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Animal sacrifices are INTRINSIC to Vedic Hindu culture Part 1

This is really a response to our beloved captains yet another crackpot claim


Please provide evidence


Why exactly would animal sacrifices make Hindus self loathing? Please speak for yourself and stop imposing your emotional biases and obsessesive compulsive disorders onto our religion!


Thankfully the white invader is more subtle than Vadakayil , but then again who isn't?


Bhakti is an indigenous movement Im afraid but with considerable input from mlecchas!


It is called different things by different peoples.
This is just a case of projections Im afraid. No more is more pathological than you my dear captain!
That is mostly in your paranoid mind


[Graphic images deleted]
Yes it is Hinduism. Animal sacrifice was part and parcel of Hinduism. In particular the horse and yes the cow. The horse represented the sun and the cow the moon. And it was studied extensively during in Vedic Hinduism which in Kali Yuga we referred to as tantra. Heck forget about animal sacrifice, the devas accepted the sacrifice of Dhadhici, a sage , in order to use his body as medical research.
That's quite a tall order for Modi. However I don't see what restoring dignity has anything to do with banning animal sacrifices.

Unfortunately I assume he is not because he would restrict meat eating in Gujarat greatly overstepping his authority.


Yes, thank god for something called the Indian constitution which prevents the PM acting as a dictator as banning left and right whatever he deems fit or his deranged supporters demand!
Want a few examples , how the immoral white invader made the Hindu self loathing ?

No Im afraid you will tell us anyway.
Today if you go to Indian literary fests you can hear BIG BROTHERs stooges running down Bharatmata and praising their white masters who pay them a monthly salary .
Which white masters are paying them a monthly salary. Most Indian leftists do not work for foreign organizations. Most of the individuals are from academia such as JNU which Im sure is not controlled by whites!

They will piss on Hindus idols and cry “ See Hindus idols are useless they cant hit back” . 
The only people stupider than those who commit this lame blasphemy and idiotic conclusions are those who are still offended by those imbeciles.

One such man developed kidney problems within a week.  The waitress had to make him VC of an university so that his dialysis bills come free.
Please provided evidence of the same. How controlled was the experiment? Did he have kidney problems before and he did he commit other actions that could lead to such problems besides his profaning an idol?


Such people will never piss on the statue of a man on a cross or some holy books of single messiah religions .
Yes, Indian leftists are cowards and hypocrites. We are on agreement on this. But may I remind you dear captain that you despite your bravado handle Islam with kid gloves. You don't salvage with even a fraction of the venom and fury with which you abuse Judaism and Christianity. So you are not exactly a paragon of equal opportunity blasphemy yourself!

Punch into Google search -
[I will spare the dear reader]

 When you enter the Indian Parliament Building in New Delhi , you come face to face with a 7000 year old Sanskrit verse:

Ayam Nijah Paroveti Ganana Laghu Chetasaam
Udaara Charitaanaam tu Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

“Small and narrow-minded people look at the reality in terms of ‘this is yours and this is mine’; for those of higher consciousness the whole world is a family”.

Bharatendu has done sterling work on the hoax of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. Quoting from his blog
subuddhi the Crow, chitrA~Nga the Deer, and ksudrabuddhi the Jackal
“Long long ago, in the champakavaTI forest of magadha, there lived two friends – a Deer called chitrA~Nga and a Crow named subuddhi. It so happened that a Jackal named kshudra-buddhi, (the proposer of vasudhaiva kuTumbakam, as we shall soon see), was passing by and his eyes caught hold of the healthy Deer as he was grazing nearby. The lust to devour him immediately arose in the Jackal’s mind, but knowing Deer to be too swift in a chase, he decided to fall back on his cunning – to win first the confidence of the Deer. The VK-preacher therefore approached the Deer, saluted him, and introduced himself as a lonely newcomer with friendly intentions, and proposed a friendship and brotherhood with the Deer. The naive Deer fell for the sweet words of kshudra-buddhi, and not knowing his true intentions, invited him to his own dwellings.
gullible deer and VK-reciting subversionist
So, they started towards the Deer’s place, and on their way sitting on the branches of a champaka tree was Deer’s old and wise friend subuddhi the Crow. Seeing them passing by, the Crow asked the Deer, ‘O chitrA~Nga, who is this second fellow with you? ‘ ‘A Jackal, my new friend’, answered the Deer. To this, the Crow asked: ‘But, do you know him well enough? One should never extend friendship and shelter to anyone without knowing their real nature and intentions, learning the history of their ilk and giving them a test of time.’ The Deer lightly shrugged this aside, saying, ‘But this Jackal is very friendly’.
Seeing his friend in delusions, the Crow began relating to him a story about how jaradgava a Vulture was killed by unwisely trusting an impostor (that story reproduced later below). He warned the Deer against trusting the Jackal without learning more about him.
So far the Jackal had kept quiet, and it is at this juncture that he opened his argument with the famous shloka of vasudhaiva kuTumbakam, demanding the Deer to not be of a narrow mind by considering the Crow a friend and himself an alien. The vasudhaiva-kuTumbakam discourse successfully put to rest all doubts that had arisen in the Deer’s mind, and dismissing the Crow’s wise council he went ahead in bringing the VK-preacher into his home.”
In other words , these words are used by predators and treacherous creatures in order to satisfy their own desires.

In India before the Muslim and Christian invaders came, almost the entire country was vegetarian, but for the people on the coastline who ate fish.
Nope wrong. Foreign observers of India such as Megasthenese and Hsuien Tsang and Fa Hein would disagree with this fantastic statement.
Today 42% of Indians are vegetarians-- the rest being Muslims , Christis, Sikhs etc.   This is a large number of people as India has 1200 million people.   
Do you even know how to count? 100-42 is 58 and that is certainly is NOT the percentage of non Hindu population. It is closer to 20-25%.
This vegetarianism and Ahimsa ( non-violence ) is the reason why Hindu India never attacked any country in its history.
King Sagara- Persia, Central Asia and possibly Arabia (it is due to him that Middle Easterners keep their beards long and hair short)
Chandra Gupta Maurya - Eastern Iran
Chandra Gupta (of Gupta dynasty)- Uzbekistan and possibly Kyrgyztan
Bappa Rawal- Eastern Iran
Gopala of Pala dynasty- Tibet ,Southern China
Harsha Lalita Aditya of Kashmir- Central Asian states ,upto Turkmenistan and Tibet
Rajaraja Chola- Burma, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Indonesia, Malaysia
Maharaja Ranjit Singh- Tibet , Afghanistan(He imposed on the Afghans a humiliating custom of wearing clothing of the clothing of Punjabi women which they wear to this day)
I exclude Afghanistan which was conquered by many kings as foreign country because it was considered part and parcel of Bharatavarsha as present day Pakistan was. I think the final break between Afghans and Indians began with Ghazni and was completed with Babur which is why I included it in the case of Ranjit Singh as it was considered a foreign country at the time.

The only reason more kings did not invade other countries is simply due to the fact they did not need to and were mostly busy fighting other Indian kings.

There is a prohibition from Brahmins leaving the confines of Bharatavarsha but certainly not Kshatriyas invading foreign regions.
Vegetarian benefits?--
They are happier people
The live longer
They sleep better.
They have clearer conscience.
Lesser crime.
Their health while alive is better-- lesser diseases
They can think clearer (lesser toxins/ fibre in food )
They look better ( lesser obesity )
Lesser BO and MO
Women in menopause suffer less
To paraphrase the captain- ALL BULL!

Some ignoramuses say, they vegetarians are NOT as strong as the meat eaters-- OK--which one of you wants to fight with an elephant , and prove yourself?
When I think I believe the captain cannot get any more stupider then we have statements like these. Elephant is a different species altogether with a different digestive process that enables to optimize
protein intake from consuming plants. Man is an omnivore by nature , insisting he get all his proteins by ingesting green leaves makes as much as making the lion a vegetarian and expecting to perform at full strength by feeding it spinach!

[Irrelevant rubbish deleted]
Om sarve bhavantu sukhinah, sarve santu nirã-maya-ah;
sarve bhadrani pashyantu mã-kaschit dukha-bhak bhavet.
Om, shãntih, shãntih, shãntih."

"Oh Lord, may all [entire mankind] be happy; may all be healthy; may all experience prosperity; may none (in the world) suffer. May peace, peace, peace be unto us and all the beings of the world." Brihadãranyaka Upanishad 5000 BC
Referring to the above prayer, Arthur Schopenhauer says, "I know of no more beautiful prayer than that of the Hindus...'May all that have life be delivered from suffering!'
Why should I care about the opinion of Arthur Schopenhauer on Hinduism?
Manu wrote, "Non-violence, truth, non-coveting, purity of body and mind, control of senses are the essence of dharma". Therefore dharmic laws govern not only the individual but all in society.
Ahimsa is really non aggression than non violence is most contexts.
Manu calls upon man to use his conscience If man listens to his conscience he will not commit the sin.

Manusmriti says that ahimsa is the foremost among the dharmas that are common to all. It is included in the yoga of mind control. Ahimsa means much more than non-injury or nn-violence ; it implies not doing harm to others even by thought or word."
Manu was a king and instituted rules of warfare. That implies that he had no problem with violence.
From ahimsa Hinduism imparted to the world the practice of vegetarianism: 
Other cultures also sporadically practiced vegetarianism
7000 year old Yajurveda dictates -"Do not injure the beings living on the earth, in the air and in the water."
Please provide the verse and context.
Sanatana Dharma respects the planet along with its flora and fauna. It is the only religion which advocates vegetarianism.
Hinduism does not advocate vegetarianism. I don't know what is Sanatana Dharma you speak of?
Manu wrote that polluting the environment was a punishable offence. In Manu’s laws a person could be ex-communicated from society for mindless felling of tress or killing of animals,
Manu would certainly have a problem with the Pandavas who burned down a forest to create their palace and grazing lands. Similarly Kirtivirya Arjuna also cut down forests for wood for his extensive yagnas. I suppose these individuals are in naraka for offending the Rajendra Pachauri of that era!
the way the English speaking white man shot the buffalo and exterminated the Indian American , or how the Australian Aborigine race was exterminated..
I thought you were talking about trees not people. But what do expect of a person whose proof of vegetarianism as a superior diet is brining up an elephant?
Both native Americans and Aborigines are very much amongst us. Their numbers weren't never really high as hunter gatherers are always fewer in number than settled agricultural peoples. What did them in was their lack of immunity to the diseases the whites brought with them.
The whole idea of Vaastu was to construct something without disturbing the flow of nature and interrupting natural flow of energy. It is about peaceful co-existence and comfort. Vaastu is about  living  in harmony with nature ( includes flora and fauna ) ,  grateful for her natural bounties.
Vastu restricts itself to the immediate structures. It has no opinion on vegetarianism.
Ahimsa, “non-injury” or the absence of the desire to harm, is regarded by Indian thinkers as one of the keystones of our ethics.  Jews who have been kicked on their heads all over the world, all over time,  have never been persecuted in India / Kerala over the millenniums. 
Here we go again with the Jews. I don't see how they are relevant to this topic.
Hebrew religion and Hinduism co-existed, only because Hindus are tolerant . They absorbed the  inherent greed and clannishness of a quintessential Jew , without retaliation or retribution. While the rest of the world targeted the Jews throughout the ages.  If you read the Jewish Talmud, you will know why.
First the captain was anti Semitic now he has become anti Hindu! The Jewish Talmud is a commentary and debate between different rabbis on various topics. Some pretty objectionable things are mentioned about non Jews yes but mostly by a rabbi playing a devils advocate and another rabbi refuting those views and getting the last word. But Im sure you are not interested in listening to THAT!
In Sanatana Dharma Rita is the principle of cosmic truth and order.
In the 7000 year old Rig Veda there is a remarkable insight on the notion of Rita, the inflexible law of universal order and harmony whereby all disorders and chaos is restored to equilibrium.
New Age rubbish
Rita is, in essence, the ordering principle of nature which gives to everything from the vast galaxies, down to the nucleus of an atom, their nature and course. A man who follows the ordinances of nature ( universal laws ) can be described as one who acts according to the "Dharma of Ṛita".
New Age rubbish
India is widely recognized at the last place on earth where spirituality still exists. Even the western thinkers agree that  a chapter which had a Western beginning will have to have an Indian ending if it is not to end in self-destruction of the human race.
Who are these Western thinkers and why do you care what they think all of a sudden?
[Irrelevant rubbish deleted]
In part 2, I would examine take apart his interpretation of Vedic texts regarding vegetarianism


  1. This particular post of Capt is so full of humourous claims that people can read these when they are stressed out in their lives :) The post is an endless supply of
    laughter and will go a long way in relaxing the mind for workaholics.

    "ALL HIS FAKE BACK DATED BHAKTI MOVEMENT CREATIONS , HE CALLED DASAS" - What is more pathetic is that people believe such claims and some even worship him by giving the status of a Guru :) He claims that Tulsidas didnot exist and Hanuman Chalisa was composed by some unknown writer.So I guess the white invader had to do hard work in studying and creating new literature in Indian languages.I would have taken tuition classes from them on Indian literature had they been alive taday!But still the point remains,i.e,why would the invaders have to spend so much time in their libraries when they had come with the aim of colonisation?

    "ALL HIS FAKE ANIMAL SACRIFICE FESTIVALS , HE CALLED JATARAS ......HOW MUCH HE MUST HAVE CHUCKLED OVER HIS BRANDY AND CIGARS !" - The claim itself is so shallow that it is useless to even attempt to rebut it.

    "NARENDRA MODI CAME TO POWER BY PROMISING HINDUS DIGNITY AFTER 800 YEARS OF SLAVERY AND HUMILIATION ." - Capt himself raised Modi to this tall level of a Avatar and now you will find that he himself is pulling Modi down for not following the instructions in his spam comments :) What a mess of a nation we would have been in if Modi started following Capt!But this can be expected from a person who can see no wrong in Indira and Rajiv Gandhi,when recorded history speaks otherwise :) One thing just struck my mind,i.e, Capt is probably a hidden Communist with Neo-Nazi inclinations :)

    "In India before the Muslim and Christian invaders came, almost the entire country was vegetarian, but for the people on the coastline who ate fish." - Not only a communist,Capt is hidden Buddhist agendas,I guess,although he never fails to bash Buddha at the slightest opportunity.His wrath fell on Buddha since the latter
    bypassed Lord Ayappa to get the status of the 9th avatar of Vishnu.For any reader who would read my comment in the future,I am giving a link where Sri Ramakrishna is speaking with Vivekananda on the divinity of Lord Buddha :

    Here one thing should be taken into accout,i.e,Ramakrishna had spoken on Buddha from his self-realisation and not by reading ancient literature.Ramakrishna could not even write his own name,he was an illiterate in the narrow sense of the term :) The point is that Capt even dares to denigrate Buddha.

    "This vegetarianism and Ahimsa ( non-violence ) is the reason why Hindu India never attacked any country in its history." - YSV are you forgetting that we are dealing with the learned book-worm white invader here?Whatever historical evidence you have is injected in our texts :)

    "Some ignoramuses say, they vegetarians are NOT as strong as the meat eaters-- OK--which one of you wants to fight with an elephant , and prove yourself?"- I would not challenge a veggie just because I am nonveg,leave alone elephant :) Capt has confused vegeterianism with the non-violence of Buddhism.Non-violence preaching religions do weaken us,as was evident in Gandhi's Ahimsa andolan.

    1. The captain himself admitted to eating beef and seafood when younger and didn't condemn himself for it but now all of a sudden he is vegetarian so pretty much every Hindu should follow his course.
      This is what tyrants are made of. In our scriptures these are the qualities of wicked kings and Asuras who force their subjects to obey their personal whims. In my view Ashoka falls in the same category!

      In some ways Vadakayil is like a Soviet historian, manipulating history to promote a particular agenda!

      BTW I made some corrections and additions to the list of Indian kings who conquered foreign territories. How could I forget the Bengali Palas :-)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. YSV I am eagerly waiting for the second part :) You should start dismantling Capt's posts on religion.Although some die-hard Capt fans will choose to remain blind,but I believe most of them will accept the logic in your writing.I agree with your Ashoka point.I just do not get the point of promoting a nonviolent religion of compassion(Buddhism) with brute force of state machinery.Capt is a Soviet historian with nazi propaganda,if anything like that is ever possible :) In this way Capt is surely unique among all other people.The amount of Jew hatred in his mind is just sickening,more so because of his complete ignorance or nonacceptance that the internet which he uses also has Jewish owners to a large extent.When I used to follow his blogs regularly a couple of months back,I saw that his fans are crying foul at the news of our home minister's visit to Israel.None of these fans care to check out the historical facts that Israel has been one of the best strategic allies of India. YSV I have just revealed my secret semitic hasbara agenda unknowingly here :) Capt's opinion on the evaluation of races should not be taken seriously by any reader.Just because Bengalis are passionate about people like Tagore,Netaji etc.,he brands bengalis as egotistical.Hell he even unearthed New World Order agenda in Tagore's poems.What he has failed to comprehend is that we bengalis have deep respect and love for every Indian who has contributed to the nation like Tagore,Netaji etc.I would not even dare to criticise a famous Malayalee poet without learning the Malayalam language first and reading the original poem,because it is simple common -sense that poems cannot be translated accurately with all of their original flavour and beauty.All he could decipher after watching "Ashani-Sanket" movie of Satyajit Ray is that it showcased India in poor light!This is the reason why it had won accolades abroad:) How bright can the light be if the movie is about the pre-independence famines in Bengal?Capt just could not get the point that Satyajit Ray had infact showcased the hard reality through this movie that the famines in Bengal were engineered and manipulated by erstwhile British govt in India,a point which Capt himself strongly propagates .YSV I would suggest you watch two movies of Satyajit Ray, "Ashani Sanket" and "Hirak Rajar Deshe"(HRD).In the HRD movie you would be amazed to see how Ray had unfolded communist agenda through a simple story meant for childrem :) There is nothing wrong in your not mentioning of king Gopal in this post,because you have established the broader point in your argument which is more important, moreover we Bongs have denigrated ourselves to a weak timid race ,which is 180 degree away from ancient Tantric Bengal of Palas :) Even I got reminded about Palas after you mentioned this point :) But still hats off to this gesture from you . This is what nationalism is all about,i.e,respect for every corner of India.Unfortunately this thing is utterly lacking in Capt's blogs :)

    1. The captain will see whatever he wishes to see and if he sees Rothschild conspiracy in Satyajit Ray's work despite the latters highlight Indian famines at the hands of the British as you pointed, there is little we can do to stop him!

      THe Palas deserve more recognition. The problem is that secular historians are in a hurry to rush through fro the end of the Gupta empire to the first Muslim invasions which at last brought us "equality" and culture to "liberate" us from the "Brahminical Dark Ages"!
      Keep in mind, this is period nearly 700 years!
      Not just Palas but also Rashtrakutas and Pratiharas are ignored despite their expansionist wars. So much so that only the residents of their respective regions truly remember them in their folkore

      BTW regarding Pala conquest of Afghanistan. I had noticed Wikipedia editors had changed it earlier this year and I posted this in response in Koenrad Elsts blog

      ysv_rao said...
      Mind you these Northwestern propagandists are alive and well and still look on "Poorbias", Bengalis and Southerners with contempt: Case in point. A year or so ago I checked wikipedia's entry on Pala dynasty and found this map which shows the maximum extant of their conquests

      But that map is no longer portrayed on the Pala Wikipedia page (hence the Yadavhistory reference) but this once

      Notice anything missing in the second one?

      Yup. Apparently it was too embarrassingly for the "mighty" Pushtuns and their related Hindu lickspittles Kambojas, Gurjaras and Sindhis to admit that they once ruled by "effeminate" Bengalis

      Further down in the page , there is this weasel argument given for the omission of Afghanistan in Pala dominions

      "Devpala extended the boundaries of the empire further. The Munger (Monghyr) copper plate of Devapala states that his empire extended upto the Vindhyas and Kamboja. While an ancient country with the name Kamboja was located in what is now Afghanistan, there is no evidence that Devapala's empire extended that far. Kamboja, in this inscription, could refer to the Kamboja tribe that had entered North India (see Kamboja Pala dynasty)."

      So Bengali glory is being destroyed at the root level even today.

      And now the South:
      Most Southerners really had been demartialized in the last 200 years.

      The Nairs in 1920 were targets of Moplah homicidal frenzy from whom they failed to defend themselves
      It is conceivable to imagine the Nairs would succumb so easily to their depredations in say 1800s when they defeated Tipu Sultan despite overwhelming odds but were later emasculated by the British who forbid them from bearing arms and banned Kalaripayattu

      THe early East India company as well as Marathas and Muslims relied so heavily on Telugu troops that Teliga became synonymous for soldier in areas wherever their paymasters moved.
      All that came to an end with the Polygar rebellions.

      Please see my page on the Central Asian/northwest vs poorbia dynamic for more details

    2. Capt never fails to remind readers that he is a nationalist( I fail to understand how blogging and spreading bias and lies is nationalism ).As you have mentioned,I had also noticed Capt's insulting comments towards General Thimayya ,just to glorify VK Krishna Menon who happened to be a Keralite.This is Capt's brand of nationalism.The ban on Kalari martial art was a great cultural blow on India.Even in its present reduced form,it is still a great martial art,rather one of the best.Similar thing happened with Gatka the sikh martial art.

  4. Thanks for this post. Eagerly waiting for the next part.

  5. excuse please but maybe india was the greatest country when we all ate meat and did animal sacrafices? (--me in a past lfe); now referred to only as "tantra"??? sorry dont mean to insult...

    1. Anon whether India was the greatest country at that point of time is a matter of debate(I personally believe it was the greatest ).But it will not fall from its altar if we accept that animal sacrifices were a reality even in ancient Hinduism.Whether it is wrong or right has deep philosophical aspects to be discussed,but saying that it didn't exist in the vedic times is damn wrong!To be more specific,animal sacrifice is mostly a part of the Virachaari Tantra marg and not the daivachaari tantric path.And when you ask "now referred to only as "tantra"???" -I get a feeling that you have a biased view about tantra.However I might be wrong.