Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Trump investigation scandals as per Andrew Klavan


"The FBI, as we know, is investigating whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to expose the Democrats emails. The Senate meanwhile is investigating whether the Obama Administration investigated the Trump campaign for the collusion that the FBI is investigating. The Judiciary Committee is investigating why the Attorney General failed to investigate Hillary Clinton's attempt to avoid the FBI investigation into the Attorney General's failure to investigate her emails to the Democrats which the Russians hacked in an attempt to interfere with our election, which the Senate is investigating in an attempt to find out if the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians' hack of the Democrat's emails which the FBI is investigating to see whether the Obama Administration was investigating the Trump campaign. 

The House Intelligence Committee is investigating whether the House Intelligence Committee overstepped its bounds in investigating the Obama Administration's attempts to use the intelligence community to investigate the Trump campaign collusion with the Russian hack into the Democrat's emails which the FBI is investigating in order to find out whether the House Intelligence Committee overstepped its bounds in investigating the Obama Administration. The Head of the House Committee meanwhile has stepped down, pending an investigation. 

At the same time, many in the press are investigating why the press never investigated the Obama Administration's investigation of the Trump campaign but continues to investigate the Trump Administration's investigation into whether the Obama Administration investigated the Trump Campaign, which is now under investigation in the Senate, causing several investigators to call for an independent investigation into the House investigation of the Senate investigation of the Trump Administration, which is meanwhile investigating the Obama Administration, which is on a yacht in the Bahamas at the time, dancing to the musical styling of Drake's "Hotline Bling." 

. Drake is not currently under investigation. Now, to be clear, an independent investigation into the Senate investigation into the House investigation of the Obama investigation of the Trump campaign could expand the investigation into an investigation of Russia's investigation of the emails that were under investigation by the FBI, which was in turn under investigation by the NSA, who have been investigating everybody in a surveillance program that's still under investigation. 

If that were to happen, there would no doubt be a call fro a full investigation into all of the other investigations. So its easy to see that the firing of James Comey will have to be investigated, to ensure it doesn't in any way curtail the important business of government, which is... investigating. Thank God, the government's not actually governing, then we'd all be in real trouble."


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  2. jam i must tell you its Bengali patriots who put maximum heat on British
    hence Bengal got split communally , Bengal faced maximum retribution including famine etc . the exploits of rash behari , bhaga jatin , bose etc can put even
    James bond to shame . but its sad that bengalis never treated their heroes fairly
    since mn roy started communism in Bengal, it got radicalized into naxalbari movement modern generation Bengali should attempt to revive heroes by making movies ,they do have presence in Bollywood

  3. jam i want ask what is your opion on Tagore ,since he has been criticized by many
    for dedicating jana gana mana to king George , he got Nobel prize by copying on of the yeats work ,even katju calls him a British stooge who was promoted by Yeats and used by the British to divert literature from the revolutionary direction Sharad Chandra Chattopadhyaya was taking it ( see his novel ' Pather Dabi', which was banned by the British. At one time the price of one copy was the same as that of a Mauser pistol ).

  4. BREAKING NEWS -: CAPT BUDDA trolls ysv blogs once again wtf!!
    let me quote







    OH YEAH ?


  5. @Sonam

    Neither capt nor katju ever cared for the facts of the matter.Tagore got the nobel prize in 1913,and the revolutionary novel "pather Dabi" (the possession of which itself brought a jail term to some people in kolkata,it was considered so much sensitive by the govt) was published for the first time in 1926.So Tagore got nobel 13 years before the print of first copy of Pather Dabi.I dont know what mathematics Katju follows,maybe its not the base 10 number system we are accustomed to.And regarding the nobel prize of tagore,to be honest,I really dont think the english version of Geetanjali was anywhere close to the original bengali version in poetic quality.And the original bengali version poems were written far before their translation to english .So while the nobel may have been undeserving,it was not the work of Yeats.Yeats had helped tagore in translating some of the verses,but the original bengali poems were not written by Yeats.But then,there's an old proverb-Idiocy,thy name is Vadakayil :)

    Regarding the Jana Gana mana controversy,Tagore himself had clarified it somewhere in 1938 probably,that it was a silly thing to assume the "Bharat Bhagya Vidhata" was the british king.The song was composed by Tagore not out of his free will,but by the coercion of his close friends from the moderate lobby of INC at that time,to which Tagore himself subscribed till then.However ,later on Tagore was disillusioned both by Gandhi and by the conventional secular outlook of INC. 1930 onwards,he had completely stopped supporting Gandhian ways of wasting time on Satyagraha.For this u can read "The Cult of Charkha" ,an article written by Tagore on gandhian policies and freely available in the net. Also Tagore had shunned the conventional secular lines adopted by INC,as is evident from his letter communications with Swami Shraddhananda.In one of the letters to Swami Shraddhananda,Tagore wrote this : “Weakness harbors sin. So, if the Muslims beat us and we, the Hindus, tolerate this without resistance – then, we will know that it is made possible only by our weakness. For the sake of ourselves and our neighbour Muslims also, we have to discard our weakness. We can appeal to our neighbour Muslims, ‘Please don’t be cruel to us. No religion should be based on genocide’ – but this kind of appeal is nothing but the weeping of the weak persons. When the low pressure is created in the air, storm comes spontaneously’ nobody can stop it for sake of religion. Similarly, if weakness is cherished and is allowed to exit, torture comes automatically – nobody can stop it. Possible, the Hindus and the Muslims can make a fake friendship to each other for a while, but that can not last for ever. As long as you don’t purify the soil, which grows only thorny shrubs, you can not expect any fruit.”
    [“Letter to Swami Shraddhananda,by RN Tagore,compiled in the book "Kalantar" ]

    Tagore had actively participated in some of the rallies and gatherings of that time,and contrary to the apparent understandings,he never got any financial bounty from Rothschild,because from 1930 onwards,he was literally struggling to maintain the expenses of his large family ,comprising of a few dependent relatives as well.He did not follow the illegal businesses of his forefathers,that was one of the reasons for his monetary crisis.He did have deviant affairs in his youth,before his marriage,when he had an illicit love-affair with his brother's wife.but that doesnt define him alone,a person is judged by his whole life's work.Tagore is wrongly judged as a left-centre person,he was pretty right wing nationalist in his thoughts.

    1. on the point of Jana Gana Mana being the national anthem,I dont support it, not because it addresses the british king,but for the reason that I believe vande Matram was appropiate as national anthem,and there was no need for a national song .Vande Matram was the phrase with which martyrs across India accepted the gallows proudly,how can anything ever be a better choice than this? _/\_ But Tagore was not the person who set his song as the nat anthem,it was the INC committee that took the decision,after Tagore's demise.And I guess Nehru had problems with the Hyper-saffron tinge in Vande Matram,so he was not comfortable with that as national anthem.With no disrespect to JanaGanaMana ,I do believe that Vande Matram was the better choice for the same.
      on the novel "Pather Dabi" that u mentioned,the protagonist of the novel is strikingly similar to whatever Rashbehari Bose did,for example,the protagonist of this novel also tries to frame up a revolution from outside mainland india,and his revolutionary outfit spreads branches across shanghai,myanmar,Japan,Phillipines and even USA.Its pretty same as what Rashbehari Bose did,from Japan,with his formation of IIL.Rashbehari was also a pretty right wing person,since he took active interest in spreading Hinduism in south east Asian buddhist nations,by opening chapters of Hindu mahasabha in those places.Leftist historians have filtered off the right wing activities of many of the Hindu revolutionaries of india,including that of Netaji himself.

      Regarding capt's claim on Rabaul tunnel cannibalism,as i pointed out earlier,the soldiers of BIA who refused to accept Capt Mohan Singh's appeal for joining the IIL,were taken away by japanese authorities and treated in the worst of conditions.While i dont support the treatment,but it was something they brought on to themselves.POWs will not be kept in heavenly conditions,that much was sure,particularly when the nation is japan,which is marred with war brutalities .And cannibalism cannot be justified.However Netaji cant be held guilty for the same,the soldiers who refused to join INA were not his responsibility,and beyond that,he was not even on the spot when Mohan Singh and others were building up the IIL&INA 1.COnsidering his demeanour,if he had known of this treatment ,he would have objected.Just to give u an example,sitting in Berlin,at the peak of might of german power,he told this to Hitler in a meeting ,where top german officials were also present :" Hitler is at liberty to lick British boots.....Tell his Excellency,that I have been in politics all my life and I that I dont need advice from any side." -Netaji's German interpretor had to tone down the harsh words,while conveying the same in German,fearing any angry outburst from Hitler or higher officials of germany.However Netaji was not bothered to say the truth ,sitting in the bastion of germany high command.Again in another meeting ,infront of Hitler and German High Command,netaji put this categorically :"I am not an apoligist of the three powers and it is not my task to defend what they have done or may do in future.THat is a task which devolves on these nations themselves.My concern is however,with India,and if I may add further,with "India alone"." THen again in another official meet,this was what Netaji conveyed to the top brass of germany "FOr the sake of my country,I have risked my neck to come to Germany.I am prepared to risk my neck to return to India.The British CID is very efficient and just as I escaped inspite of it,I shall escape your Gestapo also" (this was when German authorities were unwilling to arrange for Netaji's movement to southeast asia,fearing dangers to his life)


    2. On his attitude and treatment to the Japanese officials,Colonel Hugh Toye wrote :

      "The Japanese respected courage,and courage they certainly found in Bose.Bose showed no fear of them and some times little respect,indeed his readiness to quarrel with them over the slightest infringement of his rights was one of the pillars of his reputation...He treated Isoda to such a flow of invective that General was never wholly at ease with him again.
      There was no lack of physical courage,he could stand as straight as any under aerial bombs or bullets.He maintained a brave independence from the Japanese. "(Hugh Toye p 105-107)

      Now u decide for urself as to whether Netaji would have remained silent,had he known of the plight of BIA soldiers .