Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Donald Trump: This is how a superpower declines

Donald Trump always seem to me a hollow personality. Vain, shallow, volatile,vindictive, narcissistic,immoral, greedy and gauche. I remember way back in 2011 when Donald Trump first toyed with the idea of running for president on the Republican and actually had higher favorability ratings even more than Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich- the most viable candidates for that high office , I wondered if conservatives had actually lost their mind ala liberals on George W Bush circa 2003-2004 and indulged the crackpot hysterics of Michael Moore and Howard Dean thus ensuring that they would lose that election.As suspected despite Trump having not gone through with the notion at the time-he actually claimed that he was committed to his TV show to run for the most powerful office in the land, it showed that the so called conservatives were deranged enough that they couldn't think straight and hence ended up losing to Obama in 2012.

This time around, he actually followed through on his threat to terrifying results. He is now the presumptive nominee for the GOP ticket after beating out the closest contender , the conservative purist  and firebrand Ted Cruz.  How he managed to do this is quite interesting in its own right. He basically trolled his way to the top of the pack. He realized that being authentic and bold coupled with a flair for reading your audience will yield rich dividends in an election especially an American election. This realization and execution is to his credit. Since he held no political office and was already a part of the entertainment world, he correctly deduced that his spirited pronouncements about rapist Mexicans and banning Muslims would be given far more latitude than a career politician. Particularly if these views carried considerable of both sides of the political aisle. Also nearly 2 billion dollars worth of free media according to media researchers and economists didn't hurt either.

First , perhaps a little background on Trump is in order and his appeal - of course this is not so much for my American readers who know him rather well but Indian and others for whom this personality is puzzling to say the least.. He became a fixture on the national media and particularly tabloid fodder due to his dabbling in the glitzy world of Manhattan real estate and his penchant for glamorous wives and mistresses. He is certainly not a self made billionaire(that should be a m instead of a b but more on that later) as he claims but inherited a considerable fortune from his father who was in real estate but in the more downmarket blue collar area of Queens.
To be fair, he did expand on the fortune his father had left but alas all the money in the world could not buy his good breeding, manners or even good taste. Indeed his buildings and hotels are notorious for their gaucheness and bad taste. Revolting aesthetics consisting of clashing colors , over use of gold and garish furniture- if color could be ingested, the viewer would die of food poisoning

                            A younger and poutier Trump inside one of his gaudy monstrosities

Never mind his house with golden toilets. A comedian once joked that Donald Trump is how a homeless person would live if he won the lottery. Theodore Dalrymple once acridly pointed out something similar about Princess Diana's dressing sense. But fortunately for men,bad taste in clothing can at least be concealed by wearing dark suits most of the time. Women do not have that safety net.

Speaking of women, it is odd that a 70 year old man bases a good chunk of his self worth on his sexual conquests often of married women. That is only one aspect of his adolescent mind set . Sadly there are a lot more. His penchant for Eastern European  trophy wives seems not to have diminished. Now it is bad enough he speaks of his wives in a vulgar manner but he doesn't even spare his daughters. He described his infant daughter Tiffany's legs favorably to her mothers and imagined that her breasts would be also like her mother's. His other daughter Ivanka wasn't to be left out(I guess he doesnt play favorites!) , he claimed that she was rather attractive and he wouldn't mind dating if he were her father!

                                             Nope, nothing disturbing about this at all

So much for his family life. What of his business venture?. Well honestly it is hard to tell because his finances are not exactly an open book to say the least. At one point he claimed his net worth was upwards of a 5 billion dollars but over the years, he has revised since to a more ambitious 10 billion dollars at the beginning of his presidential campaign. Not least of which was an expose by journalist Timothy O Brien who was given unprecedented access to the Trump empire in 2005 for what Trump misconstrued would be a fawning book about his awesomeness. However unfortunately Trump , the meticulous, fair minded and thorough O Brien concluded in his 2006 book "TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald" that Trump is considerably less than his 5-6 billion claim but really in the neighborhood of 130 million dollars. Trump responded by suing O Brien for 5 billion dollars. Well I suppose that is one way of acquiring 5 billion. Albeit not a very good one.

This is the standard Trump MO. When someone is less than satisfied with an aspect of the Trump enterprise and intends to make it public, Trump promptly sues and usually the individual capitulates to the best legal assault weapons money can buy. But not O Brien, the case was dismissed but the documents concerning Trumps real net worth were sealed.

That's Trump but what of his followers/cult members? What compels otherwise reasonable people to follow a thin skinned liberal Manhattan demagogue to crown him the next conservative messiah? Well his followers has been described as Jacksonian , ie descendants of sturdy yeoman peasants who "tamed" and settled the Western landscape. These are often referred to as Scots Irish or Ulster Scots as they are known in Northern Ireland. Andrew Jackson is practically their patron saint even as he is a demon of sorts to native Americans. Yes the very same Andrew Jackson who inspired many a neo Nazi meme. Andrew Jackson represented those who didn't care for more labor and wanted cheap land(hence the expansion to even now expensive East Coast) to further out west.  The tendency of many of these folk to live in mobile homes stems from their history when their ancestors on the borderlands of England and Scotland were constantly besieged by warring parties and their livelihoods and houses destroyed. When they were then transported to Northern Ireland, they received the same treatment from Irish Catholics and the English Crown. And then in America,Native Americans borrowing a page from the aforementioned tormentors also proceeded to burn down their dwelling.
Its not all that cut and dry though, those who settled in the West were more liberty minded than those who settled in the South which consisted mostly of a feudal society with serfs ,slaves and plantation nobility. Hence liberty minded Ted Cruz made a miscalculation by courting the southern evangelicals who are really populist rather than conservative constitutionalists than the Western states where he was warmly received for his talk of freedom from an overbearing government.
Indeed the evangelicals have simply brushed away Trump's obvious immoral conduct by comparing him to King David- a standard MO for any scandal ridden politician to garner Christian support. All one has to do is compare the said individual to that lusty ,adulterous and amoral Biblical hero of Israel. Bill Clinton was described in the same terms at the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

This type of background made the Scots Irish aggressive, vengeful, touchy but also hospitable, religious and family oriented . They also became rather flashy when they acquired a bit of money. The African American culture which often associated with those stereotypes actually acquired those traits from their association with these Scots Irish. And hence all this talk of Donald Trump breaking through to African Americans who since 1940s had gone increasingly over to the Democrats where they were now a reliable voting block for any liberal politician no matter how loathsome his character even to the point of racism. This may only partly explain the other Republican hopeful Dr. Ben Carson, famed African American neurosurgeon, support for Donald Trump even as Trump insinuated during the election season that Carson's story about his misspent youth where he stabbed a friend only to miss because of his belt buckle was fraud. He went as far as demonstrate his assertion by nearly undoing his own belt in full view of the cameras.

                                         Doesn't take much to make him reach for his crotch

Not unrelated to the time when he spoke of the considerable size of his penis during a Presidential debate when mocked for his small hands. As if this were not enough, he went ahead and accused Carson of pedophilia. What is interesting about this allegation is that Donald Trump along with his buddy Bill Clinton spent a lot of time with convicted pedophile Jeff Epstein on the latter's private plane.

Trump panders obviously to the blue collar white working class audience  , many of whom are offspring of Scots Irish but also Italian and Irish Catholics when talks of trade imbalance and the loss of manufacturing jobs. Even if the reality is rather different. Yes, the manufacturing jobs in the what they call the rust belt of the Midwest and South Eastern U.S are no more but that's only because manufacturers went off to greener pastures in the more friendlier Southern environs . U.S still manufactures but the cheap good it makes are at the behest of Toyota and other foreign but some more high end products such as aerospace and weapons research for obvious national security purposes would certainly not be relocated to China or other countries who may not have the U.S best interests at heart.

One of the reasons those jobs left the Mid West is due to a combination of corrupt and inept management and greedy unions. The situation got so bad that one point it a witty economist remarked that GM was a pension plan with a factory.  So the fathers and grandfathers of the current Trump voters were responsible for their own economic abasement. Even as they wish to blame others for it such as illegal Mexican immigrants who are more symptom than the cause of what ails American culture. At one point it was not unusual to see CEOs of large companies and Presidents of Wall Street banks drive their own cars and mow their lawns, billionaire plutocrat stereotypes aside. As with Rome , the Republic slowly gave rise to empire and being merely prosperous and self reliant was for the riff raff apparently and hence maids, cooks, drivers, gardeners became the order of the day.  The middle class wanted the trappings of the aristocracy without actual wealth , the best way for that are
1) Cheaper luxury goods
2) Cheap labor for more free time
3) Agitate for higher salaries even as they manage in useless subjects at universities

Both of these involve
1) Outsourcing a good deal of labor to countries whose citizens can make do with much lower salaries-China, India, South East Asia among st others
2) Importing large numbers of semi skilled labor who will work for low wages- Mexico, Jamaica, Gautemala, India, China etc
3) Companies sacking American employees and issuing large number of H1Bs from India for white collar work

The middle and lower class rage at the "elites" even as they wanted to live like them without consequences. The housing crash was also a symptom of this mindset. They have reaped the whirlwind but now blame the scarecrow.

One particularly sinister lot who have jumped on the Trump bandwagon are the neo Nazis and white nationalists who see him as a fellow traveler. The hate filled crackpot website Daily Stormer went as far to declare him "Glorious Leader" and his admittedly beautiful wife as "Empress Melania". I guess the constitution  with its limitation on executive power and separation of powers is out the window. I suppose we can look forward to North Korea on the Potomac with Trump in place of the equally vain and borderline deranged Kim Jong Uhn.

Trump himself winks at these individuals when refused to condemn David Duke, the former grand wizard of the KKK as well as these Daily Stormer lunatics. I don't believe Donald Trump is a white nationalist or a Nazi. Indeed his daughter is a convert to Orthodox Judaism and one cant get ahead in NYC without Jewish support. But that's what makes his courting of these fringe elements all the more reprehensible.

These characters who revel in Trumps victory by claiming that he poked the "Jewish power brokers" in the eye maybe aghast at the latest news the Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson for whom the litmus test for his benefaction is the support of Israel. Adelson has financed Trump to the tune of $100 million dollars. This is a very strange time . I still dont quite know what to make of it. But in the meantime it will be nice to imagine these neo Nazi thugs cry in their pillows. And that includes a certain mariner who is also a fan of Trump and is consistently shocked that the person who he supports tend to close to those wicked Zionists!

Never mind these peoples, a good number of conservatives who I thought were decent people and liberty minded turned out to be little more than frauds at best and cult members at the worst. These included Ann Coulter, Eric Bolling, Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich among st others. The so called Anglo Saxon prediliction for liberty has turned out be self serving ethnocentric garbage. The yearning for a man on a white horse can strike anyone anywhere with no regard for any traditions of liberty and small government which were prevalent before

                                   Female subject goes into hysterics upon confronting her God king.

 I never thought I would say that Hillary Clinton, who barely even hides her contempt for the law and her venal personality these would make a better President but at least she wont wreck the notion of liberty and republican(small r) government in office(though not out of a lack of trying). While Trump may well destroy the party and his nation due to his incredible vanity, thuggery and thin skinned nature. He encouraged protestors to engage in violence even as he whined that a Democratic Senator was "violently tweeting" at him. Can one imagine this guy in office. Vladmir Putin wont be sending him violent "tweets". His enemies list and threats to muffle the media would put Nixon to shame.

So I suppose its Hillary 2016. Republicans managed to impeach slick willy. His less talented wife who already under FBI investigation will be a walk in the park. So lets coronation her already and get this thing started..


  1. According to Paul Krugman and most people to the left of the aisle, Trump is the consequence of conservatives' bad karma. Conservative leaders come to power through campaign financing from big companies and all this talk of illegal Mexicans was just to rile up the anger of the GOP base and get them to vote. Since Trump funds his own campaign, he can win the primaries by pandering to the Republican base without support from the GOP establishment.

    1. Paul Krugman is only partially correct which is a step up because normally he is spectacularly wrong if not downright insane. Conservatives do take money from big companies but so do liberals. Indeed the same company may subsidize both. It is the equivalent of a shopkeeper paying protection money to two neighborhood gangsters. In general though on the state level atleast conservatives depend on small donations from large number of contributors.
      Campaign finance reform has its merits but the way its structured , it stifles free speech.
      Anyway Trump certainly fund his own campaign. That is another one of his fraudulent boasts. FOr a presidential campaign nowadays the candidate needs atleast a 1 billion dollar war chest. Trumps net worth is certainly not that much. So Sheldon Adelson steps in. Trump got by so far on free media because he was good for ratings. That honeymoon is coming to an end as the media is gaga over Hillary.

    2. oops I meant Trump certainly DOESNT fund his own campaign. That he does is another one of his fraudulent claims.

    3. Sure Trump lends to his campaign rather than finance it, but the point is he managed to win the primaries without taking campaign contributions. He cant do so for the general elections since it will cost around a billion dollars as you pointed out and anyway it doesn't matter since Trump is not going to win. Bernie democrats may hate Hillary's guts, but they would sooner tandoori their grandmas alive than vote for Trump.

      GOP taking money from big companies is more insidious than Democrats doing so because GOP establishment is more solidly held together, hence elected Republicans are expected to toe the line. Again, this is the view expressed by Krugman.

    4. Krugman is absolutely wrong. Both parties have somewhat clunky coalitions but even as the Democrat coalition of blacks,Hispanics,single women, unemployed whites and gays is quite bizarre. Their allegiance to the party come election day is almost Stalinesque but GOP electorate is far more at odds at the establisment. There has been no Tea Party type movement within Democrats.

      But Democrat party loyalty only applies to general elections not to midterm , thats where the GOP really shines. It is apt given the GOP inclination towards more federation of power.

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    1. Your problem is not that you were hating Jews or whatever, the problem is that you are wasting far too much time online on subjects not relevant to your future. When you attend a job interview, they wont be asking you many questions about Modi or Trump.

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    3. Why not just take a break from binge-surfing the internet altogether? Just focus on what matters to your career.

  4. Well. Today I discovered that pigs can fly.

  5. It is certainly unprecedented that an individual with no military(Eisenhower, Grant) experience or wasnt previously elected(Herbert Hoover was Sec of Commerce-ironically was responsible for creating the depression) could become President. But there is always a first time.

    I am obviously not a fan of Trump but I have to say he bulldozed his way through all manner of conventional wisdoms by sheer force of personality and connection with working class voters.

    But then he had the help of a thoroughly unlikeable and untrustworthy candidate in the form of Hilary. The numbers say it all, as of now she leads Trump in the popular vote tally by 200,000 or so but of course thats not what matters but the Electoral College as we learned from the drawn out 2000 election between Gore and Bush.

    In 2012, Romney recieved 61 million votes but Trump got just about 58.6 million while Obama recieved 64 million while Hilary has nearly 59 million.

    So what is going on here, both Hilary and Trump failed to match the votes recieved of their predecessors. Of course that doesnt matter for Trump. As a general rule, every election has a higher turnout than the previous one especially when the incumbent is on his way out. But not here, this shows how disliked both of these were. It was a race to the bottom and unfortunately for Hilary she won.

    On paper Hilary had a good ground game but then her arrogance and distaste for interaction with crowds and answering questions did her in. She never even bothered to visit Wisconsin assuming that was a safe blue stat(one of the foundations of her"blue wall") as it had not been captured by a Republican president since 1984. Once Florida, Ohia and Wisconsin fell to Trump, it was done. The rest of the vote tallying was simply a formality.

    She even managed to lose Pennsylvania(which went red last in 1988) and possibly Michigan.

    The silver lining is that this wretched woman's presidential ambitions are smashed for good. She can lick her wounds with her ill gotten hundreds of millions after she recieves a pardon.

    Now the challenge for the Republican house and Senate is to constrain the populist authoritarian streak of Trump. This guy will probably test the constitutional restraints of the executive branch far more than Obama or Bush. Let us hope McConnel, Ryan ,Cruz,Paul and Pence are upto the task

  6. check this out for a good laugh (scroll down below)

    Some background: our beloved captain has thrown his hat in all out support for Trump. And why not? Like the captain, Trump is a senior citizen as well as a vain, thin skinned narcissist ,conspiracy theorist. hypocrite who thinks of himself as gods gift to women.

    Of late, he has been copying and pasting from neo nazi blogs, each and every deranged projections and hopes onto Trump. (boy willthey be disappointed)

    Now it occurred to me that it is only a matter of time that our intrepid captain will soon take credit for Trumps victory just as he believes that his blog is responsible for putting Modi in the PMs seat.
    But apparently someone beat him to it. Just look at this reader comment!


    Jayashree DNovember 10, 2016 at 9:04 PM

    Namaste Captain

    Congrats !!! your hard work paid and a new era has begun. The whole world was looking at America's decision for the newly elected president candidate.

    I can say you are just like chanakya who tamed chandragupta to make a history. Now I think you are the chanakya for MODI+TRUMP+ PUTIN

    Please keep guiding all of us to the new era of communication.


    God bless your family with health and prosperity.


  7. One of many many reasons I choose not to visit the captains blog is actually a technical one. The captain in his hyper enthusiasm for sensory overload of conspiracy theory and comical propaganda stuffs each of his blogs with so many videos , jpegs, large fonts,memes and large number of words(I cannot call it an article or an essay as that would be ascribing some coherence and logic to it) that my browser often freezes for a while if not crashes!

    The captain is not only lacking in online etiquette to say the least but also basic knowhow on how to create a user friendly blog

    Anyhow I noticed that he has now soured on Putin! To the extant of calling him a Rothschild puppet for god knows what transgression as per the ever stringent Vadakayil standard of anti Zionism!

    While Donald Trump winked at anti semites during his campaign, it almost certain he is least bothered about their concerns and will go on with business as usual with regard to Israel etc.

    And while I dont like to make predictions , this much is certain- by same time next year, the captain will tearfully relegate Trump to same Rothschild puppet category as Modi and now Putin after building them up as the anti Zionist Kalki ..for reasons known only to him.

    1. Captain seems to have chosen to ignore the fact that pretty much all of Trump's progeny either married or are in a relationship with Jews. People like the Captain want to believe in a prime mover who controls everything behind the scene- in his case its the Rothschilds. Captain in his prime believed himself to be a handsome, glorious and wonderful lad. Now that he is past his prime, he is left with nothing but bitterness and frustration inside him. He makes up for this by assigning agency to an external force, like the Jews and the Rothschilds. But his internal drama needs a hero as much as a villain- this is where Putin, Modi and Trump come in. Its sad that all of his heroes end up disappointing him.

    2. YSV Rao,

      As far as I know Captain didn't call Putin a Rothschild's agent. In his last post, he claimed that Trump, Putin, and Modi would get rid of the Rothschilds.

      Regardless of whether you believe that the Rothschilds control the world or not, it is indeed great news that Trump won the election!

    3. I saw a statement expressing his disillusionment with Putin in his latest post. Honestly I dont wish to visit that site again as it makes me ill. So right now its just my word Im afraid.

      He has been railing against Modi for a long time now for allegedly bending his knee to the Zionists.

      May I ask why you think Trumps victory is a good thing.

    4. YSV Rao,

      Trumps plans in general seem to be more effective than what Clinton had to offer. If Clinton was elected she would have let in more terrorists disguised as refugees into the nation... a bad thing! So I am happy Trump won.

      And LOL. Yeah, Captain does change his opinions very quickly. I think once he was angry with Putin, but now he seems to support him...

    5. hahahaha Read this and weep


      Donald Trump's plan to ban Muslims from America just disappeared from his website
      Donald Trump’s team has removed the statement on his website to ban all Muslims from the US. On the same night that millions of votes were pouring in for the real estate mogul turned politician, the page linking to his December statement regarding a temporary and complete Muslim has been removed. The page now redirects to his a page encouraging voters to donate to his campaign.

    6. re Captain and Putin

      Its the opposite actually. The captain was quite enamored with Putin , right about the time he started getting disiullsioned with Modi. Now he considers Putin also a traitor to his pet cause alongside Modi. No need to bother about his opinions on anything.

    7. YSV Rao,

      This is Milin Patel. You are wrong. The muslim ban is still on his website:



      This is from Captain's blog:










    8. I don't know. For all of Trump's faults, I think he is still a breath of fresh air after decades of neoliberal and neocon control of the white house. He also nuked the reputation of corporate media and danced on its ruins. Its hard not to feel excited about this guy.

    9. oh of course Trump is really like an Asura of Shiva, a seeming instrument of chaos and destruction but destroys a lot of pretenses and rotten legacies, be it political, cultural ,corporate or journalistic. The problem is he is a live wire and rather unpredictable since he doesnt possess an ideological core besides his gratification of his ego.
      Although if handled properly it can be channelled to do great things. Lets hope for the best.

    10. I have a feeling he is one of Captain's followers. LOL. Take a look at this:


  8. There is something special about trump. I never liked him ,but deep down,i always cheer for him.

  9. As you predicted..Captain dumps Trump in his latest post since he is re-intsalling Churchill's bust in Oval room..LOL

    1. hahaha, what does captain expect? That he will install a Hitler bust in the oval Office? That happened sooner than I expected. Dont tell him that his Orthodox Jewish son in law Jared Kushner is his closest adviser or that he plans to move the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He may start weeping.