Vivekananda ,I will say this much. Im not sure of the chronology of all these quotes but some are contradictory to another. He even made contradcitory remarks re Aryan and Dravidian. On some occasions he accepted stating it wasnt a big deal but on others denied altogether.
      The anti AIT authoer Shrikant Talageri highlights this with frustration whenever some quotes Swami Vivekananda as an authority on AIT.

      Having said that, it took a great deal of intellectual freedom and courage on part of Swami to even consider the fact that AIT was a hoax. Keep in mind at the time pretty much every Indian intellectual and statesman accepted the Aryan invasion of India around 1500 BC as a fact and dismissed Vedas as Aryans destroying Dravidian dams and Ramayana and Mahabharata as exagerrated tribal squabbles.

      Let us admire Vivekananda but let us admire him in the context of all the falsehoods and ignorance he had to battle and he was not always successful in battling the latter but he was atleast partially successful.

    6. YSV I fully accept your structured opinion on Netaji and Vivekananda.The rightist view you hold on Jai Hind in temple is not unjustified.Actually I hold a more centrist view on this.I tried to establish the fact that Netaji was not a strictly secular man who disapproved of religion like the Communist philosophy.Infact he practised Tantra in his later life as I told you.and in his young age he roamed the Himalayas dressed as a monk,being inspired by Swami Vivekananda.But still he understood this very clearly that the British were directly using social division on religious and ethnic lines to weaken Indian freedom struggle.This is why he appreciated the good points of communist philosophy at that point of time,like upliftment of poor,non-acceptance of religion in political sphere etc.Netaji is wrongly thought to be a leftist.He was socialist only when it came to poverty and communalism,but communists of India and Netaji were at daggers drawn at that point of time.The future misconception that Netaji was a communist probably stemmed from the alliance of FOrward Bloc with CPM in Bengal after independence.The communists described Netaji as a fascist, a Quisling, a Nazi stooge and a puppet of Japan.While the first three adjectives are acceptable as they are political in nature,the last one i.e "puppet of Japan" is hard to digest as it is out of gross ignorance.At no point of time in the Azad Hind Fauz phase did Netaji bow down to either Hitler or Tojo.He turned down some requests from both Germany and Japan whenever he thought it would compromise Indian sovereignty post-independence.This was the sole reason why Japan slowly began to withdraw strategic military support to Azad Hind Fauz.They had by then understood that their desire of controlling a part of mainland India would not be fruitful as long as Netaji was to remain at the helm of affairs. He did take some financial assistance from germany only after making a self-initiated compulsory treaty and declaration to the german govt that he would pay back the whole amount with interest if he would remain alive in the future .Independent Indian govt post 1947 never considered this german financial help to be an debt for free India.But sorry I digressed too much.I am coming back to my point.Its good discussing serious topics with knowledgeable people like you YSV :)

    7. Netaji critised communism for being hostile to nationalism.Similarly he didnot endorse Gandhism either in its full form.He actually accused the erstwhile media and Congress of distorting his socio-political views at a speech in Geneva(1935) .What he advocated was a syntheis of the good political movements happening throughout the world.See this link(particularly page 174).Here his views are well written :

      This is exactly the reason why I differ with many communist historians when they deduce the Netaji would have been an Indian Hitler/Stalin.As I told in my previous comment,if you undertake a detailed study of Netaji's life and philosophy,including the firsthand accounts of soldiers and officers of INA who had seen his dictatorship and leadership in full flow,you will have to accept my point.He was not a bigot or even a ironfist type dictator some historians(particularly some prominent western historians and a few Indian ones as well) lamely accuse him to be.I think that is more out of jealousy than historical analysis.But I will not stress on jealousy aspect as you and I have been accused of harnessing the same vice against Capt :) .Netaji didnot talk of free market precisely anywhere,but you can assume he was not much inclined to the concept of free market as he talked of structured planning for India for the first few years.This was not just after seeing the initial success of planned economy in Soviet,but more because he thought that the impoverishment done by the British administration needed to be replenished in the initial cannot blame him for not speaking in favour of free economy at that point of time.Laissez Faire had brought Great Depression in USA and on the other hand the socialist economic model of Soviet clicked initially.Moreover USA slowly lifted itself up from the recession by adopting Keynesian economic principles.So can Netaji be blamed for being antagonistic to free market in the late 1930s and early 1940s period?I accept your observation on Auguste Pinochet of Chile and Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore.It is just my personal belief that Netaji would have changed the very nature of centralised dictatorial governance which has been practised till now throughout the world.

    8. On the VIvekananda issue,the apparent contradictions about which you are mentioning might be there in a few cases,but these contradictions will not seem that prominent if you read "The Complete Works of Vivekananda",which has recorded the intricate details of the contexts in which these comments were made.

      To be frank,I found no contradictions in the part of "Complete Works" which I have read till now.I do not know what exactly frustrates Mr.Shrikant Talageri about Vivekananda.So I gave the above link.I have read much on Vivekananda but till now I didnot find his opinion on AIT(i guess you mean Aryan Invasion Theory) to be contradictory.But I also must mention that I didnot finish reading the whole of "Complete Works" collection as of now.He had openly thrown AIT into the dustbin infront of western audiences also.But is Mr. Talageri did find out some apparent contradictions,then also I would request you to look at the original context in which the contradictory statements were made by Vivekananda.But overall Mr.Talageri should have found a strong pillar of support in Vivekananda for his anti AIT stance .I directly quoted Vivekananda's comment on Purana in my last answer to show that his views on Purana are not different from that of yours :) Infact as a third person reader I found your views are coherent with that of Vivekananda's.Probably you are misunderstanding him here.The last sentence of yours on vivekananda's battling against ignorance alone is absolutely right.He,in his lifetime might have failed but his untiring work and legacy ensured the revival of Vedanta philosphy from a point of near erasure from India.

    9. YSV I bet there was not a single prominent political leader in pre-independence India who had wholeheartedly attempted to assimilate the good in all major political philosophies of the world while filtering out the filth.Netaji was one such leader.This is why we Bengalis seem to be so passionate of him :) He has many unexplored sides of his philosophical viewpoint which need to be translated from bengali to English and also positively popularised for all indians.

      Check the above comment.The previous Bengal CM of Communist party openly apologised in 2003 for the mistake Communists made when they blindly criticised Netaji.Now he probably understands that Netaji was more communist/socialist in heart(and not in blind bookish knowledge of Marxist philosophy) than mainstream communists have ever been arround the world,even while being a nationalist leader.

    10. To be clear, I am not chastising Netaji for believing in socialism . Pretty much everyone during that time believed in that socio economic policy. Am also not saying that Netaji was a communist ,certainly not. To be sure communists hated Netaji because he was allied with the Nazis. It is a dirty habit of communists to call everyone they disagree with as fascists to this very day. Yes even in American universities. I was called a fascist by a Jewish ultra leftist when I was attending college in U.S in 2002 for supporting Ariel Sharons war on the PLO! I simply called him a pussy and a traitor and that was the end of the conversation!

      I defended Bhagat Singhs for having socialist views when Koenraad Elst (mildly) criticized him for economic ignorance
      ysv_rao said...
      I forgot to mention, we cant really blame Bhagat Singh for being enamored of socialism in that era. After all ,many leading economists, politicians,authors, journalists not to mention world leaders were quite taken by it.
      No need to pile on poor 23rd year old Bhagat Singh for jumping on the bandwagon.
      So my having trepidation about Netaji having socialist views is not so much about his having these views but having power to implement these views which Bhagat Singh didn't have.

      Also it is a myth fostered by left leaning historians that Keynesian economics brought America after the great depression.
      Amity Shales ,an American historian, decisively debunked this notion basing much of her work by free market economists such as Thomas Sowell and Milton Friedman.

      What is interesting is how historians omit another depression following WWI after Woodrow Wilson raised the top tax rate to 90%!!! and heavy proto Keynesian spending.It took the free market President Warren G Harding and his successor Calvin Coolidge,both of the Republican party to promote peace and prosperity during their era.

      The side show of left leaning historians thesis against capitalism causing the Great Depression is based on the lame claim that Herbert Hoover who succeed Coolidge was a free market Republican. While Hoover was certainly a Republican, he was certainly no free market enthuasist. The stock market crash of 1929 is blown out of proportion as that is pretty routine of hysteria fuelled bubbles but Hoovers reaction was pure protectionist and pretty indistinguishable from FDRs policies.

      Indeed under FDR, the unemployment and poverty level actually rose until WWII and the demand for armament industry brought a lot of much need capital from Europe which propelled the economy.

      South Korea ,Japan ,China ,Hong Kong and Singapore didn't overcome the devastation of WWII from Keynesian economics but a free market and free trade society.

    11. Well I never said that Vivekananda was overwhelmingly for the AIT theory but a lot of his anti AIT pre supposes AIT.

      Here is what Mr Talageri quoting various takes by Vivekananda on this topic
      One of the earliest opponents of the Aryan invasion theory was Swami Vivekananda, who rejected the theory in strong terms:

      Vivekananda�s opposition was strong and unambiguous, but restricted to rhetoric. That he intended to go deeper into the matter is on record: �I have been talking with the Indian and European savants on the subject, and hope to raise many objections to this theory in detail, when time permits.�228

      No-one will deny that Vivekananda�s life was too short, and his activities too multifarious, to permit him time to devote to this particular subject. But what is worthy of note is that, despite his strong rhetorical rejection of the Aryan invasion theory, a survey of his writings appears to indicate that he had actually internalised many of the basic tenets of the theory.

      At one point, he tells us that �the problems in India are more complicated� Here have been the Aryan, the Dravidian, the Tartar, the Turk, the Mogul, the European - all the nations of the world, as it were, pouring their blood into this land.�229

      Vivekananda clearly appears to see the Aryans as a racial group which was originally a stranger to India
      However his writings, on this subject, represent certain tendencies which dominate Indian anti-invasionist scholarship to this day, and which have effectively prevented any logical and objective analysis, or even understanding, of the problem:

      a. A tendency to depend on rhetoric rather than on analytical study.

      b. A tendency to concentrate on criticism of the early Western scholars and their motives.

      c. A tendency to evade the issues when dealing with invasionist arguments.

      d. A tendency to indulge in vague and fuzzy thinking, and to fail to understand the exact nature of the issues involved.

      e. A tendency to insist on lavish glorification and idealisation of the Vedic Aryans and their culture.

      So far as the criticism of the motives of early Western scholars. who first mooted and developed the theory, is concerned, it may be noted that:

      a. Mere motives by themselves do not invalidate any theory or interpretation.

      b. The basic origin of the theory lay in the linguistic fact of the Indo-European family of languages, and not in any motives.

      c. Even though the early Western scholars may have had their motives, their interpretations were, by and large, reasonably honest; and although they were often wrong, they were usually naturally wrong and not deliberately so.

    12. Read the entire thing under IV.A The Rhetorical Approach which from which paraphrased the above

      Mr Talageri is clearly an admirer of Vivekananda and it is clear from his writing that he does not relish criticizing the swami in this regard and neither do I. But in order to make a strong case for our views, we shouldn't depend on individuals whose knowledge of the subject wasn't as strong as later scholars and who weren't marinated in AIT and therefore weren't inadvertently influenced by it.

    13. Yes your answer has cleared my confusions regarding your opinion on this topic .

    14. YSV I must acknowledge that the free market and great depression facts you mentioned were totally unknown to me, and I would also like to appreciate you for a good well-rounded analysis on this(not assigning everything to Rothschilds ;) ) .What I said was merely based on a textbook knowledge in economics.But not everything is written in textbooks afterall :) Anyway I will try to update my knowledge on this aspect of the depression.

    15. I read your AIT weblink and the comment.Now I have a better view of what Mr.Talageri pointed out as I also accept his analysis.I searched a little more on this on the net.What I have come to know is that in many cases,literature you are reading as a written document of Vivekananda,was not actually written by him,but dictated,lectured or delivered as a speech.So probably these types of contradictions have creeped in.

    16. No I didnot think you were trying to chastise Netaji on free economy issue . I have only tried to make clear all the issues related to his support of socialist economy,so that might help our future discussions.But you know about the post-depression WW2 world economic situation much better than me.Infact here I must acknowledge that I have got a new and interesting facet of study from your views,i.e,examining the real cause of depression and contribution of Keynesian economics :) We could have learned so much more through mutual sharing of knowledge. if some level-headed Capt supporters had taken part in this discussion and argued logically.regarding your point of South Korean economy revival,it is true that free economy is not a problem in itself as anti Smithonian economists would like us to believe.The real challenge is ascertaining the minimum level of control which a government must keep on the economy.A high level of freedom might be disastrous in the long run,as was evident in the SE asian economic crisis.Overall I think Keynesian principles in moderate doses is the best way out of this,i.e,not to the level of creating fiscal deficit for giving economic boost but limited to some minimum regulatory measures on the part of the govt.

    17. The free market is much misunderstood due to the corruption of its adherents. Of course no economic system is perfect as it is created by mortals. But I ask you where would you prefer to reside- North Korea or South Korea. Here are two extreme examples of mirror image economic systems totalitarian communism on one hand and free market democracy on the other.
      The latter has given Samsung,Hyundai etc from the devastation of WWII and the former is basically Orwells 1984 come to life!

      Of course there are variations in between such as Sweden ,Norway and Germany but this entails a lot of conditions such a small country and population , a high trust society,strong social cohesion and a prudent and thrifty populace.

      The problem with Keynesian economics is spending money to create jobs. Well where does the money come from . It comes from taxpayers and net producers . And very often these are "make work" projects as when the public sector gets involved in the economy , there is bound to be inefficiency and wastage as they have no profit and loss motives which the private sector does.

      What happened in 2008 is a very unique situation stemming a problem of social justice.

      Basically some politicians who were usually leftist decided that the American dream of owning a home is mandatory for lower income folks such as blacks and Hispanics. This gave rise to the community Reinvestment Act under Carter and later Clinton. This basically states that banks SHOULD provide home loans to low income folks or face political consequences. The banks folded and did the needful.
      Now they thought why not make hay while the sun shines. THey applied their pressure to repeal the Glass Steagal Act in the Senate in 1999. The Glass Steagal Act states that there should be strict separation between retail(personal loans, credit card, home loans) and investment banking.This was originally passed during the Depression and was one of the few good things that FDR carried out.
      Now with that out of the way, you had all sorts of fancy products such as derivatives ,MBS (Mortgage backed Securities) and Credit Default Swaps.

    18. .....
      These three were described as economic weapons of mass destruction by Warren Buffet.
      MBS is basically a home loan which is sliced up and sold as securities or stock on the basis that it is a good loan. And how do you implement this when you know low income folks are likely to default at some point. That is where CDS comes in
      A credit default swap is where a rating agency such Moodys and Standard and Poors gives a AAA rating to a shoddy loan for a high insurance premium(payable to giants like AIG).

      And the musical chairs stopped in 2006 when these subprime loans defaulted, all banking arms which built on these toxic assets starting collapsing one by one. AIG went bankrupt because they had pay out massive insurance to these assets when they went belly up.
      THe rating agencys reputation was destroyed.
      And banks were heomarraging cash as lost their investment in the failed MBS due to the defaulters.

      This prompted Bush to make a bailout . In my opinion the bailout was a mistake and the banks should've learnt their lesson the hard way. There would've been a worldwide depression probably but it would last at the most a year and not 11 years as under FDR.

      Obamas Keynesian spending has been a disaster. The economy is still bleak. The stock is afloat because the Federal Reserve keeps pumping money in the economy and the market thrives on liquidity but inflation is catching up with the common man and the cost of living is going up by the month.

      Indeed there should be regulatory measures but the problem is there is nearly 100s of kilos worth of paper of regulatory measure as a free market TV host John Stossel showed on his show as he wheeled in barrows the printed copies of these legislations.

      All this does is squash enterprise and investment. When I was working for this American security company a few years ago , an administrator whose previous employment was in a big Wall Street bank told me that many companies believe in compliance more than productivity. And who would do the compliance work -that's right lawyers. The lawyers unions overwhelmingly supported Obama and donated 10s of millions of dollars. Not really a coincidence!

    19. Going by my logic,I would prefer S Korea,and going by Capt logic of Rothschild free nation,ofcourse N Korea :) .I am acquainted with Buffet view of CDS.Again a beautiful analysis by you on the topic.Specially the last para on Lawyers Union point is a sad reality,in some way or other in most democratically elected govts.After reading your analysis what I can infer is that unless you change the complete economic system of the world,such problems will stay.Till that point is reached(Lets see what Kalki Avatar/Second coming of Christ has in store for us :) ),free economy with minimum regulations is the best way out.Actually I am not a supporter of controlled economy for that matter.My inclination on Keynesian economics came from bookish knowledge.But I do not support bail outs and fiscal deficits created by govt to boost economy.State economy is a failure,it has been proven throughout the world,but free economy should be bound by law only at that level at which it becomes a threat to the economic stability.Excessive legal framework will only make lawyers rich while draining the free enterprise potential,I agree with you on that.Ultimately the financial potential in an economy has to accumulate somewhere.Only free economy assures that it gets distributed according to your own potential of performing.But I am not completely against all forms of socialist expenditure by the Govt.My personal belief is that the development of the population of a nation(health,education,skils law&order etc) has the potential to pay rich dividends in the long run.

    20. Im sure people like the captain will keep singing praises of North Korea but when push comes to shove he will make his domicile in South Korea same way he does nothing but praise Kerala but live in Manipal, Karnataka!

      Actually when it comes to the economy I am a "swadeshi" as in not the badly conceived and emotion driven policy of freedom fighters of 1900s but rooted in the Arthashastra. Apparently a king should NOT tax his citizens over 10-15% of their income and not more than 25% during the times of war.
      This merges nicely with free market economists who abide by the Laffer curve which was conceived by Reagan era economist Arthur Laffer which he claimed was inspired by Ibn Khaldun. Now Ibn Khaldun thought highly of Indian learning and could've acquired his economic ideas from there. But there is no reason that others could reach free market principles on their own as the experience is universal.

      The best blogger on the glories of ancient Indian capitalism is Sanjeev Sabhlok . He is a former IAS officer. For some reason the site is not opening now. But if I remember on the right side of the page, there are links to the Indian economy and recommendations of Kautilya for a lower tax rate and favorable trade policies.

      What occurred in 2008 was a combination of greed( creating nonsense products like MBS and CDS) and good intentions(the poor should have a chance to own a house). Neither of these have any thing to do with capitalism, capitalism is about self interest moderation not at the expense of society as elucidated by Adam Smith.
      Did you know that Adam Smith , the founder of modern capitalism was against slavery and the British take over of India under the East India company? He argued against the same both in moral and practical economic merits. His contemporaries considered Wealth of Nations as a work of morality than economics at the time.

      Of course the responsibility of government is maintaining law and order. I also believe it is good at education. I disagree with some extreme American free marketers when they state that government should stay away from education. IITs are a government enterprise and they are a strong institution.
      Im not sure about government run health care , it is a disaster pretty much everywhere except places like Sweden, Germany and Norway where soft socialism works for the reasons I mentioned before.

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  31. Eshan you are right about the science in Vedas.Not only the speed of light,the Vedas have discourses even on modern quantum physics.I am not just following whatever Capt says on this.The Veda-quantum physics link has been explored by some authors in the past also.One of them,whom I follow,writes on this topic in our my mother tongue Bengali.SImilary I fully agree to whatever Capt says on Kundalini awakening Mantras and many other spiritual topics,because I have read about these in books on Kundalini.One good book has been written by Vivekananda himself on Kundalini.The book is names "Rajyoga".This is the reason why I believe that nuclear power and such technologies were possible in the Vedic times.If you take the vedas and Puranas seriously and not dismiss them as mere imagination,you will be bound to accept this.Eshan I agree with your point on devotion and upliftment of consciousness also.I have personally felt the miracles of devotion many times in my life.The majesty of Hinduism is that both scepticism and unquestioned devotion is equally allowed in Hinduism.Atleast this much I have understood about Hindu philosophy.That's why Ramakrishna was a stauch devotee of Goddess Kali who didnot care for logic or science and his unfailing disciple Vivekananda strictly adhered to logical deduction and scientific attitude.This is the uniqueness in the Ramkrishna-Vivekananda pair,they seem to be miles apart and yet are actually just two faces of the same coin.Here's an interesting link on Vivekananda-Nikola Tesla meeting:

    I forgot the point of Vivekananda advocating football in the first part of my answer.I have seen on the net people criticise Vivekananda by saying that he has denigrated Bhagwad Gita by telling this :-).YSV atleast you have not criticised Vivekananda on this,you jusy mentioned the point.In short it is plain ignorance.First of all Vivekananda gave this advice to a physically weak American boy.He wanted to mean that the boy should first become physically strong by playing in the open air instead of sitting inside home and reading.What Vivekananda said later in absence of the boy was that the boy had dominance of Tamo Guna.He would have to lift himself up to Rajo Guna with physical dynamism,before he could embark on his journey towards Sattva.These things are not researched by most people.Vivekananda was fond of football as a game as he thought it inculcates the spirit of teamwork and physical resilience in the players.So in another place he had recommended all Bengalis to play football so that they can prepare themselves for the larger freedom struggle.Even Capt Vadakayil criticised on this issue.I do not understand why people do not see the background of the comments of Vivekananda.Many of the comments made by Vivekananda were actually directed to one person on a specific issue. They were not meant to be propagated as Gospel truths coming out from his mouth.

    One thing is pretty amazing about Capt Vadakayil.Even remotely,Capt Vadakayil manages to bring out slangs and abuses from people who either support or criticise him :-D .This power seems to be inside Capt Vadakayil.YSV you will not need keywords because I have published the same comment as Jam which I would have published as Jeck.Anyway I will be commenting with my Jam account,so I would not like you to be troubled with this issue.Thanks for your help.

    1. See my other response to you re Vivekananda and meat eating/playing football.

      The captain exposes his ignorance and inadvertantly reveals that he gained his knowledge from equally braindead Western enthusiasts of Hinduism by going gaga over Kundalini.

      For eg he makes the fantastic claim that Jesus came to Kerala to learn healing, astronomy and awaken Kundalini. There is so much ignorance in this statement that I dont know where to begin. Jesus wasnt known for his astronomical abilites so I dont know how the captain deduced this. As for healing abilites, very accomplished yogis can indeed do this. But it takes a whole lot more than Kundalini awakening. Heck kundalini is the but the first step in becoming a siddha! Ordinary weekend warriors with regular practice and discipline can do it in a year or so.
      Kundalini itself is nothing . It is not even attaining to a minor diety. It is plainly a step in the right direction and nothing more.

      The captain knows NOTHING about real Vedic Hinduism and the tantra. All he knows is a comic book version with some pseudo science thrown in.
      All he does is spread ignorance. Keep in mind , in our religion ignorance is EVIL, yes evil. And we have to fight and defeat ignorance with the same dedication and drive as we deal with murderers, rapists. thieves etc
      Hence this blog

    2. Yes here I must agree to whatever you are saying.I have read Capt's tantra post.It is at best an academic lecture on Tantric philosophy.I am putting it in the most polite manner.I will not say further,but I have read about real experience of Kundalini meditation in some other books.If you carefully follow Capt's blogs,you will find that he largely inflates the stature of his own posts to gullible readers by saying " Narendra Modi must understand what I am writing" etc.While I do agree to some of his analysis,it does not mean that I will immerse my own thinking and appreciate blindly anything and everything he says.In your other blogpost,it is just pathetic to see how his supporters are shouting for him without even the bare minimum logic.

    3. I became immediate suspicious of the captains self proclaimed super Hindu status when he stated somewhat proudly that he doesnt sit for pujas and other religious rituals. So he is not a practitioner either or yoga or puja or havan. It is best to ignore his opinion on tantra.
      A true practitioner knows the value of ritual. He wouldnt know the value of upachara and sadhana if it bit him on his fat ass.

      Look my beef with the captain is not primarily with his political views. One can have whatever crackpot views one wants, it wouldnt really bother me much. But the issue is he starts contaminating Hinduism with his rubbish and that is plain unacceptable.

      Good to see you are aware of kundalini and other aspects of tantra. bravo!

    4. His highness ysv rao swami, please enlighten us with your hindu philosophies. I am eagerly waiting for that.

      You didn't understand anything, yet pretend to know everything.
      write some blogs on Hinduism before you bark at others.
      Lets see if your HInduism makes any logical sense

    5. It may be worthwhile if you read some books like "road to reality" by Roger Penrose, or "tao of physics" by fritjof capra.
      Advaita is the ultimate philosophy on earth.
      Hope you know this..

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    8. YSV you will be amused to know at one point of time I had even made a failed atempt to awaken my kundalini using a simple meditation technique :).But after a few strange experiences(not frightening) in meditation,I left practising.I did feel spontaneous vibrations in my spine,which I believe was the Kundalini trying to raise itself.The technique I used is very simple and can be performed by anyone to raise their Kundalini without the fearful or painful experiences,though I would still not advise anyone to attempt it without a well-versed guru.

      I learnt it from this man's books.What is interesting about him is that he studied quantum physics and related spirituality extensively to it,althoug he was a professor of history. It was opened up only because a large number of people with awakened Kundalini will be able to purify the whole world of the negative vibrations.I am not giving the meditation technique,although it is a safe and simple one and can be practised independently ,because I believe you still need a guide.A veil of secrecy is kept arround this Kundalini by the yogis,but if you try with this particular meditation technique,it is not that frightening or damaging as is thought to be.The same thing can be said about pranayama also.Before Ramdev opened it up with simplified process,very few yoga teachers taught pranayama as a major part of the yoga routine.'s_Bengali_book

      This is the english translation of one of his books.In the last few pages of this book,he has disclosed the meditation technique for the benefit of all.The author has discussed his own experience in kundalini awakening and journey to Sahashrar and wherever possible,has tried to relate everything with modern physics.This is why I said what Capt wrote on Kundalini was bookish knowledge at best.You will know about the real experiences and visions a person gets in his meditation as kundalini crosses the different chakras.For a more theoritical knowledge Vivekananda's "Rajayoga" book is a very good one .

    9. Nothing to be amused about. I admire your efforts. I regrettably never attempted it so I appreciate you telling me your experiences as I hope to learn from your errors
      Here is where I believe you went wrong
      1. I believe there is no short cut to kundalini. You have to be physically strong and have a considerable grasp of relevant asanas.
      2. You need to have some knowledge of tantra and proper propitiation of dieties through sadhana using the appropriate mantras
      3. In other words it is only frightening or damaging if you are unprepared. So I disagree with the author of the book

      Try it again after becoming physically resilent and regular pooja practice with tantric methods

    10. Yes I agree with you .This apparently shorcut technique had actually been kept hidden for a long time by gurus in this field before the above author disclosed it.The lineage gurus always prefer the classical approach to Kundalini as you have pointed out.You can compare this with the general aversion of Yoga teachers before Ramdev in teaching Pranayam.BKS Iyenger even criticised Ramdev for spreading pranayam,as he was of the opinion that pranayam needs extensive yoga asana practice as preparatory measure.But Ramdev has shown that pranayam in its simplified form without kumbhak is moe beneficial than asanas for a vast majority of people.The same thing can be said about the above mentioned kundalini technique also.But i do not desire to walk through that path anytime in the future :) I think Bhakti is the best path that can be taken up by me.I do believe in passionate devotion.In future if you take up Kundalini meditation,my suggestion to you would be to take the meditation technique provided in the above-mentioned book(only if you manage to buy a copy) after your initial preparatory phase is over.This technique is like Krav-Maga of martial arts.WHile the oriental arts like Karate,Kungfu or our own Kalari makes you go through a series of exercises and techniques in a well-structured manner,Krav-Maga focusses on raw self-defence from the very first class.It is an easier way of learning self-defence which is your ultimate objective ,thats all :) .

    11. As you can tell by my vehement disapproval that I am not a Bhakti guy ;-)

      Good to see you are familiar with Krav Maga. It is indeed very effective. But I have to make a correction in your analogy though seemingly perceptive at first

      Practicing krav maga as out of shape guy can also make effective as self defense. That was the whole idea.
      However I believe there is no short cut for this type of penance. If you are not physical resilient and pure and no knowledge or mantra,yantra and tantra, you will do damage to yourself. So I believe such books which provide kundalini ,muladhara or swadisthana shortcuts are irresponsible to say the least

    12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    13. Yes I accept your point which ,I must stress,is very well-made.You got the whole idea I was trying to make :) .I cannot defend this technique as I didnot practise it out.But I have actually reduced this technique wrongly to a shortcut method.That's is solely my fault,you have only reciprocated to what I said.This is the hidden method of meditaiton that many lineage gurus will give you after initial preparatory stage(like yoga asanas etc as you mentioned) is over.See when you take up an intense preparatory phase before the actual kriya/meditation,you guru is essentially preparing you for a higher percentage of Kundalini arousal.Awakening of all Kundalini is very difficult,most yogis at present arouse it in small percentage.The difference is that complete awakening of the energy can give you all Siddhis,powers and everything associated with this path(Remember Shaktimaan serial for kids :) ? ).But even partial awakening will give you all the essential suprasensory experience of higher dimensions and expand your consciousness,as Kundalini reaches Sahashrar .This meditation technique actually raises your kundalini only by a little percentage,just to expand your consciousness and give you awareness of the multiverse.For example,as your kundalini travels up from muladhar,you will gain vision of many planets of this universe and highe dimensions where intelligent beings inhabit.This is why yogis will always tell you with certainty that life is present beyond earth in thousands of other planets.Even I read in in a book that there is a bio-plasmic civilization inside our sun.This is why this technique is harmless,because it is not meant for a complete kundalini awakening which sages attempt.In the modern times,it is said that only Ramkrishna Paramhansa and Maharshi Ramana were the last people to gain complete awakening and control of of Kundalini,though my belief is that the real last complete master of Kundalini was Chaitanya Mahaprabhu on earth.But as I said it is my belief only,and I will not be able to argue with logic on this :) .Probably the next one of this calibre will be the predicted Kalki Avatar.This is similar to the simplified Anulom-vilom of Ramdev and the tougher Nadi-shodhan pranayam technique.You will get all the essential benefits of pranayam by anulom vilom also,but nadi shodhan is meant for a broader outlook,for example,preparing the body for Kundalini ,absolute control over breath etc.But even partial arousal of Kundalini will give you all the essential mystic experiences,like Ocean of Light in Ajna,merging with infinite in Sahashrar etc.Once you clear your spinal track upto sahashrar by even partial arousal,you can always embrace for complete mastery,which I again repeat,is very very difficult in present times.As for he siddhis we were speaking about earlier,these siddhis will come to you when your kundalini reaches the level of bisuddha chakra,but bhakti yoga discourages the mastery of siddhis because it is seen that in desire of siddhis,many good yogis do not want to proceed to Ajna chakra and beyond.Vivekananda used to say that Siddhis are glass beads,donot get dazzled by them,the real diamond lies ahead.partial awakening of kundalini will give you partial or little power of siddhis in small proportions,but it will not stop you from experiencing the expanded inner consciousness and realisations.Here lies the difference between ancient classical approach and watered-down easier approach.But finally your point is true,yoga asanas and pranayam will make it quite a bit easier even with watered-down methods.

    14. The difference between lower or higher proportion of arousal is analogous to a two rivers with weaker and stronger currents respectively.In the latter the karmic blockages are removed faster,just like dam getting broken in flood.But you should prepare your nervous system and overall body to take that load.This is part you have explained to be initial preparatory phase of yoga-asanas.But whatever preparation you undertake,100% control of the Shakti or even a high percentage if not full,is next to impossible atleast in present times. Having said that,classical preparation techniques comprising of Asana,Pranayam,Mantras for specific chakras will always help to ease your path.

    15. ,just like dam getting broken in flood"

      This is what it means in the Vedas which mentions Indra breaking dams. It has nothing to do with Aryan god destroying the infrastructure of Dravidian Indus Valley but attaining to Indra will clear these constrictions in your nervous and circulatory system

    16. You and I have differing definitions of siddhis ,when I say siddhis I speak of Rama, Krishna, Buddha etc. People who have mastered divine weapons and gained knowledge of nature and consciousness.

      From what you describe as siddhis seems a small achievements, perhaps the abilities of practitioners to some magic and cure minor ailments.

      Surely you will agree that Rama, Krishna and Buddha were greater than Chaitanya or Ramakrishna. And to be sure none of the former individuals used bhakti yoga to achieve their aims

    17. Technically Siddhis in yoga refer to the 8 higher siddhis and 10 lower siddhis.But the definition you have attributed to siddhis is also not flawed,because Siddhis are used in a broader term in Hinduism,without keeping in mind the tecnical Jargon :). In bengali we even use "siddhi" sometimes to mean success in endeavour :).You have mentioned Rama,Krishna,Buddha etc.Now as I have already mentioned they cannot be put solely under yogic wisdom.But still for a technical analysis,my take on the matter is that in those times Rama,Krishna etc. had mastered the full potential of Kundalini.So probably it was possible for them.Probably you can harness the full power of all siddhis after you have gained Nirvikalpa Samadhi.I read in a book long back that this thing was said by Lokenath Baba to his disciples who were in love with Siddhi powers.WHile Buddha did rarely demonstrate a few siddhis in their full power,both he and Patanjali had blamed Siddhis as distractions to Nirvikalpa Samadhi.Buddha even grouped siddhi loving yogis as power-mad.But initially to attain Samadhi in Sahashrar you will have to progress beyond Visuddha chakra and you will temporarily lose power of Siddhis.But in the Ajna Chakra awaits the Kingdom of Heaven,Jyoti Samudra/Ocean of Light for you,and many yogis forget this.What you said about the difference of Rama,Buddha etc and Chaitanya,Ramakrishna etc is absolutely true.But I just want to mean that you cannot judge an enlightened monk by his display of Siddhis.It is actually not a very desirable thing to display Siddhis openly in Kaliyuga.As I already told,Buddha used to display siddhis very secretly and that also only a few times in his life.He could have displayed more openly,had he been an incarnate in the previous eras.So what was possible for Krishna Dwapara is just not possible for Buddha in Kali. There is an annual fair in Bengal known as Kalpataru Mela,held in the month of january.This fair actually comemorates Sri Ramakrishna's turning into a Kalpataru(wish fulfilling tree).On the same day in 1883 most probably,Sri Ramakrishna had attained an unexplained mystic state.On this day anyone who touched him reached a higher level of consciousness instantly and the material wishes of all the people who visited him or touched him got fulfilled.One devotee got so immersed in the inner vision of Vaikuntha on touching Sri Ramakrishna that he thought he had gone mad :) .This devotee must have been of a very high level spiritually,because most people will actually go mad if you show them the kingdom of heaven suddenly.My point is that probably Maharshi Ramana,Sri Ramakrishna,Gauranga etc had displayed siddhi powers to a very limited number of people.Displaying Siddhis is not a very good thing in this age,as far as I understand.But I am just telling all this to give you a different perspective,otherwise what you said about comparison of Rama,Buddha with Gauranga,Ramakrishna etc is undeniable :) .I think you should look it from the perspective of the yuga and the objective of the incarnation also.I am a little biased about Gauranga after reading the CHaitanya Bhagwat and learning about his pastimes :).So I group him in the same level as Buddha,Jesus etc,i.e, the level of prophet in english,if not direct incarnation of God.This is because of the fact that Gauranga's path has created a fully developed and independent spiritual philosophy(Gaudiya Vaishnavism) along with a well defined tantric sadhana (Sahajiya) dedicated to him.As I already said Sahajiya tantriks aim to get united with their Sonar Manush(Gauranga) in their path.See my comment on October 30, 2014 at 12:24 PM.But its just my personal opinion,otherwise you are technically more correct than me :)

    18. Your "Dam and flood" analogy explanation with Indra was great. I had no idea on this.But I had read that Indra's Vajra refers to the electric shock like sensation of Kundalini almost like a lightning bolt of millions of volt through the spine.Those who have sensed it,know that even a part of Kundalini ,if harnessed properly,is more powerful than atom bombs.

  32. Capt is hopelessly wrong in his Aghori analysis.What is more painful is that his followers blindly follow him in such issues of Hinduism.YSV I agree with your viewpoint that one can have any opinion in political matters,but it should not be the same in case of religion.This is Swami Vivekananda's viewpoint on Aghora :

    The sound Aum is divided into two parts Vidya(Knowledge) and Avidya(Ignorance).When Avidya is man increases,he develops demonic qualities.When Vidya(Knowledge of love and Unselfishness through spiritual practice) increases,man develops saintly qualities.There is no Satan in Hinduism.So knowledge is also Him and Ignorance is also Him.Hence Aghori do not see the world as good or bad but God Himself.The network of time,space and causation ceases to exist in him. Aghori works for the good of humanity.
    But it is a most difficult thing to give up the clinging to this universe; few ever attain to that. There are two ways to do that, mentioned in our books. One is called the ‘neti, neti‘ (not this, not this), the other is called the ‘iti‘ (this); the former is the negative, and the latter is the positive way. The negative way is the most difficult. It is only possible to the men of the very highest, exceptional minds and gigantic wills who simply stand up and say, “No, I will not have this,” and the mind and body obey their will, and they come out successful. But such people are very rare. The vast majority of mankind choose the positive way, the way through the world, making use of all the bondage themselves to break those very bondage."

    Little does Capt know that Sri Ramakrishna was helped and guided by an Aghori in the final stages of attainment of his samadhi.Capt propagates that Aghora is a rothschild creation,which is a joke in itself.As far as I have understood,Aghora is not for the weak and materialistic.It is for the real men in terms of spirituality.

    1. Captain is heavily influenced by his own personal biases. To the extant I agree with Bhakti yoga types about siddhis being unstable, I say yes I am uncomfortable with people like the captain attaining any spiritual powers. Imagine how tyrannical he will be. We will have to invoke Devi to defeat this Asura!

      Aghoris seem to be an extreme tantric who want liberation on steroids. Of course there is nothing wrong with desiring that. But often that can lead to questionable tactics(such as cannibalism) and results(misusing powers for purely power hungry ends)
      If Sri Ramakrishna was guided by an Aghori then I am tempting to give more credit to jnana and karma yoga than bhakti yoga efforts of Sri Ramakrishna!

    2. Yes I agree with you here.Read the three comments I have put starting from October 30, 2014 at 12:24 PM comment.There I have written why Bhakti Yoga is considered incomplete by yogis of other paths.But practically speaking,not a single yogi in this age will teach you a path that is solely dedicated to a particular yoga path,Its just not possible.If you think you will gain nirvikalpa samadhi by Gnana yoga alone,I am afraid it will take you many live to do so.SImilarly in bhakti yoga you are taught to do japa which is synchronised with breath,but this is a technique of Raja yoga/Kriya yoga.I was reading that while moksha is possible with Karma yoga(eightfold path of Buddha is actually Karma yoga ) ,kundalini awakening and nirvikalpa samadhi within physical body is not possible.For that you will have to combine raja yoga/kriya yoga with karma yoga.But thats not essential also,because if you can reduce your karmic load to nil,you are automatically liberated after your death.You can do it by Gnana yoga(philosophical separation of your mind from attachment ),Karma yoga(eightfold path of Buddhism) or bhakti yoga(constant repetition of the holy name of your favourite deity with love).So its not essential to practise kundalini yoga if your sole target is moksha.However Rajayoga is called the King of yoga because it offers the shortest path to experiencing Nirvikalpa Samadhi.But for normal people,a punch of Bhakti and Karma yoga is the best way out.This is why Kali yuga is considered to the age of Bhakti,because Bhakti yoga in Kali yuga has more potency in it than bhakti yoga in other ages.Your analysis of Capt mentality was again a power-packed humour YSV :D

    3. I could not understand what you mean by liberation on steroids.As for your other point,yes aghoris are extreme tantrics.They consume unidentified open-lying dead bodies of deceased persons and probably animals also,but for a much higher objective.If you can make yourself geared up to eating these,there is absolutely nothing on earth that you stop your spiritual progress.As i said,Aghora is not for the faint-hearted and certainly not for the power-hungry.Aghoris are very selective about accepting people into their folds.This is why Ramakrishna and Vivekananda used to speak highly of Aghora.Lastly,it is beyond the reach of Rothschilds ,if you know what I mean :D

    4. "liberation on steroids" is just a figure of speech intended to highlight aghori's extreme methods. Whether or not if ahori is meant for them, I can certainly see how power hungry types can be attracted to Aghora!

    5. Tantra in itself is an attraction for the power-hungry.An exception is probably the Vaishnava Tantra techniques(not the original Vaishnava tantra) which are built on Bhakti ideology like the Sahajiya for example.But what I think is that Aghoris,by virtue of their intense scepticism for newcomers,probably filter out a vast majority of powercrazy people :) I was reading on the net that it is very hard to get accepted as a disciple even by a moderately advanced aghori,leave alone the higher level practitioners .But there is pollution everywhere in Kali yuga,whether less or more.So you are also right :)

    6. YSV I was reading more about the "Sonar Manush" philosophy in Gaudiya Vaishnavism and Sahajiya Tantra.It actually refers to the complete and permanent God-intoxicated state of your mind without even a moment's gap.This state was exhibited to the fullest by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.Possibly no other saint of Kali Yuga known to mankind had exhibited so high a level of self-immersion in the Jyoti-Samudra(Ajna Chakra)/Ocean of Light/Kingdom of Heaven whatever term we may use.Sri Ramakrishna exhibited this state to a great extent,but probably not to the level of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.There is a particular story about Chaitanya Mahaprabhu,where it is said that a few fishermen who had rescued him from getting drowned in the river due to his God-intoxication and complete loss of worldly consciousness as he was walking,had themsleves got lost in heavenly bliss just on touching his body after rescuing him.You will find the story in the link below approximately in the middle part of the article.

      While it is not essential that we take this story to be completely true,what amazed me is the strange similarity of Chaitanya Mahprabhu's mystic state with that of Sri Ramakrishna's,which the latter had exhibited on the Kalpataru day in 1886(as I have mentioned in my comment on November 1, 2014 at 6:02 AM).Sri Ramakrishna didnot achieve his enlightenment solely through Bhakti Yoga.He incorporated Bhakti in his sadhana and teachings only because he had understood in his sadhana that "every river you follow leads to the same ocean"(his own words ).But Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was out-and-out Bhakti Yogi.As for the Chaitanya-Avatar issue,I found a link here :

      The link shows the particular slokas in Sanskrit literature pre-dating Chaitanya Mahaprabhu,which predict the appearance of the GOlden Avatara of Lord Krishna(as a devotee) after 4000 years of kali yuga.I have very little idea about ancient Sanskrit literature,so I am referring this to you for a better analysis,beacuse,in any case,I understand that these Slokas might have been edited after the appearance of CHaitanya Mahaprabhu(we didnot have copyright,I guess :) ) .But Sri Ramakrishna used to yearn for returning back in time to CHaitanya Mahaprabhu's era in Bengal.He used to say from his meditative experience that the whole of undivided Bengal at that time was filled with the waves of love from Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.Infact contemporary critics and haters of Sri Chaitanya in Bengal had grudgingly admitted that he had cast a powerful spell on the land of Bengal :) Wherever he went,people just followed him without any barriers of cast or religion.It is a historical fact that overall social problems and disputes were reduced to a great extent during the lifespan of Mahaprabhu.Imagine this in 15th century Bengal :) which was notorious for its orthodox Brahmin controlled rigid social structure all the way upto 18th century before modern education started flourishing.

    7. YSV here's an interesting link on the harmony of Bhakti and Gnana Yoga :) Check this out :

    8. The issue have with this sivananda guy is that he presupposes already that bhakti mode is supreme and makes his assumptions based on it with respect to gnana yoga and makes too many mistakes in the process.

      From his website

      "Bhakti Yoga and Jnana Yoga are not incompatibles like acid and alkali. One can combine Ananya Bhakti (one-pointed devotion) with Jnana Yoga. The fruit of Bhakti Yoga is Jnana. Highest Love (Para Bhakti) and Jnana are one."

      Sorry wrong. The highest goal of jnana yoga is not love. Because jnana by its very nature cannot assume the goal at its outset as the nature of the knowledge seeker is to always remain skeptical of doctrines and established claims.

      " Perfect knowledge is love. Perfect love is knowledge. "
      This is a nonsensical unreliable statement that is meant for mushy headed devotees in the West. Please note very little of our Vedas ,Upanishads and Puranas talk about love!

      "Sri Sankara, the Advaita Kevala Jnani, was a great Bhakta of Lord Hari, Hara and Devi. Jnanadev of Alandi, another great Yogi-Jnani, was a Bhakta of Lord Krishna. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa worshipped Kaali and obtained Jnana through Swami Totapuri, his Advaita Guru. Gouranga Maha Prabhu (Lord Chaitanya) of Bengal was a fine Advaita-Vedantic scholar and yet he danced in the streets singing Hari's Names. It behoves therefore that Bhakti and Jnana can be combined with much advantage."

      This is a fatal flaw of the bhakti philosophy. Instead of spending time singing praises of Rama and Krishna,isnt it better to EMULATE Rama and Krishna and examining their practices with regard to penance and tantra. As far as bhakti goes, it can be useful in chanting mantras associated with the dieties of Rama and Krishna. But make no mistake , BHAKTI SHOULD BE STRICTLY SECONDARY TO KARMA AND JNANA YOGA WHEN IT COMES TO PENANCE.

      Action, emotion and intelligence are the three horses that are linked to this body-chariot. They should work in perfect harmony or unison. Then only the chariot will run smoothly. There must be integral development. You must have the head of Sankara, the heart of Buddha and the hand of Janaka. Vedanta without devotion is quite dry. Jnana without Bhakti is not perfect. How can one, who has realised his oneness with Atman remain without serving the world which is Atman only? Devotion is not divorced from Jnana but Jnana is rather exceedingly helpful to its perfect attainment."

      A person who has attained Atman has by definition become one by Atman. If Vedanta is dry then I don't see the issue, that is upto the practitioner as it depends from person to person.
      Jnana is not just "Exceedingly helpful" for the practitioner. Without jnana you are just a blind man wandering in the desert in search of an ill defined destination. That is how I look at practioners who view bhakti yoga as paramount.

      A guy who uses statements like "head of Shankara, heart of Buddha, hand of Janaka" has no idea what he is talking about. Adi Shankara actually got the five elements wrong and this was the basis of defeat by a Malla king in Nepal. Buddha's compassion was greatly overstated. He killed an elephant which was terrifying a village.He consumed pork and beef. He supported his Sakya tribal confederation against their rival Licchavi when war was brewing.
      Please note all of these was AFTER he became the Buddha.

      Janaka was known not so much for action but the teacher of Ashtavakra and Yajnavalkya and is practically the godfather of the Upanishads.

      I would advise you not to waste any more time on this Sivananada fellow.

    9. I agree with all the flaws of Sivananda you pointed out.I am not a follower or fan of Sivananda :) I just shared the link so that you might give your opinion on his passage,and your analysis,I must say,is deep and perceptive.

      "isnt it better to EMULATE Rama and Krishna and examining their practices with regard to penance and tantra"

      Actually Bhakti yoga is far above singing praises of your beloved deity.Singing praises or "Kirtana" as we call it in India,is not Bhakti.ISKCON guys will get angry at me for saying this :) but I stand firmly by my point.Swami Vivekananda had advised people to take part in Kirtana with little caution,because the level of elation that you get in Kirtana is short-lived and falls soon from the high altitude that it had reached.This sudden fall may cause you to search for alternate forms of pleasure like sex,drugs etc just to relive the ecstacy in Kirtana.But wait again I am digressing :) If you can repeat the mantra of your Guru with perfect concentration for hours everyday,then you are on your way to becoming a bhakti Yogi.This form of intense meditation on the mantra will lead you to Kumbhaka state for long durations everyday,which will ultimately awaken your Kundalini and lead your consciousness to Ajna CHakra.When you can do such form of penance with your mantra as a tool,you will automatically acquire the qualities of Rama or Krishna or whatever deity you are worshipping through the mantra given by your Guru.I can say this with firm conviction that mere chanting the name of God for a few minutes or going to the temple everyday is not Bhakti YOGA.It is just the basic manifestation of Bhakti at best.But Bhakti yoga path is considered incomplete with respect to the other yoga paths,because Bhakti yogis do not want to lose the duality of Ajna CHakra to merge into the singularity of Sahashrar.This is why I believe Bhakti need not be secondary to Karma and Gnana paths.However Bhakti is all-pervasive in its helpful nature for yogis.So the cultivation of Bhakti will only help you and not deter you from your path.Remember that it is just plain impossible to gain enlightenment by following one form of yoga in our present Kali yuga,and if my path is solely Gnana or Karma yoga,then I must prepare myself for several rebirths before I can make any progress.Sri Ramakrishna started his sadhana through Tantra but was forced to love God after seeing the infinite beauty and bliss.That is why after gaining enlightenment he used to say that all paths and all yogas lead us to the same ocean.I think this is what Sivananda wanted to say.But he wrote it in a very funny way as you have pointed out.His writing would have been much better had he borrowed the concepts from Sri Ramakrishna's discourses.If you make real progress through Gnana Yoga and Karma Yoga,then at one point of time you will be forced to have Bhakti for the ParaBrahman after realising the indescribable beauty.If this doesnot happen then you have not yet progressed in Gnana yoga to that level.

      "Jnana is not just "Exceedingly helpful" for the practitioner. Without jnana you are just a blind man wandering in the desert in search of an ill defined destination.That is how I look at practioners who view bhakti yoga as paramount."

      As I already explained before Bhakti will never make you a blind man wandering in the desert.The destination is not ill-defined,it is the ambition of gaining the most blissful duality with the Ananda aspect of God in the Jyoti-Samudra.I am again repeating that no single path of yoga can be self-sufficient in Kali yuga atleast.It is not the drawback of the yoga path but the hurdle of this age.

    10. Here I am giving you the discourse of Sri Ramakrishna on the topic we are discussing :)

      Sri Ramakrishna: "Yes, one may reach Him by following the path of discrimination too: that is called jnanayoga. But it is an extremely difficult path. I have told you already of the seven planes of consciousness. On reaching the seventh plane the mind goes into samadhi. If a man acquires the firm knowledge that Brahman alone is real and the world illusory, then his mind merges in samadhi. But in the Kaliyuga the life of a man depends entirely on food. How can he have the consciousness that Brahman alone is real and the world illusory? In the Kaliyuga it is difficult to have the feeling, 'I am not the body, I am not the mind, I am not the twenty-four cosmic principles; I am beyond pleasure and pain, I am above disease and grief, old age and death.' However you may reason and argue, the feeling that the body is identical with the soul will somehow crop up from an unexpected quarter. You may cut a peepal-tree to the ground and think it is dead to its very root, but the next morning you will find a new sprout shooting up from the dead stump. One cannot get rid of this identification with the body; therefore the path of bhakti is best for the people of the Kaliyuga. It is an easy path.
      "And, 'I don't want to become sugar; I want to eat it.' I never feel like saving, 'I am Brahman.' I say, 'Thou art my Lord and I am Thy servant.' It is better to make the mind go up and down between the fifth and sixth planes, like a boat racing between two points. I don't want to go beyond the sixth plane and keep my mind a long time in the seventh. My desire is to sing the name and glories of God. It is very good to look on God as the Master and oneself as His servant. Further, you see, people speak of the waves as belonging to the Ganges; but no one says that the Ganges belongs to the waves. The feeling, 'I am He', is not wholesome. A man who entertains such an idea, while looking on his body as the Self, causes himself great harm. He cannot go forward in spiritual life; he drags himself down. He deceives himself as well as others. He cannot understand his own state of mind.
      "But it isn't any and every kind of bhakti that enables one to realize God. One cannot realize God without prema-bhakti. Another name for prema-bhakti is raga-bhakti. (Supreme love, which makes one attached only to God.) God cannot be realized without love and longing. Unless one has learnt to love God, one cannot realize Him.
      "There is another kind of bhakti, known as vaidhi-bhakti, according to which one must repeat the name of God a fixed number of times, fast, make pilgrimages, worship

      God with prescribed offerings, make so many sacrifices, and so forth and so on. By continuing such practices a long time one gradually acquires raga-bhakti. God cannot be realized until one has raga-bhakti. One must love God. In order to realize God one must be completely free from worldliness and direct all of one's mind to Him.e of God?
      "But some acquire raga-bhakti directly. It is innate in them. They have it from their very childhood. Even at an early age they weep for God. An instance of such bhakti is to be found in Prahlada. Vaidhi-bhakti is like moving a fan to make a breeze. One needs the fan to make the breeze. Similarly, one practises japa, austerity, and fasting, in order to acquire love of God. But the fan is set aside when the southern breeze blows of itself. Such actions as japa and austerity drop away when one spontaneously feels love and attachment for God. Who, indeed, will perform the ceremonies enjoined in the scriptures, when mad with love of God?

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.


      This second part is specially significant for our discussions :

      "Is bhakti alone sufficient for the attainment of God, for His vision?"
      Sri Ramakrishna: "Yes, one can see God through bhakti alone. But it must be 'ripe' bhakti, prema-bhakti and raga-bhakti. When one has that bhakti, one loves God even as the mother loves the child, the child the mother, or the wife the husband.
      "When one has such love and attachment for God, one doesn't feel the attraction of maya to wife, children, relatives, and friends. One retains only compassion for them. To such a man the world appears a strange land, a place where he has merely to perform his duties. It is like a man's having his real home in the country, but coming to Calcutta for work; he has to rent a house in Calcutta for the sake of his duties. When one develops love of God, one completely gets rid of one's attachment to the world and worldly wisdom.
      "One cannot see God if one has even the slightest trace of worldliness. Match-sticks, if damp, won't strike fire though you rub a thousand of them against the match-box. You only waste a heap of sticks. The mind soaked in worldliness is such a damp match-stick. Once Sri Radha said to her friends that she saw Krishna everywhere - both within and without. The friends answered: 'Why, we don't see Him at all. Are you delirious?' Radha said, 'Friends, paint your eves with the collyrium of divine love, and then you will see Him.'

      Now you will probably understand why I said Sivananda could have said it in a much better way by borrowing Sri Ramakrishna's words without the "Sankara Head Janaka heart or whatever " comedy :) Sri Ramakrishna has clearly pointed out the inherent problem of following the path of Gnana Yoga in Kali yuga.I was trying to tell this to you all the time :) You just can't follow Gnana or Karma yoga solely to gain enlightenment in this age.But on the other hand Bhakti yoga can lead you to enlightenment.But then also there is a controversy,i.e, the intense Japa meditation of Bhakti yoga is a tool of Rajayoga.So ulimately you will have to merge multiple yoga paths to reach the Sahashrar.Bhakti yogis,however,usually stop at Ajna chakra level of consciousness.But that depend on the nature of the bhakti yogi on whether he wants duality or singularity.When you reach the level of singularity,Bhakti,Gnana,Karma,Rajayoga etc. all become the harmonious expressions of the same.This is the level where you experience the real meaning of Advaita and dvaita and perceive their common base.

    13. "Please note very little of our Vedas ,Upanishads and Puranas talk about love!"

      Probably they do not directly talk about love,but I thought that the hymns addressed to the various deities in Veda were expressions of Bhakti.What is the fundamental difference between chanting the hymns dedicated to gods in vedas and the singing of praises in Bhakti marg?I am not contradicting your opinion as I have very little knowledge about Vedas and their overall philosophy.I would like to know your point of view on this as you have a better level of knowledge and understanding on these topics than me .

    14. Actually I was crafting a post on this topic as mentioned in the response to Enigma.

      Just a brief summary of what Vedas appear to be :

      Vedas don't really contain political history but history of dieties. The little political history they do contain such as Battle of Ten Kings are only there to illustrate wars due to philosophical differences. There is strong circumstantial evidence to show that the losers of that battle went on to form the genesis of what was later to become Zoroastrianism

      Simply put, The
      Rg Veda provides the speech, the Sama Veda is the breath, the Yajur provides
      the verses for those building the altar etc, and the Atharva Veda provides
      some corrective actions in case the priests of the other Vedas make mistakes during the performance.
      It is mentioned in the Markandeya purana that during a havan , the four Vedas are associated with four directions.
      But Markandeya himself may not have cared too much for the havans as they were supposed to be performed ie with animal sacrifices especially horse and the cow to understand the sun and the moon as the two animals are respectively with those two bodies. Markandeya was after all the guy who created the diety of Durga which basically a more vegetarian and proper version of Kali which was associated with sage Bhairava. It is significant that Markandeya was a proper Rishi associated with kings and polite society while Bhairava was our stereotypical tantric haunting cremation grounds and dressed weirdly if he was dressed at all!
      Those kings who specialized in tracking the internal Sun(heating, power, aggression) in their body in these havans were Suryavanshis and similarly the ones who dealt with the moon(cooling, nurturing) were of course Chandravanshi. This doesn't mean Suryavanshi were cruel brutes and Chandravanshis were peaceful Both strived for a balance between the two tendencies as Kshatriya warriors must but simply that each dynasty specialized in its choice of internal planets and its effect on the rest of the dieties

    15. Thanks for your reply YSV .You should be crafting out more posts on your blog,because you have the depth of knowledge and presentation style :)

  33. YSV I visited website.It is really good one.While I do not agree with his supportive stance in favour of Raja Rammohan Roy for criticising idolatry(here I believe Rammohan Roy was straight anti-Hindu),but whatever else I read or glanced till now in his website is very well written .Thanks for sharing the link YSV.

    1. Im glad you find a useful resource. Everyday from that site I learn new things such as that a guy called Vijay Vora was the worlds richest merchant circa 1670 and used to routinely lend money to the East India Company. Presumably he had no idea what they were up to.

      Of course I like you, I don't agree 100% with him. He is proud of his Hindu civilization background but he is an atheist and is not a believer in any diety. He may also be open to 9/11 conspiracy theories and he is far more harsh on BJP/RSS than they deserve
      As of now , I am debating with him about the Arya Samaj and Dayananda Saraswati. If you are interested, you can find it here (go down to comments section)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. At first sight it may seem that he is harsh on RSS(I read his post).I am a great fan and supporter of RSS as an organization.I acknowledge and praise openly the social contribution of RSS.Having said that,I also know that RSS as an organization,just like the Communist Party,did not take part in our freedom struggle.Individual Swayamsevaks,under the passion of patriotism,might have taken part in Gandhian and revolutionary activities,but RSS as an organization didnot play a role.They kept themselves away because they considered themselves to be primarily a social organization.But I will never criticise RSS for this,because open announcement of your stance is better than laying a hidden backside plank :) .I consider this openness from RSS to be an act of honesty.Atleast Mr Sabhlok is speaking the plain truth here.It is better than Capt claiming that RSS had played a major role in independence :)

    4. YSV I was reading some more posts on this site.I have to agree now with your statement :" and he is far more harsh on BJP/RSS than they deserve".First of all ,he confuses RSS with other religious outfits like VHP.He didnot even care to have a deeper study on RSS.This was the first impression I got.I put my comments both in the RSS post and in the idol worship post where you are debating.But I am sceptical about the moderation policy,as I didnot have a good experience with moderation afterall :) .While you can follow him for his political and economic views which is quite good,his theological analysis and views on spiritual topics is just biased,to say the least.When I first praised the website,I actually didnot visit some other posts.I admit I shouldnot have doled out a rash praise :) ,but still many of his nonreligious posts are can check my comments if you like .I support your stance in the idol worship post :

    5. To be sure , he is not all religious and he is quite hostile to the Hindu nationalist movement as he is atheist. He values his Hindu heritage for its notions of liberty, ethics and culture.

      For me he is wrong about the RSS/BJP etc more often that he is right(and he makes some good points when he is right) . But then again RSS/BJP are COMPLETELY WRONG on the economy and governance and their ideas of Hindu economics. So it goes both ways

      I am also not a fan of his comment moderation policy. What sense does it make for a free speech advocate to have restricted comments. But then I thought he is the same age as Vadakayil, maybe all these old guys are more sensitive to criticism than others LOL. Though admittedly Sabhlok does entertain posters who are very critical of him and his views unlike Vadakayil!

  34. He also things he is the strongest person on the planet....come to Haryana(No Offence for anyone) and we will show u:)

    1. Amit whatever he claims about himself in his blog is his personal authority I guess :) But what pains me is the fact that he creates completely wrong theories from his imagination (which he calls his own powerful perception)on issues like religion,well-known personalities etc. and people are just blindly endorsing or rather spreading whatever he says.He has created an over-hyped Zionist lobby who is the enemy of the world and he is the sole fighter against them.He forgets that even the Google that he uses is owned and controlled to a large extent by Jews :) While Zionism might subtly exist,it is not as pervasive as the Capt wants you to think :)

    2. YSV you might have been surprised to see how I had originally supported Capt with my Jeck Joy profile and subsequently changed my stance.Firstly I discovered after debating with you that some of the theories where I supported Capt were actually overstretched far beyond their realistic level.But the real change was actually triggered inside me after I came in contact with the bizzarre theories being propagated by Capt and his followers like fake Radha,Kalidasa didnot exist,UttarKand of Ramayan was added by Rothschilds,and obviously the most hilarious of them all,i.e,Aghoris are a Rothschild creation :D .There are many others like this.But the greatest and noblest among these claims is that according to Capt Vivekananda didnot understand the idea of Advaita philosophy and the last person to understand advaita was Adi Shankaracharya,which automatically makes Capt the only person on earth to understand Advaita philosophy after Shankaracharya :) Bad luck Swami Vivekananda,may your soul rest in peace.I had actually challenged Capt on this issue,and given him the link to Swami Vivekananda's advaita Vedanta book,along with links from The Complete Works of Vivekananda.Ofcourse he would not publish my comments :) I will not claim that Capt has borrowed his analysis from Vivekananda,but whatever Capt wrote about Advaita was nothing new or better than what Vivekananda had written.So I have come to my assumption that Capt didnot read Vivekananda's philosophy before writing the blog.One can obviously criticise Vivekananda with good points,as you have done and I tried to defend.Whatever you wrote in criticism of Vivekananda had solid base,and such criticisms are actually healthy for the other person to widen his/her mind.I had participated in the debates on both of these threads to understand how Capt has managed such a high level of fanfollowing :) So I had wholeheartedly tried to draw the Capt supporters to a logical argument,and most of them,barring a handful of openminded and knowledgeable persons like SIGNOR or TRUTHUNVEILED2014,actually do not go beyond Capt's blog,I must say.What is more pathetic is that they just copy-paste whatever logic Capt furnishes in his blog,without a second thought.These are the same group of people who mindlessly spread the incredible spam posts on social media,without checking the facts on the net,as most of such posts are photoshopped .Ofcourse it is not my problem,but I will always criticise Capt openly for spreading false propaganda.Similarly I have praised him and will continue doing so for whatever good and noble thing comes from him.But I have stopped following Capt blog only because I think it will narrow down my own perception .

  35. YSV I have seen from your previous comments that you have a clear conception of economic policies.So I would like to know your views on Gandhian economics and its viability in the present day scenario.

    1. Regarding Gandhian "economics" Sabhlok has the best take on it as he studied it comprehensively. He has an ebook on the right side of his webpage(Gandhi: Marxian Luddite) and sees him as thoroughly ignorant and ill informed on any economic issue.

      I will briefly summarize what Sabhlok has already said plus add my own masala ;-)
      Gandhi was living in a complete fantasy world. He did not understand incentives and creation of wealth for starters. If no one understands these two basic concepts then forget about comprehending even rudimentary economics. I would say a humble illiterate farmer in say a BIMARU state understands economics better than Gandhi.
      For one thing he wouldn't be against using a tractor which Gandhi was due to his anti technology views. And furthermore the farmer would know better than to place cows at the center of his life!

      Gandhi was a utopian and like all utopian his views were likely to create tremendous hardships for if they were to put into practice.

      Let us thank god they weren't!

    2. Thanks for the reply.I always thought that Gandhian economics is highly impractical in present age.Nehru had completely sidelined Gandhian philosophy in his economic planning after independence.Here atleast we can praise him for his farsightedness,considering the fact that he was inclined to Gandhian thought.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. The background looks good YSV :) Now it looks like a real blog :) Don't get me wrong,the previous style was more like an academic thesis discussion webpage.And ofcourse we expect you to be more regular in blogging :D because your writing style is elegant and unbiased .

    1. I feel that darker text on a lighter background is more comfortable for the eyes. Just my opinion!

    2. Thank you to both for the comments. Both have a point. The earlier white background looked very plain but OTOH as Anu noted, reading this new backdrop over time can be slightly more stressful. I will continue to tinker until I find the balance between readability and tasteful design.

  37. Any historical or mythological personality that doesn't appeal to the capt. is being branded as fake or as R-creation. Since atheism does not appeal to him, he says that carvaka philosphy is R-creation. He criticizes the local deities of all states except Kerala and says that they are all R-created. (Why this obsession with Rothschild?) But according to him, Lord Ayyappa is the 9th Avatar of Vishnu and his followers are being ordered to post on PM's, Swamy's, Smriti Irani's social sites to declare Ayyappa as a Vishnu Avatar.

    1. Capt is just too much obsessed with Kerala even to the point of self-contradiction and desperation.No offence to my Keralite brothers and sisters,as I have deep respect and admiration for Kerala.I believe it is the one of the most gifted states of India and far ahead of my own state(Bengal) in almost all respects :),altough both of these states had allowed long phases of communist rule in the past.But every well-known or ill-famed Keralite according to him is an epitome of righteousness and even the guilty ones are actually being wrongly framed by Rothschilds.I felt his undue bias in his VK Krishna Menon analysis.He has been advocating for quite sometime that Lord Ayappa is the 9th avatar of Vishnu.Now I can claim whatever I like in my own blog but why should others blindly copy-paste my views everywhere without a second thought?I believe it is not possible for any force in the world,rothschilds,bilderberg or whatever else,to erase the and rewrite the history of an Avatar of Vishnu.Capt never takes logical counter questions in his blog.So all we can get from his blog is constant carpet bombing of his own imaginary ideas and hoards of supportive comments and praises.But here I will also have to admit that some of the articles he has written is really good and commendable.But as YSV puts it,that does not automatically qualify him to be correct in all cases.

    2. If Rothschild indeed created all the dieties, texts,scriptures, rituals not to mention sexy sculptures as per the captain claims and seamlessly inserted the same in our culture without our realization, then I say Rothshilds are even greater Vedic scholars than say Shankaracharya!

      They are a people of unparalleled genius if even we assume them to be of Asuric bent. Please keep in mind Asuras than Devas were sometimes more popular with the common people because of their awesome might!

      I personally don't have any issue with Ayyappa being Vishnus avatar. As I understand the compilers of the Vishnu and Bhagvata Purana would jealously guard the insertion of an individual or diety into the Vishnu dashavataram because of political as well as philosophical biases.
      I would argue that Parasurama was a net destructive force in ancient Indian politics and religion the chaturvana leaning Brahmin compiler of the Puranas included him only because he was a Brahmin.
      And later Parasurama was defeated by Rama. What an absurdity of one avatar defeating his predecessor. This just means that the power and philosophical basis of the Parasuramic cult is null and void and yet he is still there as an avatar
      But the captain LOVES Parasurama because he is associated with Kerala. In the same vein the captain bemoans the Nambuthiris and their tyranny. Sometimes I wonder if the captains brain is capable of connecting any dots that don't involve Rothschilds.
      It is because of Parasurama and his ideas of Brahmin supremacism that gave rise to Nambuthiri. Indeed Parasurama is the godfather of the cruel castism of Kerala which Swami Vivekananda aptly described as a madhouse.
      IMO a much better candidate for Vishnu avatar would be Agastya. For reviving Vedic culture in the South and raising Tamil civilization to its highest glory.

    3. His defence of Krishna Menon was comical. Krishna Menon was great at one thing-brandishing his anti Western credentials which endeared him to the captain.
      I would say that one cant really blame Krishna Menon for losing the China war as it is really Nehru who blundered and Menon was just following his idiotic lead.
      That said there is no reason to doubt the competence of Cariappa or Thimayya, the famouse Coorgi generals. He also took this opportunity to comment on the Coorgis unusual culture and appearance. A cheap underhanded way of saying they are foreigners! He does this more explicitly with Chtipavan Brahmins(they are secret Jews apparently). The more obvious answer is that Chitpavans are most likely descended from Sindh/Afghanistan hence their fairer skin, green eyes etc. And who is their guessed it Parasuram. So basically all the communities the captain hates worship and emulate(intrusion of Brahmins in politics which is adharma) Parasuram which the captain loves.

      I would point it this out to him but he would just respond that I am paid by the Zionists to embarrass him!

    4. Yes your are right we cannot blame Krishna Menon for the debacle and I have not tried to do so.However as you have written Krishna Menon has been hyped way beyond realistic levels.I guess it has something to do with Capt's love for Kerala.

    5. "If Rothschild indeed created all the dieties, texts,scriptures, rituals not to mention sexy sculptures as per the captain claims and seamlessly inserted the same in our culture without our realization, then I say Rothshilds are even greater Vedic scholars than say Shankaracharya!"

      YSV this is the exact thing that came into my mind when I read his post named " kalidasa didnot exist" or something like this :) .You will find my comment in that post.Here he had published my comment but he did not answer my questions.I don't know whether the comment is still there or not.

      I was also reading an article some days back which analysed this avatara issue.Parasurama can be replaced by Agastya by bringing Rama and Krishna after Vamana and Agastya as the 8th avatar.I agree with your viewpoint that Agastya is a valid candidate for this.But actually in the pure technical sense Agastya is not a Vishnu avatar if you are to consider ancient literature.On the other hand,Buddha was theoritically born in the same dynasty in which Rama incarnated.Though I am not sure whether it was possible to strictly protect the dynastic lines through thousands of years.But still I am taking the info at face value only without considering any possible anomaly or contradiction,otherwise it will spark off an endless cycle of debates and counter-arguments on different aspects of Indian mythology.Now I believe a Vishnu Avatar's name is not confined to a particular region within India and his reference as an "avatar of Vishnu" cannot remain unrecorded.By that logic I am eliminating Lord Ayappa and Agastya.On the other hand the philosophy of Buddhism has thrived through the ages and has become a major religion in the present world.infact it is the fourth largest religion of the world at present.At present Buddhism is considered separate from Hinduism but Lord Buddha himself was a Hindu.I admit that my logic is simple and it might be flawed.Vishnu avataras incarnate to save the world from tyranny and Adharma.Buddhism had given solace to millions in the past from the social injustice that was prevalent at that time.It is said that probably the soaring popularity of Buddha forced the Brahmanas to include him into the fold of Hinduism by considering him as a Vishnu Avatar.So we can say that the Buddha avatar projection had political considerations also.But then we must have to identify the 9th avatar who existed before Buddha came.If there was no one,then there is no harm in considering Buddha as the chosen one,because of his accomplishments.So if Buddha is not the 9th avatara of Vishnu,then my guess is that the 9th avatara is yet to incarnate.As for Capt logic on avataras,I think the sole fault of Buddha is that he could not be related to Kerala in any significant way :)

  38. Yes, he also supports Sreesanth only because he's a Keralite. Some of his articles may be good but he makes ridiculous claims and he's fond of blowing his own trumpet. He says that he's the first one to discover papaya leaf remedy for chikungunya and only after reading his blog, did the TN govt. put ads in the newspaper about this remedy. (Is he a researcher??? ) Also he says that he was the first one on the Internet to write against Anna Hazare whereas I had come across several RW blogs who had criticized the Anna Movement before he wrote that post. Any blogger who has written an article against Mother Theresa, according to him copies from his blog whereas he himself has heavily borrowed from Christopher Hitchens book/article without giving due credit in his Mother Theresa article.

    1. Capt followers just choose to remain blind about his fake claims.Very very little of what he writes is actually his own creation.When you choose to remain blind no one can make you realise.This is the condition of Capt supporters.Not a single one of them could counter YSV logically in his "Ajit Vadakayil:What is he?" post of july 2014.One of them,probably ENIGMA ,has even proclaimed that some of Capt's claims are bullshit and yet he is willing to follow him!ENIGMA's comments are probably in this post as far as I can remember.Following is never a problem.The problem arises when it comes to uncritical acceptance.You will find some hilarious self-contradictions of Capt's claims in that post of YSV :) Actually I used to follow Capt's blogs with interest before I came in contact with some of his visions about history and other topics :) He has made an earnest effort to malign RN Tagore and Swami Vivekananda through his blog.On the other hand,he is very much supportive about Swami Nithyananda,Osho etc.His overall stance within Kerala changes 180 degree from his position outside Kerala,may be it is some form of multi-dimensional super consciousness :) .Here I am making a prediction of an event which will unfold in the near future,i.e,Capt will dismantle Swami Vivekananda completely and reveal the latter's hidden New World Order agenda :) and on the other hand,Swami Nithyananda and Shreesanth will be portrayed as our lone saviour from the wrath of the Rothschilds/Illuminati/Bilderberg which is engulfing the nation :)

    2. I never understood how anyone with a straight face could support Osho, he of a hundred Rolls Royces. It is these types of money grubbing gurus who give Hinduism a bad name in the West. There was a woman associated with his ashram in Oregon who went as far as to poison some buffets in local restaurants because the Feds cracked down on them.

      Thanks a great deal to Osho and his followers to wrecking the image of Indians in the West!

  39. Hi JAM,
    Its been a while I visited this page.I read your comments. I must admit I like the way you make discussion cordial and relaxed unlike YSV who has absolutely no regret to abuse when confronted. You should notice , I clearly mentioned in my earlier replies to YSV that I did not land up here to support Captn. I found his offensive language in other blogs too disrespectful to anyone which prompted me to write against him. But Ysv will defend himself saying that he turned aggressive only as a last resort. bullshit!
    I hope you are perceptive enough to understand what I wrote in one of my replies to ysv.. for ex:

    "When I said you post abusive comments in Justice's blog , I meant you were just another wayward dumbass lacking decency.Thats all. It does not mean I support Capt... I dont care about Capt's views on many of his wild claims and I choose to follow the things of my interest."

    Yet you go on to claim ' Enigma proclaimed that some of Capt's claims are bullshit and yet he is willing to follow him'. Is this how you interpret! You are absolutely wrong. Are you trying to prove JAM / JACK or whtever is the only person on this planet who can clearly interpret Captain's blogs and those who even remotely agree with some of his views are brainwashed zombies incapable of independent opinion??! I can smell Ysv's sarcasm in your comments. Anyway I am not interested in changing your opinion on me . But if I were you I would certainly not brand anyone as Vadakayil bootlickers if I meet someone like Enigma in this case.I personally dont like this Ysv for obvious reasons & I would be most happy to continue discussion with you provided you dont try to ape ysv.

    I dont subscribe to Captn's version of Swami Vivekananda and Tagore.His allegation of Tagore's opium smuggling background is too far fetched. I dont understand your obsession with Sreesanth. As far as I can see Captn emphasis was on revoking MOCOA act which was misused in case of sreesanth. There is no evidence till date that directly connects Sreesanth to underworld betting racket. Apart from Towel act, some mute videos Delhi police could not provide sufficient evidence to implicate him. So I think there is nothing wrong in being skeptical about Sreeshanth's innocence. I can only laugh at your ignorance if you say sarcatically that Shreesanth will be portrayed by Captain as our lone saviour from the wrath of the Rothschilds.

    1. Enigma thanks for your constructive criticism.Probably we are having a misunderstanding here.I didnot target the comment of yours that you are mentioning.The comment I have referred to is this one :

      "EnigmaMay 20, 2014 at 6:44 AM
      Hi Ysv_rao,
      Before calling others lickspittle please keep in mind that every reader has his own perception and taste.Just because I wrote something in favour of Capt. doesnt make me his ardent follower.I dont care what Capt. thinks about Jews,flying machines and all that stuff which given a chance you would love to ridicule.What Cpat. thinks could all be wrong. I respect him for his efforts in exhuming truth in certain aspects of Vedic concepts,caste system in India,British rule and current politics. And I dont care if he plagiarizes his blog contents,I would still love to follow him as long as I gain something good from his articles.Put aside his conspiracy theories, superficial thoughts related to history, have a look at his articles on Vedic concepts,Surya namaskara,Agni hotra. Its clear from his blogs that he is a proud Indian with strong motive to bring change in society which has been a victim of constant bullying by people with vested interest.I dont have problem in following your beloved 'Deranged lunatic' because I respect his motto. Your verbal rant will be futile.You seem to be pissed off with India and its clear from your recent blog:"Indians are damn fools: The first in a series".Quite an impressive write up though."

      In the first part you are saying "I dont care what Capt. thinks about...." and later you go on to say "And I dont care if he plagiarizes his blog contents..."(I am not quoting the full sentences as I have already quoted your whole comment).I sincerely apologise for making a harsh observation on your comment,but probably you have understood the point I am trying to make.I am really happy to know that you don't believe the lies of Capt on Tagore and Vivekananda,because most of his followers will believe whatever shit he says.This shows your openmindedness.I look forward to your viewpoints on different topics that YSV and I have been discussing,or any other topic of your liking.I am not obsessed with Shreesanth,I do not even care to know what happens to him.This is not out of my contempt for Shreesanth,but for the fact that I have lost interest in cricket ever since Rahul Dravid retired :) .You probably didnot notice that I was not the first person to bring Shreesanth into the discussion.I mentioned Shreesanth in my reply to Anu's comment.Perhaps I couldnot convey clearly the larger point I was trying to make in my last comment,i.e,the obsession of Capt to glorify everything that is related to Kerala.Loving your own state is a great thing but don't you think Capt stretches his love for Kerala to the point of hypocrisy?Anyway I am not even interested with what Capt loves.What actually forced me to criticise him are the blatant lies and ignorance in his blogposts on topics where I do have some knowledge.He doesnot take a logical counterquestion,however politely you may present it.I know this from my own experience.I think this shows his weakness when it comes to defence of the theories he propagates.A person who is confident should never duck a counterquestion.

    2. I was actually busy with other things plus preparing a couple of posts on Indian women, the strange diety of Bharatmata and the Vedas(to address Jams query) so I couldn't attend to the blog.

      What brought me back mostly is this usual nonsense by Enigma which has to be addressed.
      Firstly I never said that you abused me. The reason I started abusing you is because I believe you are either dishonest or stupid for continuing to support the captain despite all the evidence available to testify to his unbalanced views.

      Maybe you Enigma can like Jam separate the wheat from the chaff with regards to the captains posts. But I have to disagree with Jam, if you ditch all the conspiracy theories ,hyper patriotism, hatred and crackpot history, it is ditching the meat on the steak and chewing on the bone only.

      I honestly believe he is getting senile as he is getting along in age. A few weeks ago he started posted a movie review about The Quick and The Dead which wasn't a final draft. No biggie there. But most of the post wasn't a review at all , it was his usually Kerala is the best, Zionists are the worst, the cow is our mother type of rubbish and abruptly ended the post saying the review post will be updated later(there was no movie review in the post)
      This is the equivalent of going to a movie theater to see say Dark Knight and you end up watching trailers upon trailers of romantic comedies and no movie.
      I noticed a sort of trend since he started blogging. While he still had some crank views in the beginning, he was still coherent and could be quite interesting . But I think the adulation of his bootlickers slowly went to his head and nowadays regurgitates any old slop and knows they will lap it up.
      The delusions of grandeur with this guy are just getting worse. He believes that Modi should pay attention to his blog and insists his readers spam Modis site with his comments(as the captain is probably banned)

      Congratulations Enigma, this is the guy who you look upto! Not to worry he will be more accessible soon during visiting hours in a mental asylum near Manipal if he keeps going at this rate.

    3. YSV I would like to have your views on my November 9, 2014 at 9:00 AM comment and our discussion in that thread :) Your opinion is unbiased well articulated on theological topics.

    4. "This is the equivalent of going to a movie theater to see say Dark Knight and you end up watching trailers upon trailers of romantic comedies and no movie."-

      A superb one YSV :) But jokes apart,I have also noticed what you have mentioned about his blogging trend .He has slowly changed his style from a rational blogger to a conspiracy theory propagator.I started doubting his viewpoints for the first time when I came in contact with his "STALIN was a jew ..." views.Now this view is propagated by neo nazi conspiracy blogs.I have been visiting conspiracy blogs and websites for the past 7 years ever since I had my own home internet connection :) Personally I do believe a few conspiracy theories might have substance in them.I had actually defended these handful of theories,which are also preached by Capt, in my first interaction with you on this blogpost.But I must admit that was a very childish attempt .But at that time I didnot come in contact with much of Capt's imaginary theories :) I humbly request Capt and his followers(whoever will read my post in this blog) not to spam Modi's sites,because in that case the relevant problems of people which could have been noticed by the PMO,would get suppressed with useless rantings of these Capt followers.

  40. In his latest post, capt. says that there was no animal sacrifice before the white christian invader came to India. I'd like to know JAM's and ysv_rao's views on this. Also what do you think of thes article from Agniveer.

    1. Damn I got a wrote a long response but it got swallowed up but I didn't sign in when I hit publish!
      Anyway I am going to have a response to this and other posts which were on the backburner over the weekend.
      I will just say this in the meantime: Both AVs Ajit Vadakayil and Agni Veer are imposing their biases on our traditions.

    2. Anu I must here categorically state that YSV is much more knowledgeable on topics of theology than I am.So YSV will be able to give a better answer to your questions.Yet as you have asked my opinion,I am putting it in words.Agniveer's Sita chastity topic has a few lines which I am quoting :

      " After all, there is no sensible way to explain what being fire-proof has to do with chastity of a woman. And if so, then all chaste woman should be fire-proof, which clearly is not the case. Because chastity does not convert your skin into asbestos. Further, what example is being set by such test in not clear. In fact by expecting such miracles to prove chastity of woman, generations have been misguided to denigrate women. Needless to say, this notion of chastity is blatantly against Vedas and Manu Smriti. "

      The above paragraph in the article is very important because the author has used this part as one of the arguments to establish his claim.But I think he is just wrong in his analysis.The vedas say that Agni is the immortal witness in this creation.Rig-veda has more hymns dedicated to Agni than any other deity.Now coming to the point,Sita undertook Agnipariksha because Agni is the impartial and eternal witness of Samsara.No deity on earth can be embodied without the Agni principle.If your are absolutely pure like Sita,who as the embodiment of feminine aspect of Godhead,then the divine energy of Agni will not hurt you,because Agni is the expression of divinity. "Because chastity does not convert your skin into asbestos"-This is a ridiculous statement,I must say.Agni had helped Sita retrieve herself from the condemnation of the society inflicted on her.I am now quoting Swami Vivekananda's views on Sita:

      "This glorious Sita, purer than purity itself, all patience, and all suffering. She who has suffered that life of suffering without a murmur, she the ever-chaste and ever-pure wife, she the ideal of the people, ideal of the gods, the great Sita, our national God, she must always remain."

      "‘You may exhaust the literature of the world that is past, and … future, before finding another Sita. Sita is unique; that character was depicted once and for all.

      There may have been several Ramas, perhaps, but never more than one Sita! She is the very type of the true Indian woman, for all the Indian ideals of a perfected woman have grown out of that one life of Sita"

      Now if we remove the UttarKand of Ramayana according to the suggestions of Capt,I think we will just denigrate Sita from God to a mortal human consort of Rama.I believe it is the Uttarkand of Ramayan that brings out the divinity of Sita.Anyway one can always argue the literary and historical authenticity of the UttarKand of Ramayan through some valid logical deductions,but claiming that Uttarkand was a Rothschild injection is rabble-rousing in the most polite expression.If the Rothschilds had indeed created Uttarkand,then all that they could achieve was the glorification of Sita as the divine consort of Maryada-Purushottam Rama.

    3. Again I am quoting Swami Vivekananda on the aspect of meat eating.YSV,Anu I think borrowing from "The Complete Works of Vivekananda" is a better proposition than the copying of Capt's statements and spamming important websites with them.WHat's your opinion by the way :) ?

      "About vegetarian diet I have to say this - first, my Master was a vegetarian; but if he was given meat offered to the Goddess, he used to hold it up to his head. The
      taking of life is undoubtedly sinful; but so long as vegetable food is not made suitable to the human system through progress in chemistry, there is no other alternative but meat-eating. So long as man shall have to live a Rajasika (active) life under circumstances like the present, there is no other way except through meat-eating. It is true that the Emperor Asoka saved the lives of millions of animals, by the threat of the sword; but is not the slavery of a thousand years more dreadful than that? Taking the life of a few goats as against the inability to protect the honour of one’s own wife and daughter, and to save the morsels for one’s children from robbing hands - which of these is more sinful? Rather let those belonging to the upper ten, who do not earn their livelihood by manual labour, not take meat; but the forcing of vegetarianism upon those who have to earn their bread by labouring day and night is one of the causes of the loss of our national freedom.
      Japan is an example of what good and nourishing food can do."

      "All liking for fish and meat disappears when pure Sattva is highly developed, and these are the signs of its manifestation in a soul: sacrifice of everything for others, perfect non-attachment to lust and wealth, want of pride and egotism. The desire for animal food goes when these things are seen in a man. And where such
      indications are absent, and yet you find men siding with the non­killing party, know it for a certainty that here there is either hypocrisy or a show of religion."

      Now in the Vedas and ancient literature,there are examples of animal sacrifice and meat/beef eating also.When people like Capt or Agniveer claim otherwise,you will
      find that a major chunk of their argument is based on the divine realisation that these parts are being wrongly interpreted or otherwise injected by others who wished to demean Sanatan Dharma.These people actually compartmentalise the depth of Hinduism into narrow perspectives.

    4. Thanks for sharing your views JAM.

    5. Agniveer may have his own biases and may be wrong in his analysis but it looks like this Vadakayil guy has lifted many ideas from Agniveer's site.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. In simple words,Capt PLAGIARISES.Capt supporters will most probably hurl abuses at me for saying this,but still it is the hard and painful truth.There is absolutely no problem if you borrows others' works in the net world unless they have explicitly notified against plagiarism,but still a disclaimer should be put somewhere in the article.The irony is whenever someone asks Capt the permission to reproduce his blogposts in other webpages,he is instantly reminded that Capt's name should be mentioned as the original author.However I am not a blind fanatic,so I will also not forget to mention that a significant part of Capt's posts reflect his own experience and knowledge.The problem is that he imagines many things and adds them to his theories to round up a conclusion.This imagination,according to him,is his perception.Just for example,if you visit his RN Tagore(A NOBEL PRIZE AND KNIGHTHOOD FOR TAGORE-AJIT VADAKAYIL) blogpost,you will see that he has claimed Tagore's "Where the mind is without fear" poem was actually written by W.B Yeats and REVERSE-ENGINEERED by Tagore in bengali.I posted a comment in response to this post where I had mentioned his inherent flaw with this point and all other points related to Tagore in the article.Obviously he didnot publish my comment as you have already guessed :) .Regarding the "reverse engineering of poem" imagination/perception of Capt,I gave him facts from hard reality that the original poem was written way back in 1901 and composed by Tagore in 1900,when Yeats and Tagore didn't even know each other.Today when I revisited his post,I found a he has added a line in his original article :

    "It is said that this small Bengali poem appeared in the volume Naivedya (July 1901)—all bull. This small poem first appeared as poem 35 in the English Gitanjali, published by the India Society, London, in 1912"

    This line above was not present when I first posted the unpublished comment in the blogpost.My guess is that some other Bengali readers like me have pointed out this stupid discrepancy in his Tagore-Yeats hypothesis in the meantime through their unpublished comments.Thus Capt was forced to edit his original post.SO ALL MY FRIENDS WHO ARE CAPT SUPPORTERS OUT THERE,THIS IS OUR BELOVED CAPT's HYPOCRISY .

    Ysv,Anu I suggest you read this particular post of Capt's.I believe it was originally written as a comedy piece by Capt,and later published as a serious post.After this if you are interested,then I would give here my moderated comment which I had written as my response to this post.I wrote this comment particularly for all the bigotic Capt supporters.Initially I was an admirer of Capt,but after I read a few other posts like this on his blog,which are full of personal bias and bigotry,I have stopped taking his views with seriousness.Conversely ofcourse,as YSV has already mentioned,Capt is not all wrong.His analysis of the recent "Rohtak Sisters" saga is spot-on correct.YSV a hearty thanks to you for giving a good unbiased platform for criticism :) The anti-Capt posts in twitter and other places I have seen do not give any constructive criticism for or against the Capt.

    1. I haven't read his Tagore's post. Will read it when I get the time. The capt. only writes controversial posts against great men or celebrities without any proof only to garner blog hits as ysv_rao has aptly pointed out. In some cases, he is right but in most cases he's wrong. As regards Rohtak sisters, he may have been right in his initial analysis, but his extreme misogynistic attitude, racism and hatred for other races and castes is something which puts me off. There are all kinds of people in the world and wickedness is not confined to a single race, gender or caste. Just to label all Jews or Christians or Chitpavan Brahmans as bad or to say that all women are bad is simply not right.

    2. Yes Anu you are right,actually Capt's correctness in the analysis of Rohtak Sisters incident does not shield or patch up his stark misogyny in any way.In the eyes of Capt,the world has two major groups of people,i.e,jews and non-jews,like Orcs and Men in Lord of the Rings novel :) .I still cannot believe that I had followed his blog seriously for such a long time.When it comes to racism and bigotry,no one can beat Capt.

  43. Hard to believe he can speak ill of Rothschild without any repercussions unless of course he is funded by them. Impossible to prove.

    1. Yes Mr Roy this is something which I had casually mentioned in one of my comments.Mr Vadakayil himself says that Rothschilds control the world,yet he freely spams the internet with his anti-Rothschild comments.This is something which seems very contradictory to me.I personally think Capt writes much of his articles in a casual frame of mind.It is the readers who have raised his blog to the level of serious cult following,as is evident from their comments.Some of what Capt writes is really good,but a substantial part of his claims and inferences need to be cross-checked before forming any opinion.By the way Mr Roy are you Bengali :) ?

  44. @ysv_rao A couple of years back you were a capt fan yourself posting comments concurring with his viewpoints in his blog. What exactly prompted you to take to the different view you have now..? Was there any post of his that was highly offensive to you ? Just a straight forward question..Hope abuses don't follow in the reply.

    1. @Naveen it is a reasonable question so I don't see why you anticipate abuse in my reply!

      As mentioned I first came across vadakayil in Koenraad Elst blog. Initially I didn't pay much attention to him as to be honest I had little idea what he was talking about.

      We actually joined forces so to speak when in early Jan 2013 I think , an unstable and frankly insane blogger called windwheel(actual name Vivek Iyer) threatened to kill me and the captain and his family.
      No matter what you think of the captain, that type of talk is not acceptable. So we retaliated against him jointly heaping further abuse on windwheel. Now you may see references to this on the blog (palmistry/simian lines) . comments
      at the time I just perused his blog . It was after reading a few more of his blog posts did I realize the extant of his bigotry and ignorance and xenophobia.
      Honestly he lied to me in the blog that he had nothing against Jewish individuals in general and when I confronted him in the comments with one of his more bigoted columns against the Jews, he didn't publish it and just refused to acknowledge.
      It was then I realized he was dishonest not just intellectually but also morally corrupt
      I had had enough so I decided to teach him a lesson.

  45. In this comment I would address some of the issues on Netaji that Capt is wrongly spreading through his blog.This need of using YSV's blog for an offtopic point
    wouldn't have arisen in the first place had Capt allowed free comment policy and published my comments there.Anyway the master of perception doesn't like it that way (also evident from his socialist leanings and patronage of Indira Gandhi,North Korea etc).Whatever I am writing is mainly for Bong readers who care for Netaji and also other Indians(I think Netaji is not a very popular person outside Bengal,considering the way his history has been neglected and suppressed by govt sponsored historians).
    For quite a few days Capt is propagating that Netaji had tried to meet Lal Bahadur Shastri for getting PM post of India after Nehru's death and at his funeral service,which the latter didn't allow and packed Netaji off.The sole USP of Capt on this theory is a video whose link he has given in his RABAUL post.That video shows a person similar to Netaji attending the funeral of Nehru.Now it has been proved that the person was Dhammavira,a monk from Tibet and not Netaji.Here was my unpublished comment in response to Rabaul post of Capt :

    Sir I read the whole post and the comment, I think a person named Ronin in the discussions above gave a valid argument on your analysis.Another thing is that the
    person shown in the video of Nehru's funeral is not Netaji.

    He was a monk named Dhammavira.It was a hoax.

    CIC has not allowed disclosure of Netaji's marriage files.So probably the conspiracy theorists are not totally shooting in the dark.Anyway I personally have no problems with the marriage of Netaji, but the refusal to disclose the related files is interesting.Stealing of the money of Azad Hind govt through Netaji's alleged wife should also be looked into while discussing Netaji's marriage.As you are a man of perception you should use your perception on these angles to the story.I am also providing another link to show how april-fooled we Indians can get.Here is the link :

    (end of comment posted on Capt's blog)

    In the above comment I had shown Capt that whatever proof he is furnishing of Netaji's presence is a hoax.Anyway as usual my point was thrown into the dustbin,as Capt still boasts of the video link :)
    Capt also claimed that Nambiar was a great patriot who was being wrongly framed when some British intelligence files revealed a few months back that he was a soviet spy.Now as ACN Nambiar is from Kerala,so Capt will not care for anything else and he will overlook any inconsistency(BTW he also claims that Bongs/Sikhs and all other groups do undue hero worship except Kerala!) Now to be frank,I won't trust a person who was once a close aide of Netaji,later cozies up to Nehru and gets a Soviet ambassadorship posting in return.Ofcourse to Capt the only thing worth judging is that Nambiar was a Keralite.

    1. I have uploaded the comments as you can see. I think the issue is from your side, the comments get duplicated(probably due to double clicking the publish button), so its dismissed as spam.

      Coming back to Netaji, it is not true at all that he is not unknown outside WB. He is very much admired amongst Tamils not just in India but also Sri Lanka and South East Asia.

      Even in my state, children are often named Subhas Chandra or Chandra Bose in his honor.

      I assume its a similar situation in UP , Bihar Delhi. Perhaps less so in Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Kerala(hmmmmm..). But this is anecdotal evidence.

    2. Captain can lay out interesting and relatively unknown facts pretty well but he ruins it by introducing Rothschild/British or Kerala angle when the narrative doesn't go the way he wishes.

      You can almost create a flowchart on how to correct his falsehoods!

    3. (Second part of my comment due to the 4096 limit :) )

      Now on Netaji's marriage issue,unlike many Bong fans of Netaji,I do believe that he could have married Emily.But here also the loopholes are too many.First is the fact that while Nehru wasn't interested in helping Netaji(Subramaniam Swamy is claiming that Nehru was indirectly involved in murder of Netaji.God knows what more info lies in the 90 secret files on netaji in PMO) ,he was very much eager to take good care of Netaji's wife and daughter(with no hard evidence as of now),and in return,they also remained blissfully ignorant of the fact that their family's headman was sabotaged by Nehru and the erstwhile Congress leadership! It is strange that the Govt of India is unwilling to disclose even the marriage and daughter related files of Netaji from the vaults of PMO.

      I grew sceptical about Capt's real intentions on Netaji,after I saw that he has tried to glorify Captain Mohan Singh unduely.While Mohan Singh had initially served Azad Hind Fauz with dedication,he later became rebellious and dictatorial when he started seeing the popularity of Netaji's leadership.However Netaji sidelined Mohan Singh without robbing him of his honour and dignity.Infact among the Indians in Malawa,it was a widespread notion that Mohan Singh was more Japanese and less Indian.But Capt has chosen to describe everything from another angle here.

    4. YSV you have shared a very good link ;) I am reading it now.Yeah I also agree with you that Capt can bring out unknown facts and create a good flow but the Rothschild spectre popping up at every cornet actually makes the posts more like a satire :)

    5. Hi JAM,
      There are some claims that a holy man named gunmani baba is none other than Netaji whose hand writing matched with Netaji's. There is very little info available about this baba. Do you agree with this theory?

    6. Greetings Enigma.

      I don't think Gumnami Baba was Netaji.If he was,he wouldn.t have been spared by Nehru and Britain for such a long time.However the possibility that he might have been a stooge implanted by either Netaji or other powers cannot be overruled here.
      Actually some researches show that Netaji was quite active politically and militarily even after his alleged and faked death in 1945.Netaji took the codename of "Taolin" and in his disguise as taolin,he helped Vietnam,North Korea and China against western aggression.He did this with the "Asian Liberation Army",whose history has been suppressed or outright rejected."Asian Liberation Army" was formed mainly by the alliance of Mongolian warlords.
      In 1972 when Bangladesh became independent,Mujibar Rahaman had cryptically said that Bangladesh gained independence because Netaji is immortal.He even sent a recording of a speech in his own voice to the Govt of West Bengal and also Govt of India where he had praised Netaji for all the help.The copy of that recording in Kolkata has been destroyed,and I am not sure about the one in Delhi.Now this is very interesting,when we know that the Indian army under the instruction of Indira Gandhi had actually fought Pakistan and weakened it.People who believe that Gumnami Baba was netaji,also say that Indian army commanders used to go secretly to Gumnami Baba for strategic advice on the Indo-Pak war of 1972.and Mujibar Rahaman might have meant this (Gumnami Baba's help)through his cryptic message.But again as I already said,I think Netaji wouldn't have been spared by the erstwhile international powers,had he opened himself up so easily.However I am not ruling out any possibility.
      Subramaniam Swamy is claiming that Netaji was killed in Soviet under the instruction of Nehru.Swamy might be true.but then again there's a loophole here.If Netaji had been killed by Stalin in 1950s,then it is a greater mystery why the current file status of Netaji in the Indian intel establishment was kept open till the late 90s(and possibly even now,we dont know for sure).Current status is usually kept open by an intel agency only when a person is alive and active.
      Some more twists were added recently when the news of govt espionage on Netaji's family members for a long time after independence was leaked by the media.
      Everything that I have written is speculative.All the secret lies in the 90 files hidden in PMO .Hell govt doesn't even want to bring out the files on Netaji's alleged marriage and his daughter.What's the problem here atleast if Anita is really Netaji's daughter?God knows!

  46. Hi JAM,
    Thank you for your views.
    Regrading your comment on Mohan Singh, I dont see anything wrong with Captain glorifying Mohan Singh. After all he is the one who founded INA in the first place though he failed as a leader. Of course praising Mohan Singh above Netaji suerly doesnt go well with Bong's sentiments. Bengalis are the first when it comes to unconditional hero worship. Of course, You can disagree with me :). Captain quoted in comments in his blog on Rabua tunnels
    Netaji merely took it forward what was left unsuccessfully by Mohan Singh. Even though Netaji failed to conquer british army, he was instrumental in bringing sense of pride among Indians which resulted in independence.
    I believe Japan used INA only as a propaganda tool & as a mere pawn during WW-2 to achieve their evil objective to occupy eastern part of India and eliminate British army. Mohan Singh might have got to know about cannibalism in Rabaul tunnels and Japanese true intentions which eventually lead to his capture by Japanese army and downfall of INA which was later revolutionized by Netaji.If it was a widespread notion that Mohan Singh was more Japanese and less Indian then why was he captured by Japanese authorities and tortured ?

    1. Enigma thanks for your reply. Enigma you are true in your observation on Mohan Singh.I might have bcome a little more harsh in presenting my views on Mohan Singh.What I wanted to show is that while Capt has praised Mohan Singh unconditionally ,he didn't show the faults of Mohan Singh,although in case of Netaji he is quite adept in bringing out even imaginary faults ;)

      "Bengalis are the first when it comes to unconditional hero worship." - Yes absolutely true Enigma.Just imagine the amount of hero worship in us that even the imaginary charecter "Satyananda" who was an ascetic /revolutionary of the novel "Ananda Math" fired up Bong imagination and British had to ban the book.The last remnants of this sentiment still runs inside us :) But try to understand the source of this.Bengal has been hit very hard by the British to break their spines forever.Engineered famines,partition and all such measures on small and large scale were used ruthlessly.So whenever Bongs could see a person capable of challenging the British,whether it was ahimsa or revolutionary,they poured in large numbers behind this person.Anyway coming to the point of our discussion,see you can absolutely criticise Netaji on any issue,but whenever I find critical articles on Netaji,I read them and invariably get historical inaccuracies and individual bias.For example in case of Capt's article of Rabaul,I felt that capt has glorified Mohan SIngh only to demean Netaji.Capt,however was blissfully unaware in mentioning anything on Mohan Singh's attempt to create a revolt within the INA.And for your information,Mohan SIngh was instrumental in creating a strength of 30000 soldiers(as far as I remember).But the majority of the 120000 strong Azad Hind Fauz was formed when Netaji came to Singapore from Berlin,accepted the command of INA,and requested the Indians living in those areas to join his army.However mere numbers don't undermine Mohan Singh's achievements.What undermines him was his attempt to create separatist forces against Netaji.This,along with some other reasons like Mohan Singh's dictatorial nature,was why Malawi Indians had got the wrong impression that Mohan Singh might be working for Japan.I am saying it clearly that Mohan Singh wasn't a Japanese stooge,rather he was 180 degree apart.He was a great patriot but he also lost some of his initial leadership capabilities as time progressed.However when Netaji assumed charge of INA,he didn't outright sack Mohan Singh,keeping in mind the latter's great contributions.He transferred Mohan Singh to a safe posting where the heat of war didn't touch.And at this time,Mohan Singh's health was also detoriorating,as far as I can remember.

      I would choose Mohan Singh any day as my leader over the likes of Nehru,Patel,Gandhi etc.

      Again I apologise for getting unduely harsh on Mohan Singh.It was out of my disgust at the way Capt writes the history in his blog,with the sole agenda to undermine Netaji.

      "IN MY BOOK THERE ARE NO PRIZES FOR SECOND ATTEMPT - FAILED." - Capt probably didn't mean Mohan Singh and Netaji's problem here.By second attempt he meant that Netaji tried to emulate what Bagha Jatin(Jatindranath Mukherjee) had done in the 1st world war.Actually Capt is factually right in all he describes about the struggles of Bagha Jatin in his separate blogpost on Bagha Jatin(PUNCH INTO GOOGLE SEARCH :) ) .But again he makes it a Bagha Jatin vs Netaji issue and ultimately goes on to bash Netaji unduely.

    2. (Continued)

      Bagha Jatin tried to create an armed revolution on the incumbent British govt in India by taking help from the Czech revolutionaries.He bought 3 ships of cannons,guns etc from Czechs and created a band of probably a thousand revolutionaries(I don't remember the exact number but it cannot be more than one thousand) and was to collect the ships in Buribalan of Balasore(Orissa).You probably know this history so I am not elaborating any further.Bagha Jatin deserves credit for being the first known revolutionary to attempt to free India with armed rebellion using foreign help.

      Here is Charles Tagert's observation on Bagha Jatin : 'Their driving power (...) immense: if the army could be raised or the arms could reach an Indian port, the British would lose the War".

      Apparently it might seem that a British Police commisioner praising Bagha Jatin is a big affair.But I have read the history of this part in great detail.Bagha Jatin could surely have ousted British occupation from large parts of adjacent areas,like Surya Sen had freed the whole of Chittagong city for a temporary span,but I don't think he could have ousted the British rule as such.The british army that was stationed in India was stronger both numerically and strategically to counter the attempt of Bagha Jatin.Charles Tagert was a Police commisioner and he had probably meant that the police force couldn't have stopped Bagha Jatin.Surely how can you fight machineguns and cannons with police rifles :) ?Cutting the long story short,the revolution could not initiate due to treachery and consequent leakage of info to the police at the right time.

      This was in short the history of armed struggle of Bagha Jatin.Now Capt goes on to make the wild claim that Netaji deserves no credit because he imitated Bagha Jatin.Capt is blissfully unaware that while Bagha Jatin created a band of spirited revolutionaries(a majority of them Bongs),Netaji created a full-fledged army with its own establishment(a majority of this army was non-bong and even non-hindu for that matter).

      Even the foreign nations from which Bagha Jatin and Netaji took help were different.Yet to the Capt everything else is same and the only thing worth noting is that Netaji copied,or rather plagiarised bagha Jatin's work on the lines of capt!

      "I believe Japan used INA only as a propaganda tool..." -That is why Netaji categorically presented it to Japanese authorities that they wouldn't be able to control an inch of land of India.He even cleared the major part of help taken from Japan financially through the funds of INA.As a result,Japan understood that their ambition of getting a share of India would remain unfulfilled.So they started reducing tactical and strategic help to Netaji.They didn't even supply a loudspeaker system to Netaji when he entered Imphal.The officers of Azad Hind Fauz were sure that a mere speech in loudspeaker by Netaji would have turned the Indians in British army to the side of INA,instead of fighting against them,such was the patriotism and appeal in Netaji's voice .But as it now stands,history has flown in a different way.

    3. "We are talking about an incredibly courageous, resourceful, resilient and patriotic individual who by defying stereotypes and conventions had a fall out with Gandhi(then at the zenith of his influence), gave the British the slip under house arrest in Calcutta, travelled to Peshawar in disguise ,travelled to Kabul, disguised himself as an Italian, met with Adolf Hitler , raised an Indian army from scratch ,fought the Allied powers against overwhelming odds, dealt with fractitious politics with the Axis powers who were ambivalent about him and participated in submarine warfare.
      And his death remained an unresolved mystery for the next fifty years complete with near mystical sightings of him in Japan and Taiwan." -

      (taken from YSV's blogpost "How to wreck a movie..." )

      And after all this Capt has branded Netaji as a copy-cat and paper tiger .One of your readers Truthsayer has aptly named him feathersword and crunch.And still Enigma would brand me as an unconditional hero-worshipper when I try to retaliate :) !

      Enigma btw didn't I predict,albeit with a sense of humour, in our last discussion a month back(november 26,2014 4:21 am comment) that Capt will soon exhume R links of Vivekananda?Well a week back I read comments of Capt where he is unearthing such things about Vivekananda :) YSV at this rate my perception might overtake Capt's any day in the near future :)

    4. that Capt will soon exhume R links of Vivekananda?Well a week back I read comments of Capt where he is unearthing such things about Vivekananda :) YSV at this rate my perception might overtake Capt's any day in the near future :)"


      I am sure he will SV was brainwashed by the Jewish delegation in Chicago LOL

      Seriously the more isolated he becomes from even online outlets(he is banned from most major media websites as well as even pro Hindutva blogger have had enough of him) he is increasingly losing touch with reality where there are no one to correct him.

      It is only a matter of time before he ends up in jail again for defamation

    5. "Seriously the more isolated he becomes..." -Yes even I was feeling this.He is losing touch with the ground reality,while imagining zionism everywhere!However I am pretty sure that he himself doesn't believe or practise all of what he preaches,otherwise his son wouldn't have gone to R univ which I came to know from your blog :)
      Capt sermons against hero worship,yet never fails to keep the standards of worship in his blog high :-P