Monday, September 7, 2015

Ajit Vadakayil and Ayyar, Vivek: Two peas in a (crack) pod

I realize Vivek Iyer(windwheel) is the name but I just wanted to get two AV initials in!

Those who have seen the bizarre excretions of our resident mouth foamer windwheel (Vivek Iyer) may be inclined to forgive him on degree of his mental illness. But I say -NO! It is obvious that his character was formed considerably before he suffered from whatever unfortunate malady afflicts him.

Vivek Iyer is the same type of government parasite and credential touter like our dear captain.

Ajit Vadakayil is a loyal bootlicker of the Nehru Gandhi family despite his Hindutva sympathies. Same goes for Vivek.

Vadakayil pitifully goes about talking about the medals and certificates he received in GRADE SCHOOL! And this anti Rothschild crusader goes out of his way to brag about his sons admission in (Rothschild funded) Cornell University. Apparently IIT Masters program is not good enough as it is wrecked by the admission of low IQ lower castes and Dalits(his words not mine).
Meanwhile Vivek Iyer keeps hyping his St Stephens school/ London School of Economics/ UN Diplomat background of his and his sisters in order to keep me in line when I get too uppity and forget my lowly station when addressing His Deranged Majesty.

Both their blogs are not so much about presenting an idea in a coherent, factual, logical and linear manner but an almost surreal stream of consciousness which can confound the most lateral thinker. And of course should you take up issue with this ,you  will be accused of either lacking "perception" or a being called (insert your ethnicity here) illiterate not worth his time.

Both have a bizarre obsession with money even as they support economic policies (socialism) that make it harder for others to acquire the same. Thus the captain brags about his cottages in Kerala and his expensive mundu and kurta which apparently cost more than a high end three piece Armani. Meanwhile our Warren Buffet on training wheels (windwheel) seems to take the concept of  shorting stocks to an entirely new level when he keeps claiming to make money off my alleged misfortunes.

Both are richly hypocritical in that lambast the "neo liberal" economy and cosmopolitanism that India enjoys even as they have made their fortunes abroad. Our heroic captain sailed the seven seas most of his life (and that alone makes his crank ramblings the last word on pretty much any topic as per his dimwitted acolytes). Meanwhile hyper patriot Vivek Iyer is safely ensconced in the bosom of our former colonizer and shows no signs of leaving.

Neither are diffident about (mis)using their power or connections to destroy my life but ultimately they are impotent. Its been three years since Vivek Iyer threatended to bankrupt me, have me killed and throw me in jail for offending the honor of a diplomat. Unless I am like  one of those ghosts in The Sixth Sense who doesn't realize they are dead, I am very much alive and have enough money in the bank for a rainy day(though perhaps not to attend LSE for 6 years and buy a cottage in a hill station).
Similarly the brave captain claimed that I am on a security watch list and I cant enter India. Unfortunately for him I have done so twice since that bizarre pronouncement without any incident apart from a minor altercation with a rude immigration official in RGIA Hyderabad.

Both are certifiably insane. The difference is that windwheel knows it but the captain doesn't.

The cherry on the cake is another young lunatic in training- SMME. One feels sorry for the lad who had ditched Vadakayil to find succor in Vivek Iyer! An anti Semitic, anti American, Marxist Tamil supremacist, conspiracy prone anti social ,obese racist borderline autistic who sees conspiracies under every nook and cranny is now a protégé to an unbalanced ,over credentialed loon who spews death threats and allegations of pedophilia as easily and often as politicians make promises.

What could possibly go wrong?


  1. Ysv Sir a big hats off to your talent of humour :) I read this post twice and laughed along all the time.whenever I feel stressed out in life I would give this post a read :) BTW forgot to mention your new blog design is superb.

    1. Thanks JAM. In case you are wondering, the image is of that of an aqueduct amongst the ruins of Vijayanagar empire near Hampi.

    2. @YSV

      I was thinking the pic to be some ancient greek site LOL I have huge knowledge on historical structures it seems :P anyway it has been chosen perfectly,I must say.

  2. You do get that I was making fun of you- right?
    Or maybe I wasn't at all and just want you to think so. Captain Ajit commands the dead Sailors from Pirates of the Caribbean. Iyer, in cahoots with Sanjeev Sabshite, will avenge your pathetic professions of heterosexual virility.

    I've told you this before and I will tell you this again. Your shameless catarwauling will NOT induce any non- Telugu to come and beat and bugger you.
    You have to pay for that sort of service.
    Fuck off.

    1. Okay, full disclosure, I do hurt you by reporting your rape threats against my sister and that does impact on your life-chances. But, dude, I fuck with you because you are not physically present and can't get killed by my friendly slap.
      You are a Telugu of a particularly abhorrent genealogy. So what? The sins of the fathers are not visited on the sons.
      Learn from Iniyavel- he stopped indulging in hate speech and now his blog, pure Shaiva-Siddhanta, is praised and visited by many.
      I myself, sinful man that I am, bow my head to this youngster.
      why don't you follow this gentleman's path? You know Telugu- this was the language of choice, like Braj Bhasha for Sikh Savants, of my Tamil ancestors.
      Why write worthless rubbish?
      Vadakayil is a good man. He suffered an injury some years ago. I took the trouble of finding out about him and also asking the offended parties whether it was a problem.
      Vadakayil has such a good reputation that a Haredi Jew came to my house and knocked on the door and behaved just as skittishly as a Jain Shravak or proper Brahmin in my meat and alcohol tolerating house. This White fellow didn't know Vadakayil nor did his Rabbi. Still, these people came to my house- one small white fellow- and said 'if you destroy the name, you kill. You are murderer. We are complicit since you contacted Mr. so and so who is under such and such Rebbe. What can we do for you?'
      You see, that is the way to talk to real hate. You don't have any. You want Vadakayil to fuck you in the ass. He wont. He's a family man. He comes from Kerala. Govt of India does not think he poses any threat to anyone. Basically, he's just being a bit too-smart Malyallee is all. His 'hate speech' will turn into love speech if any 'Rothschild' or whatever came to his door hungry.
      I am ready to go to places to beat genuine guys with tough sons to tag team. Ultimately, I will get beaten. Why? At my age, people tire. Doesn't matter. We have been isulting each other and fighting for thousands of years. After I am beaten, his eldest daughter in law will come wiht a towel. Eldelrly mother will make a point of serving me toghiyyall `(because my teeth would be splattered on the street!) This is our Dravidian code.

      Don't try to be a tough guy if you can't take a beating. My best friends and I have either given or taken beating- we don't remember why or who won- and the result was when we went to work , we had each others backs. I am as you say, a mentally ill person. To be clear, I suffer from Paranoid Schizophrenia. It is true that, because of my privileged education and social status, I enjoy an enviable felicity. I can afford to quite dispassionately dispense many millions of Charitable funds.
      My material needs have been more than met. Even if I'd never set foot in Britain, I'd be able to pay for an "Iyer' lifestyle in T-nagar.
      Unlike you YSR- I am over six foot tall. I take a 44 long jacket but a 34 waist 36 leg.
      Yes I do have girl friends. I drink a lot and go to pubs and am a nice guy.
      Honestly, women don't want to be sexually harassed at all. They want to show off to their girl friends and just feel good about themselves.

      YSR, the real reason you have coupled me and Captain Ajith here is because we both look like 'Hindutva' older men who are strong and have kids of our own.
      Also you mention mental illness. But, I am a leading campaigner for the Hearing Voices Network and have been for many years.
      That's why I am successful. That's why I could have you killed and not myself go to jail. You are shite and will always be shite. You have no literary resources to fall back on.

      Iniyavel, if that be the will of God, will become slim. But he won't engage with you the way I do.
      Nor will Vadakayil. He will not sodomize you no matter how aesthetically you angle your arse.

      Do you have friends? Any friends at all? Talk to them. If they invite you out, go out.

      Fuck, I forgot where you are.

    2. This is where people go to shit- your blog. Go on eating shit worthless man.

    3. Worthless shite, I am sorry for contributing to your debauchment.
      You first encountered my virile prose- and got an itch in your arse for my dick- on a blog belonging to Konrad Elst- Belgian joker whose country doesn't have a Govt.
      This was my last comment on his blog-
      ;I'm very sorry that you are/seem so twisted up, desiccated, and empty of joy inside, KE. I grieve your embittered and closed mind. I grieve your total inability to hear what I'm really saying.'

      How beautiful! How truly Christian!

      Tantra, however, is only efficaciously- as opposed to meretriciously- practiced by babies who, persuaded by Lalun, don't disdain to tug at mother's breast, while sedulously biting my nose and throwing away my glasses when cornered in a proper catuskoti Brahmayuddha debate.

      Konrad, you have wasted your life.
      Yes, Hindus weren't happy because it appeared that it was only Ivy League Elitists who were holding us back. Now we have Modi, we're cool.
      Tantra and Yantra and Mantra are worhtless shite. As is Belgium, a failed State that does better than either of its neighbors.

      Why write worthless rubbish, Konrad? Why say this nutter writes well or makes a good point? He's a fucking nutter. So are you. You served your turn. Democracy has spoken.You stopped reading, a long time ago, the worthless, illiterate and more often than not seriously deranged comments here.
      That was cool, when we thought Rahul would get in and fuck us over with Cantabarian, Entitlements type Sen-tentious shite.
      That's not gonna happen. Rahul has wised up and has a crush on Hardik Patel.
      Your raison d'etre disappeared years ago. Why are you still nattering away you worthless bearded Belgian loon?
      Fuck is wrong with you? You could have said interesting about Europe. No. That would be a stretch. Still, why continue to write shite? Why say some fuckwit's worthless book 'is well written'?
      What do you get out of it?
      What can anyone else?

      YSR you are stupid and worthless. Your English is shit.
      But, there is good news. The East India Company just said worhtless cunts like you need not be worthless. The Principal of St.Stephen's College concurred.

      Worhtless cunt, you write shite because you are shite. Telugu Brahmins are like that. Cowardly liars without an original idea in their head.
      Do you really think you are an Aryan? I could kick you like a football.
      Perhaps I will.

    4. I know I am dealing with a lunatic but what the heck. If it is so easy to needle you and fuck around in your spacious cranium where I live rent free why not?

      this son of yours ...are you sure it is yours? I am told by reliable sources that he was sired by a drunken English football hooligan due to your impotence and homosexuality.

      Good to know your fellating Ajit Vadakayil has the desired effect. There is seems to be an ahem explosion of pro Vadakayil sentiment on your part which only a homosexual coupling of the most perverse sort explains. I understand your son took over when you were exhausted as his parampara.
      Its admirable in a very perverse way.

      I coupled you and the captain not because you are strong ROTFL( looks like you are also aroused by the shirtless captain flexing) but because you are a bunch of queers who are obsessed with anuses.

      And Iniyavel has stopped posting the crap because I had relegated him to spam. If you knew how to read, you would've realized this.

    5. Worthless cunt, you are a bottom feeder who trawls for 'obese shut ins' or people suffering from mental illness- in what way is your blog a monument to anything other than your own acharabrashata status?

    6. Worthless cunt, you are a bottom feeder who trawls for 'obese shut ins' or people suffering from mental illness- in what way is your blog a monument to anything other than your own acharabrashata status?

    7. Worthless cunt- you can't get anyone from India even one scholarship.
      Why run this blog? You don't know Veda. You only know Vadakayil. You are too stupid to understand my blogs.
      Fucking cockroach, I don't kill you because you are so shit as to remind me why my grandfather squashed you cunts. Small man, tiny man, why is your brain so empty?

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. okay, you have your own problems. The truth is I'm getting old. Teeth problems, cholesterol, stuff like that. I can still plan to increase what I bench press but I'm never again going to be able to run a mile in five.
    There are compensations. I'm six foot one with a 32 inch waist and 44 inch chest. True, my very strong stomach muscles project outward but I just naturally look lean and aristocratic- at least in England.
    I'm popular with ladies because they now understand how much I suffered when I lost my son.
    Fulham has changed. There is no White/Black distinction now. I know. I've lived here so many years.
    Sex is something sacred- I'm sorry for hurting your feelings.

    I don't know what your relationship with Iniyavel is. I am an old man. I'm 52. My son, who is handsome and well educated, but whom I alienated, can testify that this old man makes mistakes.
    But, there is not a single word I have written which feeds either Hate ideology or Misgovernment's Preference Falsification's Availability Cascades.
    The truth is Captain Ajit Vadakayil is not anti Muslim or Jewish or whatever.
    His sons love him. He loves India. His education was different from mine. People trust him in his profession as other people trust me in mine. Nothing wrong in my going out there and either beating him or getting a beating. This is the Kalari tradition. His Mum and wife and sister and daughters will run here and there to get me bandages and salves.

    You say Vivek Ayyar (the word has a specific Islamic meaning) and Ajit Vadakayil are 'peas in a pod'- why not? What harm have either of us done?
    Iniyavel has not contacted me since. I don't know what to do. You know him better than I. It was you who alerted me to potential health problems- e.g. 'shut in' obesity. Thank you for that.
    Bloody 'East India Company' etiquette is just to say = you are shit or you are worthy.
    I want to be part of the solution- not the problem.
    I care about Iniyavel. His posts have brought tears of repentance to my eyes and made me want to do things I need to do, in terms of diet and being nasty to easy targets like you.
    I have run a blog for years- more than half million visitors and some comments from top Academics. But Iniyavel has such 'Vivek'- such Metaphysical Discrimination- if he is in a bad position, I want to help him. He loves his parents and our common Tamil patrimony. You may disdain us- welcome to do so!- but if you are able to contact this young man and tell him, look this old idiot- Vivek Iyer- is on his side and wants to help, then kindly do so.
    Captain Ajith would do no less.
    Show you are a pea of the same pod.
    No one reads blogs anymore.
    Stop posturing. Whatever your sexuality might be- it's okay so long as you don't harm.
    God bless.

  4. Worthless cunt, why are you still posting links to your blog on my comments form?
    You have nothing to say.
    Ponder my words and fucking slit your own throat you piece of filth.

    1. Dude I have never been to your blog in ages , probably last time was early 2014(admittedly to troll you) but those days are behind me.

      fucking slit your own throat you piece of filth."

      I must say windwheel you are losing your touch. In a bygone era, you would have atleast considered carrying out this auspicious effort yourself and not outsource it to the target of your wrath. This way you know for sure that this particular action wouldn't be executed.

    2. Kindly stop touching yourself while you write this.

  5. Baby you are here in U.K. I can make fun of your attempts to get wife. Baby you are the ultimate Narasmiha Rao or Teuglugu Shithead that is so fucking worhtless we can all enjoy the comedy.
    God give this , not you.

  6. Fuck, I probably know you. Did you learn French in '95? Anyway you are shit. As Shubas Chandra Bose said to V.D Savarkar- ' Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Islaai. Sab ne YSR ka Maa chuddhaii'.

    Are you okay now worhless pervert?
    Happy an Iyer has insulted you fucking acharabrashta cunt?

    Look I know who you are. You are safe. I'm tall and have muscles and you are short and poor and shite.
    I ought to be on your side.
    I will fucking look after you but not till you stop getting sodomized in Jail. Worthless cunt, you are not a prisoner but a member of Staff.
    Stop licking dicks and pay attention!
    Jesus Christ, this Rao is beyond hope. Discipline him.

  7. The latest gem of wisdom from Captain:





    1. Hahahahaha....Captain never ceases to amuse! WHy cow dung paste, I cant think of purer form of bullshit than Vadakayils blog. Perhaps tommorow he will recommend that those within the radius of radiation cover themselves with printouts of his blogposts!

      When did the Hindu have last laugh when it came to magical properties of cow dung or any other crank superstition I wonder?

      To be sure, when his own (fat) ass is on the line, he would ditch the cow dung armor and flee to a lead coated granite structure of superior engineering built by "white man" technology just as he patriotically sent his son to Rothshid HQ -Cornell.

    2. @YSV&Premchand

      LOLL that's really a gem of revelation! As YSV says,in case of a nuclear outbreak.capt himself will hide inside 10 metre thick lead wall with all facilities :) while his lickers will perish out in the open.but last time I visited capt's blog,i noticed one thing,most of the past readers of capt,who were somewhat levelheaded,have vanished now.the new crop of zombies which is currently following him doesnt have enough brain to analyse anything.Vadakayil's blog printouts also have good antinuclear properties,as tested and certified by his son sitting in a R univ :D Vadakayil is really an egoless person,he doesnt want to brag about his own blog printouts,hence he is recommending cowdung .

    3. @PremChand&YSV

      Jokes apart,a modern nuclear missile will evaporate even concrete and steel within its core radius,so great an amount of heat will be generated.i dont see how cowdung will help me.instead of cowdung,govt should invest more on missile interceptor technologies,that might help us a little bit more.
      got the above link on facebook feeds yesterday.the news itself is 4-5 days old.Anyway whats your opinions on this?

    4. @JAM

      British tabloids in general are notorious for their click-baitey churnalism. There is a joke that a British journalist would happily sell his grandmother just to get a scoop. When I opened the link, I was bombarded with click-bait headlines like "Bikini-clad graduates parade down catwalk", "UFO frenzy sparked when pilot posts this picture", "Eve was made from Adam's penis, not his rib" just begging me to open the news item.

      Even this article is skeptical about the 800 year-old mobile phone and admits that it could just another hoax like crop-circles.

      BTW have you ever heard about the giant Sri Yantra that appeared in a dry lake bed in the US?

    5. @PremCHand

      Thanks for ur reply.The Sri Yantra crap has surely originated from capt blog before it spread to other places :)

    6. What I find even more hilarious is that the captain is actually LITERALLY spreading bullshit or atleast encouraging others to do so. So his followers shouldnt be upset if I refer to him as a bullshitter in chief!

      @JAM I worry about his mental health- look at the sentences quoted by Premchand. He cant write 5 sentences without going off on a bizarre tangent. What does agnihotra have anything to do with a nuclear missile or radiation fallout?
      I also noticed that the number of comments have dwindled from a once impressive 400-600 to less than 100-150. And half of these are usually the captains himself using phrases from the late 20th century such as STOP PRESS. At least he quit the PUNCH INTO GOOGLE SEARCH madness. Guess he discovered what links were!

      Wow thats a lot of unsubstantiated information which is the problem I have with these UFO and crop circle claims! It doesnt help that too many people who subscribe to these views are Western equivalents of Vadakayil!

    7. @YSV

      The captain is currently in a 'Humped A1 Vedic cow' phase. The whole point of the lines I have quoted is to prove that Indian cows are some kind of magical animals and everything that comes out them, including dung, is an elixir.

      Re the Sri Yantra, I first heard about this event from an Indian spiritual magazine many years ago. The author of that magazine article appeared to be an extremely gullible individual who believed that the appearance of this Sri Yantra was divine handiwork. I am a skeptic in general so I am certain that this is probably the handiwork of some pranksters with a lot of time on their hands. But it is interesting that no credible claims have been made about who created the gigantic Sri Yantra and how they did it in the middle of nowhere and managed to avoid leaving tire tracks and shoeprints. Unfortunately, the only people who are interested in this mystery are UFO and New Age cranks who don't have the necessary skills to investigate.

  8. Capt. Vadakayil for PM in 2019. Look at this:





    Also check this Twitter poll conducted by Sandeep Balakrishna.

    1. Captain is right when he claims that his blog is extremely popular among Indian netizens. But that is just a scathing indictment of Indians' IQ level. I had friends at engineering college who couldn't identify a photograph of Albert Einstein. What more can you expect from them?

    2. @Prem chand
      Unfortunately this is true. It is not so much IQ that is low as Indians are smart to work in STEM fields (even as captain claims that 105 IQ is what Indian laborers possess) but a complete lack of common sense and respect for credentialism in place of true learning and scholarship.
      Even now, even is serious forums such as say when Indian history is often discussed by very knowledgeable individuals, if they get into an argument they fall back on well Michael Witzel has a Harvard doctorate or Koenraad Elst is Leuven graduate so we should just fall into line and respect their opinions even if it sometimes defies established facts.

      I came to the conclusion very early in grade school that most Indians are more into the pretence of knowledge than actual scholarship. You can see this in the hyper participation of Indians in spelling bees(in U.S) and quiz contests for which they purchase books containing facts such as the number of verterbrae of a chimpanzee of the capital of Benin or the route taken by Thor Heyerdahl. These are little more than champions of trivia as the disturbed genius John Nash put it in The Beautiful Mind. This sleepwalking approach to learning may have been going on for a while. AL Beruni noticed that while pundits had amazing astronomical data recorded in their texts, they were unable to point to a constellation in the sky.

      Speaking of Beautiful Mind, in so called redneck USA that movie about a mathematician was a commercial and critical success. Meanwhile not a single movie made about our own beautiful minds- whether Ramanujam, Subramanyan Chandrashekhar, Jagdish Chandra Bose or Khurana. But hey there is a new movie with Shahrukh Khan also with the title Dilwale.
      This alone tells us what the priorities of Indians are, be they masses or "classes".

    3. I have noticed that even Indians working in STEM fields display an ignorance of and lack of interest in culture, history and science. I once saw a video on YouTube and the comments section was field with intelligent questions from people from other countries. I could find only one Indian in the comments forum, and his question was "What is boojwa?" (He meant bourgeois). Facepalm.

    4. @YSV&PremChand

      Speaking of Dilwale,i will never see that movie,either in theatre or in my computer,not because I support the antiDilwale movement on SM,but for the fact that it has nothing more to offer apart from Shahrukh and Kajol coming together after 15 years :P and this is the movie people are dying for! I was thinking of Bajirao Mastaani,but frankly the trailer turned me off.though i might see it in future on my pc.but YSV u are absolutely right,the movie subject selection and priority of our directors reflects the choices of Indian population.

  9. @YSV & others

    This was the link I got from Anu on twitter. 3rd and 2nd choice in this list are real good,just go through it :) And I completely agree with the no 1 choice,ie,Churchill.Today Hitler gets all the bashing while Churchill enjoys a good image for equal if not greater atrocities.That is the power of statesmanship and diplomacy.

    1. I was never really a fan of RK Simha and his shrill rhetoric and this list reminded me why. I mean you have Dick Cheney(I disagree with his inclusion that he is on the list but lets leave it for now) in there but not Saddam Hussain and Ayotallah Khomeini? You have none of the kings of Saudi Arabia who promoted and funded Wahhabist ideology which created so much havoc from everything from Taliban to 9/11 to ISIS
      Also absence of Mao and Stalin. It seems that he is trying to placate a good number of leftist intellectuals in India. As much as I loathe Winston Churchill, this statement is absurd "No human being deserves to be in hell more than Winston Churchill."

      I dislike Mohandas Gandhi and Mother Theresa intensely but I can think of far worse people to occupy the spot. These are nothing more than RK Simha's own pet peeves and prejudices masquerading as a emotionally driven ,unpleasant op ed.

    2. Yes well I am surprised that he included Gandhi in the listed but not GW Bush, even though the fault in both cases was stupidity rather than active malice.

    3. yeah inclusion of Teresa and Gandhi were too harsh,where did Hitler,Mao ,Khomeini,Saddam,Gaddafi go?btw Mother Teresa might not be the exact angel but she wasnt the worst lot .same for Gandhi.


    4. I actually supported invasion of Iraq and removal of Saddam Hussain who was monstrous even by Middle Eastern despot standards. What I didnt support was the democracy project which wasnt really on the original agenda but gained traction due to the bad PR with the insurgency and lack of WMDs.
      To be sure , those who supported the lame democracy idea were ideological descendents of /are currently apologists for the British Raj as I mentioned in one my earlier posts on the same topic.
      Bush's mistake was to do a U turn from Jimmy Carters micromanaging the Iran hostage rescue mission which went horribly wrong to basically delegating the entire proceedings to the Defense and State departments with minimal oversight from himself.
      Bush being stupid and a puppet of Cheney is a silly liberal trope which any one who is even vaguely familiar with the administration and Bush and Cheney's personality would laugh at.And actually Bush had a more humbled approach to foreign policy in the 2000 election cycle and loathed nation building compared to the more hawkish Gore.
      Coming back to the colonial apologists-so I understand when some in India became uncomfortable with the Iraq war 2003 as it stirred in them fears of a return of the neo colonialism.
      And heavy breathing conspiracy theorists compared Halliburton to the East India company while the reality is , the type of contracts that could be undertaken were only by Halliburton and other company- Schlumberger which was French. Dick Cheney was once CEO of Halliburton- that is true. However there is no evidence to show that he benefited from this association in anyway.

      Rather, Bush craved a staff with experience in the private sector. To this end, he sought out Fred Smith, CEO of FedEx as his Defense Secretary(Cheneys previous job with Bush 41). The reason for this being that since a good chunk of waging war is dependent on logistics and transport not to mention other cross discipline systems, it was thought a guy who had extensive experience in both would be top notch for the job.But Smith turned him down and in came Rumsfeld with his similar with views on a lean and more agile military in order to deal with a different sort of enemy. This was suggested much before 9/11.

      Ketan Mehta's Mangal Pandey by his own admission was more about Bush's Iraq war as was 2004's Troy as per Wolfgang Petersen. Meanwhile in 2006 Robert Kaplan compared the insurgents to the mutineers of 1857. The same colonial apologist Kaplan who earlier supported the 2003 Iraq war on basis that Iraq be transformed into a democracy!
      All of these people are right for the wrong reasons. Yes , Iraq war turned into colonialist nation building disaster, but the intention was never that ambitious or grandiose and neither can the monstrous terrorists who used to slaughter their own people be compared to the 1857 rebels,however flawed they may have been.

      Bush had terrible PR , much of which was his own doing. But mostly it was the liberal knee jerk response to his evangelical Texan upbringing,mispent youth and privelege and a cartoon villain idea of Dick Cheneys hyper conservatism..even as Cheneys daughter is a lesbian and Cheney had no qualms about attending and supportin her marriage to another woman. Even now he supports gay marriage.

      Bush made his fair share of errors obviously but he was handed quite a few hot grenades by Clinton(on issues of the economy,national security in particular) and he just made the best of the situation. Not a very good president but not a terribly bad one either.

      In conclusion at the risk of sounding too cold and calculated, I really dont have too much time to weep for Iraq or even Syria, the same region which launched multiple Arab invasions into India and supported Pakistan for most of its wars against India. All this wailing over the deaths of scores of Iraqi Muslims is really a symptom of dhimmitude of which RK Simha and Ajit Vadakayil "anti colonialist" types are guilty whether they like to admit it or not.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. @YSV&others

    forgot to include this gem from Katju again : just look at this quote : " If you are fond of drugs and alcohol, you can choose Lord Shiva ( he is said to be fond of bhaang, dhatura, etc ). If you are fond of many women, you can choose Lord Krishna ( the gopis of Vrindaban were very fond of him and he allegedly married 16000 women at a time ), but if you are devoted to one single woman, which you should be ( 'ek hi naari sada brahmachari', as I used to say in court while deciding bigamy cases ) you should choose Lord Rama." LOL had a long laugh on this line :" If you are fond of many women, you can choose Lord Krishna" :)

  11. @YSV

    How will u expect anything but dhimmitude from Vadakayil.After all he sheds croc tears regularly for Palestine and Pol Pot! Gandhi,even with all his political blunders,did love India and aspired for its betterment.The problem is that his thinking was fairyland type.When cong and commies were playing Britain+Russia apologetics and took a proBritain stance in ww2,Gandhi was the odd man out.By that time he was convinced Brits cannot be removed with soft words and friendly gestures.And once he was convinced of this,he called for the permanent quit india 1942.This is where he was different from Nehru(whom capt admires for reasons unknown to me even to this day!).Once he understood his softness was not serving the cause of freedom,he chose to abandon it permanently.Infact today most Gandhi bashers dont know the fact that when INA was advancing,Gandhi was the lone leader of top brass in cong to gave it moral support,while Capt's godfather Nehru was busy planning his own ascent with british help,hence his probritish stance.

    My father was a student in a Kolkata Medical college in the 1970s .He told me that Mother Teresa used to visit the medical colleges and hospitals of Kolkata and speak directly with the patients,their problems etc.Infact she had been doing this for quite a long time even before my father had taken admission.Most of these patients of the hospitals were not in her potential conversion list,yet she cared for their health. My father had seen her many times as an nun at that time in his college life.he even interacted with her once or twice.At that time atleast,she really did care for the wellbeing of suffering patients,and didnt have missionary agendas.but this was before she became a Mother.This is why my father was amazed when he heard the accusation of Mohan Bhagwat on Teresa :) , though I must say Bhagwat is also not completely wrong.There's no denying that she did try to promote missionary activities covertly to some extent,but that was nothing compared to what many others had done in the past or are doing at present.I live in the vicinity of a basillica .I have seen countless tribals getting converted to christianity.but along with that,I must also say these tribals are living normal city life with proper education as a result of their contact with missionaries.Otherwise most of them would have remained in the tribal belts living on meagre income.missionaries have done qualitative life improvement of the converts.This is where I think Hindu orgs are lagging.

    1. I dont doubt mother Theresa's intentions or that she did bring a lot of relief to the suffering of many unfortunates. However as they say- the road to hell is paved with good intentions. For all the 100s of millions of dollars , she recieved, the facilities were rather primitive. So we have to ask uncomfortable questions such as where all the money went if not for the uplifment of the needy and suffering?

      My position on the tribals is that if they are self sustaining, leave them alone to their lands. Of course there is the issue of development and urbanization where they may have to take one for the team. Even if they are compensated properly(which they arent by greedy contractors and politicians) they dont quite know what to do with the money as they are not accustomed to a modern lifestyle. I have no good answers here

  12. Ysv, I stumbled upon one of your articles about Ajit Vadakayil written few years ago. Which made me think that you ought to be another learned person with extreme knowledge about world history. So I started reading your posts, but then again I got disappointed to see another post bashing Ajit. This just gives me the notion that you are trying to increase your viewership by bashing another person. Let him write whatever he wants, let vivek and iniyavel write whatever they want. And you also do the same. But not on the expense of others. Good luck with writing.

    1. Thank you for the compliment. I try not to bash Vadakayil too much and admittedly this article was a cheap shot not just against Vadakayil but as you can see that crackpot Vivek Iyer. If I wished to increase my viewership I would dedicate more articles to dissecting the rubbish on his blog because there is just too much material to work on but I have to be selective. Ignorance in Hinduism is considered evil, I do my best to burn it away.

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