Monday, January 19, 2015

False rape claims courtesy of Anceeta Martis

2014 was the year of the great feminist hoax unraveling. Never has schadenfreude been this delicious.
Particularly refreshing (and relieving) were that even mainstream media who are otherwise sympathetic to blanket feminist pronouncement descended harshly on the false rape claims particularly in the case of University of Virgina fraternity.

What is common to all such false rape hoaxes is that usually the victim runs to the media instead of the police. In that case one has to be very suspicious as to what actually transpired.

On this note we come back to our beloved Anceeta Martis and her bizarre claims about being "almost raped"

Now what is it with feminists having rape victim on your resume is almost a badge of honor. Its as if they are so desperate for any type of struggle in their vacuous, lazy, privileged lives that the only being a passive victim of a violent ,degrading crime almost redeems their sorry existence. At least to their minds

Also keep in mind that Ms Martis despite her claims of being anti establishment, independent minded and rebellious against Indian patriarchy and norms is very much a child of Indian upper middle class culture. Why? Despite her obvious daddy issues, she is not averse to spending his money. Trips to Germany, Amsterdam, Dubai complete with hotel stays, expensive restaurants not to mention high end make up, maintence,shoes and clothing  don't come cheap.
But what really catches the eye is the word "almost" in "almost raped" . A Western feminist would go for the gold and claim forcible intercourse but Ms Martis is satisfied with the bronze medal of molestation!
Why? Obviously daddy is not going foot the bill for Princess Anceeta's luxuries forever and god forbid she would spend her own cash in whatever career(HR administrator no doubt) she chooses. And if she would spend it in the lifestyle she is accustomed to , she would be bankrupt soon.
So she has to nab a new "bakra" as we say in Hindi. For our non Indian readers, it literally means goat. But in this context a goat to the sacrifice(to goddess Kali or Durga) . In other words a naïve fool who don't know whats coming.
Even Western men would hesitate to marry a raped woman(damaged goods and all that) , forget about Indian men. That's not fair to the woman as its not her fault, but then that's an evolutionary instinct. The same way women shun short ,poor and social awkward men and pursue rich handsome men. We shouldn't chastise women for their instincts but middle class morality forbids female indulgence of hypergamy for sake of social cohesion. But that is another matter.

So Anceeta wishes to have her rape cake and eat it too. She wants the rape street cred without actually damaging her "good girl" reputation.

Hypocrite ,privilieged ,liar and coward. These are all your titles Ms Martis.

If you peruse her idiotic blog , you will notice she can write about nothing except being a woman. Those looking for any kind of gravity, depth and intelligence have better chance of finding such in Keeping up with the Kardashians than in vapid ramblings about menstruation, underwear and lame sexual innuendo.

I suppose it was only inevitable she would claim rape at some point

This post is something very, very personal and the details are unknown to the whole world except for four people. These are two incidences in my life that I remember vividly and shall never forget. One was very recent and the other was when I was four years old. I felt that I will be a coward if I do not speak out about what happened. If anyone wishes to know who these men are, I'll let you know personally as I do not wish to defame anyone. Yet.

Wait a minute if u remember it vividly then the first thing you should is to report it to the police station ,rather than text messaging your BFF so that they go and troll the alleged culprit anonymously!

When I was four, there was a friend I had in my tiny little Indian village and I trusted him as much as I did my uncles. He was young (read: testosterone driven) and possibly curious. Let me say that he did not physically hurt me or force me. He didn't need to force me because I didn't know what was going on. I was a little girl and happy to have someone spending time with me (as there were no kids around or anyone for me to play with). One day he took me to his house and to his room. This was not a big deal to me because I had been to their house plenty of times. Then he asked me to lie on the bed, put a cloth over my eyes, lifted up my dress and rubbed his penis against my vulva. Thankfully, he did not rape me. This happened twice. I only realised it was "molestation" when I started watching The Oprah Winfrey Show (!). 

My god what a horrible story. Why is that pervert and pedophile not thrown in jail ....those would my usual responses. However something here is amiss.

At what age did you watch this Oprah Winfrey show where you learnt that transpired was not kosher. You are now 20, why did you wait this long to tell your story? Is it because you felt  leftout of all the rape hysteria.

Making false rape claims, indeed by practically stealing other women's stories(in this case, something she saw on Oprah Winfrey) is not unknown. It is known as copycat victimhood

Courtesy Black Pill and A Voice For Men

It proves women enjoy sharing hysterics. I personally don’t know a single woman who has been genitally mutilated, but I keep hearing how it’s somehow men’s fault “we” suffer at their hands.
From my own experience, I once told my sister in law an upsetting story of an instance of sexual molestation I experienced as a child.
She seemed unusually interested in the story and had me repeat it several times. She hadn’t shown much empathy or concern about other bad experiences of mine, but this one she really zeroed in on.
A few months later, in front of a group of friends, she started repeating My story as though it had happened to her – using my vocal inflections, and tearing up exactly as I had.
I thought she was mocking me! It felt like she was literally de-pantsing me in front of everyone, until she turned to me, searching my face for approval of her story…looking for attention and sympathy.
I realized she had simply liked the dramatic quality of my story so much she had adopted it as her own. She didn’t even realize I was the original source of the story.
If you notice, cops shows, murder shows, extremely violent and over the top perverted CSI type shows proliferate on TV now days, usually featuring woman-as-victims. I really believe women are internalizing that stuff and adopting it as their own, just as my sister in law had. It’s like the Coast Guard fielding hundreds of calls to report the shipwrecked people stranded on Gilligan’s Island.
Those old PSAs proclaiming “In America a woman is raped every thirty seconds” should have included “…on TV”.
24/7/365 some woman, some where on TV is suffering rape, domestic abuse, violence and murder.

In other words, many women have an extreme persecution and victim hood complex and barring any of their own experiences , they will go as far as to steal some other woman's stories of trauma and pass them off as their own.
 Heck women are even known to
murder their children just so they could get attention and sympathy! Here is hoping Ms Martis remain childless and ultimately barren as I genuinely fear for her offspring.

This woman is a monster in the making.
The second incident took place last summer when I went to India. Another very close friend of mine (whom I treat like a brother), harassed me. On our way from my grandmother's, he stops his motorcycle on the way, in the middle of the jungle, and tries to repeatedly convince me to kiss him. I went into shock and asked him to just drop me home. When we reached home, he stood outside our main door and asked me again why I would not kiss him. I told because I didn't want to and that we were both in committed relationships so he shouldn't even make such demands from another girl, let alone me. I had to tell him that I was going inside just so that I could have him out of my hair. To say bye, he hugged me in such a fashion that my breasts were pressed up against him. It was disgusting. Throughout all of this, I was in shock. I could not believe what happened. Now I hear that he has been telling people that I was the one who asked him to have a casual relationship with me. The audacity!

This is more of harassment and molestation at best rather than rape. Glad you clarified it though not in your blog title I noticed. Also many women do hug men pressing their breasts against them, sometimes it a sign of sexual interest , sometimes its mere affection. It is often hard to tell . I usually err on the side of caution unless there have been other signs of attraction.
My point is while what he did is genuinely creepy , Im not sure it qualifies as molestation. Certainly not rape.
Anyhow I have to ask how naïve and stupid can you be not to notice any signs that this guy treats you not quite like a sister? A guy who is sexually interested usually gives himself away much easier than a woman who is interested. That is mother nature for you. It is not fair to men but hey we don't complain. Are you seriously blind,deaf and stupid to pick on any vibes so much so that you hopped on his motorcycle going through a jungle of all places!
Especially you, you who see an Indian male chauvinist rapist hiding behind every rock and tree.
And seeing how you are part of the same social circle including family , it is highly improbable that he go claiming that you were hitting on him without considerable consequences if not questions.
So sorry , even this story's credibility is not very strong

To all those people who wonder why I hate most Indian men, this is is the reason. Everyday I hear about girls getting molested and raped and it feels like India is the world's rape capital.

Feeling and fact are two different things. As I said you are easily manipulated by the media to the point of hysteria. It is not India but Congo which is the rape capital. The U.S is up there as well. A simple google search would've yielded that info but no what you feel is apparently more important.

 I wanted to share my experience and tell all the girls not to be embarrassed if someone harassed you and to speak out about it. It's never the girls' fault but we are always held accountable (for wearing provocative clothing or sitting behind a guy on his motorcycle), which is really unfair

Obviously women should not be blamed for being raped. But surely they should be chastised for poor choices and a lack of common sense. Why would you go around in provocative clothing in areas known for sexual assault, and why would take rides from unknown men on motorcycles,cars or whathaveyou?

It is the equivalent of me going to South Central LA at 3 AM, covered in gold chain and Rolex watch,counting my 100 dollars bills as I walk past the gangbangers. What do you expect would happen to me? Same principle

A word to all parents who have young kids: keep an eye on them. Be careful about who spends time with them. Always make sure your children are free enough to talk to you about

Great,more pedophile witch hunts which harm innocent people thanks to a brain damaged feminists who craves attention and wishes to destroy bourgeois society so she looks normal in comparision.

No thank you.


  1. The blog of Anceeta which you have referred is very childish,I must say.Infact it has not even 1% content that is worth following.It is unfortunate that such blogs get
    more popularity on the net.As you have pointed out,I also doubt whether her personal experiences are really "personal" or otherwise.Somehow I feel that her description is not convincing.And I have direct experience of women circulating others' experiences as their own just to gain some cheap popularity and sympathy.To any female reader of this blog,my request is that don't judge me as a misogynist,infact I am far from one.However the problem of copycat victimhood seems to be more abundant among the fairer sex.

    YSV what you have stated on the projection of India as the rape capital of the world by our hyperactivist media is very true.A case to note for on this point may be
    the Badaun rape case.I am not saying that all Indian men are saints,but a massive majority of them are just normal and not perverts as projected by the media.Even if I
    am left with a beautiful girl alone,I won't be able to screw her.More than 99.9% Indian men would think the same way as I do,because I am a representative of the
    average Indian male mindset .This is due to the inherent Indian way of thinking,which teaches us not to physically hurt women .This is the reason why real rapes to the population ratio in India is not even worth comparing,wrt most other nations,ie,the ratio is so small that it might be considered negligible.Another fact to note is that in India men address unknown women as Behenji,Ben or Didi(in my state).I am not saying that rape should be overlooked.Infact if rape is proven,rapists should be punished handsomely.But at the same time it is quite apparent that many women are actually misusing this state of victimhood at present in India.Here the Kern County case as you have mentioned is a perfect example.

    "It is the equivalent of me going to South Central LA at 3 AM, covered in gold chain ..." - It is not a coincidence that most rape cases are reported in such situations.However I am again repeating that I dont want to prove India to be a land of saints,rather all I would like to see is the impartial approach of media and judicial system in such cases.Mulayam Singh Yadav had once suggested that all women who bring rape complaints to the police should be put into lie detector test.I dont know how feasible his suggestion is from the scientific point of view but I agree with the inherent message he tried to deliver.

    1. To be sure, it is silly nonsense. It is also extreme malice,rage and hatred coupled with perverse sense of entitlement and detachment for reality. All packaged in a pink scented with lavender and jasmine.

      The danger is that the marketing of the blog will lure otherwise impressionable young girls (and men curiously!) in subscribing to her perverse agenda.

      IT is for this reason, I feel she has to be taken down and exposed for the amoral cretin that she is.
      Of course we weren't saints at age 20, but my god this spoiled, stupid and bigoted? good god no!

      And Im afraid she is only going to get worse

    2. I agree with JAM that her blog is very childish and not worth a second glance. Even her beauty and fashion section is not interesting. I don’t think her blog is that popular as JAM says. I believe only her closed circle of friends read it. I did read her stories and I too feel they are fake. You are spot on about these copycat victimhood stories. Most of the ideas from her blog are lifted from other feminist blogs. It seems to me that she doesn’t write anything from her personal experience. As you rightly mentioned, she has no qualms in enjoying life with her dad’s money but doesn’t hesitate to blame Indian men for misogyny. She is simply fascinated by the idea of feminism and has no real issues to discuss or rather does not have the brains to discuss. BTW, is she from Kerala?

    3. "BTW, is she from Kerala?" - In another situation this would have been a highly racist comment :) But you can't be blamed here as it is our dear Capt who paints a poor picture of Keralite mentality.I live in the vicinity of a cathedral .In our locality quite a few Keralite christian families live.I interact with them often and what I have seen is that they are very polite and highly cultured in their approach.Infact barring Capt from my mind,I actually have only pleasant notions about Kerala and her people :) Infact I am proud that the state of Kerala is an integral part of my nation,because many of its qualities are just unmatched atleast in India if not the whole world :)

    4. My real problem with her and such people is that actual rape victims suffer because of her nonsense stories. These unfortunate women bear brunt of these narcissists and attention whores as people tend to cast doubt on their claims.

      Not only dads money, she claims to be a proud atheist yet I doubt she refuses Christmas presents or celebrations!
      I also had differences with my dad whenI was young and he was paying for college and education, but in the end I was always grateful for what he did. And certainly didn't go around lambasting him in public

      She isn't from Kerala but a neighboring area- Mangalore/Dakshina Kannada not too far from Manipal the captains real home ;-). She is Christian-either Tulu or Konkani. Probably latter.

    5. If she is not far from Capt's own place then I am tempted to put a few missing dots of a grand R conspiracy with my perception,but I won't put that down in words here as I would religiously stick to your earlier suggestion of avoiding Capt in the offtopic posts :)

    6. Well if its related to this post then by all means please fill in the Rothschild Freemason connection via your 12 strand DNA perception ;-)

      I am intrigued!

    7. Well my deranged imagination-turned-perception says that this girl is getting infected with the thought frequencies of Capt and our Vishnu incarnation Rothschild(with deep knowledge of Vedas and all vernacular languages of India) has become the ethereal connecting link between these two .So ultimately it has dawned upon me that this is all the fault of Rothschild and not Capt's or the baby girl's :)

      BTW I do believe that the core issue raised by Capt in his 12 strand hypothesis might be true,though I do not agree to Capt's overall observations on this.My belief is from the fact that there are mentions of immortal charecters like Lord Hanuman etc.Surely they have advanced their biological systems to the point of immortality.Afterall ageing is a genetic process.Infact it has been seen that even pranayama,when practised for a long span of time,brings positive changes at biochemical and genetic levels in human body.So kundalini shakti also probably can reshape your genetic structure completely to give you the supernatural powers.For example if you can keep your kundalini at the level of Bisuddha chakra you will get all the siddhis or powers mentioned in texts.What I think is that kundalini shakti at the level of vishuddha chakra probably does change our biological system massively to incorporate the siddhis.But here I must also point out this 12 strand theory of Capt is lifted blatantly from a few 21st dec 2012 conspiracy sites.

      Just a small mention on this junk dna perception.Conspiracy theorists invariably claim the 98% junk dna had a role in the past in giving supernatural powers.Most of these theorists have not spent a little extra time in studying the junk dna facts.Firstly the name of junk was given when dna was being investigated for the first time because the role of these parts of dna couldnt be ascertained at that point of time.But now scientists have agreed to the fact that junk dna is not probably that junk at all.Actually in 2011 it was shown that more than 80% of our DNA is not really junk.

    8. So she's from Mangalore, not far from Manipal!! I should have guessed!! JAM, I don't have anything against Keralites. :) I just got an impression that she might be from Kerala and asked. I agree that genuine victims suffer because of these kind of women. Some women even slap false dowry cases and harass their husbands and family members while real victims of such cases hardly get any justice.

    9. Yeah I know you have nothing against Keralites :) I was forcibly trying to bring out a racist undertone in that last line of yours :) YSV has realised just a few hours earlier that I have an extrasensory perception when it comes to connecting the dots :)

  2. hi ys rao this my first time to blog u have raised good points against capt baba vadkayil i like to say few more points about his blog as iam fan of his fictional history which he writes on his blog , what further more angers me is that he tends to support dubiousand infamous characters like Saddam Hussein Gaddafi Putin nityananda asharam bapu to name few he tends pass selective judgement which subverts whole truth contd

  3. contd
    i think capt baba is clever he is using his creativity in wrong direction but there certain points even i agree with example
    our Vedas have been corrupted by white invaders
    Gandhi did act like British stooge because of which our nation got divided
    there are Trojan NGOs in India doing anti national activities
    there does exist a supari fed media which are controlled by foreign nationals arnab goswami certainly gives that impression(all above words are frm capt baba)
    any ways final conclusion is that u must understand where he comes frm he is a mallu ,malluland is communist state he does most of his propaganda for Bjp
    he is raised in conservative narrow minded society so its natural that he behaves that way

    1. Yes Anon you are right some of what Capt writes is good but most of it is pure venom which comes out of his illogical hatred and bigotry.But what I have seen is that his thought process is deteriorating very fast.In quite a few cases he is even contradicting his own earlier views,as I have seen from his comments.And if by God's grace he starts to feel that you are a R agent then he will attack you continuously with all his arsenal(so will some of his acolytes!)

    2. Yes, to reiterate I do believe that captain does good work but it is buried under a blizzard of incoherence, rage, hatred,misinformation, falsehoods , chauvinism and bigotry

      The only exception I will take is that I don't believe whites tampered with the Vedas that is to say they introduced fake verses or books and concealed the original.
      Their real crime was misinterpretation of the texts to suit their agenda.

      Also while I don't think most NGOs contribute much, I don't think they are fronts for intelligence of foreign governments. Some of them sure but not all. Their real crime is incompetence and stupidity though mostly out of good intentions.

    3. At this point, I would request all to refrain from discussing the captain on this post. If you notice there is shortage of captain related posts ;-) please take the discussion there.
      Let us stick to the topic of this post, this hare brained feminist and her false claims.
      As you see I am an equal opportunity offender- against chauvinist hyper patriots like the captain as well as shrill feminist, anti India bigots like this witch in training.

    4. YSV Capt is just so all-pervasive in the net world that we just can't ignore him :) Anyway I will take care in not initiating Capt discussions in off-topic posts.Surely this hampers the quality of the post as a whole.

  4. oops I meant there is NO shortage of captain related posts obviously :)

  5. She's spreading her nonsense on other websites too. She's also writing for iDiva, affiliated to the notorious Times Group.

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    1. Son Mars I am not getting access to your comments in AJit Vadakayil What is he.Probably some technical errors are occurring in YSV's blog.Please repost those 3 comments of yours in this Anceeta article.

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    1. Anu mentioned this Tamil hatred of Capt in one of her comments in this blog.Anyway it's good to have you in our discussions Inivayel.YSV is far from the anti-national hasbara that Capt preaches about his stance.He loves both India and hinduism and in a better way than Capt.One advantage of this blog of YSV is that there is no comment moderation and so you are free to express any opinion,whether it is for or against his stand.We can learn much from each other through this sharing of ideas and POVs.

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  10. anceeta martis

  11. Anceeta Martis has deactivated her blog and scrubbed all presence of it. Though her dumbass pieces in the TImesofindia supplement are still there, they are actually tamer stuff.

    I can imagine these write ups of mine are a continuing source of embarassment to her.

    Probably she is looking for a job and does not wish to be burdened by her hysterical viewpoints- a wise course of action.

    To Anceeta: If you leave a comment here requesting I remove these posts and also if you apologize for making these fake claims for the sake of cheap attention, I will honor your request.

    I will not demand you cease and desist your man hating and other toxic feminist viewpoints as real life will bitch slap you in that regard on my behalf.

    1. Ji,

      Anceeta took down her blog post more than a year ago itself. I checked, but it wasn't there for a very long time. I guess she has grown up now, or so I hope.

      I have a request.

      Since you granted Anceeta the courtesy of taking down your posts on her, can you please take down posts on me (one with my name in the title, the other in the post on captain and Vivek Iyer, and some of my comments on the Ajit Vadakayil: What is he? post)? Because I'm working in a startup and I don't want hiccups in my transition to more reputable companies.

      As is, I don't peddle neo Nazi/Communist/Islamist/antisemitic bollocks any longer, and although I have serious issues, I'm more refined now than I was 3-4 years ago. I'll make sure not to litter this site or any other.

      Of course, I never shy away from the fact that I was a troll when anybody asks, including my employer/s, but I don't want even the littlest of troubles coming my way when I go further.


    2. Done. Please check if you need anything else removed.

    3. @YSV

      One fine morn,even Vadakayil himself might pull down his blog,courtesy ur posts on him :D :D

      @Peace Sells

      Great to know bro that u are progressing in life.troubled past wont be an impediment to ur future success.Many of the successful individuals u see in different fields had dealt with troubled times in their youth.

    4. Sir,

      Nothing else for now. Will let you know if I find them.

      I want to apologize for my uncouth past behavior. I have serious personal and internal issues, which I'm working on. That's why I was inactive and away from the Internet for a very long time. It's only in the past one month due to Christmas, New Year and Pongal holidays that I used the Internet. However I'm not too active these days because I want to keep myself out of unnecessary trouble. I have a lot of catching up to do.


      But as far as I remember, I took it overboard. I went to depths nobody else dared. I should've been self-regulating, unfortunately I wasn't. However I'm trying to fix my internal and personal problems. It will be hard no doubt, but there's no other go.

      Taking long breaks from the Internet is one of them. Trying to keep myself active instead of being sedentary, like walking 3-4 km every evening (for the past few days), is another.

    5. JAM,

      I don't quite understand why a person with everything in life would want to resort to flooding the cyberspace with extreme rage, hatred and bigotry. I mean, captain is rich. He has plenty of properties, abundant wealth, two well-educated and talented sons (while the elder son is an IT professional in the USA, the younger son seems to be good at arts, see captain's post on Naruto), etc., which would make most Indians go green with envy. Instead of enjoying life post retirement, why is he bashing everybody left, right and center? Because if I had even a fraction of the wealth he does, I would've done something with it and become richer. If nothing, I would've deposited it in some bank and lived off the interest till I get a good job.

      I can understand if somebody who is totally broke, has an unhappy married life, no job, no income, no success, etc, resorts to trolling. Or if somebody is frustrated and has other problems in life, some of them, if not all, would vent it out in the form of trolling. The same people, if they get what they need, I'm sure they'll definitely change their behavior.

    6. Peace sells, Could you please tell me a bit about the history and origins of kallar community in Tamil Nadu ?

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. @Peace Sells

      as to why capt whines like a baby,only he can tell :) however the nature and pattern of his comments,swings in opinions and usage of phrases suggest that he is not mentally the root,capt and vivek iyer/windwheel are of the same type ,though they may have fully different set of POVs.

    10. Tim Drake,

      Apologies for not replying earlier, I was taking time off the Internet, as usual.

      Kallars - They are one of the three Mukkulathor/Thevar sects, the other two being Maravars and Ahampadiyars. Frankly I don't know their origins, apologies for my ignorance, but the word Kallam in Tamil means duplicity, dishonesty and/or theft. Kallar literally translates into "delinquent" or "petty criminal". I don't know how far this is true, but I did hear that some Kallars have a Kula Deivam (Lord of the tribe, or more appropriately, the first/foremost person from the tribe, deified), who will get angry if his tribe members don't steal!

      Thevars were the largest Tamil sect in Bose's INA, followed by Vanniyars aka Padayatchis. Both Vanniyars and Thevars were classified as criminal tribes by the British Raj, which was repealed in 1945 after consistent efforts from tribe members and communists down south.


      I did hear that captain was discharged honorably when he showed signs of mental degeneracy. I read that in an answer in Quora that Anu linked.

      I haven't seen Vivek Iyer in a long long time now. I don't know whether I will either. Only time will tell.

  12. captains blog are like his own twitter he is available to users 24/7 posting comments which rao blogs fails in this aspect he will never be able to match the content of captains blog .

  13. "Elephant Keeps Walking as the Dogs Keep Barking this quote suits ysv rao and his fans as all they can do is whine and bitch about captains behaviour as they lack the talent to make his blog no 1, look at captains profile count 420579221, He is leading silent Revolution in India, detractors like ysv rao is dirt under captains fingernail .

    1. You are correct, the captain is fat and overweight like an elephant and his features are just as appealing.
      Yes I would prefer to be a dog than be the captain

      By silent revolution you mean how he doesnt talk about Aamir Khan or any celebrity by fear of getting with jailtime again. The captain in reality is humble obdient little mouse in front of any authority. Indeed he would bend over and offer his ass if they let keep his riches. We have seen proof of this in 2014.

      Your messiah is a fraud. Get over.
      As for "dirt under the fingernail". Says a lot about your and the captains hygiene standards of lack thereof. Never mind the fact that you are so retarded that you cant come up with anything original. But then again you are a captain follower.

    2. @YSV

      LOL :D :D but to be honest,the vast majority of our discussions and ur posts are not even about capt.yet even to this day,capt's gimps come to ur blog,to curse u with spells that no more work :) What they fail to realise is that even capt himself did choose to bark back like a dog,when he wrote against u in his own blog.The issue is that most of the older followers of capt have dropped off,seeing his inconsistencies maybe,and the current lot which follows him doesnt know of his mental fluctuations and tantrums.that is how apparently he has still managed to keep a decent number of followers.

    3. Ji,

      I have a request.

      You said this in the comments section of your post "AV: What is he?" more than 3 years ago:

      "I am just upset that we worship a disneyfied version of Krishna, we have the flirtation without the sexuality that followed, the warfare he waged without the brutal violence. His breaking of social norms while overlooking that he drank so heavily that Balarama was worried that Dwaraka's security would be jeopardized.

      I will dedicate a separate post to this infantalization of Hinduism by the idiot captain and even more brain dead supporters."

      I'm curious. I'm quite ignorant and had/have no idea how Hinduism was made immature. If, and IF, you have time, please do write a post on this. No need to do it immediately.