Saturday, November 1, 2014

The real story of Ganesha(correcting PM Modi's misinformation)

I could not help but cringe when our Prime Minister Narendra Modi publicly exposed his ignorance on Hindu philosopy and the Puranas which deal with the birth of Ganesha.
Just for the record Ganesha is a diety ie a philosophical concept not an actual mortal entity be he animal or human.
I will let a very perceptive and knowledgable Indian American software consultant Kunal Singh speak eloquently on this issue (from the archives of Google groups)
Ganesh was a deity produced by the Shakti cult represented by Parvati,
thus Parvati creates him from his own body without Shiva's help.  The
Shakti cult also undergoes several reincarnations, Sati being the
precursor to Parvati, Durga being another form of Parvati.  A cult can
give birth to a new deity in Hinduism.
Ganesh has an elephant head because he is renowed for buddhi which
relies on memory represented by the elephant.  His legend is
associated with the union of Shiva and Parvati which occurs due to
buddhi consciously interpreting Prakrti.  Ganesh had initially
insisted that buddhi was an entirely non-conscious process, his mother
Parvati looking on quite proudly, but he was eventually defeated.
Taken in the ordinary context, a wife producing a child without a
husband and then quitely watching her son battle her husband without
interfering is indeed a strange concept and it should strike you as
strange.  The strangeness should make you realize that you are not
interpreting the legend in the appropriate context.
 Karttikeya was considered
to be the son of Parvati despite his being born from Shiva's semen,
Ganesa being a direct response of Shakti (Parvati) to Karttikeya being
taken away from them unfairly.
The relationship between Shiva and Parvati was still quite unequal.
   Parvati felt that most of Shiva's "ganas" sang his glories and
   decided to create her own "gana."  Ganesha was created by Parvati
   from her own body.  And Ganesha would raise the issue of buddhi.  For
   only is Prakrti necessary to maintain material cycles, it is the
   basic foundation of buddhi (knowledge).  For most of what man
   perceives, he perceives in nature and his reasoning is verily based
   on entities which he identifies in Prakrti.  Ganesha seems to argue
   for completely excluding consciousness from the functioning of buddhi
   (refuses to allow Shiva to meet Parvati).  He fights a tremendous
   battle which challenges even Shiva.  Shiva wins in the end,
   beheading the deity of Ganesha only to restore it upon later
   thought as the deity of buddhi or knowledge by attaching the head
   of an elephant (memory ?) to Ganesha's body.
    Taking into context that dieties were representations of various schools of thought which was the case in ancient India, this interpretation makes the most sense.
So I would request curious readers to leave PM Modi's nonsensical ideas in Hinduism in the trash bin even if you respect him as a leader.


  1. Kunal Singh has given a good analysis of the principle of Ganesha.However what has Modi said about Ganesha.You have not put that.I didnot read in the newspaper or online news about his comment on this.It is said that Ganesha was born from the dirt of Parvati.Actually Ganesha in his original form served an obstruction between the union of Purusha and Prakriti for creation of the multiverse.I think this refers to some form of primordial quantum energy field which served as a barrier to consciousness.That is why probably the original Ganesha was said to be created from Parvati,which represented the whole energy field.Ganesha was more like some form of quantum fluctuation in the energy field.Modern physicists have agreed that quantum fluctuation is responsible for the creation of space and time.So Ganesha in his original form probably represented multidimensional space and time. But ultimately consciousness(Shiva) overcame it and merged with energy(parvati),and thus our multiverse(Ganesha with elephant head) in his new form was the multidimensional space.The large belly of Ganesha is said to keep this multiverse.

  2. As you can tell, when it comes to the blog I am a bit of a procrastinator. I just had to put this out there ASAP as I wanted to correct the misinterpretation. I figured I will bother with the other details later!

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    1. Every politician makes gaffes, even the most seasoned one. These are relatively minor and that you pounce on them and highlight just shows your desperation.
      I don't say as a fan of Modi, heck I wouldn't have created that post if I was. But all in all I am indifferent to him and actually see him a breath of fresh air compared to the impotence and ineffectual Vajpayee or the puppet Manmohan Singh.

      If you serious and embarrassing failures of not just general knowledge and plain nonsense, I have quite a few gems of your hero Periyar such as his claims that the bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are no big deal , that TN makes those in Sivakasi all the time.

      Or that Christianity and Islam historically enjoyed strong cohesion and unity and that Christians and Muslims never indulged in intra war fare.

      There is a lot more from where that came from.

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    3. I keep bringing him because you keep idolizing him. I did not have much to say about him until you turned up and started praising him to the skies.

      In what way was Karunanidhi "100s of times more efficient"
      How did he improve TN in say economy, employment, social harmony, infrastructure, cleanliness, utilites(electricity, water), relations between other states, dealing with Sri Lanka etc etc.

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    6. It just occurred to me that you constantly shift the goal posts when your arguments are DOA. The issue was never Periyar's skills at governance but his idiocy and frothing at the mouth hatred which you simply dismiss summarily.

      You wish to praise Periyar but when I counter by criticizing him , you whine that he had died a long time ago , whats the point of bringing him up?!

      So which is it, either you stop referring to Periyar because he is long passed or we can discuss his glories(?) AND warts. You cannot have it both ways.

      Furthermore I would be very cautious about giving Periyar credit for anything. In the post independence era, people had a great deal of pride and civic sense which came from optimism of a newly independent India. This was true across most states not just TN. Cynicism, despair and corruption was yet to set in.

      Similarly in the post liberalization era of 1990s, there was a great deal of foreign interest in India's market and quite a few states opened their doors to international manufacturers and service providers. Neighboring AP and Karnataka also competed to woo Hyundai et al butTN got it (Kerala was out of the question due to rampant unionism). Having factories set up is a combination of many factors but one success followed another and good for TN . But I do know that the TN lot can be sore losers. I have seen the venom spewed against AP and Karnataka by Tamils when they heaped the lions share of the IT revolution.

      And here we go with the lame Gujarat Model bashing. I hope you are not basing that on Sabhlok's "analysis" LOL. While Sabhlok is astute on many economic matters, when it comes to Modi he is positively deranged(much like you). Firstly Gujarat's strength were never IT or manufacturing but finances, ports ,trading and entrepreneurial. And Gujarat unlike TN wasn't very urban and most of Gujarat's talent pool preferred Mumbai. It took a lot of maneuvering for Modi to change the culture and policies of Gujarat to get it to where it was a decade later.

      And talents such as finance, entrepreurial, logistics etc tend to bear fruit a lot later than manufacturing and IT where the results are quicker and easier to evaluate.

      re Karunanidhi grandsons in film industry

      Are you serious? Tamil and Telugu film industries are rife with nepotism and cronyism. His grandsons have tremendous advantages in getting the best stars, directors and composers to helm their film as well as sweet heart deals on locations and distribution. They already have a serious head start over the competition. Only a fool would state that a politicians offspring in India tend to make a fair and honest living.

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    1. 1. Ok that is rather dishonest because you go around bashing other leaders left and right, so it is fair game to bring up your role model and scrutinize him as well to know where you are coming from.
      And don't give me this bullshit about Hitler, you try each and every passive aggressive method to praise him and the Nazis ,no matter how mildly, hopeing that it will escape my radar. I wasn't born yesterday , I am familiar with all these dirty tricks.

      2. No Indian state is "occupied" by "outsiders" as they are citizens of India and have the right to travel and inhabit other states as they wish. That is the flipside of development - cosmopolitanism. Just because you don't leave your house, don't blame others if they wish to leave their's to better their life. You live a cloistered, sheltered, pampered existence, so you don't know shit about the sufferings of the average lower middle class and below people. I didn't begrudge masses of Tamils moving to Mumbai and Bangalore as well as Hyderabad to better their life or the hordes of bhaiyas from UP and Bihar to seek opportunities in Punjab and elsewhere. This is their right to try and seek employment in any Indian state. For you to take exception to this as it now stands is the crudest form of xenophobia and racism.

      2. India is grateful for the Tamil contribution to its development but there are quite a few others such as Kuren (white revolution), Homi Bhaba,Vikram Sarabhai(nuclear program),Narasimha Rao, Manmohan Singh(economic reforms) , Prashanta Das Mahanabolis(Indian statistical Institute)etc etc.
      It is one thing to discuss only the benefits of Tamils but what of the drawbacks, Tamil pressure drew the Indian army into a fiasco in Sri Lanka all the while Indian Tamils were lynching SL Tamils and evicted them from Tamil Nadu. Thanks a lot for that.
      And shall we disregard the "contributions" of Varadarajan Mudaliar, Haji Mastaan, the Tamil (and Telugu) contribution to the (British and French) East Indian Company corps?
      India is not lacking in brilliant people whether from AP, Telengana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerala, Bengal or even Bihar..they will get by.
      Don't get ahead of yourself.
      ANd Shiva Ayyadurai?! Really . This guy's odd claims have been pretty much discredited. At the most he developed a program as a high school student called EMAIL which though impressive for a teenager, was simply a crude prototype of the eponymous communication system that later followed. And even he never claimed to be the "founder of the internet". Sorry for a computer science student like yourself, this is pretty sloppy knowledge.And to just rub some salt on your wounds further. He recently married Fran Drescher, a prominent JEWISH actress who made a living out of playing an offensive caricature of stereotypical Jew(The Nanny). This is her third marriage. Her first ended after her husband turned out to be gay. She was also sexually assaulted in a home invasion. Talk about damaged goods!

    2. 2c. What innovation? How many patents ,research papers, companies came out of TN of international repute. None. In that they are not really any different than India which is quite backward in the R&D and entrepreneurship no matter what the hyper patriots claim. The issue is that you believe that TN would thrive upon getting independence which is just delusional. The socio political system of TN is so thoroughly dysfunctional that the society will end up cannibalizing itself upon independence.

      4. Karunanidhi's offspring can do a lot to break monopolies of film making and distribution networks as well as introduce better storylines and narratives to make Tamil film truly world class( as of now it is better than Bollywood for my money, but that's like complimenting a bride by stating that she is prettier than a leper). But I don't think they will be doing that but taking the path of least resistance ie Rajnikanth garbage.
      If they were serious they could've done what Mitt Romney ,2012 Presidental candidate , did in his youth. His father was a millionaire and a politician but he gave up all his money and moved to a far away state where his connections meant little and made his own fortune. I really don't understand this stupid question "if not for films, what else can they do otherwise"? Is DMK/AIDMK?FUMFDMK whatever other weird acronym du jour so obtuse and dysfunctional that all they think of film, media and propaganda?
      On this note I would say the people of Bihar and UP maybe relatively illiterate but at least their residents are not so dim as to vote for movie stars as the so called educated people in AP and TN do. Heck Amitabh Bacchan tried his hand and failed horribly. This is credit to the good people of UP.

    3. @YSV

      "Is DMK/AIDMK?FUMFDMK whatever other weird acronym du jour so obtuse and dysfunctional that all they think of film, media and propaganda?
      On this note I would say the people of Bihar and UP maybe relatively illiterate but at least their residents are not so dim as to vote for movie stars as the so called educated people in AP and TN do. Heck Amitabh Bacchan tried his hand and failed horribly. This is credit to the good people of UP."" ------ LOL :D :D Somehow I had missed this comment of urs,or cant recall that i had read . but dont u think its still better to vote Rajnikanth or the film superstars rather than hardened criminals like bihar or UP does :) ? again that might well be a choice between fire and frying pan,still a choice has to be made in an electoral democracy.But apart from that,I dont really care for any of the political options that TN,UP,Bihar or bengal creates,all of them are crap(though I love the way the current UP CM yogi is handling things with no nonsense).Very few states of India are lucky to have competent CMs who care for the longterm betterment over short term electoral wins.Kejriwal had raised some hope back in 2012 when he was rising,but now he seems even worse than Mamata Banerjee or Siddaramaiah.To the benefit of delhites,Kejriwal doesnt have all the admin powers in delhi govt,a lot of that is under Union home ministry,or else he would have screwed up Delhi in all possible ways we can imagine,by now.

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    3. That Tamil -Jew connection article is thoroughly crank and makes too many unsubstantiated and irrelevant claims . And again with the damn star of David !. The ancient Israelites didn't really care for the star of David at all. Their symbol was the menorah.

      What is with you and crackpot blogs? Where is your sense of discrimination?

      Just because something is in your ancestral homeland , it doesn't mean you can prevent entry from others. There are other Hindu who revere shrines in Kumbakonam, Madurai etc. You cant jusify banning them because of your bigotry and yes that is what it is- bigotry.

      Tamils will improve when they realize their greatness which is inextricably linked with the Vedic people of the heartland whether you like this or not.
      Bihar and UP are the cultural lode stars of Indic civilization, as long as they are "BIMARU" , no other Indic culture is going thrive. Secession or not

      All you talk about is banning, abolishing, restricting, prohibition etc etc. Are you even vaguely familiar with notions of liberty or is your mind so warped with fascism and mind control that you wish to impose it on others?

    4. "Bihar and UP are the cultural lode stars of Indic civilization, as long as they are "BIMARU" , no other Indic culture is going thrive. Secession or not"

      However, that is not the case now, is it? Ever since the Turkish invasions, BIMARU and the North-West are less Hindu than the rest of India. By the modern era, Bengal had become the most sophisticated and civilized thanks to the Bengali Renaissance.

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  7. decoding the mallu vadakayil

    i will start by quoting from the blog

    "if you asked a Malayali, where he is from, he’d never say, India but Kerala! How patriotic They secretly despised their industriousness and enterprising nature and ‘stick-together-like-Fevicol’ spirit. But familiarity as the popular saying goes, can also breed contempt.

    Being a True Malayali - A Rant. this blogger makes many humorus yet thought provoking insight of mallus!/

    Every Malayali is born a Malayali, and brought up to be very proud of his Mallu heritage. This remains, till the person hits puberty, when he or she has to make a choice. A choice that will determine what he will become. A true Mallu or a true Human Being.according to this blogger u will likely encounter

    The four types of Mallus:

    •The Normal Mallus.
    •The Retard Mallus.
    •The Outcasts - Fraud Mallus.
    •The Non-resident Mallus

    The Normal Mallu

    The Normal Mallu is the major Mallu Stereotype. He wears the White Dhoti and White Khadi shirt at every major function, she wears the White Sari. Everything looks so normal, until you get to know them closely. One half of them are good, and like change. They accept the changes put to them. They like to keep the heritage of our state, so they never dare to do anything different. Almost all your good mallu-Stereotype features fall into this category.
    The other half is in a power struggle within themselves. All they see in power, and they take it using the best way possible, corrupting the minds of people. Apparently they will look all well dressed, and aptly well spoken in all public events, but they move the crowd in a way that still makes me wonder how many retards I have in my state. These people are pure evil. Educated, smart, pure evil.

    1. BBB The Retard Mallu
      They are the reason why I sometimes begin to hate where I come from. Educated or not, it really doesn't matter, because, these, are some serious retards. They come from all sections of the society. They don't know how to react, they don't know how to think. They think that being Educated makes them smart. They are the garbage that this country has to be cleaned off to remove.
      They are mere sheep in the hands of the power-loving Normal Mallu, I defined, a few words before. By sheep, I mean, Fucking retarded Sheep. Channel their minds to a thing, and find out what happens. It's like an educated army of retard-zombies who can be controlled by a common cause with no logic to support it at all. That, is chaos, my friends
      All the Political and social problems can be an offshoot of this category.
      More problems start when these sheep are left alone, without control. They are just sex-deprived, horny, and really really ugly. Not to mention the unwanted hair they never trim off. This goes for both the sexes.
      They eve-tease women, and when they talk dirty, they cross all limits that is is more gross than dirty. Also, this is the reason why Mallu p0rn is like that, it makes you puke than giving you a boner. But these people, they like it that way. The Men grab women's assets in the open, the men grab men's assets in the open, every fucker wants sex, but never gets it, thanks to being the retard.
      The Thinking process of this people start and end with textbook education. Being in politics make them feel responsible, even though all of them have no idea of what they are fighting for. It's just a huge shitpool of retarded and wasted education. You channel them in any way, they will blindly follow suite, all you have to do is lead them with a sign, and symbol, or even a color-theme like Red or Green or Saffron, and it will do the trick.
      Their thoughts are so skewed that, no mater how much education they possess, they will never accept the changes that happen outside. hey never think to progress. These are your Moral Police. They impose weird laws on people, in the name of "safeguarding the Malayali Society and Culture ", and hurt poor young people dating, even siblings riding in a vehicle thinking they are lovers, or colleagues hitching a ride just because they were a co-gender group.
      These are the same people who grab even men's crotches. They are all the same. All that matters is how society views them. It is all a mask. They fake so much in the open that, it is for a sure fact that, they are exactly the opposite of what they seem. They make women's life hell. They are the venom in our society
      The sad fact is, they are the Malayali population majority, and hence all the evils in the Mallu-stereotype belong to them.
      Personally, all I feel is, making these asswipes fall-in a single line, and then opening Machine gun fire on them.

    2. cccc The Outcast - The Fraud Mallu

      The Minority Malayalis. People don't even believe we exist. Most of the credit goes to the parenting, which enabled these people to be free-thinkers even as kids. They grow up to become good human beings, but according to the Mallu society, Bad Mallus
      We are the ones who respect women EVEN when they are at a disadvantage. We take care of them.
      •We are the ones who have become fed up of this social etiquette that is nothing but retarded pure evil.
      •We are the ones who are always questioned for what we do.
      •We are the ones who rely on logic and goodwill.
      •We are the ones who totally defy the Mallu Stereotype, making the people from outside even wonder, if we are from the same state.
      •We are the ones who drive the over-drunk girls safely back to their homes.
      •We are the ones who kick in the faces of people who eve-tease our women.
      •We are the ones, who act, on our own.
      •We are the ones who think freely.
      •We are the ones who had to face s much ridicule from everyone throughout our lives, just because we could think on our own, and never failed to express it.
      •We are the one who have to face all the shit from the rest of the world just because we did one mistake - We were born Mallu.

      DDDD The Non-resident Mallu

      The Non-resident Mallu, born in the state, raised to be a douche, and flown to the "Gelff" or the states to make extra money DO NOT come under this category. This category consists of kids of NRI Malayalis, who end up being awesome. The only major difference between them and the Outcast Mallus is that, they never get outcasted. In short, every Non-resident Mallu has an awesome friend in an Outcast Mallu, and vice-versa. rest all can go suck Donkey balls.




    3. comparison of mallus with bongs according to this blogger
      Mallus are not actually South Indians, but Bongs who have migrated to South India Consider the similarities. Both communities make delicious fish. Both have a tendency to elect communists with mind numbing regularity. Both are soccer fanatics.Mallus n Bongs smoke big time.
      Booze is not considered evil.both mallus and bong males booze and rest when the female of the house earns, both love the arts films rest of india can never relate to ,

      the difference betwen mallu and bong
      Bong women are also sexually liberated as compared to the ladies of the rest of India. A Bong woman will not think twice about fooling around with other men apart from their husbands. in case of malluland mallu man is dominant than mallu woman , mallu woman is expected to follow the lead of husband

      i think jam will provide many points to this reference

    4. @Sonam

      LOL that was hilarious.However,Mallus do share a lot of similarities with bongs on the points of being retards and absolute **ckwits. there are bongs I have seen in SM and in real life,who make me feel ashamed of being a bong .the socio-cultural complexities of Kerala and bengal are very similar in many aspects,the only diff being that Malayalees bring lot of money from abroad .Amd Kerala has a significant xtian base,whereas bengal has very little of that.but in many other aspects,like love for education as the author mentioned,bongs and mallus are pretty similar.apart from that,both states are facing a demographic threat from rising islam,and the hindus of both states are absolute retards on this issue,so much that they would even ascribe the issue of demographic imbalance to the Hindu right wing.While Kerala has created a strong base abroad,I dont see any future for bengal.A few decades down the line,bengal might even cease to exist as a separate cultural entity,or even if it exists,it will be an islamic bengal .Kerala is also battling to maintain hindu majority,which has come down to near 50% mark at this moment,however Kerala Hindus dont see an issue in this,since they are pretty well mingled culturally with abrahamic strains,as I can sense ,being an outsider.YSV,Anu or Premchand will be able to shed more light into this.The problem of bengal and assam are a bit different,years of bangladeshi infiltration has ruined the demographies of both these states.

    5. there are other links to mallu thinking

      i will now talk about mallu vs tamil this is very ancient battle



    6. the history of mallu nairs

      Interracial Marriage for Malayalees

      here is link which is humorus take on mallu

      this blogger mentions about racism the tamil people face

      here is female telgu blogger who address the tamil mallu issue
      The Odd Oodle

      The Dilemma of a Kanyakumari Mallu THIS I FOUND INFESTING HOW MALLUS LOST


      Why malayalis don’t mix beef and belief


    7. Man, this is pseudo racism and regionalism. Breaking India indeed seems to be true ,seriously WTF.

    8. @sonam

      fish connect is because both bengal and kerala are riverine geographies,hence fish was always available in abundance in these places.same goes for the coastal areas of india as well.interestingly the largest producer of fish in india is not bengal but andhra pradesh :)
      I myself have grown up with soccer :) In bengal soccer was popularised by Swami Vivekananda.Infact both soccer and tea were popularised and spread by him .He wanted to see physically strong indians,hence he propagated the play of soccer as well as Kushti/Indian wrestling.But in kerala,I really dont know how soccer got into their society.One of the reasons can be that Bengal and madras presidency were the first areas of india to get the touch of british culture.But apart from that,in case of bengal,another reason for soccer's popularity was the economically deprived condition of bengalis.the game requires only a football,which can be pumped with a mechanical bicycle pump,and hence investment is zero,yet it provides ample entertainment and sports.This was one of the reasons for the popularity of football in bengal.Things got even better when the kolkata based football club Mohanbagan beat the british champions in 1911 shield final.Britishers were pretty much ashamed and disturbed with the loss,since they found it hard to digest the fact that 11 blackish indians beat a strong army backed team East Yorkshire .And all this with bare foot play,and hostile match officials who favoured the british team subtly. THis increased the popularity of soccer by leaps and bounds.I guess Kerala has a similar history of soccer .

      Booze is not considered evil,but a large number of the middle class bengali families are teetotallers,due to religious beliefs,family traditions or whatever.But anyway it is not looked down upon,that much I can say.And when it comes to consumption of booze,to be honest,both bengal and kerala will be outshined by punjab :) Alcohol is a part and parcel of the average punjabi life,same goes for haryana also.

      the problem with sexual liberation has occurred because traditionally the bengali parents have not enforced strict moral or societal standards on their a result we have derived a happy go lucky type bengali generation,which speaks tons of secularism,communist philosophies,islamophilia and are hypocrites to the core.Also love jihad is rising in bengal,because of this same issue of wrong parenting.Certain things should be ingrained into the girl child by her parents,for her own safety.I am not advocating haryana or rajasthan type treatment to women,but at the least girls should be made aware of the future problems that can arise due to their marriages with muslim partners.However on the brighter side,it is because of this same liberation to women,that bengal never witnessed female infanticide,honour killing or such heinous practice,not even in the muslim community of bengal.Liberal outlook is good,but not at the cost of compromising with ur cultural, religious and national identity.This is the thing the bengali hindu society needs to ingrain .

    9. I agree with Tim.Dark skinned tamilian is a very bad way to address an ancient people of india who have the richest body of literature among all ethnicities.And if given the chance and leadership,Tamils have the power to outshine every group of population on earth.They are by nature a martial population,I have deepest regards for them,and I am proud of them.

    10. You know, this is just a guess but if one goes by lamarkian evolution , if your ancestors live near equator with full sunshine for 4-5 ( this 4 to 5 generations is a completely random guess according to me )generations, there is a heavy probability that skin tone might start adapting and darken . UV light stimulates melanogenesis in hair and skin afaik. There is an evolutionary hypothesis that caucasians developed white skin in order to get more Vitamin D in higher latitudes.
      Also,the enzyme to convert dopamine to melanin is copper dependent . I will take a bet and guess that copper rich foods are more prevalent near equator/tropics compared to higher lattitudes.
      Another thing is prostaglandins which are solely derived from vegetable oils (sadly ubiquitous in indian diet more so than ever due to false propaganda ) also stimulates melongenesis. Too much prostaglandins(and veg oil) create way too much inflammation and has been linked to all kinds of diseases. I read in a forum about a lady's case where her eyes' color started lightening after she was on a prostaglandin inhibitor.

    11. JAM, Looks like both capt's & Milin Patel's kundalini is stuck in the mooladhara. While Milin analyses everything from sexual point of view, capt is extremely obsessed with sex & porn.

    12. The Ugly Truth about Caste in Kerala

      The history of the Mallu Nairs

      Why malayalis don’t mix beef and belief

      Kannadiga entrepreneurs in Kasaragod" vs. "Malayalam"

      The Dilemma of a Kanyakumari Mallu

      telgu vs tamils

      The Odd Oodle
      telgu blogger shares her thoght about tamils mallus etc

      humous take on mallus

      racism against tamils

      Why is that the andhr as ,kannadigas,malayalis hate Tamil despite being same Dravidian?

      Why do mallus hate mallus?

      What are the worst things about Malayali people?

      What i hate about mallu-land



    14. Kannadiga entrepreneurs in Kasaragod" vs. "Malayalam"

      Why do mallus hate mallus?

      What are the worst things about Malayali people?

      What i hate about mallu-land

      Why do mallus hate mallus?

      What are the worst things about Malayali people?

      What i hate about mallu-land

      humous take on mallus
      Why malayalis don’t mix beef and belief

      The history of the Mallu Nairs

      racism against tamils

      Why is that the andhr as ,kannadigas,malayalis hate Tamil despite being same Dravidian?

      The Odd Oodle
      telgu blogger shares her thoght about tamils mallus etc

      telgu vs tamils

      The Ugly Truth about Caste in Kerala

    15. jam and tim drake this are some blogs which is found i dont know it helps it seems tim drake has taken offense on dark tamilian
      many such articles have been floating around i have tried to bring attention
      to such blogs

    16. jam among Bengali u seem to be a minority because of the ideals u share
      bongs have left leaning tendency don't care about rss etc but u seemed to a
      different Bengali :)



    18. This comment has been removed by the author.

    19. ysv u seem to have taken offense rest assured that was not my intention
      i wanted to bring attention to many opinions of the people
      it is also sad .i spent more than 2 days gathering info on subjects
      but u ruined everything

    20. Sonam, your comment probably went into spam folder because you posted too many links. It also happened with me many times. When ysv checks his spam folder, he will probably publish it.

    21. thanks anu for ur reply lets hope so

      jam about soccer in Bengal i have also read the story of vivekananda behind
      the soccer overall not many cricketers emerging from that region

      "bengal might even cease to exist as a separate cultural entity,"
      MAN THATS A DARK PROPHECY lets hope it may not happen but u have very porous border with Bangladesh , somtimes i feel regionalism is necessary for survival of native culture much like mallu pride , tamil pride,
      that of marathi manoos , etc similar thing is happening in Hyderabad and bengaluru , these cities due IT industry have lost native culture
      and outsiders seem to dominate here .

    22. I came across another article regarding kodangulur mosque and king cherman being the firs convert , according to the author of this article
      The “oral tradition” of Cheraman is encountered in an Arabic document written in Malabar called Qissat Shakarwati Farmad.

      In 851 CE, Arab traveller Sulaiman visited Kerala. He found no Muslims or Mosques
      Sulaiman, Al Biruni, Benjamin of Tuleda, Al Kazwini, Marco Polo, Friar Odoric, Friar Jordanus, Ibn Babuta, Abdur Razzak, Nicolo-Conti – none of these travellers speaks of the story of the Cheraman’s alleged conversion to Islam5.
      This story of cheraman Juma Masjid is a tradition among the Mappillas of kerala.
      “Being of Arabic extraction, the Mappillas look upon themselves as of more honourable birth than the Tartar Mussulmans of North India who of

      it is important to note that Cheraman Perumal simply means ‘the great chera king’. It denoted not a single name but a royal title that was assumed by many rulers of kerala30

      The story of cheraman perumal’s conversion to Islam actually was actually taken from older Islamic legends.

    23. SO ONE MORE LIE OF VADAKAYIL IS NOW EXPOSED AND PUT TO REST fact checking is very important .u have many capt followers are too lazy to fact check
      lies of captain , they swallow lies which is shoved into their throat .

    24. @sonam I have unspammed the comments ...this time. I had warned you before about bombing the comments board . Of course if you present a comment with so many links for god knows it will go to spam.

      Next time I will let the spam guard do its work and wont come to your rescue.

      A lot of unfair mallu bashing here. We all dislike the captain but no reason to drag his countrymen into this.
      If you check the names of his most serious fans, they all seem to be Tamils, Telugus, Bengalis, Marathis and Punjabis...very few or hardly mallus.
      This show that by and large mallus are a modest and pragmatic people who have no time for the captains rubbish.

    25. ysv thanks for putting back my comments ,as i had mentioned earlier i was
      decoding captain as a mallu does his background influence any of his crackpot
      conspiracy , u must have read my earlier comments about four types of mallus and their behavior ,likewise trying establish captains way of thinking seems to be in line with certain type of mallus

    26. if u read the links some of them were humors some are opinion based etc
      look ysv i had mentioned earlier i don't have any personal grudge against captain as i have not seen or meet him in person .but iam against his ideology, about being unfair let me remind u that we had crossed that line when we dragged his family discussed about his son etc. This time its general topic about regional values etc . lastly to remind you that links provided above doesn't in anyway reflect my personal opinion on mallus

    27. ysv i will make sure not to post too many links as u said earlier it may
      go spam folder so thanks once again coming to my rescue :)